Hey. My name is Ryan. I am 16-years-old. First, let me tell you about myself. My body is not would some would call 'athletic'. Being a nerd of sorts, I'm one of those 'Skinny-Bone Jones' types of build. I've tried working out, but I run out of energy too fast, and I get sore before I make any actual progress. I wear glasses, I usually wear cargo shorts, tennis shoes, fine, button-up shirts, sometimes plaid. I have mid-long, smooth black hair, and fair skin. Now why only describe my body? You'll see.

For about a while now, I've been getting extremely fed up with this jack-hole named Tanner. He is the most immature, idiotic, hateful son-of-a-bitch I ever knew! I don't even know why I even bother anymore!


I'm just opening my locker and was putting my textbooks in it when the metal door slammed the side of my face.

"Ow! Fu-Whoa! Ah!" My ankles were kicked hard, making me fall to my hands. My glasses tumbled from my face and fell onto the floor, my vision almost instantly going blurry. Just when I was about to reach for them, a foot covers my specs and I hear a crackling noise. "Dammit Tanner! Just leave me alone!"

"Why? You're just so easy, fag." The next thing I knew, I gasp as something cracked on my head, and my hair felt wet and slimy. Tanner walked off, laughing out loud as he went, calling me a loser down the hall.

My fingers then went to my now shattered glasses. I tenderly picked up the shattered remains of my specs, feeling the pieces break off from the slightest touch.

... I can't take this anymore... I can't! This has been going on ever since I started middle school! Why does everybody hate me?! What have I ever done to them?!

My eyes watered as I felt my lower lip start to tremble.

"Why ...?" Why does he do this to me??? What have I ever done for him to want me to suffer like this? Why? WHY?!

I hardly even noticed the other guy who was right next to me. "Hey, hey, are you ok buddy?" I almost didn't recognize the soft voice so I looked up. I think it's Zach. I know him because he just enrolled here in this school about a month ago, but that's all I know. He has a nice build on him, a soothing, charming face, and a few blue streaks in his dark hair. I can't hold back crying, I'm just so embarrassed and humiliated from Tanner's latest attck. I just shook my head as some of the egg white dribbled from my hair.

"J-Just l-lee-eave alone..."

"Huh? C'mon, don't be like that. I wanna- wait here." He took off. In a few seconds, Zach came back with several paper towels and gave them to me. I sniffled as I accepted them and started wiping the egg off my head.

"... Thank you."

"No prob. So, if I may ask, why did that guy trip you?"

"That's what I'd like to know."

"...Wait, he just tripped you and broke your glasses for no reason?" I nodded.

"Tanner, he's... He's always been an asshole... Not JUST me... I feel like I'm on the breaking point, because he targets me in particular. And the damn teachers don't do a thing about him!! Maybe because his dad's one of the school governors, so he just struts around school like he owns the damn place!

"And now my glasses are crushed! I can hardly see without them! I can't read without them, I-I can't see what I'm writing or doing! I-I'm not going to be able to afford another pair for at least 3 weeks!" In case you were wondering, when I came out (yes, I am gay, and so far, worst mistake of my life), my parents disowned me, so now I live by myself, barely scraping by and paying the rent and bills with what money I earn with the part time job I barely was able to get, well GOT now, since I've been laid off.

"Shhh, it'll be ok. Things will start looking up, buddy. You'll *see*."

I wiped the tears in my eyes, my sight still blurry but... Everything looking a little... Better. I blinked several times, my own eyeballs sharpening everything around me into focus. I blinked again, feeling my face to see if new glasses have appeared on my face, but nothing there...

I... I can see!!

I looked and he patted my shoulder. "Answer me this: would you like to get back at this 'Tanner'? I wanna help you. I'm not from around here, and I only just moved. But where I come from, no one's that much of an asshole and gets away with it. After school, I'll wait for you at the Route 9 bus. Ok?"

I just nodded. It could be a trap. This guy could be one of Tanner's cronies to get me in a corner and do some other horrific and humiliating prank to finally make me kill myself. Well, what have I got to lose? Not like anyone's gonna miss me anyway...

After Biology, school let out and I'm now walking across the bus lot to where the Route 9 bus is parked. Just when I'm walking, minding my own business, I felt myself get brutally pushed forward and I fell on the street. I hissed as I scrapped by knees and palms when I fell over. I heard Tanner and a few of his friends laughing their heads off, again, as I shakily stood up, the scraps stinging as I walked over to where Zach is standing at the bus door, waiting for me.


