Well where do I begin, Chad was a new employee at the office where I worked. He was a very good looking twenty five year old, very nicely built, I would guess from what I could see, he had a swimmers build, and he was very handsome. He could have gotten a job as a model or a role in a movie, God he was awesome looking.

Chad was coming to work every day like clock work, he never missed, getting there early each morning, setting in the break room and drinking his one large cup of 'Starbucks,' I think he told me it was a 'Latte'.

I would always bring my thermos of homemade coffee which I love more than any coffee you could purchase, I liked my 'Folgers,' and we would set there and enjoy our coffee. Getting Chad to strike up a conversation was like pulling Chickens teeth, next to impossible. 'Then finally one day, I finally spoke up to Chad and said, 'Hey man, I want to be your friend but if you don't want to talk or be friends I respect that wish, Just let me know so I will stop embarassing myself, O.k.?'

He looked at me and smiled and said,'I'm sorry, I just didn't think anyone would want to talk to a guy like me.' That statement I could not quite understand, or at least at first.

I didn't speak to Chad again for several days and I stopped going to the break room for my morning coffee too.

I guess I should introduce myself, I'm Paul Duncan, I have worked at this office, doing legistics work. Chad had come in as a sort of apprentice and was working Larry Flynn and myself, learning the work.

I am thirty years old and I live alone, I am a formerly married man, and I am divorced, I have one child. Growing up I had never given in to my 'Gay' side, I just thought all guys had those sort of desires and they just supressed them and went ahead and did what so called 'Nature' told us we were supposed to do.

I had been married for about four years when it all came to a head, Little Jessie was two year os old, and I was so proud of him. I loved my son so much, and I loved my wife really a lot, but the only thing we didn't have in common was I had no sex drive toward her, many times when we were having intercourse I would have to think about guys, their cocks and asses, to be able to finish it. I finally got to the place that I knew this was unfair to Maryellen. After living with this conflict, constantly battling my inner self, I finally had a really heart to heart talk with Maryellen. It took her about three weeks to come to grips with this explosive revelation, but she finally set down with me and told me that she wanted me to be happy, but she had the right to be happy too. We decided on a peaceful divorce, I gave her everything and she and I divorced with haveing joint custody of Jessie, and went our seperate ways. I have always taken my responsibility of Jessie and I and Only I am his father.

I still hadn't given myself over to man to man sex, except for the occasional blowjob I had recieved from a dude at this glory hole at the park, I even got to give a couple to dudes there and I really loved it.

One afternoon at the office I was working on a presentation for the assistant Vice President, I had gone to the copier to make some copies for the meeting. I was there having my usual problems with the copier, when Chad walked up to the copier with some papers in his hand, I just surmised that he was wanting to use the copier too.

He smiled and said,'Hi Chad, That old Derelic giving you problems too, I had a hell of a time with it this morning' I just smiled at Chad and said,'Yea, It knew It was coming, it does this every time.' Chad just started laughing. He looked down at me and said, 'Paul I have been wanting to ask you if maybe, you would like to go to dinner with me sometime, that is if you don't have something else going on at that time?'

I smiled and felt something zing in my stomach as I looked up and told Chad, 'Wow man, I'd Love to.' 'Great, when are you free?' Chad said.

'I'm free, let me check my appointment book.' I looked at my appointment book, which was totally empty, and said, 'Well let me see here, From now untill the end of time it seems,' He started laughing.

I felt like the ice was broken, I found myself looking deep into his beautiful dark, almost black looking eyes, I hadn't noticed how beautiful his eyes were. I started feeling like a teenager that was going on his first date.

Later that afternoon,I looked on my desk and found a note from Chad. It read,'Sorry about the note,' I am in a meeting and couldn't get free to ask you about tomorrow night, It's Friday, I would like it if you would go to dinner and a movie with me, My treat'.

For some reason my heart started really beating hard and I felt a jump in my stomach. I had never felt like this when dating Maryellen. But I knew that I loving this feeling.

After Chad came out of his meeting he came over and ask me if I had read the note. 'Yes' I said. He looked anxious as I slowly looked up and rubbed my chin and finally said, 'I'd Love too.'

Chad was smiling like he had found a girlfriend for the first time in his life.

