I am Mark Rivers. I'm a twenty-eight year old shipping supervisor for a distributing company, and I'm also gay. I have been since my early teens when after sucking my best bud's older brother, I found it was just the thing for me.

I was fourteen back then. I was at the local pool when I saw Jim, my buds brother come into the shower room. He was sixteen and as he stripped off his clothes to put on his swim trunks, I couldn't help but check out his muscular body and his equipment. he saw me looking him over and suggested that after his swim, I go back to his house with him. he said his parents and brother were gone for the day and he's like the company.

I agreed and after our swim, we went to his house and at his suggestion got nude. he started getting boned and seeing it, so did I. One thing led to another and soon we were stroking each other then sucking each other. he first sucked me and took my load and swallowed. I had never done anything with another male before but I wanted to do the same to him and I did. His large cock climaxed in my mouth and I hungrily swallowed the huge load. I knew right then that I wanted more cock and often. we got together regularly and sucked and eventually fucked each other.

So much for how I got started with men. Back to my story.

I had graduated high school and after deciding to put off college for a while went to work for Carl Sims at the sales and distributing company. I started as an order filler and worked my way up to shipping supervisor, my current position.

It was a Friday just before noon, when we all heard the intercom sound.

'May I have your attention lease.' It was the boss. 'In appreciation for an outstanding month in sales and distribution, when the noon whistle blows, everyone gets the afternoon off with pay. See you all back here bright and early Monday morning.'

Seconds later, the whistle sounded and there was a mass exodus out of the parking lot.

It was summer and since there were no dress restrictions for the warehouse personnel, I was wearing just a tank top and shorts. I always went commando and loved the freedom.

As I pulled out of the parking lot, I decided to stop by a local adult video arcade on my way home. I knew I could probably find some cock to suck there since a few of the booths had nice glory holes. I figured I'd suck a few cocks then go on home and shower then call dad and see if he wanted to go out to dinner. He lived about two miles from me and we saw each other often. Then after dinner, I planned on hitting my favorite gay bar.

I stopped at the arcade and paid the entry fee for the arcade area. The arcade had about fifteen booths and provided thirty porn movies for your viewing. There was every type porn movie available and always had at least eight hot gay movies. The fee was five dollars and you could stay up to six hours.

I entered the arcade area and began checking it out. I found a few booth doors locked, some booths empty and a few with the doors just slightly cracked open and occupied. That always meant that the man inside wanted to either get sucked or have mutual sex. I checked them all out and found one man that really turned me on.

I began entry into his booth, waiting to see if he motioned me in or waved me off. Some just liked to be watched as they jerked off.

He motioned me in and after entering, I locked the door. He was watching a gay movie and had his shirt off and laying on the bench. His slacks and briefs were down around his ankles. he appeared to be in his late twenties and was extremely muscular with a semi-hairy chest, nice defined pecs and abs and sported a narrow jaw line beard and moustache. He never stopped slowly stroking his cock.

As I stepped up beside him he softly said, "Make yourself comfortable."

I removed my tank top and dropped my shorts. As I did, my hard cock pointed straight outward. He immediately reached over and began stroking me. I reached over and took control of his cock. Within seconds we were in a hot wet passionate tongue kiss.

Soon, he sat on the bench and swallowed my cock and began sucking me expertly. It was obvious it wasn't his first time sucking cock. After a couple of minutes he turned me around and began eating my ass, drilling deep with his hot wet tongue.

Then, turning me back to face him, he returned to my cock and soon brought me to a roaring climax. After draining me he hungrily swallowed my load. I then had him stand and did the same to him.

As we began making ourselves presentable, I said, "I come here frequently but I've never seen you here before."

"I just moved to town two weeks ago. This is only my second time here. I'm on my lunch break, and my lunch was fantastic."

"So was mine. I usually stop by after work and not during lunch."

"I'm Cory."

"Mark," I replied.

We shook hands and he asked, "Is there any way we can meet again? I'd really like to get with you again when we have more time."

"Definitely! I'd like that. Do you have any plans for tomorrow afternoon and evening?"

Smiling, he said, "I didn't but I might now."

"Great. How can I contact you?"

He gave me his phone number saying, "You can reach me at this number any day after five during the week and anytime on the weekends."

"I'll give you a call tomorrow," I told him.

"I'll be waiting," he replied before giving me another kiss and leaving.

