Life had not been so good for me at an early age, My parents divorced when I was 12, Dad got hurt on the job and had to quit working, then committed suicide in a drunken stupor.

Mom got remarried, to a total bastard who I wanted to kill.

My Grandpa and Grandma on Dad's side, ask Mom if they could take custody of me to prevent any problems. I love her, but I thought she was totally stupid for marring a bastard that would hit her and stayed drunk all the time and treated me like hell, I wanted to get the hell out of there.

So Mom signed custody of me over to my grandparents and I left for Indiana to live with them on the farm.

She and her so called Husband stayed in Oklahoma, truthfully I never wanted to see them again, as long as he was with her.

I love my Dad's younger brother,Uncle Benjamin, he was just twenty, very powerfully built from heavy hard Farm work, and I had special feelings for him.

I got the pleasure of sharing his bedroom with him, and I found myself having these sexual feelings for him in a big way.

I loved watching him come out of the shower and bathroom before going to bed at night just wearing his white briefs, I loved seeing that thick full bulging crotch, with his big cock laying to the left inside those briefs, more times than I care to admit, I wanted to see it and rub on Uncle Ben's ripped stomach.

I was fourteen and and watched as Uncle Ben stroked off many times by the light of the moon, after lights were turned off.

I finally decided to wait until he got to bed one night, and climb into his big bed after he went to sleep.

One thing I knew for sure, he never dated women or gals, and hardly ever went out, mostly with me to a movie or something like that, maybe a picnic.

But as My hormones matured so did my desire for Uncle Ben.

I was fifteen when I finally crawled in bed with Uncle Ben, I thought he was asleep but he wasn't.

Uncle Ben, just rolled over and put his arms around me and said,'Hey there little buddy, you want to sleep with Uncle Ben tonight, it's alright with me.' I was shocked when I heard his voice, shit man, if he only knew what I wanted to do.

Uncle Ben pulled me up close to his warm hard body, I felt his light hairy muscular chest and his legs, covered with wiry hair was like an aphrodisiac to my senses, my cock stiffened up like a steel pipe and I felt my nuts tighten against the body. I was as turned on as a lad could get.

Uncle Ben began to rub around on young body, It was absolutely fantastic feeling, it was his first time touching my young maturing body, I felt his hand rub my chest and Heard his deep voice making a slight moaning sound.

I wasn't sure but I thought he was getting aroused, I could feel his cock against my ass.

'Do you like this Ken,' He asked, 'Oh yeah, I love it' I responded and I did, I loved feeling his rough manly strong hands as he stroked my chest and stomach, thats when I felt it, holy shit man, I thought, thats his dick sticking in my asscrack, and I loved it, I wanted it, It was like an imperative.

I Was really enjoying Uncle Ben's attentions then, Uncle Ben reached down and felt my hardon in my briefs. 'Are you some kind of fucking pervert or something he said?'

And before I could say a word his strong arms pulled me up quickly and he sat up, I could see his cock about to split the material of his briefs, as well as having this wet spot where the tip of his uncut cock head was pressing the material.

He grabbed my arm, yanked my briefs down and layed me across his lap and began to wack my ass hard.

It stung and burned as he paddled my ass, but then something strange happened, my hardon never subsided, if anything it got harder and more fantastic feeling, every time my Uncle would swat my ass, my cock which was sticking straight downward was rubbing the inside of his leg and the slickness from my young pre-cum was making me about to cum.

I had never had such feelings before and I was loving the feeling, my cock which was about six inches long at that time felt amazing, my forskin and slid back and the exposed head was sliding un and down against the inside of his leg.

I wanted to scream out, hit me harder,. faster, and every time he wacked me I felt like I would cum.

After a few minutes I realized what Uncle Ben was into, he would stop for a few minutes and lean down and kiss my ass and gently and tenderly rub its redness and then smack me again.

