'Good' I say, 'Now ready to try me?'

'I'll try Ricky but please don't be mad if I'm really bad. I've never done this before.' Preston said nervously.

'It's ok, just remember, no teeth.' I say as I pull off my shirt.

'Wow' he says as I remove my shirt. He reaches out, his hands running over my chest tweaking my nipples and making me want to cum right then.

'Are you trying to make me cum in my pants boy?' I ask with a smile.

Preston grins and stops tweaking my nipples. His hands resume slowly drifting across my chest and stomach. He leans in and kisses my abs.

'Hmm you taste good' he begins to lick at my stomach as his hands fumble to undo my pants.

I can feel his hands brushing against the bulge in my pants as he removes my pants.

'Fuck' I say as I feel his hand rub the head of my cock as he uses the other hand to push them down the rest of the way, exposing my own 7 inch erection.

'Lie down Ricky' he says pointing to the bench he had previously occupied. I eagerly comply.

'Tell me if I do something wrong' he says nervously.

'Please' I say. It's so hard to think with this blonde god at my knees. I can feel his breath, warm against my cock.

He begins by gently licking the shaft, his tongue running along the vein on the underside of my cock.

'More' I beg. I can hardly restrain myself as I fight to keep from cumming so soon.

He pulls back for a second and I want to scream in frustration but then he's back he opens his mouth and takes my cock slowly into his mouth. His tongue swirls around my cock as he takes me deeper. At about 5 inches in he starts to gag. He pauses for a moment just holding me there his tongue still swirling around the head. He starts taking more of my cock in slowly. When he reaches the base of my cock he glances up.

I swear the look of excitement in those eyes and seeing my cock down his throat almost make me cum.

He begins to slowly bob up and down on my cock. He pulls back so only the head is in that warm moist mouth as his tongue tickles the slit and he slides down again. His hands come up and he grabs my nipples and begins pinching them as his mouth slides up and down my cock.

'Uhhhhhh' I moan. My back arches off the bench and my hand works its way into Preston's hair as my body spasms and I feel my balls draw up. 'I'm gonna cum' I gasp.

Preston's only response is to bob faster. The sensation takes over and I thrust into him pulling his head down as I cum in his mouth. I can feel him swallowing each jet of cum as it leaves my cock.He pulls his mouth off and begins licking my cock searching for any drop of cum left. After finding no more he returns to my cock and swirls his tongue over it once more.

'Gaaahh' I gasp pushing him away. 'Too much'

He laughs. 'Really, was I good?'

'Preston you're kidding right I had to push you away cause I couldn't handle it. Of course it was fucking amazing .'

He smiles and helps me sit up and pulls me into a hug. 'Thanks Ricky'

'No problem' I say 'but there's still more I wanna teach you Preston.'

'Hmmm' says kissing my cheek 'I like the sound of that.

We got dressed and left both with huge grins on our faces and exhausted.

That year was a learning experience for the both of us. This meeting wasn't the only time we had fun. The story of our first fuck is coming soon.




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