This is a true story of a young man that I have known most of my life, we grew up together, went to the same school, and church.

I knew from early on that I had an attraction to guys, Hell!, how many times did I get a boner and have to hide it in the High School locker room, watching and almost swallowing my tongue as I saw guy after guy heading for the showers, watching their gorgeous asses, as they walked, seeing them pop woodies at times under the spray of the showers.

Hell I even noticed Coach Lauer as he watched the guys in the showers, and every so often I noticed his cock swelling out in his shorts too, I got the hint, he was rather enjoying seeing those hot athletes and students naked in the showers.

I realized then I had no desire for girls and was just plain as they called us back then 'Queer' although later I appreciated the less durogitory name of being 'Gay' at least it denotes a situation of being happy.

Well my best buddy all through life has been a guy named Andy, actually Andrew, but he liked being called Andy.

I never got to do anything sexually with Andy, actually even during sleepovers I was not ever in a position to check out his cock and balls, I did notice however, he had an awesome looking body, and what I did see was nice looking, he always wore boxer briefs and I could see a very noticable cock head at the end of a quite thick looking shaft laying over to the left.

Oh yeah and his ass in those boxer briefs was heart stopping.

Well as time went on I didn't want Andy to find out about me, lest it ruin our friendship or something worse, I wasn't sure just how he felt about the idea of me being 'Gay' or homo if you please.

Well I was there when he was leaving for the Marine training base. I was really sad to see him go. He came home one time after his basic training and let me know where he was headed, I was almost horrified to hear the he was going to be going to Afghanistan for a tour of Duty, and realizing that there was the remote possiblity of him not making it home alive, when I hugged my best buddy goodby I felt so sad, I even started tearing up.

Here I was heading off to a safe college enviornment and he was heading off to a war, to possibly make the ultimate sacrafice.

Well I did pray for Andy, wrote to him constantly and let him know someone back here cared.

In his letters he wrote some of the most horrible things, atrocities, and ways the people of Afghanistan were treated by the Taliban and Al-Qaida.

I was horrified and only wanted Andrew's safe return.

After almost thirteen months of worrying and praying, I got the notice he was going to be coming home.

I was absolutely ecstatic about the news, as was his parents, who had kept me up to date on the latest news from Andy.

The day of his return home was upon us and He flew in on Southwest Airlines, I watched his Dad's car pull up and he got out, He looked really different, more masculine, manly, better built, god he was good looking, I felt that old stirring in the pit of my stomach.

When Andy saw me standing on the porch of his parents home, he smiled and came over to greet me.

I thought he would squeeze me in half, then he did something I was shocked at, he kissed me on the cheek, I can't say I didn't enjoy it, I was just shocked at it, that wasn't Andy at all, or at least the Andy I remembered.

As he hugged me he said, 'Hey Ken, as soon as I get settled in,I want us to go somewhere private, there's something I need to tell you.'

'Well O.K. Andy, is it that Important?' I asked.

'I really think so, and I want you to hear it from me, O.K.?' he responded.

Not having the slightest clue of what he wanted to tell me, I was bewildered about it all day. Was it good, bad, or otherwise.

Well about seventhirty that evening I got a call from Andy wanting us to meet and go somewhere private to talk.

I came over in my Toyota Corona, and picked him up and he said, 'Lets Drive out to Old Gardner's Quarry,' I said, 'O.K.' and out to the old Quarry Road we went.

Gardner's Quarry is an old quarry pit where the use to take rock out of the ground for building, it had shut down years ago, because it filled with water and had now become just a fishing hole.

We got out and went over and sat on this big rock overlooking the Water filled Quarry.

'Hey Ken, While I was in that crazy places over there, I did a lot of thinking and I came to the realization that I missed you.' He said.

'Hey Andy, man I missed you too, a lot, I was really worried about you.'

'I know that Ken, but I'm trying to say that I really missed you, I mean I really missed you, everything about you. I missed your smile, your kindness, your looks, your body, Yes Ken, your body.'

When those words came out of Andy's mouth I felt strange, excited but strange, I really didn't know what to say in response.

'Andy looked into my eyes and just smiled, took a deep breath and said, 'Alright here goes, You might get mad at me but I have thought of nothing else since I realized this and started thinking about you.'

Andy leaned over took the back of my head and pulled my face to his, looked me straight in the eyes with his deep blue gorgeous sexy looking eyes, and kissed me on the lips, 'This is what I meant, by I missed you, I love you man, I really mean I'm in love with you, I want every part of you, your body, soul, mind and funny as its seems Ken, I want to have sex with you,' he said.

I was totally in a state of shock, no thought about this happening, no warning that it was coming on, and no Idea that Andy felt this was. It was like a Sunami hitting the shore, it just hit like a ton of bricks, not that I minded and didn't want it to happen. I had always had the hot's for Andy, but I never expressed them to him.

