Luke walked out of the small farm house he was renting and looked around the back yard, the old fence that was falling over that defined the boundaries of the garden plot and over to the back corner the small shed with its fence that had been used for a chicken coop. The grass was growing tall and trying to seed reminding him of the need to buy a mower and so many other things he had to do now that he had moved into this farm house. He'd been here nearly two weeks and boxes still sat on the floor inside waiting to be unpacked. He told himself it was because he was busy getting settled into his new job with the state agriculture department, getting set up in the county office and meeting the farmers in the surrounding region. But it wasn't true.

He didn't really know what motivated him to take this job but he knew he had gotten depressed with the way things were going in Montgomery, the small city, even though it was the capital had left him wanting. The city had everything he could reasonably ask of it even as a young gay man, but there was something missing, something he wanted, no needed. The state's main office came in a month ago and offered him this job which with its increase in pay had been too good to turn down. Now he wasn't so sure.

He came out in high school, senior year a couple months before graduation and in Atlanta it was no big deal. He hadn't been the first and some of his classmates had gone so far as to say 'about time'. When he got to college he had the best of times. The parties, the social events and the going out with other guys all the time had made it unforgettable and unfortunately seem to pass far too quickly. He had even dated one guy, Todd, from Memphis, Tennessee, for over a year, where so many times he wondered if he was the one. But in the end, they each wanted something so different from the other they mutually agreed to break it off.

After college he ended up in Montgomery, at the state's agriculture department and for a couple of years he worked his way through one position to the next until, after five years he now found himself here, in Monroe County down in the southern part of the state, a county of small towns, farm land, pine stands and more than its share of mosquitoes.

He lifted his cap and wiped the sleeve of his shirt across his forehead soaking up the sweat that was trickling down into his eyes then headed across the back yard to his Tahoe parked in the shade of an old oak tree that dominated the rear yard. It was Saturday, his day off, and he knew he had to use it to get a mower, groceries, and run over to Monroeville to get a bottle or two of bourbon. He felt like he might need it before the weekend was over.

As he drove along State Road 54 he flipped through the radio stations cursing himself for not getting his iPod so he could plug it in and listen to something he actually liked in lieu of the country, old rock 'n roll and multiple preachers that dominated the stations of the region. He cut through the farm lands, the large tracts of pine till he came to a general store he had passed numerous times but had yet to stop, so on impulse to check it out he braked and turned into the gravel lot that wrapped the store on three sides where pickup trucks, a Jeep and one old station wagon sat randomly around the small building.

Inside the dimly lit interior he immediately recognized three of the men standing around the front sipping on sodas and talking. He spoke to each one and they introduced him to the others and soon he found himself leaning against a drink case a part of their conversation. After about half an hour he stood up straight telling everyone he really had to go since he needed to get a mower among other things.

"Well, Luke you need to go over to Smith's Tractor up in town. Tell them I sent you and to treat ya right" Jake, one of the more successful farmers in the community told him as he headed to the door.

"Their stuff might exceed my budget" Luke joked, although he had intended to buy some cheap mower in lieu of one of the more expensive ones from a tractor dealership.

"They may have a sale going" one of the others chimed in and Luke saw Jake had his cell phone out making a call as he held up one hand motioning for him wait.

"Hey, this is Jake...yeah I'm good, and you?...Hate to hear it...look I don't have long but I was wondering if you guys are having any promotions on lawn mowers?" Jake spoke into his phone. After listening for a short time he looked up at Luke. "You want a riding mower or a push mower?"

"Push" Luke responded.

"Push mower...yeah...well I'm sending that fellow down that works with the ag know the one...yeah, him. He'll be there shortly" Jake said into his phone then hit the end button and looked up. "Go on up to Smith's and ask for Bruce. He works most Saturdays and he can show you what they have."


"Yeah, you can't miss him. Scrawny fellow, about your age and the easiest going ole cuss you'll ever meet" Jake joked causing some of the others to smile and agree.

"Okay, I'll head there now. Thanks Jake" Luke replied as he headed out the door.

