I loved the feeling of the sun beaming down on me. It was my most favorite feeling in the world. I lived in Hawaii and practically lived on the beach so I was used to it.

The glistening sweat mixed with saltwater dripped down my tanned, taut body as I sat on my board, awaiting for some killer waves to come so I could ride them. The water was pretty tame today which was a let down.

I was alone and enjoyed being at the beach alone more than with company. There were a few familiar faces here who greeted me with a smile, but there was this one new face that had caught my interest.

All things pointed to him being a tourist of some sort because despite being at a beach, he was wearing a tight pair of jeans and casual sneakers. He looked so out of place that I found myself chuckling.

He tore the t-shirt he was wearing off him to reveal a very nice upper body indeed. He had big pecs with full, round nipples and a well defined stomach. The magnificent look of his body got me more interested.

He caught me staring at him and after an awkward moment, smiled and waved at me; I replied with a friendly wave and gave him the 'up-nod' greeting. He grinned and kicked off his shoes and began to wriggle out of his pants to reveal skimpy brief looking swimmers. His legs were thick and toned and smooth from what I could see. The thing that turned me on the most in girls was their legs and their ass.

I tried to tear my eyes away from him but I couldn't; even the rushing waves behind me didn't make me budge. They slowly pushed me towards him and before I knew it, I was at the shore, still staring at this handsome man.

I got off my board and placed it down on the sand near him. I laid down on my previously set out towel and tried not to stare at him.

'Pretty lame, huh?' I heard his voice say.

I opened my eyes and looked at him. He had shuffled closer to me and looked as handsome as ever; what I find most intriguing was his accent. He was Australian. Australian accents were so hot.

'Yeah, I don't know what's up,' I replied, quite astounded that he was talking to me, 'usually it's more aggressive than this.'

He laughed an infectious kind of high-pitched-yet-still-masculine laugh.

'I'll take your word on that one. My name's Casey.' He extended his arm out for a handshake.

'Roman, nice to meet you,' I said, grabbing his masculine hand firmly and shaking it.

'You a local or a lost tourist like me?'

'I've lived here nearly all my life,' I replied with a grin.

'That's awesome. Hey, could you do a lost Aussie a favor and show me the sights around here? I have no idea what I'm doing or where I'm going.'

'Sure,' I said, trying not to sound too desperate.

After that, Casey picked up his things and unfortunately put his jeans back on and I followed him only with my surfboard and my towel in hand. I showed him to my car where he put his things in the backseat and sat down next to me.

'You ready?' I asked him.

He smiled at me and I drove off, shocked at myself for picking up a complete stranger. A complete male stranger.

I had showed him a couple of the sights around the town and asked him where he was staying. He directed me to his motel and I stopped in the parking lot, fully expecting to never see this man again.

'Thank you so much for this, I cannot thank you enough,' he said in his sexy accent.

He wrapped me in his arms in a big hug which caught me by surprise but I liked the feeling of him holding me. A lot, actually.

Then, I knew it.

I knew I wanted him.

'No worries,' I replied, trying to talk down my manhood which was growing inch by inch.

'Do you want to come in for a quick drink? It's a bit hot out there,' he asked.

'Sure,' I replied, silently thanking the sun for being extra hot today.

Still wearing no shirt, I followed him through the motel and into his room. It was a simple motel room. Double bed, bathroom, kitchenette. I liked the looks of that double bed.

'I can only offer you tapwater,' he said.

'Tapwater's fine,' I replied.

Casey took his shirt off and reached for two glasses, the muscles in his arms contracting as he did this. He poured water into both glasses and handed me one.

'Thank you so much for this again,' he said, 'if there was any way I could repay you, I would be happy to oblige.'

The horny man was coming out of me. I knew it.

'Well, there is one thing you could do...' I said.

Casey looked at me curiously as I took a long sip from the glass and placed it on the bedside table. I looked at him with curiosity and the tension between us was thick. He placed his glass down too and wriggled closer to me.

I placed my hand gently on his soft cheek and leaned in, my lips brushing his gently. I was surprised to find that he didn't fight me but instead went along with it.

