*** Two days later***

I'm making my way towards Tanner's house, and I've came to it. I've been fiddling and experimenting with the Remote, and learned a lot about it.

For example, it has a small, built in keypad, like the kind you'd find on am EnV3 cell phone. That way, whomever I have to remote programmed at, I can even text what they'll say next. I found that out by testing it on myself; I texted myself to cum a whole gallon of sperm. Damn, my balls are STILL sore.

Whoop, here we are. Tanner's place. The light's on and I here several voices. SCORE! It must be a football game! Looks like Tanner's night is about to get EXTREMELY awkward.

I knock hard at the door and stepped aside. "Hang on, I'll get it." Said one of the voices inside.

My heart's going wild as I waited for the door to open. What if I get caught? What if I get hurt? What if the remote gets broken?! Zach will be so mad if I-

The door then opened. I immediately pressed the PAUSE button, and time froze. I carefully stepped up and looked closely at one of Tanner's buddies - another jock who's got a bit of a belly, but otherwise more than fit for sports, his name's Ray. I waved my hand in front of his face. My chest continued to pound as I reached down, and unbuckled his pants. His buckled clinked as it separated, and I pulled down his zipper, and then dropped his pants.

"Pfff!" I scoffed and snickered as I saw the vivid Superman underpants that Ray's sporting! Red waistband, red seems, blue fabic, with the yellow 'S' logo right on the crotch. This guy once put itching powder on my boxershorts, and now I see he wears kid's underwear??? This is too good, I gotta take a picture!

I drew out my own cellphone, and turned on the camera. I then turned on the flash, and SNAP! A perfect, clueless expression as he stood there, pants at his ankles, and his brightly colored briefs in clear view. I then slipped past him, and grinned as I saw the Super logo on his rump too. SNAP! Got it.

Just for fun, I then took his underwear by the waistband, and pulled that down too. I then bongo'ed his ass hard, slapping both cheeks before hiding myself next to the doorframe in the other room and pressed PLAY.

"Hello? Hellooooo? Damn fags." Ray muttered as he closed the door. I grinned as he rubbed his sore butt cheeks, realizing that it's naked! "What the," He looked down and jumped, "Ho shit... !" He muttered as he jerked down and yanked his pants and undies back up and quickly redid his belt.

"Who's at the door?" Tanner asked. His shirt was already off. His body is nothing special; he has a little definition, but he's sort of the nimble type.

"No one. Probably just some queer trying to have some fun with Ding Dong Ditch." I PAUSED. I then slid the remote open to the keypad and typed something for Tanner to say, and pressed SEND. I pressed PLAY again, and watched Tanner, grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

Without conviction, Tanner then replied, "I'd sure like YOU to play with MY ding dong."


"AHAHAHAHAHA!" I just started to laugh out loud! It actually works! I can make him say ANYTHING!

After a few minutes of cackling, I finally settled down and pressed PLAY. A few of his friends froze, blinking as the statement hung in the air, even Tanner's face looked confused at what he just said. "Dude, what?"


I typed and PLAY. "You heard me. Get over here and play with my wenis." A couple of the guys laughed out loud. Tanner looked confused, extremely awkward more like, while Ray looked freaked out.

"Your what???" PAUSE. I walked over to Tanner. I bent over and unbuckled his belt and pulled down his zipper. I then slipped my hand into the warm underwear and started to rub Tanner's sack. My fingers and palm massaged his nuts in a slow, rolling fashion. I am getting so horny right now, just playing with his balls and then slowly massaging his limb member. I've never done anything like this before with another guy, or with Tanner of all people, or anyone at all for that matter.

After about 10 minutes of going through Tanner's junk, I then went back to my hiding place, text something else and pressed PLAY. When I did, a tent had risen up in Tanner's boxers in 15 seconds, him talking as he got hard.

