The first three times the built stud across the pool from me adjusted his obvious boner in his wet, clingy swimsuit, I resisted. But I'm a human, healthy, young gay male, and the fourth time, when he looked directly across the pool at me as he handled himself, again unsuccessfully hiding his "problem," my own cock stirred more insistently than I could control.

I lowered my aviator-type sunglasses down my nose and looked over the top at the boned stud, and I cocked my mouth into a bit of an enigmatic smile. "Boned" grinned widely back at my own little smile, and he deliberately stretched, showing me exceptional guns, traps, pecs, delts, abs . . . his entire torso rippling with corded, sculpted muscle of bulked, pumped style. Very impressive, likely steroids involved, but certainly appealing . . . would have been even without the fat boner. Dark hair dusting his torso and more prominent on his strong arms and legs complemented a ruggedly handsome face that had me thinking of one of the Big Valley sons, I couldn't remember the actor's name, even though I'd shot plenty of wads fantasizing about him jacking off when I was a teenager.

Back to Boned - he was difficult to be distracted from, very difficult to be DICKstracted by. Would I wait for him to make the move or go to him? I certainly would have, if his stretch hadn't turned into a fairly energetic near-vault off his lounge chair. He was heading for me, not making any effort whatsoever to hide the pointy protrusion from his swim trunks' crotch. I could tell it was fat, but not how long as it looked more like it was caught up in his suit or liner.

I'd pushed my glasses up again and was relaxed back, or at least I was giving that impression, so when he reached my lounge chair, I turned slowly and was facing his bulge.

"Up here," he was saying with a smirk when I finally looked up at him. "At least for now," he added, adding mischief to the smirk.

It wasn't my imagination that he moved slightly closer, though. I caught a whiff of his sweat. Mmmmmmm.

He was on the right side of my lounge, and he put his hand out, down-angled sufficiently so that I could awkwardly twist my own right arm up to grasp his hand. "Dave Merrick," he introduced himself simply.

"Bill James," I said with equal simplicity, holding his hand tighter and longer than would have been customary, but enjoying his strength and the contact.

"So, Bill James," he said, though he didn't continue.

We were not alone at the pool; quite the opposite. Still, I was on the corner edge, where Dave was standing nobody was immediately behind him, so I merely had to be quiet. "Your room or mine?"

He grinned wide, with ample mischief. Looking up over the ridges of his beefy eight-pack and thick slab pecs to his stubble-darkened chin jutting out above me, I wondered how those pecs and abs would look when his body tensed when I pushed my cock into him, hard and deep. "Where would you like to suck my cock?" he answered my question with a question, even softer than mine to him.

"Wherever you want me to ball your brains out after I drain your nuts," I retorted, grinning up at him. And then it was my turn to bound out of my lounge. "Wherever, we're wasting time!" I told him, looking down at him now by a few inches.

"What's your room number?" he asked me.

I told him, and we agreed he'd wait five or ten minutes before he headed up. I'd be ready for him. And I was, when barely five minutes later - I'd just got inside the beautiful suite the very willing concierge that my buddies at the base recommended had gotten me - he knocked. It was a forceful, manly knock, not a timid downlow sort of knock either - NICE!

The knock started my cock thickening in my swimsuit, which I'd intended to swap for boxers to be more comfortable. When he entered, I got another whiff of his sweat, which caused the blood to RUSH into my cock, and I adjusted myself to try and get more comfortable in the confines of my suit.

"You getting naked, too, Bill James, or are you just gonna get on your knees that way and risk dislocating that huge woody of yours?" he smirked, already shucked out of his swimsuit and having pulled off his shirt.

I took notice, with some disappointment, that his beefiness of musculature did not extend to his equipment. Apparently the bulge I'd mistaken for girth had been length, sticking straight out, like a five-inch beercan - stubby but definitely a jaw stretcher in girth.

"C'mon, Billy, get yourself comfortable and enjoy. I know I sure am going to!" he grinned.

What the fuck. I pulled off my t-shirt and shimmied out of my too-tight-because-of-my-hardon swimtrunks and got on my knees in front of his cock as he said, "Damn you're a fucking specimen, aren't you? Military?"