Twenty minutes later Luke was pulling into the parking lot of Smith's Tractor, the facility one of the newer construction projects in town, with large storefront for the showroom. It was late morning and the dealership closed at noon so the parking lot only had a couple of trucks pulled up front. Luke made his way inside and saw the row of lawn and garden tractors, the large commercial mowers and smaller riding mowers, and behind them in a shorter row the push mowers.

Luke moved toward them as he looked over to the guy helping someone at the counter. He was lean with his work shirt hanging loosely around his torso. The sleeves were rolled up revealing lean smooth forearms. Luke knew he shouldn't do it every time he met a guy near his own age, knew he shouldn't check them out, wonder if they were 'doable' and his friend Taylor would say back in college about every guy he lusted after. He wondered if this was Bruce, deep down inside, he hoped this was Bruce.

He appeared to be average height, with a dark tone to his skin, smooth looking with the way light reflected off of it. His hair was slightly long, wavy, as it thickly covered his head, concealing his ears and almost touching his collar. Luke heard him laugh good naturedly, then his thick southern accent as he finished the transaction with the farmer at the counter.

Luke moved up to the row of push mowers and saw instantly they were substantially more than he was planning on paying, having looked at some cheap model from the large discount store online. He started to just leave feeling like it'd be a waste of time for Bruce and him to even talk about them but he wanted to check out Bruce, actually admitted as much to himself so he hung around the few minutes it took Bruce to wrap up and come over.

"Jake send ya" Bruce said as he walked up, Luke getting confirmation it was him by his name stitched on his work shirt.

"Yeah, but I have to tell you" Luke began, hesitating a moment as he let his eyes scan the guy standing before him. Bruce had brown eyes and up close Luke could see how smooth his skin really looked, the way he appeared so boyish, no sign of needing to shave, not even any sideburns. Luke let his eyes do a quick scan along one arm confirming the smoothness of it, the apparent lack of hair which added to his boyish look. He looked down and quickly scanned the prices shown one more time then looked back up at Bruce. "I have to admit your mowers are a lot more than I was planning on paying."

Bruce looked at Luke and smiled, a big generous smile that showed his teeth, slightly gapped at front, not quite perfect except for their whiteness. He moved over to one of the models on the end and pulled it forward.

This is a basic mower nothing special about it except it is as well built as the others with the same warranty. This particular model is changing and I need to get these off the floor" Bruce began as he told Luke of its basic features, the size of cut and finally, surprising Luke, told him what he would take for it, a price actually lower than the one Luke was looking at.

"What? That" Luke stammered.

"Well, Jake is one of our best customers and well...I understand your here to help the guys out with their farms" Bruce said as he slid his hands down in his pockets, a casual pose, unassuming, and he rocked on the heels of his feet looking at Luke. "So, we have a deal?"

Bruce helped Luke push the mower in the back of his Tahoe after they finished the sale. Luke closed the back and held out his hand.

"Thanks man, I really appreciate it."

"No problem. I guess I'll see ya around?"

"Yeah, although not to buy a tractor or a combine" Luke joked, suddenly wanting to linger.

Luke moved to the driver's side door and slid in behind the wheel. Bruce came up and leaned on the door.

"Luke...I was wondering; do you like to fish?"

"Fish?" Luke responded momentarily at a loss. "Oh yeah, but it's been years since I've done any fishing. Dad use to take us up to the mountains to fly fish."

"Fly fish?" Bruce replied, smiling as he turned his head to look away for a brief moment. He looked back at Luke shaking his head, "No I'm afraid I wasn't referring to that fancy high dollar kind of fishing. I was thinking more of the old cane pole floating across a pond in a john boat kind of fishing. You know? A box of wigglers, a cooler with ice and a cooler with...a six pack or two."

Luke laughed and nodded his head. "Yeah, I could do that kind too."

"Well I have next Saturday off and was going up to this pond I have access; you interested?"

"Sure" Luke responded suddenly feeling excited. They gave each other their cell phone numbers and made plans to talk mid-week. Luke eased out of the parking lot, his eyes going to the mirror constantly looking at Bruce standing on the sidewalk watching him leave. As he began to turn out on the street he saw Bruce turn back to the building.

