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There I stood, watching my Fathers almost nine inch thick uncut cock pump in and out of Maury's asshole and Maury was loving it.

I had wanted to be the first to take his anal virginity, after all I had thought he was my boyfriend, my lover. Yet I couldn't hate my dad, for it, Maury was one very hot looking guy, but then I couldn't blame Maury either, my fathe one one hell of a good looking man, built great from years of hard work.

I was just stunned that my father, whom I had thought was straight had just fucked my best friends ass.

I wiped the cum from my hand and off the wall standing outside the window, and went on in and upstairs to the bedroom.

It was about ten minutes later that I needed to get a drink of something as I fumed and finally got my composure from what I had just witnessed and my inner feelings, Yes I still loved Maury, and of course I loved my father, I guess I was just jealous of them both.

I quickly got undressed and fell on the bed, not able to go to sleep from all the thought swirling around in my head.

It was about a half hour later when Maury came up to bed and stripped to his briefs, gorgeous as ever and so hot looking, I couldn't help it, he was one great looking guy.

Maury, thinking I must be asleep already slipped into bed beside me and gently leaned over as I lay with my back to him, and kissed me on the shoulder trying not to wake me.

I had to say something before I exploded, 'Well Maury, tell me one thing O.K? Did if feel good?' I asked.

'DID WHAT FEEL GOOD?' he responded,

'Getting my Father to fuck your ass? Did it feel good?'

Maury lay there with his mouth hanging open, stunned, 'How did you know?' he asked

I saw the bedroom light on and the window was open and I stood there and watched my, what I thought was straight father, fucking my best friend and lover.'

'Oh Shit, I'm sorry man, I couldn't help it, your father and I had been talking and I felt sorry

for him,' Maury blurted out.

'Sorry for him, Why would you feel sorry for him and then let him fuck you, how did that happen.'

'Well he came out of the bath room after having a shower with just a towel on and sat on the living room couch, we got to talking about his love life which is almost nothing at the present and he told me it had been a long time since he had sex with anyone, and felt that touch, I couldn't resist, Damn man, your Dad is so fucking awesome looking. So I began to touch him and rub his chest and he never stopped me and told me how good it felt, so I got a little bolder when I began seeing the impressive bulge he had rising under that towel, I slipped my hand under the towel and got the shock of my life, your Dad is hung like a horse.'

I giggled, 'Yeah he is that,' I said.

'Then I wrapped my hand around the thick cock between your Dad's legs and massage his nice set of balls, and he said how good it felt, so I took it a step farther, I leaned over and took it into my mouth, and he gasped and let out a moan, and told me how fantastic it felt, so I started blowing your Dad, and he never stopped me.

The next thing I knew we were on his bed and he was eating my asshole out like he had been doing it for years, god that feeling was incredible, then he said, 'YOur going to like this, and He lifted my legs up and sunk his cock balls deep into my asshole and well, you saw the rest of what happened, it was a fantastic feeling getting fucked, and your Dad knew just the buttons to push. Sorry if it upset you. But I love you, and you will always be my man.'

I turned around and after listening to Maury's story, all I could say is 'Well how does your asshole feel, after taking that thick cock of my Dad's?' I asked.

Maury laughed, 'Its a little on the sore side, it was really stretched out of shape for a while, but man it did feel awesome feeling that cock in it.' he said.

Maury and I cuddled and hugged and kissed like lovers making up for the first time it was awesome, no sex involved just affection and love.

Maury woke me to to a wonderful blowjob the next morning tho, and drank every little bit of my cum.

Every thing seemed to be o.k. with Maury and I, but I wanted to talk to my Dad about it all.

It was three nights later when I got home from my job, I noticed the light on in Dads bedroom and decided to go have a chat with him, I was over my anger and hurt, just wanted some answers and maybe it would shine some light on why I am gay, not that it mattered, I had accepted it fully.

I walked to the end of he hallway and slightly opend the door and there lay my Dad with his bare chest standing out, slightly hairy,yet awesome looking and his lowe half covered by a sheet.