Andy was by now making me wilt with his kissing me, I felt his hand move up under my shirt and start playing with my nipples, I was melting into the ground, I wanted this all my life and now here it was and I was like in a dream world.

Andy, pulled my pull over shirt off and then pushed me back.

'Oh man, I shouldn't have done that, I don't want to loose you as a friend,' he said.

'I Leaned over and started kissing him lips and telling him about my desire to have been his lover since we were kids.

He smiled and said, 'you remember how we slept over at each other's houses when we were younger,'

I said.'Yeah! I do. I use to get so turned on watching you in those boxerbriefs, god you were hot looking.'

'HOLY SHIT MAN, I had no idea you felt that way, you never put out any signs.'

I didn't want to loose your friendship Andy, I would rather go through life desiring you and not getting to have you, than to never even get to see you because I did something stupid and drove you away.'

'No shit, damn, I use to lay next to you and want to mess around with you but never would, for the same reason, and just think of all the awesome times we missed getting to enjoy each other.'

'Well those times are over,' Andy said, and there on that big Rock, Next to Gardners' Quarry, we began to undress each other and in the almost darkness with just the light of the moon above us, We began our love affair.

I was in Heaven as I undid his trousers and slid them down, and seeing that beautiful thick flared out cock head and shaft was almost heart stopping and knowing it was on someone that I had loved for a number of years made it all the more better.

We gradually got each other undressed and then we decided to lay on the tall grass and enjoy feeling around on each other, we took our time like two erotic Movie stars and just enjoyed each other.

I noticed how much more Andy was bulked up since going into the Marines, god he was handsome, and muscular, built like a fucking freight train, and solid as a brick wall, I loved his lightly hairy chest and hairy legs, and that cock was awesome, standing up thick and straight like an oak tree, just waiting for a lumber jack to take care of it.

I began rubbing on his washboard abs, I licked his navel and sucked on his nips and heard his beautiful song of love moans as I did all I could.

Then I had him roll over and began to lick on his awesoem ass, It was something he had never had done before, I had my tongue buried in his manhole and he was almost climbing the tree, as I licked and sucked his hole.

'Holy Jesus man, that feels fantastic.' he said,

I rolled him over and that pillar of love stuck up almost eight inches tall, and I began to worship it with my tongue, 'Aw, God man, AW shit, was his favorite statement as I took him to paradise with my mouth, swirling my mouth and tongue as well as my hand the length of his shaft and I felt his cock flexing out thick and hard as I took his shaft to he pubic bone and then back up again, making sure I worked on that sensitive head, I had him moaning and groaning as I sucked the most awesome guy I had ever known, I wanted his seed, and I wasn't gonna stop untill I had it.

He had the back of my head and was gently working his cock with my head, I was loving this little action as he shoved his cock deep into my mouth, I don't think he was even mentally there, he was gone to la la land as I took his cock and body to heaven.

I felt that old familiar feeling in his body as he began to buildup to the climax, his dick was getting like fintrock, harder with each suck and deep throating, and his cock head was flaring out tighter and bigger, and I reached my hand down and felt those awesome nuts, that had all but disappeared into his body, and I heard his sounds as he began to jerk and expell his hot, sticky, creamy, sweet salty nutsauce into my mouth and it was a big mouthful too.

I was not going to be denied one dropplet of his cum, and I didn't miss any either.

I made sure every little driplet of his manjuice went into my mouth as he layed there totally exhausted, almost gasping for breath.

Well for a fact I knew then he totally enjoyed it. When he sat up he began to slather kisses on me like a wild man. Telling me he loved me and wanted to do more with me.

I said,'O.k. and I leaned him over and I began to play with Andy's cock again, it took a good twenty minutes for him to reload but In that twenty minutes I went for broke, I raised up his legs and there on that Rock, I began to eat his ass out again, and then I lifted Andy's legs and I slid my seven incher into his tight virgin asshole, at first he jumped and moaned a little.

I was now in heaven, and he was ass fucking my cock with his asshole like a friday night whore.

Andy looked straight into my eyes and said, 'Jesus Ken, I had no idea that this was that awesome, It hurt at first but now It's the most awesome feeling Ihave ever felt outside of that blowjob you just gave me,' I felt his anal muscles tighten up on my cock and he just moaned adn said, 'Shit man, You keep this up and I'm gonna cum again.' It took him just about three more minutes of having his asshole stretched and pounded by my hard throbbing cock, and he started going wilder that a bucking bronco, 'OH Fuck Ken, I'm gonna cum again,' and he did all over us both, it was phenomenal, and I watched his almost distorted face as he shot his load and grunted and filled his asshole with my own load.

It was the most awesome night of sex I had ever had with anyone.

When we were finished, Andy looked at me and smiled, and said, 'Well that's what I wanted to talk to you about, I am in Love with you Ken,'

I hope that don't upset you to hear it.

I smiled and said, 'Hey Andy, tonight is just the beginning of our love affair.' And it was!!!!!!!



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