Bobby was excited and terrified all at the same time. He was eighteen, at college, away from home for the first time and he sensed the threshold he was now standing. On his own for the first time in his life, able to make his own decisions and have the kind of fun his parents frowned upon. And his fears?  He had never questioned his sexuality, having dated girls all through high school, but he knew there were worrying moments.  The shower room in P.E. seeing his male classmates, their masculine bodies maturing right before his eyes and then there was his response to certain actors or musicians he saw on television, a physical attraction he told himself was just admiration. But his masturbation fantasies morphed from the female form to the male too often to ignore. 

He didn’t know why he was so fearful, admitting to himself his attraction to his own sex, but his rural county school had no openly gay students and bullying was typically done toward those that seemed feminine in some way, someone who might be perceived as gay.  Then there was the church his parents had made him attend with its hell fire sermons, everything about their humanity evil, especially anything sexual. So yeah, he had some hang-ups about sex and his attractions to the point of fighting against them. It had been easy during high school but now that he was at college living in one of the dorms things were worse.

Some of the guys did nothing to hide their nudity within their rooms, doors wide open.  Joseph down in room 312 was even worse, openly masturbating and Bobby had found himself frozen in place more than once watching Joseph’s hand move rapidly up and down his hard cock. Then he had raced to his own room and masturbated reliving everything he had seen Joseph doing.

Most of the time Bobby could go through most days with little trouble, so focused on his studies with one class giving him a bit of trouble that he could keep his mind off of these attractions. But he kept looking for other ways to distract himself.  He rode his bicycle and went to the gym on campus.  And yet it wasn’t enough.

He had gone to the bookstore on campus to get a few supplies and he found himself browsing through the clothing section with the university logos on them.  T-shirts, sweaters, sweat pants and shirts and in one small section running shorts. The thin nylon shorts, the legs so short as to be nonexistent were alluring and he told himself he would take up jogging too.

The next two weeks he alternated between riding his bicycle and jogging, the first few outings really winding him.  He jogged through campus and into the surrounding city blocks, cutting by apartment complexes and through the nearby park.  As he built up his stamina he found the bike jersey he wore too stifling and he began to pull it off during his runs. The air on his bare upper body felt good, cooling him down easier than when he wore the jersey. He loved the feel of the exertion, the way his body sweated, heated up, muscles flexing and stretching. And he loved the looseness of the shorts, the way he felt nearly naked with his cock shifting with the movement of his legs. It made him partially aroused and he knew it made his cock more obvious in the shorts, more pronounced with the thin nylon material wet and clinging to him.

During his bicycle rides and jogs his mind wondered, at times he tried to work out some assignment, the sequence to write a paper or recalling details of a course he had a test coming up. But most of the time his thoughts were sexual in nature, one fantasy playing out or another. He saw some guys look at him and wondered how they viewed him, this tall lean body, nearly naked, sweaty, his cock slightly aroused and it fueled his own imaginings. He looked at the guys he passed, those muscular in build, those unshaven and masculine in appearance and he looked at those like himself, lean, boyish in appearance and he felt an attraction to all of them. There was even a chance encounter with one guy he had seen before. Bobby had stopped to get a drink of water at a fountain in the park and this guy, impossibly tall and lean, blonde hair and dark skin approached him. Smiling, revealing perfect white teeth, the guy was behind Bobby when he turned from the fountain.

“Hey, I’ve seen you jogging here before; how far do you go?”

“I…huh…three…maybe four miles” Bobby replied.

“I’m Sam.”

“Sam…I’m Bobby…”

Then an awkward silence neither seemed sure what to say next and Bobby grew anxious.

“Well I better be going” Bobby said as he moved away from Sam looking back at the tall figure and wondering what it would have been like to have tried something.

“Yeah…sure…maybe I’ll see you around.”

The encounter shook Bobby, suddenly it all seemed real, this sense of flirtation with another guy and his mind played out all the scenarios he should have done, the ones where he invited Sam to jog with him, invited Sam to dinner later, or a movie, or….


Wednesday. Hump day.  The day Bobby got test results, new assignments due the next week and it seemed to drag on forever.  By his last class he couldn’t wait to get back to his dorm room and go for a bike ride or a jog. Never had he felt such a need for one or the other.  He came out of the building only to find it clouding up, dark ominous clouds blowing in from the west.

