Jason had gone to check out the possibilities of getting a new car, While there at the auto dealership he noticed a young salesman in his, looked to be about 20-25 somewhere thereabouts, Dylan was his name and Jason for some reason couldn't keep his eyes off him, and felt such desire, sexual desire for this man, He had never had this kind of feelings before, His cock was starting to harden up in his jeans and he could feel that throbbing of his constrained manhood.

His first thoughts were, what the fuck is going on here, man, this is just plain weird?

But he found himself staring at Dylan and wondering what the fuck is going on with me, but his hormones were taking over and his body was letting him know what it wanted.

Finally Dylan came over and smiled, and Jason noticed a set of the most perfect teeth he had seen on a guy, Dylans lips, were so fucking sensous looking he wanted to lean over and start Kissing and tongueing Dylans mouth and making out with him and, Mother fucker, his mind was going wild, He found himself noticing ever little thing about Dylan, such as his hands Jason wanted to suck on his fingers and lick his lightly hairy arms, he looked with desire into his dark brown gorgeous eyes and then he noticed his close cropped hair almost black, a little longer than a Military hair cut, fuck man Dylan was gorgeous.

Dylan had noticed Jasons staring at him and his eye movement searching, looking, ogling his entire body, and Dylan just smiled Have you looked around the lot and found something that you like, Jason was quick to respond Oh Yea! I really have, and Dylan smiled back at Jason, and then got the meaning to his ogling stare and He said spoke in almost a whisper to Jasons ear That can be had too, but I was meaning a car, Jason came to his senses, and kinds jolted up with his head and said, oh I'm sorry man, Dylan smiled a big smile looked right into Jasons eye and said, I'm not, Jason just stood there kinda lost in a daydream and said wha--? Dylan said come with me, and he took Jason out to the Used Car trailor and went inside and as soon as they were in the trailor Dylan turned around and grabbed Jason and started planting a huge mouth watering, sensual, sexy kiss on him, It was like electric shocks to Jason and Dylan didn't let up, but just kept up the Kissing, Jason felt his tee shirt being pulled up and Dylan started slathering his mouth all over Jasons chest and body and he was sucking on his nipples and makeing them get harder and thy were, Fuck man, oh so stimualting, Jason began to feel arousal like never before, His cock was like a peice of stone about to split his jeans open and he felt that throbbing in his cock head, and could feel like fire in his groin, and had for some reason gone into a state of euphoria, What a fucking feeling, His breathing was harder and faster and he was sensing feelings he had never felt before, He felt Dylans hand rubbing the hard bulge in his jeans, and was moaning, He had never done that before, Shit man He felt like he was about to explode He could even feel it as the pre-cum was leaking out of the slit in the end of his cock, and then Dylan stopped his sucking of his nipples and knelt down and started undoing his button down fly of his Levi's, Jason was atuned to every sensual movement of Dylans hand the feeling was incredible, and Dylan slowly as he looked up into Jason eyes undid his Levi's and gently started pulling them down, Jason was breathing so hard he was almost gasping such an awesome feeling, Never before had he experienced a feeling like this, or had anyone done anything like this before, He thought about the only thing he had ever had done to him was a girl rub his dick thru his shorts once when he was about fourteen,but he never got off from it, and It did not feel like this, He realised that Dylan was now sucking on his hard eight inch, quite thick cock thru his white briefs and was making it feel so friggen wonderful, Finally Dylan got his Levi's down to his ankles and then slid down his briefs and said fucking awesome, man your cock is awesome looking and I just love the manly odor of your balls and crotch, And he started licking on Jasons Hard throbbing Love Muscle, Fuck man, Jason started moaning and saying Oh jesus man, that feels awesome, Oh shit man, And He noticed as he leaned back with his ass on the edge of Dylans Desk, that Dylan was like a hungry wolf, devouring its prey, and Jason was his prey, and loving every second of it. Jason was leaning back with his hands on each side of him on the edge of the desk as Dylan worked his majic on his cock and He could hear Dylan as he sort of grunted and moaned his love for what he had in his mouth, Jason started feeling the sensitive head on his cock start that hardening up and that feeling that told him If Dylan didn't want a mouthfull of his cum he better back off, and Jason started to say, man I'm gonna cum, you better, and he couldn't get the words out fast enough, His cock started convulsing and jerking as he felt his cum go thru the tube up and out of his cockhead and Dylan let out a satisfied moan, and started swallowing every drop, he did'nt miss any of the cum from his cock Jason just leaned back with his body jerking and let Him have it all, about two or three minutes after Jason's body had finally came back to normal and Dylan was still licking and lightly stroking and still lighlty sucking on the head of his cock, Jason said man, you fucking drained me, Dylan just looked up and smiled got up and kissed Jason on the mouth.. And said We here at Toyota, aim to please our customers In any way we can, Jason said Oh yea man, And I Love your 'Fucking Service Department', They both just sorta laughed, Dylan said Man we pride ourself on the return business. and Jason pulled his briefs and Levis back up and just in time too, for about three minutes after the blowjob was completed and Jason was all back together Mr. Blevins the owner of the dealership came into the trailor and said, Well Jason, Are you Happy with your new vehicle, Jason said Oh Yes, and how about the service and attentiveness of our new salesman here, Dylan, Jason Sir, I don't think you have a salesman that can match him, Thats wonderful to hear Mr. Blevins said.