He had small to tiny nuts, too. What a fucking turnoff usually, but something about this otherwise built - ripped, corded, mounds of muscle everywhere - man had me hungering for his stubby. I ignored the question and got close enough to inhale his sweat and musk, and my desires were sufficiently stoked for my cock to twitch. I put my tongue out and swiped it up from the underside of his thick head at the stalk over his piss slit and savored his sweat, uniquely male and genital, and a hint of acrid taste, must have been his piss. "Army here, but I'm guessing you're Air Force," he said around a long, "AAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

I didn't bother to correct the slight, as I usually didn't tell tricks - even fellow servicemen - that I was a Marine, and damn proud of it! But I decided to show him how a Marine handles a cock, and I was certain he'd know the difference between a Marine and all others when I was done.

I swallowed him to the root, and again gave myself an inhaled dose of his male scent, which made my cock drip and made him slap his hands against the wall behind him and grunt, "OH FUCK!"

I pulled off his cock just long enough before I swallowed it again to say up to him, "You keep saying 'fuck', and I will fuck your hot ass!"

When I swallowed him again, to another appreciative hiss, I got his olive-sized nuts in my hand and decided even tiny nuts need some attention and went to work with my special nut rub-massage-squeeze job.

"AH FUCK!" he hissed louder. "My balls are VERY sensitive," he warned me.

Yeah, what the fuck ever. I continued to work those nuts, and I felt his cock throb and twitch inside my mouth as I did, so he either loved the promise of discomfort or wasn't as delicate-balled as he thought.  This was MY blowjob, and he was going to take it the way I gave it.

With my other hand I sucked my finger tip into my mouth and dribbled spit all over it and reached back and up and found his pucker. His immediate flinch, accompanied by, "CAREFUL!" when I pushed was also accompanied by an involuntary thrust of his hips toward me. Yeah, RIGHT!

I sucked and rubbed his pucker and pushed, and he spared no time in pushing back onto my finger. I felt his VERY tight pucker - way too tight for my horsecock to comfortably spread - give way and felt my finger slip inside him to a loud, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" that continued as I pushed in slowly farther and was moving my finger around just inside his ring, stretching him gently.

Meanwhile I was tonguing his entire cock in my mouth and working his boy-balls more forcefully, each squeeze bringing me a tasty pearl of salty-sweet precum from his cock, which I'd swirl with my tongue over and around his fat little head and cause him to shudder and moan.

My big middle finger passed the second knuckle inside him, and I found his spot, and when I slightly rubbed his prostate with my fingertip, his whole body jerked, and he shouted, "HOLYFUCKINGSHIT! WHAT the FUCK was THAT?" And then I knew this stud had been deprived and was in need of some manly pleasures, small package or not.

His assring was spasming around my finger with the residual of the prostate prod, and when I did it again he shouted, "OHMYFUCKINGGODDDDDDDDDDD!" and his ass clenched on my finger at the same time as his cock thickened in my mouth, that head flaring against my cheek.

Dave moved his hands from behind him on the wall onto my shoulders, and he ran one hand up my neck and up my buzzed head, cupping it gently. "That's fucking AWESOME," he told me, and I assumed it was my cocksucking, ballworking, assfingering he was talking about, not my scalp.

His throbbing cock in my mouth was, likewise, confirming that his praise was for my skills. Each time I'd squeeze his nuts, he'd moan louder, and his precum would pop from his piss slit. Same with my fingertip on his prostate, though the precum was more copious when I rubbed and pressed his p-spot.

I pulled my finger out gently, to a whimper from him, and I quickly spit a ton more precum-and-spit mix onto my fingers. I went back at his tightened pucker with two big fingertips this time, spreading him open at last enough to force my fingers in to a long, "OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FFFFUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!" from him. He was so tight it felt like tight elastic around my two fingertips, but I was IN, and I started twisting and rubbing his channel, apparently to his delight. "OH MAN that's fucking-AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHH!" he cried, when as he was enjoying me spreading him with my fingertips I pushed into his tight ass channel with both fingers to between my first and second knuckles.

