This story is a true experience that I had back in the late eighties, it happened here in my home town.

I was young then, actually twenty three, and as all people of our town do, we always go the city park on the fourth of July for bar-b-ques, picnics, some swimming in the pool, and in the afternoon there were baseball games to watch on the ball diamonds, it was just something that was sort of a tradition, everyone came out for it. Then Later that night after dark, the Business owners of the city would put on a very large and awesome fireworks display, really capping off a wonderful day of celebrating our Nations Independence Day.

It was about the twentieth day of June that year, I was in the stands watching one of the baseball games, I'll never forget, it was a Saturday night, a great game was taking place on the field between two of our city leagues senior teams.

I heard the sound of a motorcycle comming closer to the field and I looked over to the road behind the field and saw this awesome looking guy on a Harley Davidson cycle, my eyes caught sight of the most awesome guy I had seen in this town in a long time.

He got off his cycle, walked over to the snack bar, and purchased a can of beer. Now I am that sort of guy that just loves a good looking macho dude.

I got up from the stands and walked over to the snack bar, ordered a beer and found my self staring right into this dudes eyes, god they were awesome, Deep brown.

His hair was sort of wind blown, yet hot and sexy, his face looked like he hadn't shaved in four or five days, but I must say, it sure looked good on this dude.

I looked at him, not realizing who he was, yet knowing that he looked familiar, He was gorgeous.

I was so puzzled, deep inside me I knew that I knew this guy, shit, that makes me upset to feel like that.

'Ken! is that you?' He said, catching me off guard.

'Yeah man, it is, but you have me at a disadvantage, I know I know you, but I can't place you.'

'Well maybe this will refresh your memory,'

He leaned over and whispered into my ear, 'Remember prom night at High School, after the prom we drove behind the city lake and went skinny dipping in the lake, then jerked each other off laying in the moonlight?'

'No Shit, it's Denton, God man, is that really you?'

'Hey baby, in the Flesh, Alive and well.' he started laughing.

'God Denton, what happened to you, fuck man, your so built, macho, buff, what other words can describe you. WOW! your gorgeous.'

Denton smiled and then spoke, 'Hey man thats what five years in the Marines will do to you.'

'So thats where you went after High School, I went to College and got my degree, in Electrical Engineering.'

'Hey man, we each got to do what we got to do.'

I smiled at Denton, and said, 'What you got going for the forth, you married or anything like that?'

'Hell no! I'm not married, don't want to get married, that just isn't going to happen.'

We set there at a park table and shot the bull for about an hour. Denton agreed to meet me at my apartment and we would spend the fourth together there at the city park, doing just whatever comes up. He said he had to spend some time here with his parents.

After we parted company that night I went home, got my shower and my mind wandered back to the night in the dark after the prom that we went to the lake, we rode down this secluded lane next to the lake and stripped and went skinny dipping, It was about the most exciting night of my life at that point.

Denton and I got out of the lake, layed on the grass in the moonlight and started talking about sex, the next thing we knew we were comparing our hardon's with each other, one thing led to another and then we ended up strokeing each others cocks.

Denton was hung very well, even back then, his cock was almost an inch longer than mine and I was a little over seven inches,and thought I was pretty thick to, but damn his was really thick, well I was working his hard cock over with my hand and I felt his awesome cock start that jerking feeling in my hand, it shot out a thick, heavy load of white man cream, Denton just groaned as he shot his load.

I looked at Denton's face and swiped up some of his cum and stuck it in my mouth and swallowed,damn I loved the taste of it.

Well that sealed my fate, I knew it would not be the last time I would taste someone's cum.

Denton disappeared after we graduated, and I didn't know where he went, I went on to college.

Finally here he is back at home again after all these years.

Well the fourth of July rolled around, and we rode to the city park that morning on his Cycle, it felt so good to have my hands wrapped around his body, and I even accidentally let them slip down to his crotch, which was of course bulging in his Levi's, his leg muscles were bulging out tight in his levis and I felt like eating his whole body, I could smell his body's aroma, it was awesome, with deodorant soap, aftershave and just an aroma that set me on fire.

We went around the park looking at the different sights there were, the little booths that were selling many different things.

We watched a couple games that afternoon and as the sun was setting, Denton smiled and said, 'Hey Come with me,' we got onto his Harley and drove to the backside of the city lake in a secluded wooded area and went down the path to the exact same place that we had jerked each other off.

'Remember this place?'

'How could I ever forget it? It was the place that I first realized I loved guys, especially you Denton.'

Denton smiled, 'Hey Ken, after that night before I left for the Marines, I use to come here and jerkoff thinking about our time together here.'

