Rain falls just hard enough to make David keep his wipers on, their slow swipe across the windshield a part of the rhythm of the night. They seem to move to the beat of the songs that play over the radio as David continues to drive around the small town, out to the park to see if any of his classmates are there hanging out, then back over to the fast food joints that sit out by the road in front of the old strip center. The rainy night has most people staying home or going to Montgomery for a movie. For David it is one more weekend night riding around searching, looking in all the usual places, for what he isn’t sure, or more truthfully unable to admit.

David isn’t one of the popular guys at school.  For one he’s too shy and knows he doesn’t really fit in with the others. For another he isn’t part of any of the clicks. He doesn’t play sports for he knows being tall and skinny isn’t a good attribute for baseball or football, the two main sports at his high school.  He’s an average student, isn’t part of band or some club. He hangs out with his classmates at school during their breaks but is never invited to any parties or brought into any group activity. He’s always on the periphery, just out of focus by his classmates.

He pulls in at the burger joint that sits next to the auto parts store and drives to the rear backing into a space at the fence so he can watch who cruises by during the night. The rain slowly covers the windshield and he hits the wipers on occasion clearing it. He watches the locals of the town pass by, others his age he doesn’t really know except by face and on occasion he sees some of his classmates, those who attend the rural county school ten miles to the east of town, as they drive by three and four to a car or truck or SUV. He sees them laughing and talking completely unaware of his presence as they cruise around the parking lot. He is both sadden and relieved; saddened they wouldn’t acknowledge him and relieved they didn’t see him alone once again watching them as they cruised by. It made him feel his difference from them in a very real way.

He listens to the radio, changing stations constantly, as unsatisfied with the music as he is with his surroundings.  He leans back telling himself to start up the car and go home. He could watch television, play video games, or surf on the computer, but he sits, waiting, watching as the rain continues to drizzle down. Lights show someone is pulling up to the drive-thru and he looks over to see if he recognizes the vehicle. A bright yellow Camaro, its newness shining brightly under the lights of the canopy at the window and David sits up for he recognizes this car. It’s Keith and even though he can’t see through the windshield with the glare of the drive-thru lighting he knows Paul is with him. They are always together and even though none of their classmates every say anything about it David just knows there is something more to this friendship.  Something he can sense, some aspect he recognizes.

As the Camaro pulls around David sits up and watches as it pulls by him with Keith behind the wheel and Paul in the passenger seat. He watches it ease around the building and head toward the exit. He watches how it sits up at the street ready to pull out, tail lights shining bright in the wet night. David expects them to turn left and head back into town or to the park but after a moment they turn right heading out of town. Without thinking David starts up and pulls out to follow. He doesn’t know why he’s doing it but he knows he has to know where they are going.

He followed them for miles keeping the taillights of the Camaro just in sight as it moved over the undulating two lane road. He wondered where they were going, considering each of the places he knows his classmates have talked about going to make out or to party, drinking and smoking pot. The old abandoned farm place over on Iron Rock Road, the power line easement where it cuts through the pine stand owned by the paper mill, the clearing on Bushy Creek at the bridge on Pine Barren Road, a narrow dirt road that very few lived on, or maybe the fire lane off Highway 164.  All were possibilities until he saw the Camaro turn on Highway 226.

‘Where are they going?’ David wondered as he slowed, turned and sped back up to keep pace. He kept back as far as he could while keeping the small red taillights in sight. After a couple of miles the Camaro’s brake lights glowed brightly in the distance then the car turned and David saw the headlights shining to the side of the road. They were stopped for what seemed an eternity and David slowed to a stop in the road and killed his lights. Finally the Camaro moved forward disappearing into the woods to the side of the road.  David sat for a few seconds then moved to the place they had turned off.  He saw the pipe sticking up either side of the narrow drive and a chain lying at the base of the right one. The drive was normally blocked off.

