I'm Josh Wilson. I was a high school accident. My parents were both sixteen and sophomores in high school when I was conceived. My mom wanted an abortion but my dad refused and was given sole custody of me after I was born. I was raised by my dad and grandparents. My dad and I are extremely close.

My grandparents were killed in a car wreck when I was seven. Dad was wenty-three. He inherited my grandfather's construction company. When I was about ten, the construction business went into a slump. There was just enough business to cover payroll and expenses, but not our personal needs.

Dad took on a part time job on saturdays, and had a neighbor watch over me. even as close as we were, he never would tell me what he was doing, but on saturday night he always came in with over five hundred dollars in his pocket.

Now keep in mind that dad grew up helping his dad in the business. He was twenty-six at that time but looked only about twenty-one. Everyone thought we were brothers. He was extremely well built, lean and toned, hairy, with nice pecs and six-pack abs. Dad had a neatly trimmed goatee and moustache.

Well, I kept asking what he did on saturday and all he would ever say was 'Don't worry about it.' As I got older I grew more curious. By the time I was about fourteen, business had picked up and we no longer needed the extra money. Dad would now let me stay home alone. I asked him why he was still working the extra job.

'Son, it's something I enjoy doing very much and to be honest it relaxes me.'

I didn't push it. Dad and I spent evenings going places and all day Sunday together, so he deserved that one day for himself.

By now we had already had the usual father-son talk about sex; how a woman got pregnant, msterbation, and protection. We talked openly and in plain common language using terms like cock or dick, fucking, jacking or jerking off.

Dad told me about jerking off and that all guys did it. I was ahead of him. I was already doing it. He asked me if I had started.

'Yes, sir, I have,' I answered.

He smiled and said, 'I figured you had. How often?

Blushing, I said, 'Usually a couple times a day. Do you do it?'

'I sure do.'

'How often?' I asked.

'About once a day. Sometimes I might miss a day. Look, son, since we both know the other does it, we no longer have to hide and do it. Feel free to go to your room and do it whenever you want. I won't interupt you.'

'Okay,' I said casually, however something stired in me and I was wanting to watch my dad jerk off. I had jerked off with buddys as all boys did but this would be totally different.

A couple of months before my eighteenth birthdy and high school graduation, The weather turned warm. We lived just outside of San Francisco and some of were going to the beach. As I put on my swim trunksm they ripped. Playing football and working out had put on extra muscle that didn't fit into the trunks.

Looking in dad's dresser for his swim trunks to borrow, I found several VHS tapes buried under some clothes. 'So, dad likes porn.' I thought, deciding that I'd check it out when I was alone.

Dad was at his part time job and I took off to meet the gang at the beach. However several didn't show up and I returned home early all bummed out. As I changed clothes, I remembered the tapes in dad's dresser.

Staying naked, I retrieved a couple of them and took them to my room and popped one into the player. I lay bck in bed, my cock beginning to stiffen, and pressed the 'PLAY' button on the remote. The movie started and the title read 'Bunkhouse Fun'.

The 'stars' were introduced with their pictures. All were young, built men. Then the screen showed 'And Introducing Buck Reed'. There, before my eyes was a picture of my dad, totally naked, taken several years before. I quickly pressed 'PAUSE' and stared at the screen.

'No way,' I thought. 'Not dad.'

I started the movie again and was soon was watching two masculine hairy bearded guys kissing and groping each other. they began stripping each other's clothes off. Soon one started sucking the other. After a few minutes they switched. Then I saw him. My dad, shirtless and in jeans and boots, came around the corner of a building. He paused, and as hewatched the first two guys kiss and suck, he began to rub his crotch.

After a short time he walked up to the guys and began kissing the guy standing up. Soon, he too was naked except for his boots. The guy on his knees began sucking mt dad's cock. After a few minutes, he stood up and I watched as my dad squatted down and began sucking alternately on the two cocks in his face.

The sceens changed and one of the guys was sitting on a table and dad was bent over sucking his cock as the other guy had dad's ass cheeks spread and was licking and tonguing dad's ass. Soon he stood and began shoving his large hard cock into dad's ass. I watched as my own father got fucked while sucking another man's cock.

Again the sceen changed and dad was now laying on the table jerking his cock while the two guys sottd on each side of his head stroking their cocks. Both guys climaxed, emptying their load onto dad's face. I watched as he opened his mouth and accepted all the cum that he could catch. Soon he climaxed. So did I.

I pressed 'FAST FORWRD' and advanced the film a ways. Agqin, I saw my dad sucking, fucking and getting fucked. This time three 'cowboys' were taking turns fucking his ass while he sucked cock.

I stopped the tape and [ut in the second one. Again, I watched as my dad sucked, got sucked, fucked and got fucked by numerous guys. I jerked off a second time.

I stopped the second one and after making sure both tapes were rewound I returned them to dad's dresser.

I returned to my room and couldn't believe that my dad was gay. I really didn't care. He was happy and we had great fun together. If he was gay, so what!

But as I thought about it, I again got hard and stroked off a third time. I wanted to talk to dad and ask what it was like to have sex with another man, but how coul;d I approach the subject.

Was this dad's part time work? Did he make gay porn movies on saturdays? If so, I figured that he had been at it for almost eight years and even though he was near thirty-four, he still didn't look much older than maybe twenty-five.

I began devising a plan. I had seen dad jerk off and cum on film. Now I wanted to see it in person and see if his cock was really as big as it looked in the movies.

That evening when dad got home, I was sitting nude on the sofa watching Tv and casually playing wqith my cock.

'You look awfully comfortable,' he said when he saw me.

'I am.'



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