When I sucked him harder, swirling around and working over his head to distract him, I pushed in farther, and as he was crying out from the tightness and fullness, I scissored my fingers and nicked his prostate again. This time his cry was loud and without reservation. "OH FUCK YES! JUST LIKE THAT!" he cried and pushed back onto my fingers to get more contact with his p-spot.

I laughed around his cock, and through another few gasps of pleasure he said, "Fucker, you're enjoying invading me and having me out of all control, aren't you?"

I answered, "MMMGGGGG GGGHHHHHHHH," as best as I could without making it obvious I could have easily enunciated around his meager endowment impeding my speech. And I kept up my swirling and sucking and ballwork as I really went to work with my fingers inside him.

I was pumping his channel with the two-finger mini-cock method, scissoring too and rubbing that knob so often his body was jerking and his cries sounded like Whitney Houston singing, extending a single note in ten different tones.

I pulled him up to the edge without stopping or slowing, his "OHGODOHGODOHFUCKOHGODOHFUCK," constant as I built it up. And I did my very special stop-sucking, licking and ballplaying and just use the prostate to push him over the edge. It's my own way of showing a guy what it's like to have his load fucked out of him.

When I did that, his body was tensed to steel cords, and his cry was a single, long rasp of inhalation until he finally broke, and I felt his cock, thicker inside my mouth, throb violently as his first pump was loosed. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" I hummed around his head at the back of my throat.

Dave shouted, "OHFUCKINGGODIMCOMING!" in one loud shout, then went to, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" loud and long as his body finally erupted in convulsions and I felt his first cumblast rocket through his stubby beercan cock and SPLAT against the back of my throat.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!" I moaned appreciatively for what was obviously a HUGE cumblast.

But it went on, and blast after blast, he pumped his seed into my mouth until I was gulping wildly, trying to get it all down and feeling it run out of the sides of my mouth despite my usually excellent skills of dispositioning cum.

"OH FUCK JESUS CHRIST!" he was still yelling, and I realized I was on auto pilot, working his p-spot still, still as aggressively, and his body was shuddering and convulsing from the stimulation.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMM!" I moaned again, with a loud slurp as I let his cockhead slip out of my mouth with a last smack of my lips and a lick over the slit to catch any dregs. I also gently disengaged my fingers from his fuckhole, eliciting a hiss and a whimper when they were finally gone. With a very gentle and appreciative rub, I also let go of his mini-balls, which I'd gripped hard enough to keep hold of despite their desperate attempt to recede fully up inside him.

I sat back on my haunches and wiped my face with the back of my hand, Dave again steadying himself against the wall, head back, panting. "Holy fucking mother of cocksucking, Billy!" he gasped. "That was fucking amazing!"

I got to my feet and offered the back of my wrist, glistening with his cum I'd wiped from the spill down my chin. He looked at me, alarmed, then suddenly changed to a shrug and tongued it. "Hmmmmm. Another first!" he grinned.

"You've never tasted your own cum?" I asked him, finding that unbelievable.

"I've never smelled my ass on anyone's fingers before!" he shot back.

I laughed. Ah, that. "Yeah, and how was it for you - as good as it was for me?" I gently teased him.

"The smell of my ass was good for you?" he asked, evading my question.

"So far, everything about your ass has been good." I looked down overtly at my hardon, jutting forth angrily, dripping. "You can tell my cock sure likes it!"

He looked surprised at that. "So you weren't joking downstairs when you said you wanted to fuck me?"

"Serious as a heart attack," I answered with a sly smile. "Except I promise you won't die of this, or even require hospitalization, just as long as you do exactly as I tell you," I finished, with a wink.

"I, uh, I've never," he stammered.

"I know, I know," I broke in with a bored tone of voice. "You've never been fucked, you've never been sucked by a man, probably never been touched by one or thought of it. You were just horny today, so you let me take care of it for you, and it'll be our dirty little secret," I shot out, my tone going from bored to monotone with a decidedly blah blah blah quality to it.