I was gasping and breathing hard and heavy and I felt my cum boiling deep inside my nuts.

Then it happened I thrust my hips hard and tight against Uncle Ben's leg and let out a moan and I felt my young cock blowing out a load of white pearly gooy white semen all over Uncles leg and the floor below. I was gasping for air and it was the most intense climax of my young life.

I looked up and Uncle Ben just leaned over and kissed my lips and then wiped the cum from his legs.

He placed me beside him on the bed and then I watched him pull his briefs down exposing the largest cock I had ever seen up to this time, it looked twice as long as mine and much much thicker, the head was almost red and the skin sheath that covered it was pulled back and it was fully exposed and wet from his pre-cum.

Uncle Ben then said 'here boy, now it's my turn, and he layed me on my side, still naked and began to rub the head of his cock against my tight little pucker hole.

I felt his strong arms go around my waist and he started shoving that thick cock up inside my asshole as he smacked my ass a few more times.

It hurt like a mother fucker but I was able to keep my cool, and then after a few minutes I was begging for more of it, even the pain of entry was a turn on for me, I loved it and then Uncle Ben began to fuck me like I was his lover, Damn man, he could fuck, he was tender, gentle and loving, kissing me on the neck, telling me how much he loved me, as he buried that log deep inside my body.

I was humping back at him by the time he filled me with his love nectar, and I felt loved and needed, I felt so special.

I was almost every two or three night that we did this same thing and I was adicted to our love makeing, I wanted his cock, I wanted the spanking, I needed the pain, I needed Uncle Ben.

Well I grew older and then decided to go and make my own way, Uncle Ben Finally got married and moved into town with is wife.

I never forgot the pleasure he taught me and it was alway j/o material in my mind.

I learned to suck his cock and take his load too, and I loved that feeling of having my mouth filled full of his nut sauce.

I got older and moved away and got a new job and an apartment in a town several miles away, it was a bigger town, nice businesses and lots of job offerings.

I got a job at a local Large Grocery store.

There was this one young man about twenty five or so years old Named Ted, I felt an Immediate attraction to him, and by the way, I had worked hard on Grandpa's farm too and had myself built up pretty nicely.

Well as much as I liked Ted, I already knew he liked Girls, but I just figured it was no reason to not be friends with Ted.

I would speak and be friendly with him and he was very nice to me, God he was good looking, he was the manager of the Grocery Dept, I worked in produce.

I would have the pleasure of chatting with Ted in the back of the store, and even taking our coffee breaks together, we were beginning to jel so to speak.

It was a Friday night we were both off at five. I said 'See you monday,' Ted responded in kind.

I went home and at about eight that night I got a call on my phone, it was Ted.

'Hey man, got any movies or something to watch on T.V. I need to get away from my apartment for a while.' he said.

'Sure man, come on over we can order a pizza or something and hangout,' thats not what I really had in mind, but I knew I would have to settle with just a visit, and let it go at that.

It was a good half hour and Ted knock on my door, I let him in and he came in looking disheveled.

'Hey man, whats going on Ted, are you alright?'

Ted looked over at me wearing his faded blue jeans, a tank top shirt, and a pair of sneakers, and a baseball cap turned around backwards,, he looked like a teen age touch football player at a local park would look.

Ted looked almost angry, as he said. 'That Bitch did it again, man, I'm so fucking tired of that bitch doing that to me.'

'Sorry Ted, I'm lost, well it's like this, I got this gal name Lisa, I really like her and she's hot, She does it to me all the time, SHIT, My nuts are aching right now.

The least she could have done was give me a blowjob.

I need to get off and she goes out with me and then leaves me hurting, gets me turned on, I got an aching boner that won't quit man, and then she wont finish, and I'm so fucking tired of jerking off I could scream man,' he said.

We were setting at the table and Ted had turned a dining room kitchen chair around backwards and was leaning with his arms across the back of the chair.

