Being a free lance journalist, I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of varied and different people in my business. I have had the chance to interview and write stories of many different kinds, and in various magazines throughout the country.

I guess my favorite interviews are those that took me into the locker-rooms of the athletes that I was interviewing, many times during the interview I have gotten to see the buff naked bodies of a lot of different hot, sexy and extremely well built athletes.

Shit man, I can't tell you how many times I walked out of a locker with a hardon so fucking hard I felt like it would crack, I would usually end up finding the nearest mens room and stroking off a nice load of cum dreaming about the gorgeous guy I had just interviewed in a locker-room.

Well that was just a little extra info about myself.

My name is Ken, I had gotten into journalism after college. I loved interviewing and writing and hope to get into a major writing job for some major magazine or paper somewhere, but for now this is paying the bills and really nicely too, I might add.

I had rented a fairly nice apartment in a complex in the nicer part of town, and I was very pleased, It was an apartment that was in what they called a gated community, the building I was in had long halls down the center of the building with about seven apartments on each side, and you had to know the code to get into the main door, It was a very secure place, quiet area, really nice.

I was coming in from a job one afternoon when I met my next door neighbor.

He was coming in at the same time and I helped him carry his bags of groceries into the apartment, he had too many to carry at a time.

I was really taken by Bill, he was very well dressed, in a business suit like a lawyer or something, he was very well groomed, looked to be about early thirties, about six one, and nicely built or at least it looked that way.

That first day he looked a bit dishoveled tho, his hair was rather mussed, his shirt was unbuttoned at the top and his tie was loosened around his neck, he looked like he had just been in a fight or something.

He introduced himself as Bill Jenkins, I said, 'Hi, Im just plain ole Ken.' He smiled and said, 'Glad to meet you Ken, Thanks for the hand with the groceries,' he said.

I was sorta stumbling around for words, but inside my mind I was thinking about ninty miles a second, wondering just how I could get to know Bill in a more meaningful way, if you get my drift. Damn I was looking into his eyes as he opened the door to his apartment and I helped him carry his bags in, 'Nice place, love the furnishings,' I said.

'Thanks, they are sort of a reminder of what use to be,' Bill said.

'Sorry man, I don't understand,' I said.

'Well lets put it this way, they use to have a wife attached to them,' he said.

'Oh,' I said, 'Now I understand,' I responded.

'Care to talk about it, if not I understand.' I said.

Bill put on a pot of coffee and we sat down as he began to unload a heavy Story of unfaithfulness.

I seems he was doing a lot of traveling on his job, he was away in Dallas this one particular week, at a business seminar, his wife worked as a Para-legal for a law firm and was unable to travel to any of his jobs with him.

It seems that he was gone a lot on his jobs, but anyway he was gone almost a whole week, when he comes home a day or two early, and finds a guy in bed with his wife, she had mistakely forgotten the day he was suppose to come home and of course he was devistated at finding some guy with his cock buried in his wifes little ole honey pot.

His little wifey was so into fucking this dude, she didn't even see him standing at the bedroom door, so he just turned around and left and went to a bar and got drunk then got a motel room.

He went back home the next day and packed his clothes and left, went to a motel and ended up getting a divorce a couple months later.

Now here he was, and the things in his apartment were the leftovers of the divorce.

I watched the sadness in his eyes, Bill told me that he hadn't even wanted to date another woman since that time, he had just been too devistated.

I really wanted to reach over and give Bill a big hug, and pet him and comfort him but I had to watch myself, and not go overboard with the male affection thing, truthfully, I would have loved to strip this absolute doll of a man, and suck his cock dry for him.

I reached over and rubbed his arm and patted his hand and tried to comfort him as much as possible, I knew he was deeply hurt from it.

Bill smiled at me and said, 'thanks Ken, your very kind.'

'Hey Bill thats what friends are for. Anytime you need someone to just talk, or unload on, or just have an ear to listen, feel free to come over and just have a chat, thats fine with me.' I said.

'Hey man, I just might do that.' he said with a smile.

It was about four days later, I had just came home from work, taken a shower, was wearing just a thin pair of flimsy sleeping shorts, and a tank top undersirt, and a pair of flip-flop shower thongs.

I had just finished drying my hair, I heard Bills T.V. on in his apartment and was planning to go over and say hello.