Our lips manoeuvred around each other as his mouth slowly began to part allowing my tongue to invade his mouth. Our kissing became more aggressive and before we knew it, our tongues were lashing out at each other savagely.

We fell down onto the bed, my hands holding his face while his were running up and down my back. I felt his hand grab onto my ass and squeeze it.

I reached down to his pants and unbuttoned the jeans eagerly, our kisses never ceasing. He wriggled out of his pants and I felt his dick yearning for me to touch it. I managed to get out of my board shorts and my dick was equally as rock hard.

Casey rolled on top of me and his lips went down to my neck, biting ever so gently as he went lower and lower. After licking, sucking and teasing my nipples, his mouth find my cock. He pulled my briefs down and it sprang to life in its full glory, leaking enough precum to fill a vase.

He seized it in his hand and jacked it a bit, nearly bringing me to climax there and then, the feeling of his hand on me was utopia.

Before I knew it, Casey leaned down and took me inside his mouth. I groaned a little too loud as he began to work my dick, his hand cupping my balls as he hungrily swallowed my cock whole. He was obviously not a first timer at this.

I was about to shoot and warned him so he got off before saying 'Not yet.'

He wriggled out of his underwear and jacked his cock a bit before lying down on the bed next to me, flinging his legs up in the air, signalling what I should do to him next.

'You sure?' I asked him, not worried that I was about to have man-on-man sex for the first time.

'Cum in me, Roman, cum in me,' he urged.

'What about protection?' I asked.

'Fuck it, just cum in me and fuck my ass raw,' he said.

I followed his command and placed a pillow underneath his hips. I positioned myself between his legs and grabbed my cock in one hand; I teased his hungry hole with my head a bit before pushing my head into his hole.

He nearly screamed out in pain but forced me to keep going. I pushed my way in some more and stopped to allow him to accommodate to my throbbing cock. After a few minutes, I pushed myself more in and continued this process until I was completely in.

'Fuck me, Roman.'

And fuck I did. I pulled out and thrusted back in forcefully, using him as my little sex toy. My movements got faster and his moans got louder and sexier. I was so turned on so I kept fucking him and fucking him, thrusting my cock deep inside his sexy hole.

He finally had the strength to reach down and stroke his dick and after a few minutes, hollered out that he was going to cum. Soon enough, thick spurts of white, creamy cum shot out onto his stomach, chest, neck and face.

Seeing this brought me to the edge and so I fucked him faster and harder as I knew I was about to climax.

'Yeah, cum in me!'

I let out a loud groan as I felt my cock shoot out several large loads of manjuice inside him, filling him up. I rolled my head back and closed my eyes as his ass juiced me real good.

I started to get limp in him and finally pulled out, my cum falling out of his ass several seconds later.

I fell down onto the bed next to him and he immediately fell onto my chest in a sensual cuddle.

'That was amazing,' he said, 'was that your first time with another man?'

'Was it so easy to tell?'

Casey chuckled. 'Not really. You were very good and you fuck like a champion.'

I leaned down and kissed him firmly on the lips. After this life-changing oh-so-amazing experience, I knew for sure that men were my thing. I never had that pleasure with a woman before and now that I thought about it, women didn't do it for me anymore.

I stayed with Casey for the remainder of his holiday and we fucked nearly four times each day. Before he left, we exchanged contact details and cum facials and then he finally flew back to Australia.

A few months later, my boss had called me in.

'Take a seat, Roman,' he greeted me.

'I'm going to make this short and sweet: you've been assigned to work at the Social Services office in Sydney, Australia.'

My mind immediately shot to Casey. I knew he lived in Sydney and now I couldn't wait to see (and fuck) him again.

'I know you love Australia,' he said with a wink, although I'm pretty sure he didn't really know why I loved the country.

After setting out all the details, he finally told me my housing information.

'You'll be staying with a young woman you'll be working with,' he explained carefully, 'her name's Sophia Brown and it says here that she has a roommate named Quinn Halliwell. I'm sure they'll take great care of you.'



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