This story is another related story of a friend of mine, I had his permission to tell it, I hope you enjoy it.

Hello, My name is Kyle Mclaughlin, the story I am about to relate is a true one. I was just fourteen at the time I first found my self coming into the arena of sex.

My best friend all thru grade school and junior high school was a young man named Teddy Lasiter, we had been almost inseperable as kids, going hiking, camping, playing little league, school sports, and yes the ususal young guy thing of even checking out, and comparing each others packages, he was always just a little bigger.

I guess I had been one of those lucky guys that had developed early in life because I was already sporting a very substantial fairly thick, seven inch cock by the time I was fourteen, and of course had been jerking off like a mad man, from an early age.

I was so very proud of the fact that I could shoot a stream of thick milky white cum half way across the room, and I loved that feeling of blowing my load.

I remember standing in front of a mirror and being so turned at the shape of my body, I was getting hairy chested like my dad, my body was building up very nicely, and since I had loved playing sports and working out, I had filled out very nicely, or at least I thought so

It was in the summer of 2004, I had just turned seventeen, that My best buddy and I decided to have a sleep over when Teddy, and I were laying in the moonlit bedroom in my double bed, I guess it was about 11:30 at night.

We were laying there in just our boxers and Ted leaned over on one elbow and said, 'Hey Kyle, can I ask you a personal question?'

'Yeah sure man, you know you can.' I responded.

'I was just wondering do you ever, You know, do it to yourself, Lately I have been finding out that I love to jerk my cock a lot, I love that feeling it gives me, Do you do it too, or is is just me? he asked

I was shocked and yet a little turned on with the question, I had not said anything to anyone about it myself but I felt the same way.

'Hell yeah! I thought all guys our age do it, I love to stroke my dick and feel that feeling that comes at the end, you know when you shoot that sperm out.' I said.

Teddy smiled, 'have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have someone else do it for you?' he asked me.

I hadn't given thought to that but I just said, 'well not untill now, but that would be something new.' I responded.

'Would you like to do that, you know? do each other?' Teddy asked.

'Yeah Sure man, Why not?'

We both slipped off our boxers and got close to each other and I felt Teddy's, now much more mature cock for the first time since we were little boys and 'Fuck Me' Ted's cock was as big or bigger than mine, it was a little thicker, and maybe just a tad bit longer, but it was like a peice of steel, I loved the feeling of it as it throbbed and flexed out in my hand, and when Teddy's hand went around my cock I thought I would faint, I had never felt anything so awesome feeling in my life, I thought it had felt good when I stroked it, but Holy fuck man.

Teddy and I layed on our sides facing each other with our hands around each others cocks, milking them back and forth, and the sensations that were flooding my body was astronomical, like nothing I had ever experienced.

I watched the contortions on Teddys face as I stroked his boner, and thats when I saw his face, his eyes were closed and he had his lower lip under his upper teeth and his sounds were so hot and sensous, he was making these moaning sounds, they were getting louder and louder, I felt this slick, thin liquid begin to come out of his dick, and it made his cock so slick and like it had been oiled with this very thin, light lube.

Teddy was almost there, I could feel his body as he began to get close to cumming and I loved what this was doing to him, I was getting closer too.

I started stroking his cock faster for him, twising my hand around and around and up and down on his very hard, slicken, cock, and he let out this loud moan, his stomach started jerking and I felt his body began to jerk, and thats when I felt this huge glob of white, thick, sticky, milky cum splatter all over my own stomach, god he came a load, and it was like he was in another world when it happened. he just moaned and grunted, it was awesome, I wanted, for some reason to lean over and kiss him.

After seeing Teddy's enjoyment and pleasure, it was all I could stand, I felt that churning down in my groin and my nuts felt like they were pulled up tight into my body, and I felt the same feeling, it was so intense as Teddy contintued to stroke, my cock and I let out this gasping yelp and blew my load all over Teddy's stomach. God it was the most intense feeling in the world, I almost felt love for Teddy as we smiled and looked into each others eyes. 'Well was it what you expected?' Teddy said.

'Oh Fuck Yeah! and then some.' I responded.

It was strange but we slept embracing and cuddling that night for the first time, and slept like babies, personally I felt awesome.

Well that started a total new thing, every time Teddy and I got together we found ourselves in some private place stroking each other off.

Hell, we even did it on the Team Bus, coming back from an away game late one Friday night, although, that was rather risky with all the other players setting around us on the bus, but most of them were dozed off sleeping and we just went for it, it was awesome feeling too, being so close to our team mates while we did it, but what really made this a turning point was the fact that we had no place to put the cum when we busted the nut, so we just decided to eat it, we had seen a couple videos of gals eating cum from guys so we just figured that it must be o.k. and I must say it was exciting to eat Ted's cum and watch him lick my cum off his hand.