‘Shit” Bobby cursed as took off for the dorm hoping to get there before it started. This wasn’t in the forecast and he had no umbrella. He made it to the dorm just in time for it began to sprinkle rain as he came up to the side entrance. The stair and corridor were busy for everyone not in class seemed to be in the dorm moving around.  In his room he stripped out of his shirt and jeans and fell back on the bed lying there listening to it rain.

It was nearly dark by the time the rain stopped and Bobby found himself at his window looking down at some of the guys heading out for dinner or off to meet friends causing him to feel his loneliness, this sense of isolation he created around himself.  ‘Fuck it’ he thought as he decided to go  for a jog anyway. Riding a bicycle at dusk was risky around the campus, so many driving not paying any attention.

Shorts on and jersey in hand he thought better of it and tossed it on his bed. He headed out, closing the door behind him and moved down the corridor to the stair that led to the side entrance. He passed Joseph on the way down and he smiled at Bobby, a knowing smile that made Bobby hestitate.

“Hey Bobby.”

Bobby smiled back feeling his face flush red.

He raced down the stair avoiding any further eye contact with anyone and he pushed through the door and out into the evening, the sun below the horizon and the sky going dark quickly. He began slowly, letting his muscles relax then gradually increased his pace till he fell into the groove. Across campus and into the city he jogged, following his usual path. When he finally made it back to the dorm he was sweating profusely, his muscles loose and feeling weak from their exertions. He headed up the side stair feeling the cooler air of the interior and it felt good against his skin. On his floor it was quiet, no one out in the corridor and he moved quietly down the hall. Joseph’s door was open as usual and as he came to it he saw Joseph’s legs, then torso, dressed only in boxers then he saw Joseph staring back at him.

“Hey Bobby…back from your jog?”

“Yeah” Bobby replied as he kept walking toward his room.

“Hey…come here a minute” Joseph called out from his room and Bobby stopped, took a deep breath and headed toward Joseph’s room, taking two steps backward before turning.

At the door he saw Joseph was still lying back on his bed, arms lying crossed over his stomach.

“Well, come on in…and close the door will ya?”

Bobby hesitated a moment, feeling as if he was being lured into a trap. When he finally stepped into the room he swung the door closed behind him. The room was exactly like his but it felt much smaller; felt confined…caged.

“You go out nearly afternoon riding that bike of yours or off for a jog. Don’t you ever just relax?” Joseph asked as he let one hand slip down to the front of his boxers where his fingers manipulated his cock, adjusting it around.

Bobby found his eyes glued to Joseph’s hand till he knew he had to look away. He glanced up to Joseph’s face seeing him smiling at him then looked away knowing his face had turned red. He moved to the window and stared out eyes unfocused on anything in view trying to get his thoughts composed.

“I…just need to do something after a day of classes and sitting at my desk doing my assignments.”

“A little energy to work off?” Joseph said in a mocking tone.

“A little” Bobby replied leaning on his hands as they rested on the sill. His forehead almost touched the window and he felt his near nakedness, the running shorts suddenly seeming to be even skimpier. The room fell quiet and he did nothing to disturb it, waiting for Joseph to say something. He heard the bed squeak slightly and he knew Joseph had moved on his bed. And the room fell silent again.

Bobby looked down at his hands as he waited, wondering why Joseph was being so coy. Then he sensed movement behind him, Joseph was actually right behind him. He looked up and saw the faint reflection of Joseph standing behind him and he knew he should respond in some way, turn around or say something. It seemed such a long time since he first came into Joseph’s room. Then he felt the touch.

It was low on his bare back, just above his running shorts, a light touch, barely pressing against his skin. He jumped and felt his hands grip the sill tighter but he said nothing. He was going to let Joseph touch him. As much as he feared Joseph he knew that fear was driving Joseph’s sexuality, the way Joseph was so forward, so daring and now standing behind him moving a hand up his back following the line of his spine. The hand moved over his neck and into his hair where he felt the fingers comb through it.

Then the kiss.

