It was cold outside when I started getting ready to crawl into the nice warm bed. I live in a rural area about five miles from town. The wind was blowing outside making that howling forlorn sound, winnowing around the corner of the house, and I could feel the very coldness of its sound as I stoked the fireplace and got ready for bed.

I had taken my shower and was putting on my sleeping pants, god I loved the feeling of those warm flannel pants. I walked to the kitchen and when I looked out the kitchen window I noticed a nice light covering of snow laying across the meadow out back of the house, I was mesmerized by the heaviness of the falling white snow, taking up residence on the ground. I pulled my bathrobe tight and set out a bag of garbage into the trash can out back.

I shut off the light took my daily vitamins and checked the fireplace, put a log on he fire to keep the chill out of the old house. And then went to the bedroom pulled back the covers and slid in between the nice thick quilts and covers, God they felt so awesome.

By the way my name is Gerard, I live in a single house, by myself, ever since It came out that I was gay. My mom loved me as well as most of my family, but my Father was a real horses ass about raising a faggot, dick smoking, no good queer of a son.

I had always worked hard, made good grades in school and did everything that I was told, and really tried to make my father proud of me, but he was the most Homophobic bastard that ever lived. I was kicked out and not allowed to ever go home again, and to this day, I have seen my two brothers, and one sister, but only away from the house and they come by and see me unbeknown to my father, he would absolutely shit if he knew my brothers were even talking to me.

I knew I was gay from the time I was eleven, I had seen my cousin jacking off in the barn one day and I was astounded by his cock, and from that time on I wanted to touch them, feel them make them shoot cum, and finally I got to suck my cousins off when I was about seventeen, and I loved to suck cock from that time on. Then When I was eighteen, My dad caught me in the barn with Delbert Mulroney, a high school buddy from up the road, he had a gorgeous smile, bright red hair, and a cock that would make most men jealous. It was buried to the balls in my asshole and I was loving it. I came without even touching my cock for the first time in my life, that day, and when I had finished cumming, I looked up and there was my Father, looking like he wanted to kill standing in front of me. All he said was, 'Go to your room, pack your things into a bag or a box, take all of your belongings Gerard, because you are not ever coming back onto this property, I won't have a faggot living in my house. You are no longer my son or a memember of this family.

My mother was so upset they told me that she cried for a month and was never the same, I call her every so often when I need to tell her something, mostly because she just wants to hear my voice and know I'm alright. Mom forgave me but Dad never has. That was eight years ago and I'm twenty six now.

Well Here it is one of the coldest nights so far this year and I am all nestled into my bed, all warm and snuggly, feeling wonderful.

I had a lot to be thankful for. I have my own house that I bought from Mrs. Styles when her husband died and she moved to Florida to live with her daughter, I got it at a very good price too.

I had a really good job as an line worker down at the Power plant, making really good money, I was doing alright.

I had turned off the lights and had just dozed off when I heard a loud knock on the door. I was startled to say the least. I got up and put my robe back on and walked to the living room, turned on the lights, Opened the door, and there before my eyes was this young man, about seventeen, possibly eighteen, shaking, cold, wet, his teeth were chattering, and he was almost frozen.

I pulled him into my house and said, 'get in here out of the cold.' I slammed the door, looked at this kid and said,'Who are you and what are you doing out on a night like this, you broke down on the road or something?' He just looked up and at me, grabbed me, hugged me and started bawling like a baby, 'Uncle Gerry, I need your help.' I said, 'What are you talking about?' He said, 'Man don't you know me?' I said, 'Im not sure.'

Finally we got him out of his wet clothes down to his shorts and I told him to go into the shower and take a hot shower and warm up. He complied and walked out with a towel wrapped around him.

I said, 'Now young man, Who the hell are you?' He looked into my eyes and with tears in them he said, 'I'm Skyler, your nephew.' I said, 'Little Skyler, Mary's boy, god kid you were only ten when I saw you last.' He said, 'yea Uncle Gerry, I have missed you so much, I always loved you the most, Mom wouldn't let me come around you, Grandpa said your a faggot and would rape me or molest me or something.' Grandpa was a bastard.'

I Just said, 'Let me tell you Skyler, I know just how much of one he was.'

'But that don't explain what your doing out here on a night like this.' Skyler just looked over and hugged me like a long lost kid. He tryed talking and started crying again.