David suddenly reached out and clamped a strong hand on my shoulder and gave me a little shake as he protested. "HEY! That isn't what I said. I keep my man-on-man preference private, but I'm no closet case; and I'm surely not in denial." He was close to angry, certainly annoyed, eyes blazing directly up into mine.

I put my hand out and lightly rubbed his awesome eight-pack, enjoying the sweaty fur and cobblestone quality of the surface under his skin. "I apologize. You didn't say that, and I was wrong, David," I softly apologized, just slightly rubbing his bumpy tummy.

His look softened immediately, and a smile, slightly rueful, replaced his set jaw of before. "Dave - I prefer it to David. I should have said it earlier when I introduced myself."

"Okay, Dave it is. I like that, actually - very kind-sounding and welcoming," I bulshitted, thinking that I might just have a chance at another cumload or something with this hot man. "What you've never is . . . ?" I led him back to where we'd veered off track, thinking now that he'd proclaimed he wasn't as virginal as I thought that maybe he had never bottomed for someone as hung as me.

"I've, uh, never, uh, taken it up the ass," he finally got out, the last part delivered very quickly, as if to say it so fast he didn't have to think about it.

"And" I prompted.

"And?" he asked quizzically.

"That was my question," I grinned.

He looked a little caught. "You're tough, you know that, Bill?"

"Billy. I liked it when you called me 'Billy', Dave."

His eyes twinkled then, and his smile returned in force.

"You were saying?"

He laughed then. "You're not letting me off the hook here, are you?"

I moved my hand in a slightly different way and enjoyed the feel of his body reacting to my caress of his abs as I gently petted him. "You're not on any hook here, Dave. It's just the two of us, and you've done what we agreed you came here for. I'm not forcing you to stay, however much I'd love to have you here with me for a very long time." My own face was sincere, very honest about what I'd just said, in conflict with my cock, which just wanted his ass or mouth.

Dave's smile went to a grin, and he cocked his head and made a show of looking around my arm and hand on his stomach to get a look at my flagging cock. I was shocked when he reached out and took it in his rough hand, and I started at the unexpected touch. His head jerked up to meet my eyes, questioning. In response I made my cock flex, and that startled him, though it also widened his grin when he looked back up after jerking down to make sure it really was my cock still in his hand.

He very tentatively stroked my length a couple of times, then he adjusted his grip and started rhythmically stroking me, standing a bit closer, making my wrist cramp to continue rubbing his abs. I figured he was going to stroke me off, and as hard as my cock had been, I'd take it.

Then Dave really surprised me. He thumbed my precummy head and brought his thumb up and licked it, his eyes never leaving mine. "Mmmmmmmm," he moaned appreciatively.

"Like that?" I asked softly.

"VERY much," he grinned, still stroking me.

I thought then that maybe he'd blow me, as long as I didn't spook him or piss him off. A roid-head could have a short trigger - for his temper! - after all. The feel of his hand was great, though his palm and fingers were rough, and I was working to control my breathing and keep from just getting into it, egging him on with filthy talk and fucking his fist.

With a squeeze, he asked, "You really think you could get that inside me without ruining me and having me shitting in a bag?"

I didn't let my excitement and surprise show. I just said, low and sexy, "Oh, I definitely know I can fuck you without any casualties. And I also know that the way you just came? That will feel like about a two on a ten scale of prostate climaxes when I fuck you." My eyes burned into his.

"WHEN you fuck me?" he asked, holding my gaze.

"Oh, yeah, I think it's quite clear you want it, and it's already been established that I want it. So it's just a matter of how you want it."

His grin bloomed again. "I've always had a fantasy of a big-cocked man forcing me - raping me - Billy. I've never told ANYone that!"

I glanced at my watch - SHIT! I had agreed to vacate the room by 1300 and it was after 1200. And I had to report by 1700. The drive was easily two hours on the roads there back to the base, but the checkout . . . I wanted this stud on the end of my cock.  "Gimme a sec, okay?" I hastily said, grabbing the phone.