Between his shoulder blades he felt Joseph’s lips touch his skin, gently at first then with more pressure. Next he felt Joseph’s tongue against his skin, wet, slick, moving upward along the same path the hand had moved. Joseph kissed his neck, ran tongue along the edge of his hairline till it was rimming out his left ear.

Bobby moaned and turned his head to Joseph.

Joseph’s hands came to Bobby’s waist holding him place as he pulled back. Bobby wondered what was next, what was Joseph going to do and just as he began to worry he felt the hands move down, slowly, the fingers hooking the waistband of his shorts as they went. Bobby felt his shorts slide down his legs till they fell around his ankles. His cock flexed half hard as he felt his nudity.

Joseph moved to him, tongue slipping between the cheeks of his ass raking upward as it dug in making Bobby cry out jerking forward by the shock of it. Joseph’s hands held him firmly in place and he felt the tongue move over his ass cheeks, work between them and up to his lower back. Joseph held his cheeks apart and he felt the tongue rake over his opening. He gripped the sill tighter and suddenly he shamelessly pushed back to Joseph, pushed his ass back against that tongue trying hard to stifle the sound of his own moaning.

Joseph reached around his waist and took his cock, fingers wrapped around the thickening shaft then working along its length stroked it, stroking his arousal till he was pumping his hips in rhythm with Joseph’s hand. He’d never imagined how he could become so lost to his desires, his cock being stroked to full erection and that tongue touching him, working him to the point he was beyond his fears, beyond any anxiety about what he wanted and he raised his head up and worked his hips slowly back and forth.

“Fuck…” Bobby cried out and Joseph moved up behind him, right hand still on his cock and the other coming around his chest pulling their bodies together.

“Okay” Joseph whispered in Bobby’s ear.

Bobby felt Joseph’s cock nestle between his cheeks, felt the way it moved up and down as Joseph’s body undulated against his back. The hand on his chest moved over it, circular slow movements that rubbed warmly over his skin while the other hand stroked his cock and he felt himself move against Joseph, felt himself pump his hips back and forth, cock through the tight grip of Joseph’s hand then back against Joseph’s cock. The hand on his chest moved to his left nipple circling the hard raised nub then rubbing it shocking Bobby at its sensitivity. Then fingers pinched it twisting slightly.

“Oh FUCK…” Bobby cried out as he jerked in Joseph’s arms.

Joseph pulled back and Bobby felt him push in between his ass cheeks, probe along the cleft, raking the flared head up and down, rubbing over his spit slick opening.

“Jesus, I want to fuck you” Joseph uttered as Bobby felt him put a hand on his neck and push him over. “Spread your legs” Joseph demanded kicking Bobby’s legs apart further.

Bobby leaned over further and braced himself on the window sill, waiting, ready and Joseph didn’t make him wait long, feeling the flared head of Joseph’s cock pressing against his opening. Slowly Bobby felt himself stretch open, felt Joseph breach his tightness and push inward, slowly, little by little, till the flared head penetrated him making him cry out.

Bobby opened his eyes but didn’t see the activity down in the commons, didn’t notice anything going on in the next building for he could only focus on Joseph’s cock pushing inward, slowly, inch by inch, as it bore into him. Suddenly he felt himself open to the penetration and he pushed back till he was pushing against Joseph’s abdomen.

“I knew when I first saw you looking in my room…I knew…” Joseph whispered.

Bobby felt Joseph take him by the waist and begin to fuck him, to piston cock through his tight opening and he looked down to his own cock, hard, the head wet and slick showing his own aroused state.

Joseph fucked him, slowly at first but picking up speed quickly till their bodies smacked together noisily, roughly, Joseph driving inward harder and harder. Bobby felt his own erection as it flopped up and down with their fuck and he reached down and began to stroke himself, roughly, fast, in rhythm with their fuck. Joseph began to drive in rough short jabs, his moans turning into grunts and Bobby knew Joseph was close and it aroused him till his own cock grew thicker, harder and he knew he too was close. His whole body felt every thrust into his hole, his skin hot, wet, and every touch electric. He felt his need to cum rise up quickly, his body tensing with need. He pumped his hips shoving forward through his hand feeling cum race through his cock.

“Fuck…fuck…I’m…” Bobby cried out as he ejaculated, thick wads hitting the window and sill as he felt each spasm rack his body.