After awhile of Zach waiting for that kid from earlier to show up, he then spotted him walking across the area. Zach felt so horrible for that kid. He looked so pathetic by the locker. Just so sad and sick of life. A few of the other students had already told him about Ryan being a severe misfit of sorts.

He then saw the taller guy and his friends from before creep up on him, and shove him with force from behind. They stalked off, laughing at another prank on their victim.

'That poor little thing.' Zach thought to himself as Ryan looked like he was about to cry again.


Me and Zach rode the bus in silence. I can't talk right now while I'm in this mood. I keep feeling I might break down at any given second. God, I can't stand living like this...

After we got off the bus, we walked until we got to Zach's place. It looked like a normal house, could really use a paint job, though. As he took out the keys, I quickly realized that Tanner's house is just across the street from Zach's house! I quickly darted into the house just as I saw him walk around a corner.

It's basically empty except for the many-stacked boxes that littered around, well, everywhere. However, I did take notice of the few things that WERE unpacked; they looked like devices and gizmos.

"So, um, Zach, why'd you have me over again?" He turned and smiled.

"I may not look it, but I'm actually a science fanatic. Like I said, I've just moved here, hence the boxes, and I saw what that guy did to you. I wanna help you." I was curious on what he means.


"Well, I'll tell you what, if you help me unpack some of this stuff, then I'll give you something that'll change your life." I quirked a brow. I doubt that anything could be that phenomenal, but hey, I got nothing better to do. So I agreed and helped him unpack his things.

Zach has a lot of interesting contraptions; it's like he's part robot or something. I can't get enough of unpacking his boxes; each box had a different assortment of technology that probably no one on earth probably seen yet! I can unpack his things all day! Unfortunately, my low metabolism kicked in. By the 10th box, I slumped onto the floor, panting and sweating. I hate being this weak.

"Just... Gimme a second." Zach chuckled as I panted.

"No no no, you've done enough buddy. Actually, I'm surprised, I was half expecting you to be wiped out at box 5." I nodded as I caught my breath. "Anyway, so you wanna get back at Tanner?" My head looked up and then I nodded, wondering what kind of plan he has.

Zach then pulled out a device from his pocket. "Here. Take it." He then gave it to me. It kind of looked like the remote from the movie Click, only its silver and not blue, had a rectangular screen with the normal buttons you would find on any remote. It looked really cool, but how was this going to help me get back at Tanner?

"Ok, what does it do, and how do I work it?" Zach chuckled.

"It's pretty self explanatory AND it's easy to work."

"Well, can you give me a demonstration, so that I don't break it?"

"Fair enough." He then took the remote and pressed a button.

Then all of a sudden, I am standing in my living room. "What the-?" How'd I get home - how did this just happen?! Wasn't I just with Zach? I looked in my right hand, and the remote was in it, along with a piece of paper. I took the paper, and read it.

"I hope you enjoy this one. Make sure you have more than enough fun!

Love, Zach


If you try using the remote tonight, you'll have more fun if you're naked, and in front of a mirror."

Huh? Love? Must be force of habit through other notes. No one's ever loved me, not even my fake-hearted parents. Whatever, I need a shower, my body's covered in sweat. I stripped out of my clothes and went into the shower.

After my twig of a body was scrubbed and rinsed, I dried off and took the remote where I left it on the bathroom counter. Since, the mirror's foggy in there, I'll just use the one attached to my bedroom door.

So here I am, my pale, thin body looking back at me in the mirror where I was standing on the floor.

"Ok, so what do I do with this thing?" I held it up and looked. The rectangular screen had a list of body parts, and my first and last name as underlined at the top.

Interesting. So I pressed the directional button to ARMS and pressed the OK button. The screen then had thin arm flexing at a 90-degree angle on the left side, and a muscular arm flexing on the right side. The cursor was right next to the thin arm. Typical. I then pressed and held down the right directional button. I stopped the cursor when it hit 75%.

Not getting any results, I then pressed the round button with an arrow in a circle and then went to LEGS. It too had the cursor right next to the thin leg. Just with the arms, I pressed and held down the right arrow button until the cursor got at 75%.

"Ok, what the fuck is this thing even-" I gasped loudly. Just when I looked at the mirror, I almost drop the remote. My arms and legs were ...Well, not mine! I'm supposed to have thin arms and legs, but now my reflection shown I have muscled limbs. I looked and, sure enough, my arms and legs are fit for a pro football player, not a nerd! I flexed my legs and arms and I grinned in wonder as I felt the new muscles tighten and constrict under my own skin!