Well Chad and I met at his apartment and he said, 'We're going to 'Applebees' if that is o.k., I said, 'I love 'Applebees,'

We went to a large shopping center, and there besides the mall was a huge 'Applebees.'

We got seated at the table and ordered Drinks. then Chad excused himself to use the restroom, and I was as nervous as a High School kid on his first date. I almost felt Giddy.

We had a few drinks, that is the one thing I like about 'Applebees' you can have drinks and then a meal without going to a bar.

We were really having a wonderful time, I didn't know about 'Gaydar' but I was beginning to feel something toward Chad. He just kept making eye contact and smiling and licking his lips and well, I was starting to feel a mixture of arousal and the drinks. I really was feeling just awesome.

Finally Chad said, 'Want to go back to my place for a beer?' I said, 'Is a beer all were going to have?' he smiled and said, 'I don't know what you mean.' I didn't say anything more.

We got back to the apartment, and we went in.

Chad got a couple beers and we set down on the couch, I noticed the way Chad had set down and pulled his leg upon the couch and sorta spread his legs. I looked up to his eyes and he was stareing into my eyes, my eyes met his and I just started getting a boner like a rock, I hadn't done anything with anyone for months almost a year to be exact. My nuts were already tight against my body and I really wanted to have sex with this awesome looking young, hot, man.

I looked over to Chad and I said, 'You might throw me out and never speak to me again but I gotta do something,' Chad looked and me and said, 'Paul What's?' and the words never got out of his mouth, I had leaned over and planted a huge 'tongue into the mouth kiss' right onto his lips and into his mouth, he just wilted back onto the couch, I was holding his head as I kissed him like a long lost lover, He just wimpered and Kissed me back, and said, 'How did you know?' I said, 'Truthfully, I didn't.' I just knew that this is what I wanted to do,' and I had two options, Kiss you and find out, or just straight out tell you.' 'Then I just thought, even If you weren't gay and wouldn't allow me to do this, I would at least get a kiss from you this way.'

I finally got to his shirt and got it unbuttoned and by the time I got his shirt opened and felt his hairy chest muscles and his hard stomach, His cock was straining to get free from his trousers.

I leaned down and started sucking on his nipples and licking his hairy beautiful stomach muscles. I loved sticking my tongue into his navel, and licking his beautiful treasure trail down into his trousers.

I had been working on his chest, his ears, his neck and his stomach for about ten minutes, he was groaning and wimpering at each little thing I did to him.

My hand was wrapped around his hard as steel cock. I could feel it with each flex his body made and it would swell up and tighten inside his trousers. I knew he needed to get it released from its confines. Chad just layed his head back and was rubbing his own chest as I worked on this mans cock.

I undid his belt and had him take off his loafers. I reached down and took off his socks, then pulled his trousers down, He looked at me and said, 'Paul I must tell you I have never been with a guy before sexually,' I said, 'NO SHIT?' He said, 'to be honest this is the first time I've ever had sex with anyone.' I almost fell over, This gorgeous looking Hot, sexy man, who was a peice of beautiful manhood, A virgin? Damn.

I was determined to make this experience a wonderful one for Chad.

I had him naked, except his boxer briefs. I could tell he was leaking pre-cum his briefs were wet in the front, He sorta felt embarrassed about it.

I just said, 'Chad thats part of the sexual experience.' I started rubbing his hard cock and rubbing his nutsack, I noticed my cock was about to crack it was so friggen hard. I was so fucking turned on.

I finally slid off Chads Underwear and saw a gorgeous seven inch, very thick,hard cock. Damn it was an outstanding looking cock, I just leaned over and said, 'You ready for this?' 'Oh Yeah,' Chad said. I have been waiting for this all my life, I just wanted it to be with someone special.' I smiled and said, 'Thank you Chad.'

I knew I wanted to bring this young man to heaven. I leaned and just sunk his cock into my mouth, it was hot inside my mouth, and he just almost yelled as I took his cock to the hilt and started sucking his cock like I was a pro. I felt his body lift upward with his hips and he had my head pinned down onto his cock and he was grunting, 'Oh God man, Oh God, Its-its-its, Its the most awesome feeling I've ever had. I was sucking like a Hoover, and swirling my lips and hand around,up and down and licking the head like a lollipop.