David eased forward following the drive as it snaked through the woods till he saw his headlights reflect off an area of white wall and he quickly turned them off stopping quickly and shutting down his old truck.

It was quiet, too quiet, as he eased out leaving his door open, afraid to close it knowing how noisy it is to get to close properly and the interior lights haven’t worked in years so he didn’t have to worry about them.  He makes his way down the narrow lane barely making out what is in front of him with his small flashlight, the batteries old and weak but he can see this was an old home place, a simple farm house with faded white walls and many of the windows boarded up.  He makes his way along the main drive that curves around to the back and he sees it, the Camaro idling just in front of a barn. The barn is in much better condition, obviously still in use. David can see the dark silhouette of Keith in the driver’s seat by the light of his headlights reflecting back through the car, but no Paul.

For a moment David wonders, imagines the scenario, Paul leaned over the console, leaning over Keith’s lap, doing things, those things taboo.

Suddenly someone grabs David by the arm jerking him around roughly.

“What the fuck are you doing…asshole?” Paul demands as he moves up close, intimidating with the fury of his voice.

David is stunned, unable to respond at first then he stammers, trying to say something but Paul pushing him down on the wet ground and towers over him.

“Get the fuck outta here or I’m going to beat your fucking ass” Paul nearly yells punctuating his command with a kick to David’s side just below his ribs. David heaves for a breath as he struggles to get up, staggering and stumbling till he finally gets his feet underneath him and he runs back to his truck not looking back.


David is so nervous Keith and Paul will say something at school he can’t sleep, has no appetite and he wanders around his parents small acreage with his mind playing over and over the way Paul caught him, pushed him to the ground. And the fury in his voice, so terrifying it made his heart race to think of it. Luckily Christmas break was only a couple of weeks away if he could just make it till then.

Monday morning he entered the main hall making his way through the others standing in groups talking and joking around and he wondered if any of the conversations were about him as he glanced from side to side watching for any sign that Keith or Paul had said something. His locker hadn’t been messed with, no one said anything or gave him any notice and when he saw Keith walk up to Paul over at the next bank of lockers, neither of them looking his way he breathed a sigh of relief and tried to relax.

All week he tried to relax, wondering if Keith and Paul were just waiting for an opportune moment, but Friday came, final bell rang out and another weekend was upon them and David hadn’t been accosted over his attempt to spy on Keith and Paul.

David stayed home that weekend and all the next week he kept his head down anxiously awaiting the next Friday afternoon and the start of the holiday break. Its arrival was such a relief he found himself smiling for the first time in a long time as he across the parking lot to his old truck. As he slipped on his seatbelt he saw Keith get into his Camaro and he knew Paul would be nearby, his eyes automatically moving over to the Cherokee sitting a few spaces over where he saw Paul getting into it.

What was it about their friendship that obsessed him so that he couldn’t stop thinking about them? He wondered if it was simply their constant camaraderie, the way they were best friends, always there for each other, someone to hang out and talk, play games, or just knock around with keeping away any sense of loneliness.

That night David found his dad in a better than normal good mood and as they passed the different dishes his mother had cooked for dinner around the table. When they finally had their plates prepared his father leaned back and looked around the table at David and his mother.

“Well tell him” David’s mother said.

“Tell me what?”

“We’re going to have guest next Friday for a couple of days” David’s father finally said.


“Brian and his family; you remember Brian, my old buddy from my days in the Navy?”

“The one we get the Christmas card from each year, yeah I remember.”

“He has finally retired out of the military and they are moving back to Florida and will come for a short visit on their way.”

“They are staying here?”

“We’ll let Brian and Mary have the guest room and you boys can bunk up in your room” David’s mother replied.

“Share my room with…” David stammered, unable to remember their youngest son’s name, the last to be living at home.

“Jacob…their son’s name is Jacob and he’s your age so you should get along just fine” David’s father interjected and David felt his stomach tighten up.