I looked back at the mirror and realize my chest and belly are horribly out of place. So I went back and pressed on the TORSO option. The screen then opened to CHEST and ABDOMINALS. I went to the CHEST first. The screen had then shown the options PECTORALS and NIPPLES. I then pressed PECTORALS and then I saw two lines. One was labeled M and the other W. If I were to guess, I'd say the M stood for MASS and W stood for WIDTH. With a venture of my eyes, I found that the volume up and down buttons was for MASS and the channel buttons for WIDTH. Whatever, I just went to the M and held it down.

I watched in awe was my extremely flat chest start to inflate into two, large square cushions. I widened them a bit until I was satisfied with my new, manly chest. I went back to ABDOMINALS and raised it up until I had the six-pack I have always wanted.

Hang on, what about the rump? I turned around and looked at my behind in the mirror. I just laughed out loud as my puny ass looked comically out of place. I consulted to the main menu and entered the BUTTOCKS option. I then looked and grinned as my butt ballooned into a hot, muscled ass. I clenched my butt cheeks and grinned as my ass now had dimples. I giggled as I slapped my ass playfully a few times, me getting excited as it jiggled a little.

I turned back around, amazed at my newly reconstructed body. All of this muscle growth was making me so fucking horny! I looked down and saddened as I was reminded about my 3-inch long prick. Tanner caught me in the gym showers and nearly died laughing when he saw my small problem. He told everybody at school that I had a squirrel's dick.

WAIT!!! Can this thing do dicks too?! I went to the main menu on the remote and my heart leapt when I saw GENITALS. I pressed enter and the screen then read PENIS and TESTICLES.

"YES!!!" I yelled out. I pressed the OK on PENIS and held down the M up button. I watched in wonder as my own shaft grew in length, the 3 inch dingy now a 12-inch rod! Hm, now that it's 12 inches, I think it needs to be thick, but just slightly. I pressed the remote so that my dick is now 2 and half inches.

Now for my nuts. I then worked the remote until my two low-hanging orbs grew in size until they were the size of peaches!

Perfect. With just one more change. I worked the remote until my skin color now had some nice color to it; my very pale skin now a light tan.

I just looked at the mirror and stared at awe at the stud looking at me. What's more amazing was that that stud is me! I can probably masturbate to myself. I fact...

I wrapped my hand around my new cock and started stroking at a quick pace. I tilted my head back and closed my eyes as my mouth gapped as moans sounded from me. With my cock this big, I feel like I have something to grab onto!

I just fell back onto my bed and jerked off like crazy! It's as if my new dick came with new sensations! Pre was oozing like fountain from the head of my cock. I moaned as I rubbed my slimy fingertips below the frenulum of my meat.

My hand couldn't stop jerking me off, even if the door knocked. My mind started picturing a porno I watched some time ago. This one hairy hunk was fucking this really hot Italian dude. The way the dom was humping and rocking his body back and forth, pistoning his hips against the other, holding him down with one hand while slapping the guy's ass with the other.

I moved my other hand down, and cupped my balls. "OHH Gaaaawwwd!!" I pressed my hands around my nuts, massaging them. "OH YES!!!"

Oh god, the way that tan-skin guy was moaning, pushing his hot ass backward, begging the hairy guy to fuck harder. Harder! Harder! Fucking him like a pent up stallion, and fucking him, banging his dick up his sweaty ass harder and harder! Harrrrrrr-

I pressed my head back, and moaned at the top of my lungs as I squeezed my large rod, and made my shaft erupt like a penis-shaped volcano! My hips bucked as white lava splattered onto my abs and my chest. I clutched the mattress as my balls emptied themselves on me, even reaching to land a glob on my chin!

After my climax subsided, I panted. I took a rest back for several minutes before I looked at the wonderful device that has change my scrawny form. I got up from the bed and went to the mirror, smiling happily at the cum dripping down my bod. I DO look hot, but I don't really want to be a muscle head. I worked with the remote until I got just the body I want. I could definitely be called a stud, although I'm not a body builder. I even found an option that controlled body hair. Giggling, I watched as I gave myself a thin layer of chest hair, and a subtle happy trail that led from my chest, to a small patch around my spent member.

That's better. I'll just get back into bed now and explore the remote.

I just fiddled with it, trying to figure out its odds and ends, when I came to something that sparked my interest like the 4th of July.


My name was in it, and so is...




[email protected]


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