I definitely wanted to see him again and soon.

I went farther down the row and found one of the booths with a glory hole occupied. I checked the booth next to it and it was empty. I eased in and bent over to peer through the hole. The man had his pants around his knees and was stroking his hard cock.

I stood and peered through the tiny hole that was at eye level so I could see his face. I was shocked at who I saw. In the booth next to me was my boss, Carl Sims.

I knelt at the hole and again looked at his cock. It was a good eight inches and slightly thicker than normal. I opened my mouth wide and put it up to the hole, flicking my tongue.

A second later, I felt his cock sliding into my mouth. I eagerly began sucking him and soon received a nice reward. His load was sweet, thick, and huge. I eagerly swallowed and before I could stand, he had his pants up and was gone.

I cruised around and sucked off three other guys. One was a businessman while two looked like construction workers. Then another guy came in and went into a booth, locking his door. He appeared to be in his very early twenties and was damn good looking. I wanted him. I tried his door a few times but he never unlocked it.

I had some scrap paper in my pocket and after tearing off some I wrote a not saying, 'Unlock door.. get sucked..try it.'

I slipped it into the booth by sliding it under the door. I waited to see if would see it and unlock his door. I waited. I tried the door again. Still locked. Then, I heard the lock click open. I cracked the door open slightly to see him stroking his cock. I stepped in and locked the door behind me.

I reached over and took his hard nice cock in my hand. He looked over at me and said, "I've never done this before."

"You've never been sucked by a guy?"

"I've never been sucked, period, by man or woman, but I've heard men are better at it."

"Want me to show you?"


I knelt down and swallowed his cock as he gasped loudly. I began sucking him and as I did he moaned more softly. However, when he climaxed, I'm sure everyone in the arcade heard him moan.

I stood and asked how he liked it.

"Fuck, that was awesome. Hell, it was better that the girl I'm fucking."

"You think you might start letting guys suck your cock for you?"

"Oh, hell yea. That was fantastic."

"Well, I'm usually here after five during the week. I'd love to do it again for you."

"I'll look for you," he said as he left.

I decided to suck one more before going home to shower and call dad. I went down to the booths with the glory hole, finding both empty. I went into one and waited. Usually, the guys that preferred getting sucked through the hole were married and very discreet.

I began watching a hot gay movie, and had my shorts around my ankles, slowly stroking my cock. About fifteen minutes later I heard a man enter the booth next to me. I leaned toward the small peep hole to see what he looked like. He was bent over looking through the glory hole at me. I glanced down at the hole and saw him sticking his fingers through, motioning me to put my cock through the hole. I did and he began stroking me as he stood. That's when I saw him and froze.

I watched in disbelief as he quickly dropped his pants and leaned over and began sucking my cock. He took it all into his throat and began sucking me like there was not tomorrow. I couldn't believe that my own dad was sucking my cock.

It didn't take me long to climax and when I did he milked me dry before I felt him swallow. I pulled back and put my fingers through the hole.

He immediately put his cock through for me to suck. I had never seen my dad's cock hard and it was an awesome sight. I stroked it a few seconds before swallowing it. I soon brought him to a roaring climax, hungrily receiving the seed that had created me. I eagerly swallowed the large load and wanted to let dad know it was me in the other booth but didn't know how to approach it.

He quickly left and I just stood in disbelief. I had never suspected that my own dad was into sucking cock. I wondered what else he did.

I left and went home, still shocked at what had happened. Dad was well built and I had always thought he was hot, but never dreamed he was into men.

When I arrived home, I called dad. he said he had just arrived home and I made a comment about him being later than normal. he just said he had some errands to run on the way home. I asked him if he'd like to join me for dinner and he agreed. I told him that I'd pick him up in an hour.

I picked dad up and as we drove to the restaurant, I asked what errands he had to run. He said he had to stop at the store for a few things. I so wanted to say, 'and the adult video store,' but I didn't.

I now saw dad in a whole new light and even though we were close, I wanted to get closer. I wanted to actually get him in bed. The thought gave me a full erection and as we drove, I saw him glance over at it.

We ate dinner and I asked if he was going to be out the next morning. He said he was going to the gym should be through by nine.

"What did you have in mind?"

"I've got some things to do about noon, but why don't you stop by my place after the gym and I'll fix us some breakfast."

"Sounds good, son. I should be there by nine-thirty at the latest.