"Yeah. Now come here and be my slut." Tanner's face contorted strangely, "What the fu-"

"Dude! Tanner, what's with the boner?!" Said another one of his buddy, noticing the tent in Tanner's drawers. Tanner looked, and jumbled a little.

"WHOA!" He staggered in his chair, looking at his undid pants and erect underpants, "H-H-How the fuck should I know???" PAUSE. Text. PLAY. "You're the ones with the cute butts and cocks." I had to PAUSE to let myself laugh. What are they gonna say now?


"The hell's wrong with you, Tanner? You talkin' like a fag!"

PAUSE. Text. And PLAY.

"Least I talk better than you look, stud."


There's something I've been wondering. Mine and Tanner's DNA are in the remote, and that's why I'm able to control myself and him. While fiddling with the remote, I found a capsule compartment behind the remote on the lower half of it. I haven't tested it yet, and this is as good a time as any to try adding DNA into the remote.

I went up to Ray, reached up, and plucked a strand of brown hair from his head. I pressed the OPEN tab on the capsule to open it up. I then dropped the strand in there, and turned around to his buddies. Just for good measure, I went around, and plucked strands of their hair, and put it into the capsule.

After the capsule was sealed, I turned the remote over. The screen read, LOADING . . . NEW DNA ENTRIES ADDED:




Ok, to test it out. I went to Greg, and went to unbuckle his belt and zipper, and pull down his pants. Again, my heart is pounding at the very thought of taking off a guy's pants and playing with his equipment.

Yanking down his underpants, I then took the remote, and pulled up the PENIS option. I snickered as I pressed the DOWN button several times. Sure enough, his own member shrunk in size, shortening until I stopped when it's as big as my thumb. Take THAT, Greg! This'll teach you to pour glue into my backpack, thus ruining all of my papers!

I then pulled up his underroos, and brought his pants back up, and patted his crotch as I walked away to my hiding place, "There you go, Greg. Say hi to your girlfriend for me. BOTH of them, would you?" I also know he's been cheating - not that I could get away with blackmail... Ok, well I can NOW, but this is way much better.

I went to the DNA BANK and pressed on Ray. I entered a text, then shifted back to Tanner and pressed play.

"Why don't you whip out your cock??" PAUSE. I wonder if I can MAKE him do something... Do asterisks count? First, I switched the option over to Tanner, and then I typed onto the keypad:

*Masturbate for one minute* SEND


Tanner then pulled his boxer waistband past his hard, uncut rod out, his tool flopping out before fishing his balls out too, and settled his nuts at the waist band. He took his right hand and moved the fingers in a way to clutch his fuck stick, and with his left hand, cupped his balls.

"DUDE!" Greg irked as he watched as Tanner played with himself. Tanner's eyes widened as his own hands fondled and molest his own genitals in plain sight of his friends!

"F-Fuck- Guys!"

"DUDE! Put it away!" Tyler said. All of them got up, looking freaked out at the way Tanner wouldn't stop playing with himself.

"I-I can't!" Tanner said as his hands rolled his nuts and teased his shaft. His hand wrapped around his cock, and started pumping his rod hard. "Guys - ummff- Fuck, I can't stop!"

"DUDE, you sick!" Ray yelled.

PAUSE. I came over, put both his hands on either side of the chair. I then went back to the hiding spot, then went onto the FUNCTIONS menu and pressed OK on SEMEN METER. I then pressed the up arrow button until the small, white bars were all lit except for one, and then pressed a button with a lock icon on it. I then imputed the amount of semen to shoot: 1 cup. PLAY.

Tanner's hands suddenly clutched the arms of the chair. His body trembled and his legs and arms strained to push tight against something solid, as if to brace himself for a hurricane.

"Whoa, man," Tyler said, all three of them getting up and going to see what's wrong, "You ok, man?"

Tanner's torso heaved up and down. He's doing short gasps as he rooted to the spot, unable to distract himself from the sudden electric bolt of sheer, hot pleasure directly on his member. His hard penis turned a little red as his balls grew VERY tight, swelling even. His eyes rolled back, clinched shot, tried to look forward, but went crossed eyed, screwed around, and went into a random pattern. His upper body undulated forward, and then back again, his body trying to figure out how to cope with the sudden extreme stimulation.