Jason went home with a very satisfied feeling, almost totally exhausted, but very satisfied.

When he finally got his paper work, insurance, title change and Liscence taken care of He got back home.

About a week later or so He Looked out the back door and saw a really good looking young man across the chain linked fence that devided the yards between his home and the one next door, and realized I was His neighbors son, Lenny, Now Lenny was In the Navy and Jason thought he was probably home on leave, God He had turned to a nice, built, very studdly looking, muscular looking, handsome man, and what made it ever better Lenny was laying out on a lounge chair in the yard soaking up some rays, in his thin kinda sleeping shorts and laying back with suntan oil slicked all over his body and had sun glasses on an was reading some sort of magazine. Jason ran out the back door and said Hey Lenny, man Its so good to see you, and Lenny looked up and said Hey Jason Its really good to see you too, Now Lenny was about three years older than Jason and Had joined the Navy after he graduated High School and had been in for about three years and man now He was home for a thirty day leave, Jason said man, got any plans while your home, Lenny said man nothing but a family reunion to go to next week, Jason said great dude, maybe we can hang out or something? Lenny said Man I'd really like that. Then Lenny Said Man your really looking good Jason, you been working out or something? Yea several times a week since we got out of high school I got me a 'Bowflex', Jason said. Lenny just smiled and said I Like the 'Bowflex', we had one aboard the ship I was stationed on. Jason said man you can come over and work out any time you want with me If you'd like, Lenny said Man that would be great, Jason sorta looked Lenny over and noticed how gorgeous his body was an started getting that funny feeling Lenny was Just laying back soaking the rays and He noticed Jason staring, Lenny then just ask Jason, Got you a girl, Jason said no man, the one I had dumped me as soon as I started trying to get into here panties I got as far as touching it on the outside of her panties, and Lenny said man what a bummer, Jason said what about you man? do you ever have a shot of getting off on ship, are there women there on ship, Lenny replyed about the only kind of sex there on ship is good 'ole rosie thumb and her four daughters', I said I know that feeling, and then Lenny said Man there is another outlet for sex on board ship tho, there are a few of us guys get together and have man to man sex once in a while when ever we can, and Jasons mouth flew open, and Lenny said a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do, if you know what I mean, and its not all that bad, I love a good blowjob from a guy, and Jason said Yea I know man I had one the other day from a dude where I bought my new car, It was fucking awesome. and then Lenny said Man we could do it if you'd like, Jason, your pretty hot looking and I would love to hit the sack with you, You want to come over and get it on now, Mom and Dad won't be back untill later this evening and I'm home by myself, Jason swallowed real hard and said I'd love too. and Jason went around to the gate and went into Lennys yard and Lenny got up and started towards the house and Jason noticed a very large Lump sticking out in front of Lennys shorts. Jason just said man that looks really large, Lenny said You'll see, and then just went in the door.

Jason couldn't believe his luck, Man In a span of one week, he got a great blowjob, and now one of his friends He had grown up with comes out and tells him, What a fucking rush.