David remembered the photos of the family over the years, especially the last couple where this Jacob suddenly looked so different than most of the guys around his community. Jacob had long wavy black hair and dark eyes that were such a big contrast to the fair skin of his face and arms. And last year David had noticed them, the earrings dangling into view from both ears. He had stared at the photo over and over wondering what this Jacob was like.  Come next weekend he would know and it made him nervous, afraid this stranger would come into his home and see right through him.

Friday arrived sunny but cold. David and his parents sat watching television while a fire was kept burning in the fireplace.  It was mid-afternoon when a black Tahoe pulled into the drive and around the house. By the time everyone got out to the porch to greet their guest Brian and Mary were getting out and they could see Jacob pulling off his headphones. As everyone greeted each other Jacob came ambling up the sidewalk.

David tried not to stare at the tall lean guy moving toward them, the black sweater he wore tight to his torso and the jeans that accentuated his long lean legs. Jacob’s long hair was wavy, uncombed, the thick mass of hair twisted and curled over his head and dropped down over his forehead concealing one eye. David found himself holding his breath. Jacob greeted David’s parents first, polite, his deep gravelly voice gentle, his manner relaxed and as he stepped toward David he used his left hand to push the hair back out of his face revealing his dark eyes, so dark they appeared black.

“And you must be David; I’m Jacob” he said extending his hand. David hesitated a brief moment, his nervousness getting the best of him but he finally extended his hand and stammered in reply.

“Yyyeeeahhhh I’m Dddavid.”

Jacob shook his hand firmly smiling at him as he did so.

They sat in the family room for a long time, the two fathers catching up, reminiscing of their time in the navy together and what it was like afterward for Brian. David sat on the floor near the fireplace feeling the warmth all along his back. Jacob sat nearby in a side chair slightly reclined, legs straight out and crossed at the ankles. David could sense the tallness of his body the way it stretched outward so, legs impossibly long. David let his eyes roam along Jacob’s body over and over, from the dark unkempt hair all the way down to his feet, the worn boots scuffed and marred showing a lot of wear.

On more than one occasion Jacob would look over at David and smile, reacting to something their fathers had said, as if to say ‘can you believe them?’ and Jacob would feel his face burn red. Thoughts formed in David’s mind, images of Jacob that he couldn’t get to fully form; Jacob and he alone, Jacob up close saying something in a low voice, Jacob acting out rowdy, or more often, Jacob unbuttoning his shirt or unfastening his jeans.  A fear, a sweaty trembling anxiousness rose up in David and he wondered how much of a fool he would make himself in front of Jacob before they left on Sunday.

They sat around the formal dining table, one rarely used, the food spread out over its center. They ate noisily, talking and joking around and for a time even David relaxed.  Even after they finished eating they continued to sit around the table talking, everyone sated, sitting back relaxed, all except David who began to feel a need to do something. It was customary for him to clear the table after meals and without thinking he stood and began to take up the plates. He went into the kitchen and rinsed each one placing it in the dishwasher.  Suddenly he was aware of someone behind him, close, very close and he turned to see Jacob with more of the plates and silverware.

“You want to rinse and load and I’ll bring everything from the table?” Jacob asked.

“Yeah…sure. Thanks” David replied.

It took Jacob several trips to the dining room but eventually all the dishes were aligned on the countertop on one side of the sink. David got Jacob to put away any leftover food while he continued to load up the dishwasher. They worked quietly at first, neither saying very much. David was putting the dishwashing detergent into the small cup in the door when he saw Jacob’s shadow fall over him.

“Hey, what is there to do around here?” Jacob asked.

“Not much” David replied not looking up.

“It’s Friday night; what do you normally do?”

“Sometimes we go over to one of the towns about thirty to forty minutes away that has a cinema but mostly we just ride into town and hang out.”

“That works…I just want out for a little while. We can let our folks talk all night. I’ll go get dad’s keys” Jacob stated all in one smooth breath not giving David a chance to interject.

