I was that kid in school, the one who had a hard time with others. My grades were fine, as usual steady 3.0, but I hated school. I was the loner. I took care of myself as a few idiots learned the hard way. Each day a chore until I met him, Preston, he was built like a god. He had sandy blond hair and piercing green eyes.

He walked into class as Mrs. Warner was lecturing. She paused, 'Ah, you must be the new student.' She glanced at a paper on her desk, 'Preston Walthers right?'

He gave a nervous smile and nodded. 'Alright,' she said, 'Have a seat next to Ricky. Ricky, can you give him your notes to copy after class?' 'Sure,' I say as I work to keep my voice normal as he walks toward me.

Mrs. Warner returns to her lecture and Preston sits down next to me. 'Hi' I say 'So where are you from?'

Preston smiles 'Oh I'm from Wisconsin. Name's Preston. Nice to meat you,' he says as he holds out his hand. As I shake his hand I notice his ring. Something is written on it but I can't make it out. 'Nice ring,' I say. 'What's it say?'

'Oh' he says 'Its Latin. It says Dum vita est spes est. Amor Libere.'

'While there is life there is hope. Love freely' I say with a smile. His eyes widen. 'Hey,' I say feeling bold. 'Wanna sit together for lunch?'

We did and our friendship grew as did my attraction to Preston and I learned over time the many things we shared in common. Like we both loved swimming. We would often meet up to go swimming in the old pool at the school. (Our school has 2 pools the old one is used mainly by members of the swim team for practicing. Our coach had given each member a key to the old pool.)

It was after one such swimming session that my lust filled dreams were fulfilled. We had just gotten out of the pool and gotten in the locker room. We were showering after swimming. We were goofing off and having fun. 'Let's get a pizza. I'm hungry' I say with a smile.

'Sure I could go for a pizza' Preston said. We turned off the water and were heading to the lockers when I slipped, falling back into Preston. I felt his arms catch me, wrapping around me and holding me. He helped me back to my feet and it was then as I turned to thank him I noticed 2 things. First he was blushing and second he had a boner tenting his swimming trunks.

'So are you just happy to see me Preston?' I say with a laugh and he blushes even more.

'Um Ricky,' he says. 'There's something I've been wanting to ask you. I guess now I might as well.' He swallows hard. 'Um have you ever you know wondered what it would be like,' he paused and took a deep breath 'with a guy?'

I stood in shock. The guy I've been dying to have is actually maybe into guys. 'Uh yah sometimes I do. What about you Preston?'

'A few times. Have you ever actually done anything with a guy?' Now it was my turn to blush. I knew he could see it on my face so I said 'Once, I did.'

He took a step closer and looked into my eyes and I saw hope and fear in them as he asked 'Can I?' I nodded and he kissed me. I felt the raw passion the lust in his fierce kiss as his body pressed against me. His tongue dancing with mine, I could taste him, sweet spicy and masculine. I needed him. My hands running through his hair and his hand on the back of my neck made me feel so hot I wanted more.

I pulled my hands away from his hair, still kissing him I let them trace his back down lower and lower until I got to his trunks. 'Off' I said pulling back from the kiss. As I pushed his trunks down and felt the touch of his hard cock against me. 'You too' he said with a smile. I pulled off my trunks and grabbed his hand, pulling him toward the bench.

'Sit' I said, pushing him onto the bench. I straddled him and began kissing and nibbling his neck. Nibbling and kissing my way down, I reached his nipples. I slowly licked around them, teasing them with my tongue.

'Please' he begged and I obliged, sucking his nipple into my mouth. 'Yes' he moaned. I moved on kissing and licking lower. My tongue sliding over his smooth hairless chest as his moans continued. I lapped along his treasure trail, his hips pumping, rubbing his cock against me. I reached the base of his cock. 'Do you want it Preston?' I ask already knowing the answer. 'Yes. Please Ricky. Please.' He said through shaking breath.

I slowly licked the base of his cock along the shaft. I go slowly up the shaft licking everywhere but the head. 'Ricky I need you. Please' he begged. I slowly began allowing my tongue to flick the edges of the head. 'More please. More' he begged.

I slowly started to lick more and more of the head my tongue swirling around the head as I finally opened my mouth wide and sucked him down, all 7 inches. 'Oh god Ricky, yes' he moaned, his back arching and hips thrusting into me, I could see his stomach moving in waves and feel his balls contracting. He was close. 'Oh god Ricky yes. Yes' He shouted as he came and I felt his cock pulse as his warm sweet cum filled my mouth. I swallowed it down and kept sucking, making sure there was none left. When I was satisfied I had got it all, I pulled away. 'Did you like?' I asked with a smile.

'Damn Ricky' he said breathing hard. 'That was the best blowjob I ever had.'

'Good' I say, 'Now you ready to try me?'





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