The next week passed slowly for Luke as he kept anticipating spending the next Saturday morning with Bruce. He knew he was being school girl silly thinking this was anything more than just two guys going out fishing. But he let the fantasy of something otherwise surface within his mind time and time again. He traveled the region meeting farmers and visiting the businesses that supported them. On Wednesday just before noon he had it worked out to visit Smith's Tractor.

The parking lot was much more occupied than last Saturday with tractors and a combine sitting at the service bay doors along the rear section of the building. It was obvious the place was very busy as Luke parked and made his way inside. There were two men behind the counter and a third on the floor working with customers but no sign of Bruce.

He moved along a display fixture that had mower parts, t-shirts and some miscellaneous items pretending to browse while he was cutting his eyes up trying to look down a corridor to some offices and in an area of where parts were stored. No sign of Bruce.

"Can I help you?"

One of the other staff was standing just behind Luke and he turned, resigned to the fact he wasn't going to see Bruce today, and introduced himself and why he had stopped in.

"Oh, let me get a manager" the guy responded and headed toward the back. Luke watched him go down the corridor looking in offices then go out the door that led to the service bays in back.

It was a few minutes before the door opened again and Luke had to suppress a smile as he saw Bruce come in with the sales associate. He had on a short sleeve shirt this time revealing his long lean arms, both covered in grease up to the elbows. His clothes were also smeared with dirt and grease. It was obvious he was helping in the back on repairs. As he approached Luke, wiping his hands on a red cloth he nodded in acknowledgement and smiled.

"Luke, I understand this is a business call?"

"Yeah" Luke replied holding out his hand for a formal hand shake greeting.

"Uh...I don't think you want to shake. As you can see I'm helping in the back. We are swamped today with last minute repair jobs; it's crazy" Bruce said as he continued to wipe his hands, more out of habit now than actually accomplishing anything.

Luke told him why he stopped by, the work he was doing and how he was involving businesses that supported farmers. They talked for a few minutes until Luke finally wound down and said he guessed he should go and let Bruce get back to work.

"Yeah, I need to get back there. The days I have to help in back now are a lot fewer but sometimes we get a day like today and I have to change clothes and get involved" Bruce said as Luke began to back away to leave. "Hey about Saturday, why don't you plan on being at my place around 5:30 in the morning...if that isn't too early for you?"

"I can do that" Luke responded thinking he would be there no matter what time Bruce suggested.

Bruce turned to one of the guys behind the counter, "Hey Mike, give Luke here my address will ya; we're going fishing Saturday."

"Sure thing Bruce" Mike replied pulling a note pad over and writing Bruce's address down.

"I'll see ya Saturday and don't worry about bringing anything; I've got it covered" Bruce stated as he turned and headed back down the corridor.

"Really? Great. I'll see you on Saturday" Luke said as he watched Bruce move away. Unable to stop himself he watched the way Bruce's ass moved in the tight dark gray work pants, rhythmically rotating up and down, each cheek moving with every step. 'This could be rough' he thought as he finally turned and went to the counter.


Saturday morning, the sun not yet up, and Luke found himself turning into the drive of a ranch style house that was on the outskirts of town. A small pasture ran up along the drive side and extended around the back of the house and the small barn at the rear of the backyard. He saw two horses come out of the barn as he drove up and when he turned at the rear of the house he saw a new pickup with a small john boat on a trailer hitched to it. Bruce was loading tackle into the back of the truck and Luke noticed right away how he was dressed in worn jeans, the knees busted out and a tank top revealing his shoulders and arms. Even though he was lean Luke quickly saw he had the muscular development of someone use to manual labor the way his shoulders and upper arms flexed with his movements.

"Good morning! You ready to go?"

"Yeah but can we stop for breakfast somewhere on the way?" Luke responded.

"Sure; we can hit one of the fast food joints as we cut through town. The pond is north of town" Bruce replied.

Luke watched Bruce put the cooler in the truck bed, his arms flexing as he lifted it up and over the side revealing the dark underarm hair. It surprised Luke at its thickness considering how smooth and hairless the rest of him appeared. The tank top hung loosely on his body and barely reached the waistband of the jeans he wore so when he reached upward as he just did the tank top rode up revealing a flat smooth stomach and narrow waist. Bruce looked so boyishly young.

"How long have you been with Smith's?"