I had just poured myself a glass of wine when I looked at he clock, not wanting to miss a t.v. interview that I had done that was being aired on t.v. at nine that night, it was only about seven at the time when there was a knock at my front door. I walked over to the door and opened it up, there stood Bill in his bathrobe, I invited Bill in and He was looking bewildered, 'Sorry Ken, but can I use your phone? I have locked myself out of the apartment I had gone to the end of the hall to get my mail from the mailbox, and when I returned I realized that I had locked myself out of the apartment, and I need to call the office to have them unlock my door for me.

'Yeah Sure man, come on in, you can just stay here till they come, just tell them that your next door at apartment 3C, they will come and get you when they get here.'

Bill called, and I listened as he got a little frustrated when I heard him say, 'Your fucking kidding me, tomorrow morning, your shitting me.'

'Well if thats the best you can do, alright, I guess I'll be here waiting.' Bill said.

'You won't believe this shit man, they can't get a maintenace man here untill tomorrow morning,'

he said.

'Well if you want, why don't you just stay here with me in my apartment tonight?' I said.

'Hey man, I don't want to be an imposition, but what choice do I have, my car keys are locked in the apartment as well as my clothes, shit, I don't even have a pair of underwear on, I was just getting ready to take a shower and I got naked and put on this bathrobe in plans to bath.'

My mind did a double-take, the fates couldn't have been more awesome, all he had was a bathrobe on.

I offered him a pair of boxerbriefs, we seem to wear the same size, he accepted, I felt so turned on with the idea that some handsome, extrememly good looking stud had my underwear on and his balls and cock were inside my underwear, I probably wouldn't ever wash them again.

I fed Bill a big bowl of Homemade beef stew and bread, he hadn't had supper yet.

He was so friggin appreciative and grateful,

It was time to go to bed, and we had watched a few shows and my interview on T.V. that night and at about eleven that night we both went to bed, since I have only a couple recliners and a Love seat in my apartment instead of a sofa, Bill was going to have to sleep with me, which was right up my alley.

We crawled into bed, Bill started giggling, 'Fuck man the guys at work will never believe this, Me sleeping with another guy, they will never let me live this down.' he said.

Well Bill your not gay or planning to have gay sex, then what would be the problem with two guys sleeping with each other? I asked

We got into bed and just the idea and feeling of a good looking well built guy like Bill next to was doing more than just making me happy with his body touching mine in a double bed.

I could feel the hairyness of his legs touching mine, and my cock was about to split, Bill had rolled over on his stomach, and I reached over and started rubbing his back, he moaned a little and said, 'Fuck man that feels nice. I took that as an o.k to continue and I raised up and began to give him a massage, I could tell from the hardness of his back muscles that Bill had taken of his body, his muscles were tight and not just from stress and pressure, he was nicely muscled up.

I worked his shoulders, and his back, 'Ken,Fuck man, that feels awesome,' he said.

I just went to work all the more, I was working on his legs, getting so fucking turned on he had this beautiful hairyness about his legs that made me weak, god damn, I was so friggen hard.

I was working that inner part of his thighs when my hand rubbed against his ball sack, I felt them move up against his body.

I wanted to remove those shorts and go to work on him.

I finally just said, 'Roll over Bill and I'll get the front.'

Bill said, 'Sorry but I have gotten a boner from that feeling of being touched between the legs.'

I just smiled, 'Hey Bill a Boner is a natural part of being a guy, I have seen boners before, and I get them a lot myself,' I started laughting.

'Well I just thought I would warn you.' he said.

Bill rolled over and 'HOLY FUCK,BILL, you weren't kidding.' I said.

Bills cock was huge, he had a good nine inches and it was like a ball bat, I was mesmerized by it's size.

I began to work on Bills chest muscles, I got some oil and started working him over as I massaged every inche of his gorgeous body, but it was his cock I wanted.

Finally I just got bold, 'Hey Bill raise up a little he raised his hips and I slid his boxer briefs off his body, he put his hand over his eyes.

I watched as his thick, long uncut cock flopped against his stomach.

I said,'Fuck Bill, how long has it been since that has had some attention?' 'It seems like forever,' he responded.

'Well I can't pass this up.' I said.

I Leaned over and grabbed this huge, thick cock, Slid that beautiful foreskin back, exposing that bluish, swollen head and slid my mouth full lenght to the pubes on it, and started licking, the head with my tongue.