David was suddenly aware Jacob was going to see how much of an outcast he was in his own community, how he didn’t fit in with the others and he wanted nothing better than to go off somewhere and hide.

“Get your shoes on and let’s go” Jacob said holding up the keys to the Tahoe.

David tried to keep up with Jacob, tried to make small talk on the way into town but he was so nervous at times he literally was stammering.  As they came to the outskirts of town Jacob turned off at a abandoned auto repair shop, the old pre-manufactured building beginning to rust, the sign hanging loose and weeds growing up all around the lot. Jacob pulled to the rear and parked.

“I think we need, you more than I, a little something to relax us” Jacob stated mischievously. He climbed out and opened the back door and began to feel around under the front seat till he pulled out a small paper bag. David instantly knew what it contained.

“You do smoke a little don’t you?”

“Ahh…not really, never…had the opportunity” David stammered.

“Well tonight is your lucky night.”

David finally stopped coughing and was beginning to really feel it after his third hit. Jacob was leaned back against the front fender, head back till he was looking up into the nighttime sky. David watched as smoke rose from Jacob’s mouths, slowly, straight up.

“Damn…that is good” Jacob said sniggering.  David began to snigger then laugh. “I see you like it” Jacob added as he rolled up off the fender.

David had never felt like this, a sense of everything being silly in some indeterminate way. He laughed at anything and Jacob was egging him on.  Back on the road they headed into town with David telling Jacob where to drive to see where everyone gathered.

“So this is where you and your friends hang out” Jacob asked and David suddenly fell silent.  ‘Friends?’ he thought as he eased down in the passenger seat. He began to talk, unselfconsciously, letting the reality of his life here in this rural community spill out, the way he didn’t fit in and how the others treated him. When he finally feel silent he sat staring forward afraid to look over at Jacob wondering at what level of lameness Jacob was considering him now.

“Shit dude, fuck’em. You should have been on some of the military bases I found myself at times. Jesus…I didn’t want to fit in” Jacob replied laughing and he backhanded David on the shoulder with a playful bump.

It was alright. Suddenly everything was alright and David sat up and looked over at Jacob and considered how someone with his persona would have stood out on any military base and he sensed the way it would have been based on his own experiences.  They drove around town hitting all the places others would be gathered and David couldn’t help but notice how the unfamiliar Tahoe drew attention.  They ended up at the drive-in parked in the rear satisfying their appetite.  They watched others cruise by with Jacob making disparaging comments that caused David to laugh.

“Hey, that’s a nice Camaro” Jacob said pointing to the yellow Camaro pulling around the parking lot.

“Yeah, Keith got it back in the fall from his folks” David replied and his tone gave away not only his jealously but something else, something Jacob caught.

“What’s the deal with him?”

“Nothing…” David replied holding back but then he thought fuck it and added “it’s just I wonder about Paul and Keith they way they hang out together all the time.”

“You mean something more than friends?”

“I…don’t know” David lied.

“Have you ever followed them to see?” Jacob asked sitting up behind the wheel.

Why he admitted it he didn’t know but David watched the Camaro pull out onto the street heading out of town as he replied “once.”

David admitted everything, following Keith and Paul out to that abandoned house and Paul catching him and him been afraid of reprisal every since.  Jacob listened smiling and nodding and when David finished he looked mischievously over at David.

“You think they’ll go to the same place tonight?”

“Probably, why?...no…no, no, no” David stammered and Jacob leaned over toward him.

“Oh come on, we can snick in and see what they are really up to now that we know where to go; they won’t know we’re behind them” Jacob replied starting the Tahoe.

David wanted to stop Jacob, felt the fear knowing they could get caught but in the end he wanted to go and sat silent except to give directions.