'I can't tell you the times I jerked off thinking about you too, and that awesome tasting cum of your's Denton.'

He smiled at me, and leaned over and grabbed my head, pulled me to him and began to deep tongue kiss me, I went weak, I felt as if my heart would stop as Denton started makeing out with me.

'I have wanted to do this so much, now at last were here, were it all began,' Denton said.

We were getting wilder with the passion before we realized that the fireworks display had started, but I wanted the other fireworks to take place, I wanted Denton.

I pulled off his tank top shirt, he was still wearing his gorgeous dog tags, then I beheld the most awesome man, his chest was just slightly covered with a nice coating of dark hair, I was licking and sucking on his nipples before he could bat an eye.

His ripped stomach muscles were a testament of his working out to build that Marine body of his and his, total body was a work of majestic art. He was fantastic looking, really different than he looked in High School days.

I took off his biker boots, then his socks, and then I undid that big belt buckle on his Levi's unzipped them and slic them off, he was commando, no underwear, but I had this problem his cock was so hard by then it was preventing me from slipping his levi's off, finally he just gave me a hand and slid them off.

Out jumped this nine inch cock, thick and heavy still showing its beautiful foreskin, and ready for attention, there was this little touch of pre-cum on it's tip and the head was swollen and thick inside its covering, waiting, longing, wanting, I dropped to my knees and with my tongue started going around inside that foreskin with my tongue, tasting that pre-cum, it was fantastic tasting, but it was his cum I was after.

When I reached up with my hand and slowly slid that foreskin back exposing that awesome head, I thought Denton would fall back over. Here he was leaning against his Harley, gorgeous, naked, like a god in the moonlight there beside the lake.

I placed my mouth over that head, and went forward takeing it to the hilt, I was amazed that I could take it all but I did, my lips were touching his pubic bush, and I was on a roll.

Denton was mumbling and moaning, and making funny little noises, and I could feel his balls starting to tighten up agains his awesome cock, I knew he was getting close. I was rubbing inside his thighs, bringing my hand up against his nut sack as I stroked his inner thigh.

Denton pulled my head back, 'whoa dude, you better back off a little, I don't want this to end too quickly.'

I stood up and we kissed, he stripped me naked and there we both stood again after several years, on the same spot naked again.

Denton took me and started kissing me, I was a pile of mush by this time.

Denton stopped kissing me and, Gently layed my on the grass, raised up my ass to his face and started plowing my asshole with his tongue, I thought I would fly off the planet, god I had never had this done to me, I was in outer space with his little actions, but I didn't want it to stop, Damn, Denton was like a wild starving dog, licking, prodding, plunging his tongue into my man hole. God was I ever in love with this, he must have learned it in the military.

He had plowed my asshole for about ten minutes then he raised up on his knees and with my ass still in the air, I felt his pre-cum covered wet cock head being moved around in a circle motion against my asshole, I knew what was comming, and I wanted it.

'Denton, go ahead, Fuck me crazy, do it now,'

I wanted his cock in me, I felt that awesome slick head slide into my body and with a gentleness that only a few men have, Denton had his cock to the hilt in my asshole withing a few seconds, and god it felt awesome.

It hurt some, but not as much as I thought it would, and when his cock head hit my prostate, I was a gonner, I began to fuck him back like a wild man, that feeling, that feeling of being full, god was I in heaven, 'Awe SHit man, Fuck me, oh Yeah man, Fuck Me.'

Denton began a raw, powerful, very manly fucking of my asshole and I was in zombi land,he had my legs against his elbows,being held in a bowed in doube position, kissing my lips as he fucked.

It felt so awesome, I never had a clue to how getting a cock up my asshole would feel, but I was loving it.

I Felt Denton began to speed up, his breathing started getting much heavier, and he was pulling my body tighter against his, then he let out a huge groan, just as a heavy fireworks starburst exploded overhead and His cannon went off inside me, god what an experience, it sent me over the top and I stroked my cock about two or three times and I sent a wad of cum flying that landed on my face. Denton layed there motionless, letting his body come back down from the high it was on, totally wasted and exhausted.

'Holy Fuck Ken, that was awesome. Thats what I call Fireworks.'

'I know Denton, I know,' I said, as I was still gasping for air.

I could feel his huge cock begin shrinking inside my asshole, I didn't want it to, but it did.

Denton smiled, looked into my eyes and wiped some of my come off my face and licked it of his finger, like I had done to him years earlier.

'Your fucking delicious Ken, did you know that?' I just giggled.

We god ourselves dressed and went to shower off at my apartment, he stayed with me for a couple months, the sex was awesome, as was my time with Denton.

Then One day I watched Denton take of on his Harley, promising to be back again someday, I await his return too.



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