The following summer I was at a ball game in the Central city park in my home town, I had to take a dump, I went over to the men's room.

I walked in and there were three stalls and about seven urinals attached to the walls. I noticed a pair of shoes in the middle stall, no big deal.

I went in the end stall, dropped trou and sat down, reading the graffite, thats when I noticed a fairly big hole in the wall between the stalls, it was about four maybe five inches around.

I leaned over and my curiosity got the best of me, and I looked into the stall next to me, I almost gasped, there was this guy, he had a dress shirt, with long sleeves, a nice tie, and he had the shirt unbuttoned and pulled open showing a very nicely muscles stomach, and he was leaning back with the thickest cock I had ever seen, and it was swollen, standing straight up and he was gently stroking it, Damn it was beautiful, I noticed he still had his foreskin. His legs were slightly tanned and he had this dark curly hair covering his legs. it was a sight to behold.

I immediately got a boner, and was watching him in adoration and excitement, up till this time Teddy's cock was the only one I had ever seen hard, or at least on a mature man.

I noticed this man was looking thru the hole at me, I wanted that cock so bad, Damn, I put my finger in the hole and he stood up and slipped his beautiful cock thru the hole, and there was room for his beautiful nut sack with the biggest balls I ever saw to come thru too.

I leaned over and knew just exactly what to do for some reason.

There was enough graffitie on the walls to pretty much tell the story.

Well I leaned over and took this gorgeous thick,eight plus incher into my mouth, and it was awesome feeling, it still had a foreskin, which I don't, and to feel that velvety foreskin in my mouth, to taste the flavor of a man, and get a wiff of his aroma was like an aphrodisiac, I felt myself almost floating away into another world as I began to suck cock for the first time, I loved it.

I glanced up and saw this young man's hand gripping the top of the stall wall as he moaned and whimpered and grunted as I sucked his cock, he seemed to be enjoying it very much.

After about ten minutes of pure pleasure, he pulled his cock out and left me there wanting to finish it.

He leaned around and said, 'Can I come over into your stall?'

'Yeah Sure,' I really wanted to meet this stud, if the rest of him was like his cock and balls, he was one fantasic man.

When I opened the door, I was shocked to see him, I knew him, 'It was a guy that worked at he counter at a local electronics store , his name was Danny,I guess he was about 24-25, WE had chatted at the store many times, I had no Idea he was, well! Gay, but then it goes to show you, you just never know about a guy.

I noticed the look on his face when he just smiled and said, 'Kyle, Fuck dude, I didn't know you liked to suck cock, we would have been getting it on a long time ago.

Well Danny had me stand up and he sat on the commode, it was like I had died and gone to heaven when my cock disappeared into his mouth and I felt that hot, wet sensation, nothing like it in the whole world, Fuck me man, he was taking my cock to the pubic bone with each suck, god it was awesome.

It was jolting thru my body like a thousand volts of electricity.

I was at the point of screaming when it happened for the first time, I felt the cum shot comming on, I told Danny that I was going to cum and unless he wanted it in his mouth he better back off.

That was like throwing a june bug to a bass.

He began to suck all the harder, and I will say it without hesitation, it was the strongest climax I have ever had, bar none, I thought the fucking top of my head would come off when It came, I almost collapsed, my knees buckled and I felt almost faint, I felt like I had shot half a gallon of cum down Danny's throat, it was extremely intense.

When I had finished and Danny had milked the last little droplet from the head of my cock and licked it off.

He smiled at me, and said, 'Well did you enjoy that? I sure the fuck did.'

I tried talking but couldn't, I needed to recouperate from just haveing had the one most awesome experience of my life.

Finally, I just looked at Danny and said, 'Holy shit man, I think I'm in love.'

Danny started laughing.

I got my composure and I told Danny to trade places, I wanted to give back to him what he had just given to me.

I started sucking his big thick cock and loving every minute of it. It didn't take him long and he grabbed me by the back of my head and shoved his cock in my mouth all the way to his balls, and held it there as he unloaded a huge mouthful of his manseed. Damned he must have been enjoying it too, because he moaned, jerked and held me untill it was over, gasping for his breath too.

I loved his cum, it was sweet, salty, kinda musty, but delicious.

I had just found a new experience and well, you can guess it, Danny and I became best friends too.

Hey we began to going out, and he introduced me to the pleasures of anal sex at his apartment the same week, it was phenomenal.

I was into Danny big time from then on, and finally I told Teddy about it and he decided he wanted to try it too, so I had him come over and we began to having Three ways, Danny, Teddy and me, and Teddy became almost insatiable with his desire for sex, truthfully between Teddy's extreme desire for sex, and Danny and I getting it on, My nuts never got a chance to fill up since that day, Hey but do you hear me complaing, life is good.



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