David soon found himself peering around the corner of the abandoned house next to Jacob. Jacob hid the Tahoe in a fire trail just past the drive and they had walked in, silently, cautiously, and now they were looking at the Camaro sitting at the barn door, it completely dark and empty. The barn door was partially open and a faint light was coming from inside.

“Come on, their inside the barn” Jacob said as he pulled on David’s arm.

Just inside the door sat a grain truck in the main bay and down the left side near the back they saw where the light was coming from a side area. David started to ease down the opposite side of the truck when Jacob tapped him on the shoulder pointing to a ladder constructed up the wall just inside the door leading up to the loft. Jacob nodded his head for David to follow.

They eased down the loft, remnants of hay still lying over the floor from the days it was used as it was meant, but now it was mostly boxes and old parts and bicycles, some furniture and other items haphazardly lying around. As they neared the end they saw the light shining up through the boards that made up the floor. David slowed, hesitate to get too close and he watched Jacob ease down on his hands and knees and make his way out to the largest gap in the floor boards. Jacob looked down through the gap for a few seconds then motioned David to get over to him and look. David eased down and did as Jacob had done, slowly making his way to Jacob’s side. He lay on his stomach and peered through the gap. He almost gasped out loud at what he saw.

He saw Paul on his back, head thrown back, eyes closed. He was completely naked, his long torso lying over an old table with Keith up between his legs, each one lying over Keith’s shoulder. Keith’s body was undulating in the most familiar way, hips swinging back and forth and David knew he was fucking Paul, fucking him with an urgency he couldn’t image.

“Fuck me…fuck me harder” Paul cried out his voice echoing in the old barn and Keith pushed Paul’s legs over folding him in half and fucked harder, faster, rocking him roughly on the old table. Keith stood up straight leaning back slightly as he piston cock in Paul. For Jacob and David it was a perfect view, the way Keith’s torso stretched back, every muscular shape clearly defined, his  stomach pumped up tight as he thrust his cock into Paul over and over and over. The thick shaft coming into view and quickly disappearing again and again as Keith smacked up noisily against Paul’s ass.  Paul was uttering ‘fuck’ repeatedly as he took Keith’s cock, his own body laid out in full view of Jacob and David with his hard cock lying back showing his arousal, the way Keith’s fuck pleasured him, drove his desire.

Jacob bumped David shaking his head, wide eyed at the scene below them. David tried not to but he smiled as he looked back at Paul take Keith’s fuck, rocking with every thrust.

David leaned down closer to the gap watching the way Keith moved in Paul, the way he drove cock all the way inward and then pulled back so far David was surprised his cock didn’t pull free. David found himself time and time again having to remind himself to breathe and more troubling he felt the pressure of his own cock trapped beneath him, stretched out hard in his jeans. He pushed his hips down on occasion feeling the pressure make his cock flex harder. Then he felt it.

He flinched at first then unconsciously pushed up against the hand resting on his ass. The hand squeezed his left cheek gently and David rested his head down on the floor closing his eyes letting himself focus on the sensation of being touched. The hand moved over his ass then slowly upward. He felt every touch as all five fingers snaked underneath his t-shirt and touched his bare skin. He shivered and pushed downward making his cock flex hard beneath him. Below them Keith was grunting and started to talk, telling Paul to take it, to take all of it then he cried out louder. David felt Jacob exhale against his ear, felt Jacob’s lips brush against it.

“I want to do you like that” Jacob whispered.

David opened his eyes and saw Keith lying over Paul breathing hard as Paul’s hands rubbed up and down his sweaty back then he turned to Jacob seeing him smile back. David didn’t think about what he was doing as he moved to Jacob and kissed him lightly on the lips.

“Oh suck me off” Paul cried out below making David and Jacob look down at Keith sucking Paul’s cock, his head bobbing up and down faster and faster.  It took only a minute or so and Paul grabbed Keith’s head and cried out. David watched as Keith rose up, squeezed Paul’s cock from base to head, leaned to it and licked off the bead of cum that pooled at the slit.