"Oh hell, I've been there nine years now...geez...nine years" Bruce replied surprised at his own answer. "I started when I was seventeen working part time after school and weekends."

'Twenty six" Luke thought as they moved to the cab of the truck.

It was nearly an hour's drive to the private property the pond was situated and on the way Bruce asked about Luke's background, where he went to college, how he ended up in Monroe County and where he was living. As they talked Bruce told of growing up in Monroeville, of working at the tractor shop and how they sent him to take courses on diesel mechanics, tractor repair, and other courses only to end up moving him in the office when they found out his skill with customers. All through the conservation no mention of a girl friend and Luke took that as a good sign until Bruce looked over with a mischievous grin.

" hooked up with any of the local girls yet?"

"Huh...oh, no; I've been really busy and I have not been here long."

"Well I tell ya, good luck. Most just want to get a ring on their finger."

"You don't want to get married?"

"I don't know" Bruce replied after a long pause.

Bruce began to slow and Luke turned his attention back to the road and the drive they were approaching.

"This is it. The owner lives in Mobile and comes up on occasion. He has a cabin set off in the woods. I helped him with this old tractor he was rebuilding and after months of working on that beast in the evenings he eventually gave me a key and told me I could fish whenever I wanted. Wait till you see this place."

After getting through the gate they eased along a narrow lane that cut through the woods, the large trees creating a canopy over the road. It was washed out in a couple of places and Bruce eased across slowly. Eventually Luke realized they were going downhill and the road appeared to open up ahead of them and he realized he was seeing the early morning sun reflecting off the surface of the pond.

The pond was much larger than Luke anticipated, its shoreline undulating in and out around the rise and fall of the terrain. A pier stretched out over the pond's surface and off in the distance, on the far side an area thick with cattails.

"The cabin is through that gap in the trees over there" Bruce stated as he pointed to a place the narrow lane disappeared into the trees.

Bruce pulled down to an area where a boat ramp sloped off into the calm clear waters. Twenty minutes later the boat was floating at the water's edge with their gear as Bruce pulled the truck underneath an oak and parked. Luke held the boat and let Bruce climb in first since he was going to operate the small electric motor clamped in place at the stern. Luke pushed the boat out and stepped in at the last minute.

The early morning was quiet, no wind rustling so the only disturbance was the boat cutting across the pond's surface. Luke sat in the middle facing away from Bruce knowing it best for all the way up he had found himself looking over at him, the way his lean but muscular arms and narrow shoulders revealed the smoothest skin, a dark olive tone. The tank top hung so loose around this torso Luke knew he had to be very lean, a compact tight body and when he tried to divert his eyes they would trail down to the busted open knee of the right leg exposing it with its sparse fine dark hairs. And that dark skin Luke felt the urge to reach over and touch, an overwhelming desire to feel it, to know if it was as smooth as it looked.

Now he sat watching the early morning mist rise up from the pond's surface as the sun light slowly began to creep over the landscape with its rise in the sky. The boat slowed and he looked around where Bruce gave him a smile and pointed toward the shore they were now coasting toward.

"That is where I usually catch the most" Bruce whispered as he guided the boat to coast up and parallel to the shore. "Why don't you take the front seat and we'll ease along here and fish toward the bank. It drops off hard about two feet out so aim to drop your bait along that break."

"Okay" Luke whispered as he eased up and to the seat along the front of the boat, knowing this was going to be difficult to stay focused on fishing with him now facing Bruce. When he sat down he saw Bruce tossing his tank top on the seat he had just vacated revealing his upper body. Luke quickly made himself busy getting a cane pole unwound and the hook baited but the image was seared in his mind the way Bruce's body was so lean and his skin glistening in the early morning sunlight.

Luke's bait sank from sight and he lifted the cane pole till the line grew taunt and he waited. Bruce's bait sank a few feet away and Luke saw the line grow tight with the end of the cane pole lifting up slightly. Suddenly his pole dipped down and the sound of his line cutting through the water back and forth quickly grabbed his attention.

"Hey you got one" Bruce exclaimed with a forced hush to his voice.