Lenny took Jason to his basement bedroom and said Jason what have you done sexually, I mean all the way to cumming, Jason said I jerk off a lot, and then that salesman at the car dealership last week gave me a blowjob, He said How did you like it, Jason smiled, It liked to blew me away, man it was the most intense feeling I have ever had and Lenny said I want to introduce you to somehing else in the field of sex and just go with it alright, at first It will kinda hurt, and then you'll get used to it and then pleasure will take over and you'll be in for the ride of your life. Jason just said anything you want Lenny, I have never tried anything before and Lenny said man I want you to enjoy this and I'll be very gentle.

Jason just set on the edge of Lenny's bed and Lenny started taking off his runners, and then his white socks an Lenny started sucking on his toes, Fuck that was really ticklish and arousing, and then he took off Jasons shirt and lifted his arm and slowly licke his arm pits lick it was delicious ice cream and Jason started getting a hard on in his levi's Lenny started just taking off his tee-shirt and Lenny started licking and sucking on his chest and nipples, and Jason started getting that feeling again, then Lenny had Jason lean up and slide his Jeans and briefs off in one slick movement, Jasons cock sprung out and upward and Lenny just smiled and said awesome man your cock is beautiful and those nuts man and that man crotch odor is just intoxicating, just glorious, and Lenny dove in to the sack and started to suck and lick on Jasons Nutsack and Jason started moaning and spreading his legs and raising his ass up, Fuck man, this was Lenny, one of his best friends, making out with him, sucking on his nuts and rubbing his cock, Jason was feeling like he had hit the lottery or something, Fuck this was great, Lenny got this tube of anal ease lube from his night stand and layed it beside Jason and then lifted Jason up on his hands and leaned in and started licking his ass and then he took a pillow and stuck it under his ass and said raise up and then he took his hands and spread his ass cheeks and Lenny leaned into it and started to tongue his little perfectly shaped pucker hole and Jason went wild, Oh fucking christ man, That feels just awesome yea man, do it stick that tongue in there give it to me, Lenny was tongueing like a madman digging for gold, Fuck Jason was in a time and space warp, and was grunting and he felt Lenny push some of his lube into his ass and he started fingering his hole first one finger and by the time he was ready He had stuck four fingers at a time in Jasons asshole, fuck and Jason was writhing and saying Oh yea man, fuck Yea, Lenny had stretched him open pretty good and Jason was asking for more and humping back up at Lenny and Lenny said ready for It man, Jason said with a heavy breathing sounding voice, yea man, Fuck the shit out of me, and Lenny said you got it baby, and Lenny placed his cock head at the opening and I went in pretty easy and Lenny started slowily slipping in Jasons ass his thick, hard 8.5 inch cock into Jasons ass, and It was a little tight and stung a little but nothing Jason couldn't handle, Jason just said, Lenny fuck man that feels incredible, and Lenny said Oh yea Jason, It sure the hell does and Lenny started fucking, Jason started groaning his approval of the feeling and then set up a steady rythm and after about ten minutes of solid fucking and hammering and both going wild with it, he notice Lenny's body start to tighten up and Lenny's face was getting red, sweat was popping out on Lenny's face and he was breathing like he was haveing an attack or something, Jason said yea man your hitting ond something inside me and I'm gonna cum, man I'm gonna cum and Lenny said fuck man so am I and he started bodily jerking and saying oh fuck man, oh muther fucker and Jason could feel it as his cock jerke with each shot of cum into his intestines and It set Jason off and He started Yelling Oh Fuck baby, Oh fuck Lenny, and blasted a load of cum onto face and into his open mouth as he yelled his last grunt of satisfaction in cumming, they collapsed onto each other and Jason had his arms around Lenny with Lenny's cock still buried to the hilt in Jason manhole, Awe fuck Lenny, that was fucking awesome, I never would have believed that would have possibly felt like that, man I think I'm in love, Lenny said Yea man, thats Just your first lesson, I want to show you some more later.

Lenny and Jason went in and had a shower together and Kissed and made out in the shower and acted like lovers.

Well needless to say Lenny and Jason did all sorts of things together, Jason was at Lennys during the day when not at work, and Lenny spent several nights at Jasons house They were sort of Lovers and well you guessed it Lenny and Jason had sex of one kind or another at least once a day the whole time Lenny the Sailor was on leave and they Kept in touch after he went back to naval base, anxiously awaiting Lennys return again.

Jason was really in awe by all the things that had happened in the last month and a half. and especially with his Next door neighbor, Lenny, A Sailor Home on Leave



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