“I’ll do that too” Jacob whispered in David’s ear. David looked at Jacob seeing the seriousness on his face. Jacob put his index finger to his lips signaling David to be quiet as he removes his other hand from underneath David’s t-shirt and begins to move back from over the area Keith and Paul are in below. David follows quietly till the two of them are in total darkness. They hear Keith and Paul talking as they dress eventually they hear the sound of belt buckles being secured. The light cuts out and David and Jacob listen to them walk to the door. The door slides closed.  David starts to move but Jacob holds his arm getting him to remain still.

“Let them leave…they won’t see the Tahoe” Jacob reminds David.

The Camaro starts up, its lights shining through gaps around the barn door. The engine revs then the car backs away and within seconds it is gone.

David and Jacob are still for a moment sitting in the darkness but Jacob moves first reaching over to David and Jacob responds in kind.  In the darkness it is all touch and Jacob quickly working David’s shirt up and over his head. Then he reaches for David’s jeans working the button loose.

David feels the air on his bare torso, feels Jacob working his jeans open, fingers brushing his lower abdomen and it excited him so he moved to help Jacob get his jeans opened up. As his jeans spread open he felt his cock push outward, the hard shaft seeking the space to stretch out. David rose up and let Jacob slide his jeans down his legs and he pushed his boxers down behind them. He was naked, his cock slapping against his body, hard and wet. Jacob pushed him on his back and he quickly felt the fully clothed body on top of him and he spread his legs letting it slip down between them as he pushed up against it.

Jacob held him by the chin as bringing their lips together then slipping his tongue into David’s mouth. David pulled up on Jacob’s shirt running his hands over the bare skin of Jacob’s lower back. Jacob’s mouth moved from David’s lips down along his jaw, over his right ear and down his neck. David pulled on Jacob’s shirt as he felt Jacob move down his body. Jacob rose up long enough to slip the shirt off and went back down to David’s chest dragging his lips across the smooth bare skin till he felt it, the hard nub of a nipple and he pressed down on it tonguing the nub.

David pushed up and let a moan escape feeling the manipulation of his nipple, the tongue over the nub, the lips locked down on it then the suction, almost painful in the way Jacob drew the nipple into mouth. David cried out running his hands through Jacob’s thick hair. When the lips let go he felt them move downward across his stomach, close to his navel and he began to breath hard, to sense what Jacob was about to do, the feel of lips moving down, hair brushing along behind them till he felt the lips move over the base of his cock and over his nuts and hair raked over the head of his cock, ticklish with its soft touch.

“OH” David cried out as kneaded his fingers into Jacob’s shoulders.

Eyes closed, every touch more pronounced, and then the wet slickness of Jacob’s mouth moving along the shaft of his cock, the press against the head then it slipping between lips and sinking into its warm recesses. Jacob sucked his cock, physical in the way he moved his mouth downward and back up taking nearly all of it. When David didn’t think he could take any further stimulation Jacob rose up releasing him. David felt Jacob’s hands slip under his legs pulling them up and over folding him over as he had seen Keith do Paul earlier and he knew what Jacob wanted and he lay back letting Jacob move him into position.  He felt Jacob’s cock touch his thigh then his groin and he briefly wondered when Jacob got his jeans pushed down.

David let his fingers rake over the Jacob’s thighs feeling the soft hair with his fingertips as Jacob moved up closer, shifted over him and pressed up against his hole. He’d never been touched there before, never felt the sensation of another’s touch, not like this and it scared him and made him aroused all the same time. He let Jacob push his legs over further till his ass turned upward spread open and he felt the pressure of Jacob’s cock press against him, a constant insistent push till he felt himself stretch open. Lying back he relaxed, took a deep breath as he felt Jacob breach his opening and slowly sink into his hole.

“Fuck…you’re tight” Jacob grunted as he pushed inward into David’s depths.