As they fished along the edge of the pond Luke considered taking off his shirt but knew he shouldn't do it for his skin tone was much lighter, so much fairer than Bruce's he knew he would sunburn easily. But he relished the exposure Bruce gave him, the way his skin glistened in the sunlight as the day warmed up and they began to sweat. He could see the rivulets of sweat cascading down Bruce's body, the way they snaked over the dark skin as they traveled down till they soaked into the waistband of the jeans Bruce wore.

It was nearing ten thirty that morning, the sun hot in the sky and Bruce began to wrap the line around his cane pole.

"I think we have plenty for one day; you ready to go?"

"Yeah" Luke responded looking over to Bruce watching him rotate the pole as he held the line out getting it to wrap around it, his arms raised enough to reveal the armpit hair, dark and wet with sweat.

"We'll get the boat on the trailer then we'll clean the fish and put them on ice" Bruce said as he laid his pole down and started the motor.

It was after eleven when they headed out and Luke felt the way the sun's heat had made him feel fatigued. He stifled one then another yawn as they drove back toward town.

"The sun really takes it out of ya doesn't it" Bruce said after he had yawned, mimicking Luke.

They stopped in town and grabbed a sandwich at a small deli then headed back to Bruce's. Luke helped get the gear put away and followed Bruce inside with one of the coolers, the one with some drinks still in it. He was surprised at the neatness of the house, the way it was furnished with soft leather furniture in the living area and a kitchen that wasn't up to date but was neat and tidy.

"Set that down on the floor over there and I'll get those drinks put in the frig later" Bruce said as he sat the other cooler down near the sink his lean back showing the line of his spine as he bent over. Luke found himself holding his breath as he stared at Bruce's back and tight round ass stretching the worn jeans.

Bruce stood up and turned toward Luke as he absentmindedly wiped one hand down his bare chest and giving his stomach a little scratch.

"I have a few things to do this afternoon but around six come back over and I'll pull out the gas cooker and we'll fry these fish up."

"Sounds like a plan" Luke responded. A few minutes later he was on his way home and for the first time since early that morning felt like he was breathing normally. Maybe it was relief from the temptation of being around Bruce, his inability to not keep looking at the guy, or maybe it was the realization he was wasting his time giving his attraction the fantasy something could happen.


At five after six Luke was pulling into Bruce's drive and when he got to the rear of the house he saw a gas cooker sitting on the drive apron in front of garage. Parking under the oak at the drive's edge he slid out and headed toward the garage, straightening his white t-shirt letting the tail hang loose over his jeans, a pair of jeans he has owned for years, the color faded to a light blue with the stressed areas white. He dressed for comfort he told himself when he put on the jeans although he knew they were some of the best fitting, snug in all the right places, unable to not keep trying to catch Bruce's eye, if it was possible.

Bruce came out as he came up to the garage dressed in cargo shorts and another tank top, one even more loose than the one he had on earlier, the straps thin with the openings much larger. Much of Bruce's upper chest and all of his shoulders were exposed making Luke struggle with not staring. Luke let his eyes fall down to the exposed lower legs, lean, muscular, like a bicyclist's legs and nearly as smooth, only a light dusting of dark hairs covered his lower legs.

"Hey man, here's you a cold one to start the evening" Bruce said, smiling broadly as he held out a beer.


It was nearly ten o'clock, Bruce sitting in on arm chair and Luke sitting opposite him in another, both of them relaxing with a beer, drinking slowly and talking. Bruce had mentioned turning on the television but as the night wore on it was soon forgotten. As with any two guys the topic of sex came up and Luke squirmed in his seat as he listened to Bruce talk about some of the women in the area he had hooked up with over the last few years. Bruce rambled on since the beers consumed loosened his tongue with him telling about some of the more adventurous times. Suddenly Bruce stopped talking and Luke took a moment to realize the room was silent.

Looking over at Bruce Luke saw him leaned back staring up at the ceiling.

"Luke, you don't seem comfortable listening to me talk about these girls and I've noticed you haven't exactly admitted to anything" Bruce said in a calm even voice and he leaned up facing Luke, "it's okay man, you know...if you prefer something different" he added smiling over at Luke. "Hell, I've done it with a couple of the guys in the area. Shit, it was fun I have to tell ya. Is that what you like?"

Luke sat stunned at the change in Bruce, the way he suddenly seemed so different, so accessible.

