Both Kim and Kelly panted furiously desperate to catch their breath. Jamal had just stopped screaming as the feeling of sperm coursing inside him still had his face in an expression of severe pain and discomfort. Kim leaned forward and kissed Jamal darting her tongue inside his still open mouth. Before bending further down and kissing her sister passionately, with this movement Jamal could feel the sperm inside him slaush back and forth. Kim then attempted to pull Jamal out of her sister but something was wrong, his cock was now swollen and hard, Kelly tried to remove the member as well, but it proved futile the cock was stuck deep inside her tight ass. The 3 showed faces if surprise before Kim attempted to pullout aswell however, the more she pulled the more it became trapped, she too was stuck inside a tight and toned asshole. Desperation took over as the trio tried to be released from each other. Kelly wrapped her arms around the handicap rails, while grabbed hold of the stall. Using her strength she forced herself backward, the sisters pulled as hard as they could. Jamal's cock seemed to be a unfree able cork as it pull against the entrance let out a scream of pain as she felt her insides begin to stretch and tear. Kim let out a scream of terror as she felt as if her dick was going to be torn off. Jamal joined the chorus of pain felling himself and his most sensitive parts being ripped in half. Kim desperately leapt backward trying to free herself, bringing the trio into the air; however the floor being soaked with Kelly's juices cause them to slip and horrifically fall into the door flinging it open. However not even the fall freed them as neither dick managed to move a single inch. But even more to the trio horror was to find on the other side of the door was the entire reunion party. With this sudden sight the room filled with laughter. Embarrassment filled the faces off Jamal and the sisters. However the laughter died down when a fellow alumni E.R. Dr. Roberts realized the severity of the situation and called an ambulance. After twelve excruciating long and painful minutes passed the ambulance finally arrived. While the trio were welled out into the gymnasium on a gurney, many more paused to laugh and take photographs.

During a 10 minute ambulance ride every bump sent shivers of pain radiating through Kim, Kelly, and especially Jamal who felt Kim's thick cream slush with every rotation of the tires. Once arriving Dr. Roberts had x rays done. Do to the position off the hospital bed; Jamal was forced to set on Kim's lap while Kelly set on his. When doctor Roberts came in the room he showed the 3 the X Rays. He explained that when the sisters had orgasmed Kelly's ass hole had tightened around the cock, and Kim's penis had swollen. However this was somewhat relieved by their orgasms. However due to the intense Pain Jamal's asshole and clinched even tighter on Kim's member, and that at the edge of orgasm Jamal's penis had swollen to an extreme rate. But due to him not orgasming it remained that way. And the only nonsurgical way for the 3 to be freed was for Jamal to relax by having a massive orgasm. The group agreed to try it, for a half hour the 3 tried to fuck however were to over whelmed with pain to get anything accomplished. Nurses then inserted a 6 inch dildo Inside Kelly's vaginal opening and Kim's anal opening. The dildos were in fact vibrators; a vibrating ring was attached to the base of Jamal's cock. Each was turned it highest setting.

Almost 2 hours had passed, and while Jamal was harder than steel moaning in pleasure he had yet to orgasm. In stark contrast Kelly was grinding her ass raw on Jamal's cock, nearing her 19th orgasm she fingered her pussy like there was no tomorrow, driving the vibrator so deep she might have had to have surgery. Her sister grinded her empty balls into Jamal's, he anal muscles seemingly glued the vibrator to her prostate. Nearing her 25th orgasm her penis still hard as a board, sore but throbbing with orgasmic intensity having emptied her testicals 24 times into Jamal's aching anus. Inside her cock swimmed in cum, Jamal had taken over a gallon of the sticky liquid, and due to the tightness of his asshole, not a drop escaped. His belly bulged making him look pregnant. The sisters moaned reaching there simultaneous orgasm, when Kelly reached back and squeezed Jamal's massive balls saying " Cum with us!" Kim squeezed his orbs aswell shouting "Let's do it together" She pulled the 3 together and the all shared a kiss. Then finally Jamal's ass tightened, his cock swelled beyond the limit and a typhoon of cum erupted into Kelly's asshole. The 3 shouted and screamed in ecstasy, while a gathering of nurses cheered. Jamal kept Cumming like a geyser filling Kelly with a gallon of cum, until she 2 looked pregnant the finally his cock went flaccid and his asshole released Kim's member, both pulled out. Dr Roberts asked if they wanted separate recovery rooms or one together. The 3 shared yet another kiss before stating untied "Together". Then the doctor left the room. Leaving behind him, 2 massive sore aching cocks, 2 gaping assholes spilling out a river of cum, 1 soaking fingered raw pussy. And 3 people whose lives were changed forever.


Reverend Y

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