Mike Wilson glanced down at his son's hard cock. His mouth began to salivate. 'Damn, I shouldn't be having thoughts like this about my own son,' he thought.

Josh looked up and said, 'Dad, why don't you go get comfortable and join me?'

'I might, we'll see.' Mike said as he headed for the bedroom to shower.

When Mike returned to the living room, he was nude. Josh looked over at him and said, 'Damn, dad, you're fucking well built. I guess i never noticed before.'

'Thanks. You're not so bad yourself.'

'Hope it's okay with you but while you were showering, I called and ordered pizza.'

'Sounds good. May I ask what brought on you sitting here naked?'

'It's comfortable. In fact I think we both ought to go nude when at home. It's not like either of us has anything the other hasn't seen before.'

'You're serious, aren't you?'

'Hell, yea. Be honest. Aren't you more comfortable now than you normally are?'

'Yes. I don't guess it would hurt anything.'

'Good. Now, are you going to join me in feeling better.' Josh returned to stroking his cock. Mike's own cock began to rise and as it did, Josh watched it.

'Fuck, dad, how big does that fucker get?'

'I think it's about nine and a half.'

'Man, you could tear somebody a new asshole with that thing,' Josh said watching his dad's face for a reaction.

The color drained from Mike's face as he tried to figure out what to say.

'How big is that thing of yours?' he managed to get out.

'Almost eight,' answered Josh.

Mike sat doen next to Josh and began stroking with him. Both kept eyeing the other's cock. Josh, for some reason he couldn't explain to himself, was facinated by his dad's cock. He wanted to feel it, stroke it, make it shoot.

Finally, he could take it no longer. 'Dad, can I, uh, feel your cock?'

'well, yea, I guess so if you really want to.'

Josh eased his hand over and grasped his dad's huge man tool. Slowly he began sliding his hand up and down. Without realizing it, Mike moaned softly.

'That feel good?' Josh asked.

'Uh, yea, it does.'

'Why don't you stroke mine,' Josh told him, aching to feel his dad's hand on his own cock.

Mike hesitated a second then began stroking Josh's throbbing cock. The feel of another man's hand on his cock was fntastic, especially since it was his dad's.

They continued to stroke each other in silence, each constantly staring at the other's cock and only occassionally glancing up to look each other in the eye.

Before long Josh spoke saying, 'I'm about ready, Dad.'

'Me too son. Let's just let it go.'

They both leaned back amd soon both men were shooting out huge thick spurts of creamy thick white cum out onto their stomachs and chest. They looked at each other and Josh smiled and said, 'Dad, that was fucking hot. I hope we can do it again sometime soon.'

'We'll see,' Mike answered. 'Son we really shouldn't be doing this.'

'Why not? Because we're father and son? Look, I'm of legal age, and you didn't force me. Besides, what we do in our own home is our business.'

Mike smiled and said, 'We better get cleaned up. The pizza should be here soon.'

Just as they finished the door bell rang. Josh slipped on a pair of shorts, collected and paid for the pizza, and after returning to the den, stripped off the shorts.

They ate dinner and watched TV, the conversation casual and not about sex.

After a while, Josh moved his plan to phase two, asking 'Dad, can I ask you a personal question?'

'Sure. You know we've always been open with each other.'

'When you were younger, did you ever experiment with sex with guys?'


'Did you ever have sex with guys just to see what it was like?'

'Josh, why are you asking that?'

'Oh, I heard some of the guys at school talking about getting a blow job and fucking other guys and how good it felt,' he lied. 'I've been curious about it.'

'Well, I never thought I'd be admitting this to you but yes, I have. The first time was when I was about your age. It was with one of the workers on one of the construction crews.'

'What happened?'

'He and I were working together and wanted to finish out the room we were working in. We decided to stay later than the rest to get it fnished. Several times, his hand brushed against my crotch. I reacted by getting a boner. When I was hard he brushed against me again and felt it and commented about it and asked how big it was. I told him and he said I'd have to prove it by showing him. I did and the next thing I knew he was on his knees sucking me off.'

'How'd it feel?'

'Fucking fantastic. He really knew what he was doing.'

'Uh, did you ever suck him?'

'Yes I did son. Like you, I was curious. Eventually, I fucked him and let him fuck me. Do you think bad of me?'

'Fuck no. You're my dad. You weren't hurting anyone. Did you ever do it with other guys?'

'A few. With some it was great and others just so-so.'

'I was just wondering. I'd like to see what it's like to get sucked and maybe fuck a guy.'

'Son, think long and hard about it. Make sure it's something you want to try.'

I will. Oh, are you working the part time job tomorrow?'

'Yea, why?'

'I was wondering if there was any way I could go with you. You never have told me what you do.'

'It would be better if you didn't go. Besides, like we've discussed before, it relaxes me and I enjoy it. It's kind of 'my day'.'

'Well. okay then.'

They soon went to bed and Josh began thinking of phase three of his plan.

The next day while Mike was at his 'part time' job, Josh got out the first movie he had watched. He placed it in the VCR and cued it up to the point of Mike walking over to the two cowboys having sex. He spent the day cleaning up around the house before going to the each for a while. He found himself looking at the men more that the women and wondering if he too was gay.

That night, he had fixed Tacos for dinner and had it waiting when Mike arrived home. After eating Mike took a quick shower and returned to the den nude joining Josh on the sofa as he watched TV.

After a second or two, Josh said calmly, 'I put a movie in that I thought we could watch.'

'Fine, what is it?' Mike said as he opened a beer.

'You'll see,' Josh said as he pressed play.

When the picture appeared showing Mike walking up and starting to have sex with the two cowboys, Mike froze.

After a few seconds, he said, 'Son, when did you find this?'

'About a week ago.' He explained how he came about finding it. 'When I saw it I expected it to be straight porn. It did give me quite a shock, but I have to admit that I couldn't stop watching it. You're gay aren't you?'

'Yes, son, I am. I've prayed that you'd never find out.'

'Dad, listen to me. You're a young man and you're grown. If it's what you enjoy doing then by all means do it. It doesn't matter who you have sex with, male or female, if it's what you want. I will never love you any less. You're entitled to be happy and if that makes you happy then go for it full steam ahead.'

'I can't believe how grown up and mature you sound,' Mike said.

'I learned it from the best. You.'

Mike gave Josh a hug and afterwards, Josh looked at his dad and taking his hands and placing them on his dad's cheeks, he leaned in kissed him softly on the lips. 'You are who you are, and I will always love that person.'

Part 3 coming...



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