After sucking and being sucked by my own father through the glory hole, my mind raced with the idea of getting him in bed. Dad didn't now who had sucked his cock or who's cock he had sucked, and the thought of us getting it on in bed kept me boned.

I had been nude at my place when dad had visited and he had admitted that he also went nude some. He had invited me for dinner that Sunday evening and as I drove over I wondered if he would be nude when I got there.

I arrived and knocked. From off in the distance I heard, "Mark, come on it."

I went in and heard dad in the kitchen, preparing dinner. Entering the kitchen, I saw dad at the stove, his back to me, totally nude, with a dishtowel thrown over his right shoulder.

"You sure look comfortable," I said.

"I thought about what you said the other day. It is more comfortable being nude, and personally, I don't see anything wrong in going nude with others as long as all parties agree to it. I'll dress if you want me to."

He had turned to face me and for the first time since I was a small boy, I saw my father in all his glory, fully exposed. He looked awesome.

"Hell no, dad. Stay the way you are, and in fact, I think I'll join you if it's okay with you."

"Be my guest, son."

I stepped out into the den and stripped, placing my clothes in a chair that was seldom used. I knew I would have to work hard at preventing an erection.

When I returned to the kitchen, Dad looked me over and said, "Damn son, you really developed nicely, in all areas."

I wanted to say,'You should know. You sucked it.' but instead, I just thanked him and said I must have received his genes.

I did notice his cock flex slightly and wondered if it was the beginning of an erection on his part.

I helped with dinner and as we ate we talked casually, not mentioning anything more about being nude until I was ready to leave.

As I dressed to leave, I said, "Dad, now that we've spent the evening together nude, is this going to be a regular thing when we're together?"

"I don't see why not. We both enjoy it and it's not any different that being nude at a gym with other guys."

"Sounds good to me," I said as I hugged his nude body and kissed him lightly on the cheek. "Why don't you come to my place Wednesday night for dinner."

"Sure," he said. "About six?"

"Anytime you want."

I left as my cock slowly and steadily stiffened. I arrived home and immediately stripped and jerked off, images of dad's hot nude body in my head.

Monday arrived and I wondered if I still had a job after letting Carl know we had sucked each other off at the arcade.

It was near noon when the phone in my small office rang. I answered and it was Carl, telling me to come to his office when the lunch horn sounded. I was scared beyond belief.

The horn sounded and everyone began their lunch break. I headed for Carl's office and when I arrived, his secretary was gone and his door open. I stepped up to the open door and knocked.

Looking up from his work, he said, "Come on in, Mark, and shut the door."

I did and as I turned to face him he said, "Have a seat."

I sat in a chair facing him, neither of us saying a word. Finally, he spoke.

"Mark, about what happened this weekend, I'm begging you not to say anything to anyone."

"Carl, I wouldn't dare say anything. I'm not that type. Besides, if I did, I'd also be outing myself."

"Thanks," he said. "Let's keep it our secret."

"No problem," I replied.

"Just so you know, I certainly enjoyed what took place," he said smiling.

I smiled back and said, "So did I."

He looked at me and said, "You know, Mark, this could become a regular thing if you want it too. I know I'd like it to be."

"I'd like that," I replied.

He smiled again and got up from his chair and walked around his desk to face me, his cock very obviously hard. He knelt in front of me then leaned forward and seconds later we were in a passionate hot wet tongue kiss.

As we kissed, he unfastened my shorts and as I lifted my hips, he pulled them to the floor then off of me, setting them to the side.

the kiss ended and he immediately went down to my cock, quickly swallowing it. he sucked slowly and lovingly for a few minutes then more aggressively. Soon, my cock exploded, filling his mouth with my hot thick load. after taking it all, he eagerly swallowed. We kissed again then he stood.

As he did, I began unfastening his pants, letting them fall to the floor, then pulled down his tented boxers. I devoured his cock and soon brought him to his climax, swallowing his equally thick creamy load.

After another kiss, he said, "I'd love to meet you away from the office where we could get into more action."

"I'd like that. Is there a chance you could stop by my place after work?"

"Hell yea! I'll call the wife and let her know I have a business meeting tonight with a new client. I'll be there right after we close."

"Follow me if you want to," I said.

"Perfect," he replied.

We kissed again and as I dressed, I asked how long he'd been into guys.

