I had been a sort of troubled youth, I lived with my father, who was a really nice looking guy with a very nice build. He had been in the Marines as a younger man, I was only eighteen years younger than he was.

I knew absolutely nothing about where my Mother was, she left my Dad and me when I was really young, I was born when he was eighteen and as soon as he got out of the Marines and got a job, Mom took off. I guess I was about ten when she left.

Dad said she had run off with some younger man that she started having an affair with while he was in the Marines. Then when he was at work one night, she dropped me off at My Uncles house, My Dads older brothers place.

Dad had gotten a call to pick me up there at his place of work and when he got home a lot of our stuff was missing, and there was a letter from my mother on the table. I guess it was what they would use to call a 'Dear John' letter.

My Father looked down at the floor, and looked very sad as he reread the letter. He then went to the fridge and got some beer and started drinking, got drunk. He then stripped off naked and walked out back of the house standing in the dark back yard naked as a Jay bird.

That was the first time I had ever seen my Dad drunk, or naked. But I did get a shot at his hairy looking crotch, God man it looked so thick and black, and his cock looked like it was twenty inches long and so damned big it looked like a fence post. Of course I was just a kid then and I guess most mature men would have looked that big to me.

I just set there at the table and my Dad walked in still naked,grabbed me and hugged me, and said, 'Don't you worry none boy, your Daddy's here, and he always will be here for you.' I felt really safe and secure and a little turned on, altho I didn't know what this funny feeling was back then. All I really knew was that I really loved my Dad.

For some reason my dad wanted me close to him that night, he took me up to bed and he put me in his bed with him that night. I just layed close and snuggled with my Dad while he held me so tight, I felt so loved and close to him.

Well that seems so long ago, it seems like it was a different life in another time era, but it was part of my past, I never saw my mother again.

Dad worked hard to provide for me and Him. And There were times I remember that Aunt Janice would take me, and watch me for several days at a time, she said that Dad was away on business which was alright with me, he always came back home to me. I personally never wanted for anything.

Several years later and Im eighteen, just graduated High school, not realizing that I was gay, I just knew I like to look at men, every since I had seen my Dad naked that night, I had this thing for older men,I loved looking at their cocks, didn't really know why I just did.

I thought joining the Marines would help me take my mind off the idea of likeing other men, 'WRONG' I never saw so many gorgeous looking young naked men in my life, it was all I could do to not grab one of them by the cock and take them off to a private spot and do the Horizontal Mambo with him.

I had finally met, and had sex with a young Marine while we were on leave, Clint was his name, he was a good looking young man from West Virginia, he could cum like a horse, and was hung like one too.

I had learned to love the taste of a man.

One Friday I had a three day pass and we, Clint and I, had gotten to a motel in a town about sixty miles away from base, just to get away from base and have a weekend of fun somewhere private.

I had rented a few gay videos from a local adult video store there under a fake name of course.

We had gotten a room that had a video player attached to the t.v. and we were all set, a case of beer, some chips, snacks and videos we were ready for a good time.

We had done the strip dance for each other and gotten naked in the motel room, drinking our beer, strutting around with hardons like a couple young studs. I said,'Hey Clint, you ready for this video.' 'Fuck yea! man slip that puppy in.' Clint said. Clint was already sporting a heavy cock it was almost standing straight upright.

Clint said, 'Man,I'm ready for this tonight.'

I slipped the video in and It was starring a couple guys who's name I can't remember, and one guy with a name I can't forget, 'Marvin Stiffrod.' A true porn name. I flipped it on and it came on and started with a white guy on his back and a black man on top with the white guys cock all the way to the balls in this black dudes asshole, and I mean it was buried.

That black guys hole was stretched open wide because Clint just smiled at me and said, 'Dayum man, look at the cock on that white guy, and that black dude is enjoying it like a mother fucker.' I said, 'Damn man, I don't think outside of your cock Clint, I have ever seen a white one that big before.' Clint agreed with me.

We watched but never got a good look at the white guys face but, I saw a little tatoo on his right shoulder that I had seen before, I looked a little closer and I said to Clint, 'Hey man, that dudes got a tatoo just like my dad on his right shoulder, and its in exactly the same place.' Clint just said, 'Hey man isn't that a coincidence.' I just smiled and said, 'yea it sure is.'

We watched it for a while and then I started noticing things that were getting me concerned, The action on the screen was really sexy and very hot. Clint was really turned on and then it happened, I saw the face on 'Marvin Stiffrod,' Holy mother of God, it was my DAD, I liked to shit. I yelled out to Clint, and said,'Holy Fuck man, Thats my Dad. When the fuck did he do this shit.'

Clint smiled and said, 'hell Man I don't know, are you sure? but it sure the fuck is Hot, God man, your Dad is a awesome looking dude, and his cock is enormous.'

I said, 'Yea I know. I saw it once. But I am sure its him, there, above his left knee, that little scar.'

But I never knew this about my Dad. Clint said, 'Well you can look at it this way, You and him have a lot in common now.'

I said, 'Yea a whole lot,' I just sat down on the edge of the bed bewildered.

Clint and I finally got it on that night, I enjoyed it really well, but I was a little bewildered at what I had seen.

When we went back to base Clint promised not to say anything about this to anyone.

It was about three months later and I got a pass to go home for a couple weeks. I had a lot to talk about with my Dad.

Well it worked out that Clint could go on leave with me and he decided to come home with me.

We got home about Friday night and Dad was just coming home from Market with some groceries.

He gave me a Hug and it was really nice to see him. I introduced him to Clint. He said,'Any friend of Tim's is a friend of mine, welcome to our home.'