The concierge I wanted was on lunch - he was the one my buddy told me would set me up, and he had indeed done. I asked the man I talked with in my broken Arabic if I could have the room longer, for an hour beyond my checkout time. There was a lot of talk back, and I finally told him I hadn't understood him and apologized. To that, in a somewhat amused tone, maybe condescending, he said, simply, "Yes."

I turned around to Dave, grinning. "You're going to be sorry you told me that," and I launched myself at him, pinning him against the wall with my forearm across his windpipe, my other hand with a vicious grip on his balls, breathing into his shocked, grimacing face.  "You're my BITCH now!" I spat.

Then, before he could react, I had Dave whirled around, one arm painfully up behind his back, feet kicked apart, pinned hard against the wall by my chest pressing against his wide, muscular back.  "HOLY FUCK!" he cried with a THUMP against the wall.

It felt good, and my cock thought so, too, raging between his legs, my head and top of my shaft against his sac. I used my free hand and slicked up the same fingers I'd had inside him before and not as gently as before probed his hole. "Sweet hole on you, Army!" I sneered behind his ear, and I felt him shiver from the brush of my lip against his skin.

"AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHFFFFUUUUUUUCCCKKKKKKKK!" he gasped/cried when I pushed my two fingertips inside him again. I WAS going to hurt him . . . but just enough!

"Yeah, ARMY, you're going to make a SWEET bitch!" I taunted him, and in response I got a moan. "What's that BITCH? I couldn't hear you!"

"I-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" he screamed when I shoved my fingers farther into him, not gentle at all.

"You WILL show me respect, BITCH!" I reprimanded him.

"SSSSSSIR," he shouted.  "YES, SIR!"

"Ah, now we're getting somewhere, aren't we?" and with that I pressed his magic button again as a reward.

"OHFUCK!" he moaned, and his ass pushed back into my fingers, craving more. As a quick afterthought he added, "Sir." Good Army boy!

"Yeah, that's it, bitch," I growled in his ear as his body tensed and jolted as I worked that p-spot a couple more times. His asschannel was gripping my fingers and juicing with need as I played him. "Yeah, you know you want it, don't you, BITCH?" The last word, spat out loud, suddenly, took him by surprise, and he jolted again.

"Sir, I've never, I don't think I-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" he shouted, when I'd yanked my fingers roughly out of him and grabbed his ballsac and pulled back HARD, in an iron grip.

I'd pulled my midsection back and had my cock now pressed against his hole, guided by my hand, still grasping his nuts painfully. I pushed in a little, forcing my head into his opening just enough to make him scream in anticipation of his pain to come. I yanked his balls, turning his scream to a loud whimper, and I spat in his ear, "Listen to me, bitch, and listen good. Whatever I choose to do to you, you'll take it like the bitch you are, and you'll do it without getting us arrested because of you squealing like a little girl! You got that, ARMY?" I spat in his ear, and to make sure he did, I YANKED those tiny nuts again.

Dave gasped but didn't cry out, and when he'd gulped a time or two, although weakly, he scraped his face against the wall nodding and said, "Yes, sir."

Without releasing his arm, held painfully against his back by my hand clamped on his wrist, or his nuts, with my tight grip, I pulled him away from the wall and turned him toward the bed and propelled him - bitch-walked him - over and then shoved him down onto the bed. He tried to scramble away, once he was free and bouncing on the bed, but I was on top of him, and I got both of his arms pinned above his head and had my knees and shins pinning his knees down from behind.

My throbbing cockhead was pressed into his pucker, though not penetrating. "You're going to take it," I snarled into his ear from behind.

He whimpered. "Yes, sir." I shoved my crotch forward and painfully stretched his assring. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" he cried out.

"Oh, COME on!" I jeered. "That's the best an Army man like you can do?"

I maintained the pressure on his assring, and he grunted a gasped, "Sir, I-" But I shoved harder, my precum-slicked head working its way back into that ring, opening him, slowly. He hissed loudly, his body tense with fear of pain far greater than he was going to get.

I moved my hips and made my slick cockhead move around just on the outside of that pucker, working my pre, which was flowing, all around inside his pucker and pushed in a bit farther. He gasped, and his body went completely taut again, but he didn't cry out. "That's it, Army. You know you want this Marine cock fucking your worthless cunt."