I got up and walked up and went over to Ted and reached out and said, 'Well man, I would love to help you out but well, you know?'

I began to rub Teds neck and massage his back and thats when my cock got hard, Damn Ted was good looking, I wanted to just yell out 'YES, FUCK IT TED, I'LL SUCK YOUR COCK FOR YOU, and you can fuck me..' but I knew it wouldn't be the best thing to do at this time.

Well Ted leaned over against the Chair back and seemed to be enjoying my back rubbing skills.

Then he giggled, 'Well Ken unless you can give one hell of a blow job, and let me fuck you, its not going to help.'

I finally just got him to relax and then go to the couch and had him lay down on his stomach and I began to massage his back really good, I had him take off his shirt, pulled his sneakers off and then after a few minutes I undid his trousers as he looked bewildered at me.

then I began to rubb his chest and his feet, then his legs, I massaged his stomach and lusted after his bulging crotch as I watched his cock begin to swell as I got closer to his balls and cock with the massage.

Ted Looked at my face and said, 'Ken this ain't helping me very much, look at my cock, it's harder now than it was before, I need some relief.' he said.

I looked into his beautiful eyes, smiled and said, 'Just shut up and close your eyes,' I took his hands and put them up over his head, I closed his eye lids.

I reached down and pulled the elastic of his briefs out and pulled them down to his ankles, I leaned over and took his eight inch beautiful cut cockhead into my mouth and sucked on the head a little, licking and swirling my tongue around the bell of the head, 'Oh Shit man, is this for real. Pinch me I must be dreaming,' Ted said. as his hip pushed upward toward my mouth, I slid my mouth tot he balls and sucked his cock for all I was worth.

'Holy Shit man, I had no Idea a Guy could suck cock like this.'

Before I knew it Ted was holding my head as his thick cock was sliding in and out of my mouth.

His cock was like glass it was so fucking hard and the taste of his pre-cum was fantastic, I wanted every drop.

I brought him to climax in about ten minutes and I got such a load of cum that It was about to come out the sides of my mouth, Ted really needed to unload.

I loved the fact that his big balls had pulled up to the sides of his thick cock before unloading, I could feel them against my lips as I deep throated him.

Ted lay there and as his body jerked in the after spasm of a fantastic climax, I took him by the hand and we went to the bed room, 'Your spending the night with me I guess you know that,' I said, he was speachless to that statement.

Ted and I went to the bed, he was naked I was not, yet!!!

I stripped off and got naked I smiled at Ted and said, 'I want you to fuck me, hard, make it hurt I need this badly.'

Ted smiled, 'I ain't never fucked a Dude before but I think I might just be able to do that.

We crawled on the bed, 'I aint got any condoms,' he said.

'Dont' need any,' I said.

I leaned over and began to play with Ted's thick cock, damn it was gorgeous, and I wanted it in my turd tunnel in the worst way.

I got his cock like a brick, I guess needing to be emptied needs more that one shot from TEd.

I got some lube and then Ted did something I never dreamed he'd do.

Ted Raised me up and went between my ass cheeks and gave me a good rimjob, damn it felt so good.

Then as he began the smack my ass I got into it bigtime, I felt the sting and my mind went back to Uncle Ben, I got so fucking hot and the next thing I knew I had Ted's eight inch cock pounding my ass like a Saturday night whore, and I was loveing it with a passion.

Each time Ted would bury his cock full length into my asshole he would smack my ass making me hotter, It only took about twenty minutes of his hammering rough dick into my asshole and smacking my ass to bring me off without touching my cock, and when I blew, it sent Ted over the edge.

Ted stayed with me that whole weekend, and the following Wednesday afternoon I had the great pleasure of sucking him off in the Produce cooler at work, and once again he was full of cum.

Ted finally started kissing me a week later, and now its a natural part of our sex lives.

I think Ted Dumped his lady friend Lisa, and now when he needs to cum he visits me.



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