“Shit” Joseph exclaimed and Bobby felt him push into his hole all the way, felt the way Joseph’s body jerked and rocked against his back and he knew Joseph was ejaculating deep within him.

Finally spent Joseph lay on Bobby’s back, their breathing slowly returning to normal, the heat of their bodies cooling in the conditioned air of the room.


For the next week Bobby would wake up, get dressed and go to class, the whole time reliving the previous evening’s sex with Joseph and telling himself it was the last time, he wasn’t going to Joseph’s room anymore; wasn’t going to submit to Joseph again. But each evening Joseph would beckon him, call out to him to come in as he walked past the open door. Afterward the cycle began again as soon as he was alone in the shower, washing the sweat and cum from his skin.

Friday arrived with everyone rowdier than usual, the last few days had been rainy weather keeping everyone inside and now the day perfectly clear and warm they wanted out. The commons was busy and bicycle racks were empty.

Bobby arrived back at the dorm to find the stair then the corridor empty. As he strolled down the corridor he saw Joseph’s door was open and he slowed, wondering if it was going to be like before, him walking past the door and Joseph calling out to him, telling him to come back and he doing it.

He walked by the door and saw Joseph standing at his desk doing something on his computer. He stopped, stood in the corridor looking in. Music began to play and Joseph looked up, smiling. Bobby saw how Joseph smiled and motioned for him to come in. He took a deep breath and walked into the room closing the door and dropping his backpack on the floor. He moved up to Joseph and reached down manipulating Joseph’s cock through the gym shorts, his fingers feeling the growing erection within them.

“Suck me Bobby” Joseph uttered.

Bobby moved down onto his knees taking Joseph by the waist and burying his face in the shorts, feeling the slick fabric against his skin and the thickening shaft against his lips. Joseph grew erect quickly and Bobby worked the shorts down releasing it, watching it flex up and down in his face. He licked the head, tongued it, and moved down the shaft. His nose raked through Joseph’s pubic hair as he tongued the sac, felt each nut move around within it with the manipulations of his tongue. He felt Joseph’s fingers comb through his hair, take a hold of it and move his mouth back to the head. He parted his lips and let Joseph pull him down the shaft filling his mouth. Back and forth Joseph moved his head along the thick long shaft, drool pooling at his lips coating the shaft and dripping to the floor.

Joseph reached down and pulled Bobby to his feet. Roughly, inpatient, Joseph unbuttoned Bobbies jeans, tugged everything down till jeans and boxers fell around his ankles. Joseph pushed him over to the bed and he submitted, went down on the bed on his hands and knees, his ass turned to Joseph who moved on him quickly.

Bobby felt his submission, still in his shirt, his jeans and boxers around his ankles locking his legs together and his bare ass being spread open, the feel of cock nudging between his cheeks, probing him in a knowing way. Bobby wanted it, knew he wanted to feel that cock breach his opening and sink into his hole, to pump inward and out.  To fuck him.

And he took it, every thrust, Joseph fucking him faster and faster.

“Fuck…fuck…fuck…” Bobby whispered his voice barely audible as he rocked back and forth on the bed.

Joseph pushed him down on the bed and climbed over him, hips pumping up and down furiously, their bodies smacking together. Bobby began to cry out, to feel his own arousal with his cock being ground into the mattress with every hard thrust inward by Joseph.

Joseph began to grunt with his exertions, began to fuck in short hard thrust and Bobby knew what it meant and he worked his own body with their fuck, his hips undulating with Joseph’s rhythm. He felt his own arousal, so close and he felt Joseph shove inward hard and Bobby knew he was ejaculating.

Joseph fell still on his back, spent, his breathing slowing to normal and Bobby felt his aroused state, his unfulfilled desire to cum. Joseph stood up and smacked him on the ass.

“Get up…you can go now.”

Bobby pulled his boxers then jeans up, grabbed his backpack and left. He went into his own dorm room feeling as he always did after being with Joseph; used, unsatisfied. He wanted something more, wanted some sense of satisfaction. He tossed his backpack down in this chair and stripped off his clothes. When he pulled down his boxers he felt a trickle of cum run down his thigh and his submission to Joseph rose up at him again. He tugged on his cock, feeling how he was still half hard and so aroused.