I opened his door and asked if I could talk to him, 'Of Course you can son, you know I love to have Father-Son,chats.

'WEll Pop, I was just wondering, you know that I'm Gay, me and Maury have been having oral sex for a while now?' I said.

'Son, it's alright with me I love you for who you are not what you are.'

'Well Pops, I might as well tell you I think your one hot sexy looking man, and I know you have a cock like a horse, and well! I want it to be you that takes my anal cherry!' I said.

'My DAd raised up and said, 'your kidding me right?'

'No Dad, I watched thru the window last monday night and saw you fucking Maury in the asshole, and I felt sorta jealous of Maury, I wanted it to be me you were fucking.'

My father looked back over at the wall, sorta funny like, 'You saw that, Hell I had no Idea,' he said.

'Hey Pop, its alright with me, but Iwant to feel that awesome cock of your in me too.' I said.

I reached over and began to rub his thick muscled hairy chest and he looked in my eyes as I began to rub his stomachs washboard abs with lust and desire, thats when i began seeing the sheet begin to raise upwards in the lower regions and I knew Dads cock was on the rise I slid my hand under the sheet and got a feel of his huge nutsack and thos awesome orbs between his legs but the thing that made my heart beat was when I began to stroke his thick meat, sliding his foreskin back and forth and watching it cover and uncover that beautiful cock head.

'Oh God son, that feels so good, I leaned over adn took it into my mouth and started to give the very best blowjob of my life, this was my Dad, I wanted it to be his best too.

My Dads eyes were closed as I sucked his awesome thick veiny cock, and I tasted the pre-cum start flowing like a river from the slit in the head of his cock.

My Dad was breathing and moaning, whimpering and making pleasurable noises as I sucked and swirled my tongue around the shaft and crown of his cock head.

'If you keep that up I'm gonna blow my load in your mouth.' he said, and that would have been alright but I wanted to have my anal cherry popped by Dad.

I stopped and he watched my face and looked straight into my eyes, as I straddled him and placed his cock in place, I felt the moist pre-cum covered head against my opening and felt hit cock head, hot and moist kiss my asshole, it the sensations went thru me like jolts of electricity.

I began to set down on his cock and flet the first penetrations and its pain, holy fuck was it painful, but a virgin asshole had to be opened and made ready for future penetration by that first time. so I just smiled and bore the pain and let my body weight allow my asshole slide tightly around and down on my Dad's thick meat.

I had never felt so full in my life, and my Dad just smiled and aske me if I was alright.

I said 'Yeah,I'm o.k, just let me get used to being filled like this, My asshole has never been this stretched before.'

I let it set like this for a few minutes, I could feel his cock throbbing, and each time it swell up as Dad flexed it several time, every little thing that happened or each slight movement,I was sensitive too.

Then Finally the pain and beginning started to dissapate and began to raise up and down takeing Dad's huge thick cock to the balls I could feel his hairy balls against my asscheeks and it made it even feel better, I then felt my Dad sorta raise up and said, 'Now Son lets fuck.'

Dad Rolled me over, never seperating as he began to make love to me, and with me it seemed Dad made love, not just had sex, he was so loving and gentle, he was kissing me and telling me how much he loved me, and as He brought me to a mind blowing explosion climax, he brought himself to one at almost the same time, I groaned violently feeling his cock rub that spot inside my asshole, that felt so fantastic, and I built up to that most awesome of cums.

I felt my Dad's body go rigid, as he pulled my body close to his kissing me all over my face and lips, as he began to jerk and I felt his cock swell and began to pumping cum deep into my intestines, I knew I would be leaking my Dads cum for a week, but hey man I had been broken in by my Dad, I slept with Dad that night and many nights after that, and the feeling I had never changed.

It was the next Friday night when Maury came over to spend the night and we had a threeway with DAd, it was phenomenal, haveing your father fill not only your asshole with his seed but your mouth too, I love it all, call it what youw will, it wonderful and I love it.

My Father is not only my best friend but my favorite sex partner, he don't mind and neither do I.



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