"Great," I said.

I dropped him off then went to the bar. It was outside the city limits and on a large piece of property. Inside, there as a lot of kissing and groping and some sucking in the dark corners, but out on the back patio, behind a very high privacy fence anything and everything went on.

I chatted with a few friends inside for a whole before going out onto the patio. The patio was where the bikers and leather crowd went as well as the macho cowboy and blue collar types.

As I walked out, I immediately saw one biker stud in leather chaps and jock, fucking a hot muscular cowboy in jeans, boots, and no shirt. The jeans had been altered and had a zipper in back allowing easy access to his ass. As he got fucked, the cowboy was sucking another cowboy stud.

After the biker finished with the cowboys ass, I stepped up and took over, fucking him hard and deep, adding my load to the bikers. After I pulled out another leather stud came up and began eating the cowboys ass, sucking out our loads. I could tell it was going to be a wild night.

Within an hour, I had sucked off two bikers and two cowboys and been fucked twice. The bartender had my shorts behind the bar for safe keeping. I was totally nude from the waist down. I stayed that way until I left for home about four. I have no ideal how many cocks I had sucked, or how many times I had been fucked. It had been an awesome night.

I went home and crashed and awoke the next morning ready for more sex. Knowing dad would arrive soon, I quickly showered and as I dried off. I decided to stay nude and see dad's reaction.

I was in the kitchen when he arrived. he knocked and i called out for him to come on in. He did and when he saw me in the kitchen nude he stopped abruptly and said, "Mark, what the fuck?"

"Dad, I'm sorry if this offends you but I'm much more comfortable this way. I enjoy being nude, and besides, It's nothing you haven't seen before. I'm sure you see guys at the gym nude."

"Yea, but I wasn't expecting to fine my son nude. I go nude some myself, but dress when someone is coming over."

"Well, we're family. if you go nude at home feel free to join me if you want. And if I'm coming to your place, you can stay nude also."

Dad stayed dressed that morning but I frequently saw him looking at my cock and ass. During breakfast, which was great, I noticed that his pants showed a bulge several times. Seeing his bulge, my own cock tried to rise to the occasion but I managed to keep it under control. Before dad left. he invited me over for dinner Sunday night and I accepted.

Around one I called Cory and invited him over. he asked what time and I told him any time he wanted.

"Now?" he asked.

"Sure," I replied and gave him my address.

I was still nude and decided to stay that way. A half hour later there was a knock at my door. Checking the viewer, I saw Cory. I opened the door and invited him in and when he saw me nude he just said, "Wow! Nice."

"Well, so you know, this is the dress for the day and evening."

"I take that as meaning I'm over dressed," he said.

"Most definitely," I replied.

Seeing Cory in bright light for the first time, I noticed that his hair was auburn as was his beard. As he removed his shirt, I saw the hair on his chest was a brighter reddish color. I couldn't wait to see his bush. Red pubic hair had always turned me on. When he removed his pants, my heart raced. His bush was a bright red-orange. My cock immediately began rising.

"Man, your getting excited. I may have to do something about that."

"It's your red hair and bush. For some reason red headed guys turn me on like crazy and in the dark booth I couldn't tell."

"Well, shall we do something so you can get a better look?"

"You bet," I said as I led him to my bedroom. Seconds after we had a hot tongue kiss, we were in a sixty-nine, my nose buried in his red bush.

Later, as we cuddled in bed talking I asked how long he'd been into men.

"I sucked my first cock at twelve. My parents were divorced and my mom's boyfriend was watching me one day while she was at work. He was outside mowing the lawn so i decided to jerk off. i had just started shooting and thought it was awesome to watch. he walked in and caught me. he said he wouldn't tell my mom if I let him join me. He said all guys did it and it was normal. He stripped down and we jerked off together. I loved watching his big cock shoot out onto his stomach. I was totally shocked when he started picking it up and eating it. he said there was nothing wrong with eating it and offered me some. I picked some up and ate it and liked it.

Later in the day he asked if I wanted to jerk off again and I said sure. This time he said he wanted to show me something else that felt great but it would have to be our secret. I agreed and he sucked me off, taking my load in his mouth and swallowing. I was curious and did the same to him, swallowing his load. I liked it and we started sucking each other off two to three times a week. After he and my mom broke up, I would meet him at a local park and we'd go to his place and suck each other. He took my cherry at fourteen after I had fucked him. been at it ever since."