Chad didn't take very long, and I heard him Say, 'Paul, Paul, Oh Fuck, Im Gonna, I'm Gonna, cummmmm, I can't hold it, oh shit,' and I felt his cock start to pump cum, he pumped eight or ten vollies of hot, tasty sweet cum into my mouth. I felt his body jerk and twitch as he settled down, breathing heavy, almost gasping for breath.

He looked at me and started laughing, 'Fuck man, that was so fucking intense, It felt so wonderful.

I smiled at Chad and said,'did you like that?' He said, 'I wouldn't trade that feeling with anything I have done before in my life, I loved it.'

I said, 'Bowjobs are just the start of the Gay Experience,' He said, 'no shit man?' What else is there?' I said, 'Do you really want to know?' Chad looked into my eyes and he said, 'Yes Paul, I want to do it all, but only With you.'

I said,'alright.'

I said, 'lets go to bed.' we went into the bedroom and I got undressed and got into bed. I started kissing Chad again, I slid down and turned Chad over and started licking on his backside. I leaned down and had Chad get upon his knees and I spread his ass cheeks, Chad started saying 'god man, that feels great.'

I started licking his little love hole, it was gorgeous, a dark spot with a pink inner part and surrounded by beautiful swirling hair, it was awesome looking. In about three minutes Chad was going wild, and I had about two inches of my tongue buried in his love canal. Chad looked back at me and said, 'Fuck Paul, I never knew that my asshole would feel like this, fuck man its awesome.' I just kept up the tongueing his asshole, I was going at it like a madman.

Chad was muttering and wimpering as I licked and sucked and tongued his hole.

Finally I sent two fingers up the poop shoot and he adjusted to it, Then three fingers and he adjusted to it.

I had Chad to lay over on his back and raise his legs up beside his shoulders and he hooked his arms under the knees, exposing his awesome looking hole, beautifully pink and shining from the wetness. I took a small bottle of lube from my jacket pocket and put some on my seven and a half inch cock. My cock head was shining it was so fucking hard, I leaned up against Chads body and layed my cock onto his ass crack and I said, 'Chad, it might hurt a little at first but let yourself relax and push out with it and It will start to feel wonderful, O.K.?' He looked a little aprehensive but he said. 'O.K,' I started by putting the head against the opening and swirling it around with my right hand, I leaned against it,and my cockhead started to punch in and I slowly pushed the head in and Chad grunted a little I stopped and he smiled and said,'its o.k.' and I slid more in, and said,'is it still alright?' He smiled and said, 'Yea man, more that O.K. It's fucking awesome.' I said,'O.K. Man,' And I sunk my cock into his asshole to the balls. He smiled and said, 'Wow man, that feels awesome.' I started Fucking. Chad was starting to groan and fucking upward with his ass. I was surprised for a virgin ass, to be able to take my cock, but Chad was an exception. I knew my cock was hitting the spot up inside because evertime I pulled out and sunk my cock back into the hole to the hilt he was almost shudder and shiver like a cold chill would go over his body and he would wimper. He finally started to getting vocal again. 'OH mother of God that feels so fucking fantastic.' I was getting close and I wanted to make This Chads greatest experience. I knew your first sexual experience should always be the most memorable one.

I just kept fucking, ramming like a piledriver and feeling my climax coming on, and it was going to be a very strong one too.

Chad looked into my eyes and said.'Paul, I want to see your face when you shoot cum into my asshole.' I said, 'Sure man, It's about there.'

I grunted a few times as the most intense climax of my life was building up. I took about ten more good pumps and I just sunk it to the hilt as I grunted really loud, and held it there as My cock started pumping out a load of cum and It just kept pumping into his ass, I felt his rectal muscles start contracting as his cock started pumping out a load again.

We finished and layed there still connected as we kissed and licked and just loved on each other. God was it an awesome Friday night. I have spent Many, Many nights with Chad, and he has spent many with me too. Even though I was once married and many people don't understand, sometime life must go on, and A guys just gotta do what a guys gotta do. Even when in others eyes it seem the wrong thing. I am totally happy with Chad and he is apparently happy with me. We are together all the time. You know life is just too damn short to be something your not, Just find what you want in life and be happy.



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