"Talk to me, man." I PAUSED. I then switched to each guy and put his dick up by half erected. I took a moment to make sure that they were each half hard, groping their crotches or slipping my hand in their pants and nodding when I felt their cocks half-baked. I smirked as I walked back to my spot - that should make them ask a few questions after this. Before starting, I lowered the SEMEN METER by a few bars and pressed PLAY.

Tanner let out a rough groan as he fell back in his chair and panted heavily, breaking into a heavy sweat. His buddies came a little closer to tend to him if needed. "Guys... " His voice was strained and weak, "I think-" PAUSE. I then pressed the up arrow button until the SEMEN METER reached its limit. PLAY.

"- OOOOOHHHH FUUUUUUCK!!!" Tanner's dick convulsed and shot a huge glob of cum and hit Tyler's face. PAUSE.

I ran over, took Tanner's cock, tilted it to the right, stood aside, knowing that as long as I keep pausing, I'm safe, and hit PLAY. Tanner's tool then spurted a bullet of his seed right in Ray's mouth! PAUSE. I tilted his cock now to his left, stepped back, and PLAY. His third shot splashed Greg's face (A real MAN'S man and just as homo-hating as Tanner). PAUSE. I had then moved his rod inwards towards him, and then PLAY. Tanner moaned out as he now shot a big blotch of cum on his neck and chest, his climax subsiding.

I pressed REW and PAUSED right where Tanner was about to clinch his eyes and spurt. I then pressed the A- button and pressed PLAY as he moaned weakly before his dick then ejaculated all over Tyler, then point and shoot at Ray, and then swing and splash a glob of white at Greg, and then his dick plopping on himself and soaking his face and chest on his own man-gravy. I pressed the -B button, and the scene went on. I opened up my shorts, dropped my pants, and started jerking myself off as I watch on the side.

Oh my god, just watching my handiwork is a HUGE turn on. First his pants were on, pop to his ankles with his meat log way up, him and his buddies saying queer stuff, him writhing and gasping as he neared climax, and then shooting his load at each guy! His dick shooting to the middle, then right, then left, and then flops back on him!

The scene repeated at least 20 times before I felt myself on the edge. I paused the time right before Tanner was about to shoot.

"Guys... *Pant pant* I think... OH FUUU-" PAUSE.

I then walked my boner over to him, grabbed Tanner by the hair, and started jerking off at his strained face. I tilted my head back, and tried to imagine a hot porno I once saw, but my did already began unloading my balls' ammo, squirting my sperm all over his face. "AWWWL! Ah!! Ohhh! Ahhh!" Fuck, another intense orgasm! I swear, my dick loves to show off now that it's bigger. "Ah fuck..." I panted, before going back to pick up my pants, retreat to my spot, CANCELED the repeat, and pressed PLAY

"-UUUUCK!!!" His dick shot a long white rope at Tyler. He jumbled as it landed on his face.

"Ahhh! Fucking shit man!" He said as he rubbed off the hot white gravy.

Tanner's dick then pointed to the right, and shot its liquid bullet right on Ray's tongue.

"Ulck! It's in my mouth!" He exclaimed when he half swallowed it, spazzing out as he tried spitting.

His dick then flopped to the left, and ejaculated directly at Greg's crotch, soaking it in his juice.

"AH! What the hell, Tanner?!" And they all rushed out, while Tanner sat there, in a complete daze in the afterglow; he looked like he hardly even cared about grossing out his buddies right now.

After 10 minutes of panting, washed out in what was probably one of the most intense orgasms ever, he sighed and groaned. "Shit... What the fuck happened... It's almost like... I don't know... I need a shower." He then got up and went upstairs pretty much naked, taking his pants and underpants with him.



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