"My first experience was a week before I got married. It was after my bachelor party. It was at a hotel suite her dad had rented and everyone had left except me and him. He began talking about the strippers that had been there and how he noticed that i had been boned while they were rubbing on me. I was pretty wasted and he began rubbing my leg and said it looked like I was pretty well endowed. I started getting boned again and he said he'd like to see it and began unzipping my pants. before i knew it he had me stripped naked and on the bed. He stripped and lay next to me and we started kissing. Then he flipped around into a sixty-nine and began sucking me. I was curious and sucked him. We got each other off and three times that week we had oral sex. A week after our honeymoon, he invited me to his camp and we began anal sex. I've been at it ever since. He passed away a few years later and I began finding other guys to have sex with."

"Damn, your wife's father brought you out. Fucking hot! Did she have any idea he was into men?"

"None at all. She did love the fact that he and I were so close, but never had a clue as to why."

We kissed again and I told him I'd wait in the parking lot for him. At five, we all left work and fifteen minutes later I saw him come out and after locking up head to his car. he followed me to my place and once inside, he was like a wild man. It had been almost a year, he said, since he had been able to be with another man in private like we were. We sucked and fucked until almost midnight before he left. He was a hot wild animal in bed.

Cory, my red head stud, called and came over on Tuesday night for a hot round of sex. He planned ahead and brought clothes for him to wear to work the next day so he could spend the night with me.

In a break from sex, I told Cory about sucking my boss that first night then about meeting him again and him sucking me. I filled him on on ur previous evening and he couldn't believe I had had sex with my boss. I said I thought it would be hot if the three of us could get together. he was all for it.

Wednesday evening, dad came over for dinner and of course I was nude. he came in and immediately began stripping. I had decided that if my cock wanted to show itself in all it's glory, I wasn't going to stop it.

Sure enough, after dinner as dad and I sat having beer in my living room, my mind began to think of dad and I in bed. My cock rose to the thought and dad looked over at my full erection and said, "What the hell brought that on?" I noticed his cock was quickly rising also and said, "What's causing yours to wake up?"

"I asked you first," he said with a laugh.

"Thinking about you and what happened at the video arcade this past weekend."

His face drained of all color and he asked, "What are you talking about?"

"Dad, I was there also. I went into the booth with the glory hole. There is a very small hole at eye level where a person can see who is in the other booth. I looked through and saw you. I had you stick your cock through the hole and began sucking it. We ended up sucking each other to completion and I loved it."

"Damn, son, that was you?"

"Yes, dad, it was me."

"I've tried so hard to hide the fact that I was gay from you. I never ever dreamed I'd run into you there."

"Dad, I'm glad it happened. We have more in common now. We've done it once but I'd like to do it again, this time in bed."

"Mark, you can't be serious."

"Yes, dad, I am. We're both grown adults and it would be consensual, so why not."

"But you're my son."

"So? I want you and it appears that you want me, so why not?"

"I just don't know. It was different when I thought I was sucking a stranger."

Instantly, I went to him and before he could react, I pressed my lips to his and offered my tongue. He hesitated a moment then offered his and we began our first hot tongue kiss. As we kissed, I began to slowly stroke his rock hard cock and seconds later he reached for mine.

After the kiss, I took his hand and led him to his bedroom, neither of us saying a word.

Seconds later, we were in his bed, again in a hot kiss and our hands caressed each others body. I soon began kissing and licking my way down his body, stopping first at his nipples, then his navel, then his golf ball size orbs. I sucked them a moment before ifting his legs and eating his delicious ass. He moaned softly over and over as i worked on him. I returned to his cock and after swallowing it began sucking it lovingly. I soon brought him to a roaring climax and once I had him drained, I looked into his eyes, smiled and swallowed his seed.

After another kiss he did the same to me. It was so hot watching my own father suck my cock and eat my seed.

As we lay cuddled together we talked about how we had both started with men. It was surreal to hear my father's encounters that made him realize he preferred men.

Dad and I began regular sex. I soon found out that he liked to get fucked as much as I did.

Cory and I got closer and became extremely good friends, having sex more and more often. I told dad about Cory and we son had a three way and it was awesome to watch my dad suck another guys cock and get sucked and fucked by another guy. Cory loved watching dad and I suck and fuck each other.

As for Carl, he and I had sex in his office two to three times a week after work. By doing that, if his wife happened to pass by the warehouse she would see his car and think he was still working.

I later introduced Carl to my dad and Cory. Dad and i wuld have a three way with each at different times. Then we began to have four ways.

Carl soon knew that he didn't want to be married any longer and filed for divorce. Soon he was free to have sex whenever he wanted.

Dad and Carl became close friends and eventually became lovers. The same is true for Cory and I. The four of us went many places together and frequently had dinner together at either Dad's house or mine.

Of course, we were all always nude and after dinner it nearly always ended up in a sex party.

The four of us are now planning on taking a gay cruise and see how much extra cock we can get....




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