I finally got him to calm down, and he said that his dad had caught him and a little buddy in the Garage, He was sucking his buddies cock, and now his Dad was doing to him the same thing that Happened to me.

I just said, 'hey Skyler, I know its a fresh wound, but it will heal in time and you will harden to it.' I just said,' lets go to bed,'

I hadn't realised just how much of a gorgeous young man Skyler had become, untill I saw him drop that towel and crawl into the bed naked. He had no clothes except the ones he had been wearing, at least my Dad had let me have my things, Bill hadn't let Skyler take anything.

I pulled Skyler over to me close and took him into my arms. I felt the heat of his body and he started to warm up, Skyler and I were snuggleing up to each other and really getting warmer when I noticed his cock was getting warm too, and hard, very hard.

My thoughts were watch it buddy, this could get really out of hand here, but then I thought about it, Skyler is eighteen, its no body's business but our own.

I looked over at Sklyer and said, 'Hey Skyler, that fence post sticking in my leg, are you planning on using it tonight, or is it there to just impress someone?' I felt Skyler just moan, and climb up ontop of my body, and he started humping, dry, agains my stomach with a very impressive peice of meat, then he looked down at me and said, 'uncle Gerry, I have wanted to get with you and do this since I was eleven and I realized I was gay too, especially after I had heard you were gay. I said, 'really! I didn't realize that.' and the more he dry humped his hard cock against my body, the hotter and more turned on I became. His body was fenominal, he was hard muscled like an athelete, so youthful, He had this unusual hair cut, short and spikey like with dark roots and almost light blond tips. and he had an earring in his right ear and a leather string with a gold bead on it for a necklace, he really was as cute as a kitten and his ass was to die for. He was smothering my chest and neck and mouth with hot kisses, breathing hard and funny. I had my hand around behind his ass and was feeling his love button, sticking my finger into and out of his hole. He was writhing against my finger and wimpering like a whore on 'nickle night' Sklyer was definately not a novice at the gay sex thing, He finally reached down and took my cock out of my pajamas opening and out stuck my seven and a half inch, very thick cock, I could feel that my nuts were already pulled up tight against the base of my cock. My cock was throbbing hard and wanting some attention, he smiled and said, 'God uncle Gerry, I want that so much.'

I finally pulled my flannel pants down and just let my cock float free, it was standing straight up while I was on my back. and then Skyler started pinching it with his ass cheeks,moving his ass up and down against it, making it get even harder and then he reached around with a saliva covered hand, slicked it up, and placed it against his pucker hole and with one swift motion, Skyler sunk my cock to the hilt in his asshole, God I hadn't felt that in a long time. Hot, Moist, and I could feel his stomach muscles around my cock as they moved, Skyler was fucking my cock like there was no tomorrow, all the while i could see his cock, all seven inches sticking straight out at my face.

This was one fantastic fuck Skyler was giving me. I could feel the climax comming on and I started pumping upward with my hips and Skyler was in the groove of it, Just as I was hammering his turd tunnel I felt the cum start to pump into Skylers intestines, I was leaning down trying to get Skylers cock head into my mouth at the same time, and he grunted as I was firing off, and he started shooting his cock off, and it flew straight into my open mouth, the most amazing cum of my life. God it was awesome.

When my cock went soft and sorta plopped out of Skylers ass, I felt drained, and fulfilled and Skyler just smiled and said,'Uncle Gerry, I have wanted to do that forever to you, Did you like it?' 'Like it? I loved it.' I said.

We slept snuggled in each others arms for the rest of the night, I woke up with his hard cock still stuck in my side, but he was asleep this time.

I reached down and started stroking it, and then I leaned down and took Skylers cock into my mouth and started working it over, giveing him a great suck job while he slept, I felt his cock start to felx and he just groaned and as he came to he said.'aw fuck,' and unloaded another load of cream into my mouth. It was so fantastic.

Well now it is springtime, and Skyler is living with me, yes an sleeping with me, I guess you could call it family bonding, and he is as happy as a lark. I called My sister and we made arangements to go pick up his clothes and things. So we didn't have to go buy him new ones yet.

Skyler is still gay, I am still Gay, but now we belong to someone and we both love it. So let others feel how ever they want, we are happy and life had been good for the last six months.



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