He asked about me and I told him.

"So you started young also."

"Yea, I did and i don't regret it."

Then I told him about the episode with my dad after he left.

"Fuck! You mean your dad came in and sucked you off?"

"Yea, then I sucked him. He still doesn't know it was me."

"Did you have any idea that he was into guys?"

"Not the slightest hint," I said then told him about our breakfast and me being nude and dad inviting me over Sunday night.

"If he happens to be nude, are you going to join him?"

"Probably," I said.

"Let me know what happens," he said. I told him I would.

All after noon we had sex, next fucking each other and later having another sixty-nine.

He said he needed to leave about seven because of a dinner meeting his company was having at eight. I said I understood.

Not wanting to sit around the house, I decided to go back to the adult arcade. Dressed in another tank top and in shorts, commando as usual, I returned and found the parking lot fairly full. As I parked, i saw a semi truck pull in with no trailer. I watched as the driver got out. He came in just as I entered the arcade area.

As soon as I entered the arcade, the first booth I checked had the door closed but not locked. Inside was a man in his thirties, totally nude. I went in and sucked him dry.

Just after I exited the man's booth, the trucker came in. He was also in his early thirties and muscular with a long thick bushy moustache and chops. I watched as he entered a booth, not quite closing the door. I waited nearby, and after a couple of moments peeked through the cracked door. He had his shirt unbuttoned and cock out of his pants. As he slowly stroked his still soft cock, he played with him nipples.

I opened the door and stepped in, locking it behind me. As soon as it was locked, he removed his shirt, then his boots, and finally his pants. I followed his lead and soon we were both naked, stroking our cocks.

Leaning close to me he whispered, "You like to kiss?"

"Hell yea," I whispered back.

Immediately, he turned to me and after wrapping his arms around me and began a long hot wet kiss.

We kissed for several minutes before parting. As we parted he said, "As you can tell, I love to kiss."

"Man, do you ever," I replied. "What else you like to do?"

"Fuck and get fucked with the right guy and in the right place, and anything oral."

"Same with me." I said.

After another short kiss, he began sucking my cock. He was damn good at it and after a few minutes I stopped him and started sucking him. His cock had a slight downward curve to it making it perfect for deep throating. I stopped and suggested we go to his rig and get in the sleeper.

"Man, I'd love that but my wife's brother is riding with me and he's totally straight. If he found out what i did and told my wife, I'd be a dead man."

"If he's with you doesn't he know your in here?"

"No, he's passed out in the sleeper. He pulled his back and took a pain killer. He out of it, but he's in the bunk. No place for us to do our thing but here."

"Fine with me," I said. We kissed again then he sucked me dry after which I drained his balls. We watched a gay movie as he continued playing with my cock. As soon as it was hard again he said, "I want that up my ass. Fuck me hard."

I did as he wished ad soon filled his ass with my load.

"Damn, bud, that was awesome. I sure needed that. Thanks, but I need to get going, just in case he wakes up."

He left and I checked out the booths with the glory hole. One was occupied. I went into the other and and again checked to see who it was. They have to be clean and decent looking.

I was shocked to see Carl, my boss again. With him being married, I wondered how he managed to be out on a Saturday night. I slipped my fingers through the hole and immediately he shoved his cock through. I began sucking it, taking my time. However, after a few moments, he puled it back out of the hole. I watched as he slipped his fingers through the hole. 'Damn! Is he wanting to suck me?' I thought.

I quicky stood and slipped my cock through the hole. Instantly, his hot wet mouth closed on my hard cock as he began sucking me. He wasn't a beginner. Before long, I fed him my load and as I did, he eagerly swallowed. Once he had me drained, he stood and put his back through the hole. I quickly finished him off.

I knew I might get fired, but I decided to take a chance. Just as he stepped out of his both, I exited mine. We were inches apart and there was no doubt as to whom we had each sucked.

Seeing me he froze for a moment before i said, "Carl! I'm surprised to see you here."

"Same here," he replied nervously. "I gotta run."

"Sure thing," I said.

He practically ran out of the arcade.

I sucked a few more hot cocks before going home and climbing into bed.

Sunday arrived and I did my usual chores such as laundry and cleaning. At six, I headed to dad's for dinner, wondering what would transpire.

TO BE CONTINUED..............



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