'Oh Shit man, OH shit, Hey I'm not gay, but oh fuck, that feels so fucking good,' I stopped long enought to say, 'Well it's like this, a Blow job is neither Gay or Straight, it's just getting your cock sucked and right now you need this and me being gay,I need it too, so lay back stop thinking about who's doing it and enjoy it.'

Bill pulled his pillow over his face and I went back to the job at hand, god was I in my zone.

Truth was this was the biggest cock I had ever sucked, and it took Bill about three minutes to get into it with passion, he threw the pillow off his face, and I heard his voice say, 'Holy fuck man, thats the best suck job I have ever had.'

I worked his cock with passion and lust, taking the full length into the throat passageway as i did my best to drain his cum from it storage facility.

I felt his body jerking, and he was wimpering and groaning, and I knew it wouldn't be long untill Bill would not longer be a heterosexual virgin, and I felt his hands grab the sheets on the bed and pull them loose as his nuts crawled up tight into the body and all but disappeared and I felt Bill Groan a very loud groan, raise up with his hips off the bed and he gasped and his cock started that pumping sensation, and the tube on the underside of his cock started spasming as his cum began to shoot into my mouth and down my throat. I couldn't have been more happy at that point.

I stayed on his cock untill the last little jerk and spasm finished out a fantastic climax for Bill.

'I had no fucking Idea that a guy could bring such pleasure to another guy.' Bill said as he all but gasped for air, totally exhausted from the experience.

I just smiled as I licked and played with his beautiful cock and foreskin.

I didn't say a word, I just smiled at Bill, He leaned down and Kissed me on the lips, 'Wanna get Married,' he said, and then started laughing.

'To you, anytime you want,' I said with a smile.

I was totally shocked when Bill reached over and grabbed my hard cock, 'This needs some attention two,' my dick must have felt like a little kid's dick to him, I'm only about seven inches and although I have been told I'm fairly niced sized, Im not nearly as big as Bill's.

It didn't take me very long to blow my nut with Bill stroking it, it had been a long time for me too since I had had anyone else but me touching it and it felt fantastic, even if it was just a hand job.

We both slept like newborn babies that night, I woke up with Bill's arms around me and his breathing in my ear, god it was an awesome feeling, waking up with a gorgeous naked man, next to me.

I snuggled and spooned with Bill while he was still asleep and I felt his morning wood, stabbing me in the ass, I reached around and once againg felt that awesome thickness and foresking, and I reached over and grabbed some oil and fed it into my asshole, making it soft and open for his cock and then I slathered some lube oil on his cock and I leaned over and pushed my asshole onto his hard cock and I began to feel pain at first, his cock was a big stretch for me as I wiggled my asshole down to his balls, I began to ass fuck Bill's thick cock and in about four minutes after feeling that awesome cock buried inot my body, I felt his start to rythmically fucking my body and I felt like I had just won a sweepstakes, Bill began to breathing heavely and pumping my ass like he was afraid it was going to be his last chance for sex. I was loving ever thrust as his cock filled me to the max, I was stroking my cock and feeling the buildup as he fucked me mercilessly and I wanted to feel his seed splash into my insides and it was quickly coming to that point, I Heard Bill Let out a loud sound, 'HOly Fuck Man,' and His cock went as deep as he could plant it, and I felt it jerking as his warm feeling cum splashed inside my intestines, his body was jerking and he was holding me tight against his body, I felt his spasming body relax and he said, 'Man, this has been the most fantastic fucking night of my life, this was better than my wedding night and better sex too.'

We went into the shower together and rinsed the sex and sex odor off our bodies all the time Bill acked like a newly wed husband, he couldn't have been more loveing and kind.

'Hey man, I don't know what to say, but Thanks for last night, it was fantastic.'

I kissed Bill on his lips and winked at him, 'Hey man, last night was just the beginning,' I said.

Bill just smiled, and then the doorbell rang, it was the maintenance man with the key to Bill's apartment.

Well I didn't see Bill for almost a week, not because He didn't want too, because he was out of town, I got a phone call from Bill he was in Pheonix on business.

'Hey Ken, Hope your ready for some hot time when I get back tomorrow, I'm going take you out to dinner, adn then---------Well just say, what ever come to mind for the rest of the night, see you soon sweetie. Love you.'

I hung the phone and went into a tailspin, I was just about he happies guy in town. One thing for sure, I love meeting Neighbors with benefits.



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