So after supper that night we just set around the table and I was sorta studdering and stammering, nervous as hell, wanting to get to the point about the videos. Dad Looked at me and said, 'hey man, you got something to say, just say it.'

I said, 'Alright Dad, You know I love you and all, but I want to ask you about an Adult video I saw one night several months ago, it was entitled 'A Night in Rio,' My Dad just looked a little embarassed and looked up at me almost shocked and a little mad looking and said, 'Son what the fuck are you doing looking at Gay videos?'

'Sorry to disappoint you Dad, but I'm Gay and we rented it by accident and watched it in a motel room several months ago.'

Dad just smiled, raised his eyebrows and said,'Now ain't this some shit.' And he started laughing, 'So. your Gay?'

I said,'Yeah Dad, I am, I ain't gonna lie about it.' I love the taste of cum, and the feel of a hot cock in my mouth, and I also love to feel a nice big, hard cock in my asshole too, I really get off from that.'

My Dad just looked a little funny, leaned back, and said, 'Well son, I certainly can't say that I blame you, as you could tell from the videos that I made back then, I did too. I fucking loved it.'

Dad just smiled and said, 'So do you still love me?' I said, 'Hell yeah Dad, nothing could make me not love my Dad.'

Then he said, "I was really considered to be a very well hung man; I guess you might say I was blessed in that area. I met this man in a bar that had heard this about me, he asked me if I'd be interested in makeing some movies, specifically Gay movies for extra cash, When I started out it was "Gay for Pay," but it turned into "Fucking for Fun" God knows I needed the extra cash. I was bringing you up and all, and your school clothes and books and such, That cash from those videos really helped to support you all those years." I smiled and said, "Wow, Dad you did that for me?' He said, "Yes and No, I can't say I didn't enjoy the fuck out of getting to fuck and being sucked off by some of the Hottest guys in the country, yes for you, but no it was for me too."

Well we started really getting it going that weekend, knowing the truth was an awesome feeling for me, I felt like a load had been lifted off me. Clint and I was haveing a great time with my Dad.

That night we went to see a Ball Game at the local park. Then went and Picked up a case of beer at the Liquer store. Clint and I were really enjoying ourself and getting a little light hearted and headed from the Beer, when Clint said to my Dad, 'Hey man, Your cock looked like it was bigger than mine on the video, You looked pretty big.' My Dad said,'You Really, want to compare, well the cock size competition was on. We went into the family room and my Dad just undid his jeans and slid them off, he wasn't wearing any underwear, Clint slid his jogging shorts off too and then shucked his briefs and there they stood, comparing their cocks like two school boys.

Clint reached out and took my Dads cock into his hands and said,'It is thicker than mine, but I think mine is just a little longer,' Dad said, 'Yeah, but my nuts are a lot bigger, and I still have my foreskin.' Clint dropped to the floor and started sucking my Dads nutssack right in front of me, My Dad just layed his head back, and said, 'Oh Fuck Clint, Its seems like it has been forever since I felt this.

Dad reached down and grabbed the top of Clints head and pushed it into his crotch, I was watching this action and my cock was getting like a throbbing log in my trousers. Watching my Dad get his huge cock sucked by my best friend was better than any video I had ever rented. I slipped my trousers off and Dad said, 'Yeah, Boy come over here and join in this party.' God it was awesome, My Dad, Clint and Me. I had never even dreamed that this would happen.

I was watching Dads face as Clint worked on his nuts. But I was so happy when I saw his face go to a pure pleasure mode when Clint took Dads cock to the hilt in his mouth, 'Oh Fuck man," Dad said, He just layed his head back and started really enjoying this. Clint was enjoying it too, Clint could swallow it all, taking my Dads Cock to the hilt deep in his throat.

I was still just watching and stroking on my own cock when Dad looked over and again said, 'Tim, Come over here,' I walked over and Dad reached down and started stroking my cock like a master cocksman, My Dad knew just the perfect amount of pressure to make it the ultimate pleasure for me. He was kissing my lips and I was feeling like never before, this was my Dad, I didn't know if it was wrong to do or not, I only know it was something I was enjoying.

I noticed my Dads breathing was getting harder his stomach was going in and out profusely and I heard him start to growl. and he turned me loose and grabbed Clints head and stuffed his cock all the way into Clints mouth, I could tell by how his cock was flexing, and his body was jerking as he was flooding Clints mouth with cum, I was so happy to see my Dad enjoying himself. I stroked about three more times and I shot cum all over Clints head, in his ears and down the side of his face. I was almost exhausted when I finished, I looked down and got a towel and wiped the cum off Clints head.

Clint said,'Tim I want to fuck you Alex.' I said,'Help yourself.'

Clint got some lube and I leaned over and started sucking on my Dads deflateing cock and Clint got behind me, In one swift stroke he had buried that awesome cock of his to the hilt in my ass hole.

Evidently it sorta sparked something in my Dad, because My Dads cock started hardening up again.

I just kept up the sucking and in about ten minutes Clint was going like a maniac and I could tell he was close to the blast, I was excited as hell and my Dads cock was like flint rock.

I took my dad to the hilt and Clint was burrying it to the hilt when I heard Clint say 'Oh Shit, Ahmmmmmmmm' and he started fireing off inside me with his load, at about that same time I guess Dad got the hint and his cock started jerking in my mouth and flooding me with the same cum that had brought me life, it was awesome. My old man, twice in one night, Damn.

Before our two week leave was up, my Dad and I and Clint had totally enjoyed each other. My Dad is an awesome man, and I love him so much, even more now that I have learned the truth about him and told him the truth about me. And Clint has just gone along for a wonderful ride and enjoyed the trip immensley.



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