A raspy, panted, "Sir, yes sir."

"Push out!" I ordered sharply, feeling his body start from the sudden shouted order.


"Push out!" I ordered, just as sharply. "Push out like you're trying to expel my cock, Army."

"Sir, I don't wa-"

"DO IT!" I shouted, and with a loud grunt he did. Of course physics took over, and the pushing expanded his assring, and I SHOVED in about a third of the way.

"FUCK!" he hissed and made to pound his fists, still held tightly in my grip.

"Do it again." I ordered.

With a grunt worthy of an Olympic weightlifter, he gave one helluva a push, and I shoved at the same time. "HOOLLLLLLLLLLYYY FUUUCCCCCKKKK!" he shouted, as I bottomed out inside him, all nine plus inches buried to my balls in his TIGHT, hot fuckchute.

He was panting with the pain of the invasion, his cuntmuscles clenched TIGHT around my cock. "RELAX YOURSELF, ARMY!" I ordered.

"Sir, it's too-Sir, there's no way-Sir, you're too fucking BIG!" he sputtered.

"Yeah, yeah, flatter the Marine who's raping your ass. That'll just get me fucking you harder! Now RELAX, Army - DO IT!"

I felt his body go slack under me. Not bad, I thought, when his cuntclench started to relax, too.

"Now, Army, you WILL stay as relaxed as you can or this is going to wreck your Army pussy," I said, pulling out slowly.

"SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" he hissed, as my angry, flared head reamed back through his cuntchannel and bumped against his violated pucker from the inside this time.

"Push," I said, and I began to thrust back into him. Remarkably, he did, and I slid home until my balls rested on his and his buttcheeks again.


And then I began to pump him in regular, long-dicked strokes, even, not slow, not fast, just continuous.

"Holy fuckn Jesus!" he cried the first time I nailed his prostate directly with one of my thrusts. For good measure I nailed it again, just as directly, on the next incursion, and he yelled "OH FUCK YES!" into the mattress.

My cock was not waiting any longer, and before I knew it I was pounding that no-longer-virgin cunt fast and hard, working his p-spot with my shaft - continuous friction, which had him writhing and moaning like a bitch continuously - and only occasionally gave him a direct hit. When I did, invariably his moan would become a loud shout of "OH FUCK THAT'S FUCKN IT!" or "GOD YES!" or "OH FUCK JUST LIKE THAT!" Each one stoked the fire in my nuts, but I was enjoying the sweat on his back, the writhing and spasmodic jerks too much, the inner conflict raging between dumping my nuts and continuing to enjoy the fucking.

I realized soon enough that my cock and balls had ganged up on me, and I was jackhammering that p-spot. Dave was shouting and jerking - his whole body - with every hit to that pleasure knob, crying out, begging for me to just keep pounding him. I was no longer holding his arms, instead had my palms planted on his broad traps and had arched my body to piston into him as deeply as possible.

I felt it first in those muscled shoulders, the tenseness, body tightening as the shouts become more desperate. Then I felt his cunt clenching around me tighter again, like when I'd first invaded his virgin fuckchute. And within seconds he screamed, "OH HOLY FUCCKKKNNNN MMMMMMAAAAAAAAA!" and started convulsing from head to toe as he hissed and cursed and dumped his nutload under him.

Of course, his spasming cunt pulled me over the edge, and I yelled, "FUCK YES, ARMY! TAKE THAT MARINE LOAD UP YOUR ARMY PUSSY!" and blasted HARD and long into him. I knew he was sore, and his cries and hisses as each blast of my seed hit his battered cuntwalls threatened to keep me in a pleasure loop that wouldn't end. Of course it did, despite my intense desire to just keep blasting, to just keep hearing him tell me he felt every milliliter of my seed as it drenched his guts.

"JESUS FUCK THAT WAS SO FUCKING INTENSE!" he said, when we were both struggling to get our breathing under control, which for him was considerably harder, as I'd collapsed on his back.