" had sex with guys?"

"Yeah...hell, the way some guys act...well, I figure I should do what I want and if it is sex with another guy why the fuck not."

"Really" Luke responded sitting up and looking down at the floor, "yeah I've messed around with other guys, in is all I've done" he added looking up at Bruce to see his reaction as he admitted "it is all I want."

"Well fuck, so you only like guys. Well I don't know...sometimes the ladies are nice but I have to admit..." Bruce said his voice trailing off then he looked over at Luke. "You want to fuck around?"

Luke laughed nervously as he shifted in his chair but at the same time the idea took hold, all of his fantasies came rushing back to him and he found himself tugging on the crotch of his jeans.

"You serious?"

Bruce looked at him grinning, with the arc of his eyebrows, he looked devilish, a mischief maker and he nodded his head. "Yeah; I've not had any in...weeks and I saw how you have been looking at me. Yeah, I saw you looking and it was kind of...enticing.

"Come on you city boy, you want to show this country boy how you like to fuck?"

Bruce was so blunt, so raunchy in a way that made Luke's cock stir and he wondered briefly if he would need to hold back, refrain from doing certain things a guy like Bruce might not like. He tugged on his crotch to shift his stiffening cock and looked at Bruce who had got up from his chair and started toward him, the tank top soon on the floor while his hands worked his cargo shorts loose. 'Fuck no I'm not holding back' Luke thought as Bruce's shorts fell to his ankles revealing his body, totally naked, cock rising up hard.

Bruce moved up in front of Luke and pushed him back as he climbed up on his lap facing him. He pushed his growing erection into Luke's stomach as he leaned against him, hands on either side of Luke's head holding him gently as he moved down and kissed him. Bruce's lean body fit easily over Luke, knees down between the arms of the chair and Luke's thighs getting the leverage to pump his cock against Luke's stomach.

Luke put his arms around the narrow torso and felt the smooth skin, its surface so soft but firm beneath the surprisingly muscular body, and he let his hands slide downward, following the impossibly straight back down the curve of each ass cheek where he cupped each one, squeezed gently then slid his fingers down between them feeling along the smooth skin, the way Bruce's cheeks parted when he pulled back, moaning, breathing hard against his neck.

"Yeah...touch me there...OH yeah" Bruce cried out as Luke did what he asked quickly rubbing his fingers over the opening to Bruce's hole, small circular motions that made Bruce cry out and push his ass down against Luke's finger.

"Oh goddamn" Luke uttered as he wrapped his arms around Bruce and moved him down on the rug. He moved next to Bruce and ran a hand over the smooth flat chest downward over the heaving stomach till his fingers raked through the small fan of pubic hair and finally found the thickening shaft of Bruce's cock. He trailed his fingers along the cock, felt the shape of it, the way the head flared out. Bruce threw his arms over his head and pushed up gently with his hips encouraging him.

"Come on Luke...get naked" Bruce whispered.

Luke slipped his t-shirt over his head revealing his upper body, one with more muscular development but such a contrast to Bruce with his fair skin and light mat of hair that covered his chest coming down into a thin trail leading down to his navel where the trail of hair descended downward disappearing in his jeans. His white boxers were an inch or more above the top of his jeans and Bruce ran a finger along the top edge, gently, barely touching the skin making Luke inhale deeply and snigger.

"That tickles" Luke admitted.

"Well get those jeans off and we'll see what else is ticklish" Bruce uttered as he leaned forward and nipped Luke's left nipple with his teeth. It hurt and at the same time Luke felt his cock flex within his jeans. "Come on...don't make me beg."

Luke stood up and undid his jeans pushing them down then working one foot then the other free. His boxers tented obscenely, his cock pushing at the front showing his aroused state, the desire which made him quickly push the boxers down and work them over his erection. He let them drop to his ankles and stepped out of them.

"Help me up and we can move this party to the bedroom" Bruce said holding up his right hand.

In the bedroom Bruce grew more aggressive, pushing Luke down on his bed, moving on top of him, and roughly shifting him further up on the bed. He held Luke's hands down as he kissed him, lips tight to lips, his tongue snaking into Luke's mouth, probing, moving within its warm slick interior. He ground his cock down against Luke's, pumped his hips up and down sliding it along Luke's skin leaving a slick trail where the head slid over it.