David felt himself relax, felt his hole open to Jacob letting him sink all the way in. He put his hands around Jacob’s torso and realized this body was as lean as his own, the line of spine and each shoulder blade so prominent and along Jacob’s sides he could feel his rib cage and then the undulation of his lower body, the movement of his hips as Jacob began to fuck, to drive cock into his hole.

He’d never felt anything so good.

The feel of Jacob’s cock stretching his hole open and moving inward and out, over and over and over was so stimulating he felt his cock grow rigid once again rising up till it rubbed against Jacob’s stomach. Slickly the head of his cock moved over the undulating stomach as Jacob piston cock in his hole, inward till he felt Jacob’s abdomen press against his ass then the pull as cock slipped outward till he feared Jacob would pull free.

“Fuck me” David whispered, now knowing why Paul had begged for it and he moved his hands down to Jacob’s round ass and pulled him inward harder with each thrust into his hole.

Jacob fucked harder and harder pumping David’s hole with a rhythm that caused him to stiffen, his whole body to tighten up and his fuck to began to get rough, each thrust a jabbing motion inward till he felt his cock grow thicker, more sensitive making him shove inward even harder.

“Fuck…I’m…coming” Jacob stammered as he hammered David’s hole. He thrust inward with each ejaculation till he was spent and he continued to pump his hips feeling his cock slide slickly through his own load.

David sat up and felt for Jacob in the darkness and when his fingers moved along Jacob’s jaw he moved to him kissing him passionately on the mouth.

“You want to suck me off or…” David began hesitating to finish.

“You want to fuck me” Jacob whispered.


Jacob moved over to David’s side on his hands and knees.

“Get behind me and stick me” Jacob begged.

David felt Jacob’s position next to him, his hand running over the long lean back and the curve of his ass downward along a thigh. He moved up behind Jacob feeling Jacob’s jeans were still around his ankles and he worked them off and pushed his legs apart. It was intuitive, a primitive desire, one he needed no instruction to perform as he quickly got up behind Jacob and pushed his hard cock down till it aligned with Jacob’s hole and he moved forward as Jacob pushed back.

David felt his cock penetrate Jacob’s tightness, felt the way the tight opening squeezed tightly around his cock as it slipped through sinking into the heat of Jacob’s insides.

“That feels so…good” David whispered as he felt his abdomen press up against Jacob’s ass.

David’s rhythm was rough, his desire to cum so close already and he hammered Jacob’s hole, inward and out, over and over till he couldn’t hold back and he shoved inward all the way ejaculating deep inside of Jacob. Spent, David lay over Jacob feeling the rhythm of their breathing and the heat of their skin pressed together. David ran his hands around Jacob’s torso rubbing over the smooth lean chest, the undulating stomach and downward till he felt the slick wet flaccid cock between Jacob’s legs. Jacob giggled and squirmed beneath David.

“”Don’t…I’m still sensitive” Jacob said.

They used their cell phones for what light they provided and got dressed as David got Jacob to tell him of his past exploits, the meeting others like himself or the young recruit looking to have a good time while on base. David listened intently to Jacob telling how he met these guys, the ways they hooked up, all the time wondering how Keith and Paul made their connection. Once dressed they made their way across the loft and eased down the ladder and was relieved to find the barn door wasn’t locked as they slid it open and moved out into the moon lit night.

On the drive back to David’s house Jacob continued to tell David of his past hook ups on base, so many of the young boys coming in willing to do almost anything. He told David he understood how hard it must be in such as small community but David now saw firsthand he wasn’t the only guy who was gay. ‘Gay’ David thought seriously for the first time realizing it was true; he was gay. And David listened to Jacob tell of his plans for college and the fun he hoped to have meeting other guys. David suddenly saw a pathway out of his isolation, the knowledge that his plans to go to college next fall could be much more than studying to be a business major, to create his own way; it could lead to him to be able to live his life and to be the person he was inside.



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