I licked from between his scapulae up his neck to his buzzed hairline, savoring his sweat, enjoying the shiver that went through him. Dave reached back and rubbed my face awkwardly in gratitude.

"I have to shower up and get out of this room and get back to base," I told him. But I didn't move. My cock was half-hard inside him, on the wane, satisfied but alert for the possibility of more, as always. "A good bitch sucks his top's cock clean when he pulls it out of him," I said low behind his ear.

Dave's hand on my head jerked to a stop from his gentle rubbing. "You mean?"

I laughed. "Yeah, I mean." I gave it a moment then I said, "And an appreciative top might very well lick his bottom's cummy cunt clean, too."

"Fffuuuuccccccckkkkkkkkkk!" was his growled response.

I pulled out of his sore, swollen cunt, Dave doing his best not to cry out, but he couldn't hold back when my big, fat head stretched his ring and popped through. "SHIT!"

"God, I hope not, for both our sakes!" I joked.

I got on my feet on the side of the bed and pulled his head around to my cock. "SUCK IT, ARMY!" I ordered with a grin.

He was cute when he tentatively took a sniff, his face like a kid's who discovered that a vegetable wasn't nearly as bad as he'd thought. Then he licked my head and took it in his mouth. I rubbed his stubbly head and guided him to take more, and he licked and sucked all over it, appreciative "Mmmmmmmm"s causing my cock to thicken again.

I finally had to pull out, otherwise he was going to be sucking for long than I had time for. "Hey!" he yelled. "I wasn't finished with that, and since this is my first time, I think I should get in as much practice as I can!"

I had to laugh at that. "I'd fucking LOVE to, Army, but if I'm going to make good on my own promise, it's my turn to get back to work."

He looked like he didn't follow for a moment, then he was on his stomach, and he'd taken his hands back and was spreading his buttcheeks for me. "Dig in, Marine!" he told me.

I dove into that freshly-fucked, freshly-seeded fuckhole of his, and I licked and tongue-fucked that sore, stretched, swollen ring and then let my tongue lap around inside. All the while he was hissing and then shouting his pleasure. When I started sucking my seed out of him, I thought for a moment he was cumming again, he went so wild.

I ate him into a wild frenzy, frankly enjoying it every bit as much as he did. He was squeaky clean except for sweat and cum, and he tasted like Grade AA Prime. I was finally so worked up that I got on my feet again, had him lay on his back, drooled his ass-juice and my cum into his mouth while I jacked over him. When I had nothing left but spit, he wriggled down and started licking my cock again and then got under my swinging balls and started awkwardly receiving a tea-bagging that was just enough to shift me into overdrive.

"OH FUCK YES! Here it CUMMMMMMMMS!" I moaned and pulled his head so I had my cock head in his mouth and let loose.

"Mmmmmmmmfffffffffffffff! MMrrrrrmmmgggggggggg!" he gagged but swallowed hard and fast as he jerked his own cock and then "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!" around my cock as he blasted onto his neck, chest and stomach. DAMN! That boy could put it out!

I panted but stood firm and put out my hand to his to pull him up. As he was standing I pulled him to the bathroom and the shower. "You're going to make someone a truly FINE bitch some day, Dave. I wish it was going to be me, but I've only got another three months at the base and probably won't get back here before I leave," I told him as I busied with getting the water going and getting us both in and soaping.

We gave each other good cleanings of our cocks and balls, but I stopped it before it got out of hand. There just wasn't the time for me. He had his swimsuit back on, and I had gotten into my shorts and t-shirt and old, battered sneaks and thrown the little else I had into my duffel. I headed straight out the door, not even caring if he followed. But he did.

When we got to the stairs down to the ground floor I turned. "Good place for a couple of military buds to say goodbye. Be well, brother," I said, affording him the respect I would another marine, and I turned and walked on, down the steps, checked out and left, never looking back.

* * * * * * * * * * *

There is an epilogue to this story; but they do not live happily ever after, and the epilogue is many years later, so I decided to omit it. Best we leave it at two men, parting as men do after hooking up and draining their nuts! GOODTIMES!



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