Jamal cant believe it. He was once the geekeyist boy in highschool. He was only 5'6,thin as a twig, do to cataracts he had to where big black rim glasses whichmade him a target from the moment he would walk into school, he never fit in, always pushed around. All the guys always beat him up and put him down, all the girls laughed at him. A lot had changed in the past 10 years. Jim became sucessful working for a soft wear company as a sales representative, he now makes a 6 fingure salery. But his statis wasnt the only thing to change, he had managed to grow 2 inches dince highschool. He now was an avid athlete, playing for his companies racket ball team he had gained a sleek muscle profile, his biceps were no longer scrany, his calfs tightened and toned and inplace of his boney stomach, a slight 6 pack had immerged which was inhaced by his african skin tone. He could finally been able to afford his catract surgery now only having to where his custome designed sleek glasses that match his now mature face. But the most surprising change of all was he was now making out with the Trinity Twins, they were the hottest girls in school. Kim and Kelly almost identical in every way, both had long saffire hair, Kim let hers fall to her shoulders, while Kelly tied hers in a pony tail. Both with shimmering lips, Kim lips were fuller wearing pink lipstick. Kelly was taller than Kim at 5'7 to Kims 5'5. Both were wearing mermaid dresses. Kellys perked and plumped breast threaten to overflow her attire, Kim was less busty but her valupusus ass was straining the fabric to its breaking point. Both ravaged Jamal ferously as the push him into the mens locker room.

Jamal kisses Kim deeply as he freed Kellys breasts with his right hand. He pulled away to watch there swinging glory. As Kim pulled Kelly forward ravaining her mouth with her tongue, Kelly freed and groped her sisters breasts. Jamal almost drooling stepped back in wonderment, he couldnt believe that here in the epicenter of his turmoil and pain he would no be apart of this wonderland of pleasure. He grapped hold of Kims ass while suckling on her right nipple, Kim proceeded to remove his shirt gropping his pecks. Kelly stepped back stripping off her dress to reviel she was wearing no under garments. Both sister turned to Jamal pounching on him driving him into the handicaped stall, they like animals tore off his pants and made short work of his underwear, then they staired in wonderment at the soda can size 8 inch black meatpole before them. Jamal stood unsure what to do as his penis stood fully erect twitching. Then both twins lept forward licking his man hood, he almost feel over in orgasmic pleasure as Kelly sucked his balls while Kim deep throated his cock, then the reverse. When suddenly Kelly bent over the toilet exposing her vag to Jamal, Jamal lept forward grapping Kelly by the waist and lined his cock upwith her now moist entrance. She let out a gasp of pleasure and pain as the head slipped in. He moaned as he slowly feed her his cock, before thrusting back and forth in a slow rythmic motion. While Kelly sang out a chorus of pleasure moans, her sister stripped quietly behind them revieling a surprusing site of monsterous proportions.

Matching her bontiful booty was a cock of equal value. A foot long behemoth equally as wide as Jamals. She slowly crept behind him aligning her erection up with his virgin rosebud. When Jamal pulled completly out of Kellys now dripping pussy he hit Kims mammoth member. His proved all Kim could take. She grapped Jamals hips and forcfully thrusting forward with all her sexual power. In one motion her cock head popped into his virgin hole and before he could let out a screem of pain her balls slapped into his filling him with 12 buetiful inches of she cock. Simotainously this thrust, thrust Jamal into Kelly forcing in the same motion his member into Kellys asshole, as Kims balls slapped his, his slapped Kellys pussy. This proved to much for Kelly as she screemed in orgasmic pleasure, he asshole tightened around the throbbing cock, impalling herself upon its 8 inches of glory hiiting all her pleasure zones, her orgasm shook her from deep inside her pussy exploded as her juices coated Jamals nuts. Watching her sister blow through Kim over the edge as she moaned aloud,her balls tightened, her cock swelled wedging it further inside steel trap of Jamals anal canal, her viens expanded her cock slit exploded dumping splurt after splurt of hot sperm into Jamals bowels. In the same moment Jamal screemed bloody murder from the shere pain of his hole being stetched to a limit not thought possible, 12 inches deep inside feeling like he was being torn apart impaled upon Kims masdive member, every drop of cum ramming its way deeper and deeper inside him, while his cock was being crushed from every angle by the ever tightening asshole of Kellys intestines, feeking as though his cock itself was breaking. However his desperate cry of intense pain was only to be muffled by the orgasmic soundsof exctasy immiting form his lover both in front and behind.


Reverend Y

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