He wondered why he was always the one on bottom, the one pleasuring the other. Why wasn’t he the one on top, the one having his own pleasure. He looked at his door as if he could see through it to Joseph’s room, as if he could see Joseph lying down, cocky, satisfied. He tugged on his cock and his arousal grew, his desire increased till he reached for the gym shorts on his bed slipping them on. His cock tented the front obscenely but he didn’t’ care as he went back to Joseph’s door. He didn’t knock, didn’t call out but just opened the door and went into the room.

Joseph was sitting at his desk and looked up surprised at first as Bobby came into the room closing the door. Then Joseph saw the tenting shorts and smiled turning in his chair to face Bobby. Bobby moved up close standing between Joseph’s legs.

“Suck my cock” Bobby uttered.

Joseph moved his mouth to Bobby’s cock, mouth the head through the shorts till they were wet. Pulling the shorts down freeing Bobby’s cock Joseph quickly sucked it into his mouth. Bobby couldn’t believe how good it felt the way Joseph sucked him. He felt lips sliding along his shaft, noisily working the head till he pushed forward burying his cock back into Joseph’s mouth. Over and over Joseph’s mouth moved along his cock till he was so hard his cock felt like stone. He held Joseph’s head and pumped his hips. Joseph struggled to take him, choking occasionally causing him to drool over the shaft till it dripped down his chin.

“Take it…mother fucker” Bobby uttered as he pushed inward till Joseph gagged, turning red in the face.

There was something about his dominance over Joseph that aroused him, made him feel his sexuality, to feel his lust through his cock as it sank into Joseph’s mouth over and over and over till he felt himself getting close. He pushed Joseph off his cock and they watched his cock flex up and down between them, the shaft glistening with Joseph’s saliva.

“Get naked and on the bed” Bobby demanded and he saw Joseph smile just before turning to the bed.

Joseph stripped off his boxers and climbed on the bed on his back holding each leg up behind the knees. Bobby looked at him in position realizing how badly Joseph wanted it, wanted to get fucked and he moved down between the raised legs. He took each by the calf and pushed them back folding Joseph in half as he shifted into place letting his wet hard cock move to Joseph’s opening. He moved his hips rubbing his cock over the exposed opening smearing his leaking head over it till it was wet.

“Fuck…fuck me…” Joseph uttered and Bobby felt Joseph push upward against his cock urging him on. He bore down till he felt his cock breach Joseph’s opening, felt the tightness grip his cock as it penetrated, slowly, stretching Joseph open. He worked his cock inward till he had it buried in Joseph and their bodies pressed together.

“Fuck me Bobby” Joseph begged, hands rubbing over Bobby’s back and down over the curve of his ass urging him on and Bobby pulled his hips upward till only the head remained in Joseph. He hesitated for the briefest moment then shoved back in, all the way making Joseph grunt beneath him. Over and over he worked his cock in Joseph’s hole till he was so aroused with their fuck he had to speed up, had to feel his cock piston roughly in Joseph’s tight hole and he rose up over Joseph and began to drive his hips in a furious pace, slamming down against Joseph’s ass making the bed squeak and rock beneath them. He couldn’t think of anything but fucking, of driving his cock as fast as he could, sinking it deeply into Joseph with every thrust.

He leaned down and kissed Joseph, roughly, forcing his tongue into Joseph’s mouth and he realized it was the first time they had kissed, and he for a brief moment wondered what Joseph thought but quickly realized he didn’t care, and he kept pumping his hips till he felt it, his need to cum rise up quickly, too quickly, but he couldn’t stop.

He held Joseph down as he shoved inward hard and came. He kept pumping his hips till he was spent and Joseph took every thrust, every deep penetrating push inward. When he fell down on Joseph breathing hard Joseph hugged their bodies together, hands moving over his back.

“That was…great” Joseph said as they lay still.

Bobby leaned up looking Joseph in the eye seeing the mischief, the bawdiness, the wicked smile that formed.

“You slut” Bobby jokingly stated as they began to snigger, then laugh.

“I knew it was only a matter of time before you pushed back for your own satisfaction. You quiet types just need a little push.”



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