Luke spread his legs cradling Bruce between them. Bruce raised his hips letting his cock slip underneath Luke's sac and he pushed down, the slick head following the line of skin down to Luke's opening smearing it with its lube. Up and down Bruce pumped his cock over Luke's opening till Luke moaned and wrapped his legs over Bruce's ass turning his own up a little more till he could feel Bruce pressing hard against him. The way Bruce pushed against his hole testing its tightness made him want it, want the feel of Bruce sliding inside of his hole.

"You like to get fucked?" Bruce asked with his tone serious.

"Yes...yes...fuck me" Luke pleaded only to be cut off by Bruce smothering his plea by kissing him again.

Bruce lifted Luke's ass and reached down taking his cock he pressed it to Luke's opening. He pushed down, gently at first, feeling Luke stretch open, the head of his cock squeeze through and breach the tight opening. For the first couple of inches he eased in until he felt Luke push up, felt the way Luke relaxed beneath him and he pushed harder sinking all the way in.

"OHHH...fuck" Luke cried out with his voice trailing off as he held Bruce tightly, pushed up with his ass on every thrust inward feeling the way their bodies came together, forcefully, roughly, with the bed squeaking and rocking with their fuck.

Bruce shifted till he could get his arms underneath Luke's knees and he lifted them up folding Luke over turning the ass his cock was sunk all the way in up till he could rise up on his hands and drive his hips harder, faster, plunging his cock into Luke over and over and over. Their bodies smacked together, noisily, making Luke grunt every time Bruce bottomed out in his hole.

"Fuck...not yet...shit...I'm cumming" Bruce uttered through clinched teeth as he hammered away at Luke's hole, slamming down hard feeling his cum spatter Luke's insides. He kept pumping his hips feeling his sensitive cock piston through his load, slickly working back and forth inside Luke till cum trickled out. "Fuck...I don't want to stop" he uttered in Luke's ear then nipped it with his teeth as he drove his cock inward all the way.

"Then don't" Luke whispered as he undulated beneath Bruce, taking every inch of cock Bruce was pushing into his hole. Bruce rose up with renewed energy and started to fuck with his previous pace, brutally fast, their bodies slamming together.

"Fuck me...fuck me" Luke pleaded as he raked his nails down Bruce's back feeling the way the muscles flexed with his movements.

Bruce pulled out of his hole suddenly, rose up grabbing him by one leg and quickly, roughly, flipped him over on his stomach. Luke had barely gotten in position and Bruce was on him, cock pushing back into his hole sinking all the way in. Bruce lay on his back and bear hugged him, one arm around his neck holding his head up as he pressed his lips to the back of Luke's neck. He felt Bruce nip at the skin while hammering his hole. The bed rocked till it began to bang into the wall as Bruce's cock pumped slickly in his hole lubed by the previous load.

"I'm going to cum in your hole again" Bruce uttered in his ear as his pace became ragged, each thrust inward hard, hips slapping against ass. "OH shit" he cried out as he pumped out his second load.

Luke couldn't believe Bruce's stamina, the way he just fucked and fucked, and now after cumming twice so quickly he was shocked at the way Bruce flipped him over on his back and went down on him. His cock ached it was so hard and the feel of Bruce's mouth moving down his shaft, the feel of Bruce's throat swallowing around the flared head and he was soon holding Bruce by the hair pushing his head down as he drove his own hips upward feeding him the load that surged through his cock shooting out in thick wads.

For a long time afterward the two of them lay still, eyes closed, and their bodies side by side with both breathing slowly. Luke rolled onto his side and pushed back against Bruce glad to feel him spoon up close, legs tangled up together and one arm coming around his waist holding him.

"Should I leave?" Luke asked after several minutes without looking back at Bruce.

"You're not leaving" Bruce whispered as he nestled up against Luke.

Luke listened to Bruce's breathing, the way it slowed down, fell into the rhythm of someone asleep. He lay there content like he hadn't been in a long time feeling the soft warmth of each exhale on the back of his neck. 'Maybe this rural life isn't so bad" he thought as he felt sleep finally overtake him.



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