It has been a 'Hard Row to Hoe,' since Karen started acting so different and funny, then one day she just disappeared, and we never heard from her again. I was devistated at first, I sat in the dark and cried a lot, I know it wasn't a very manly thing to do, but I was at a total loss.

I guess what brought me out of it was when my sister called me and told me to come get my boys, they were crying for me.

I knew I had to grab myself by the bootstraps and pull myself up and get out of this state of sadness and selfpity. I had two sons that needed their father, especially right now.

God, as I overlooked the task ahead of me, it seems undaunting,astronomical. I wasn't sure I was up to doing it by myself, but I did love my two little boys. Could I be the father they needed, and for that matter, the mother too.

I went and got my little boys, Robbie was five, and Nicky was four. They were little dolls, I cryed as they saw me and just came running and grabbed me an wouldn't let me go. They were just eleven months apart.

Karen and I had a fling the last year of High School and I got a little son out of that night. Well Karen and I hurried and got married before Robbie was born and then, less than a year later, Little Nicky came along.

I never regretted them, not for a second, they were the joy of my life.

I knew the only thing left for me was to get a really good education and a good paying job and be the best father I could be, well it finally happened. I have done a really good job, if I do say so myself. I was able to accomplish it, I have a good job, bought a nice home and i was able to provide all the good things a father wants for his sons.

Robbie is now nineteen, Nicky is eighteen and Im forty two. Wow,how time flys by when your having fun.

My Boys are really precious, I had enjoyed being the consumate father, all those soccer practices and games, baseball, swimming, scouts, and of course the drum and Guitar lessons. But looking back on the last nineteen years I haven't given up or done without anything,but I have gained the priviledge of being a Dad and friend to my two sons.

Yeah there has been up's and down's but pretty much smooth sailing for the most part and it has been a joy.

Now we all know that boys will be boys when it comes to sex, at least the ones I have known were, especially Robbie and Nicky. I have really had an open relationship with my sons. I hid nothing, If I had felt the need to go to the kitchen nude, I just did it, from the time they were little they had seen me openly naked around the house, but I also allowed them the same freedom. There were embarassing moment too, like Nicky asked me one time why I had that skin covering my uncut cock and why he didn't have that, and why did I have thick black hair growing around my cock and he didn't, questions that had to be answered. And I gave them the answers of truth.

I remember One night When Robbie was about fourteen, he had taken a shower and he walked down stairs drying off his hair, I was making supper, Robbie was naked, still drying off,really not that unusual, Nicky just started giggleing and said, 'Hey Dad, Robbie's got a boner, look,' sure enough, I looked around and there stood Robbie, damn man, I hadn't realized my little boy was growing up, damn! was he growing up, His once little pecker was now about seven, thick inches long sticking straight up and he wasn't done growing yet, I just smiled at him and gave him the thumbs up, and then told Nicky, that all boys get boners and as you get older they become more often and prominant.

Robbie got his shorts on before supper and we ate. I called him in and thought it was time to have that, 'Birds and bees' talk with Robbie, he was pleasant, and said, they had already had it at school in gym class with Mr. Summers the Health teacher, they had even seen a sex information movie.

But he asked me what I thought about guys masturbating, 'you know Dad, jerking off? The teacher said, All guys do it, its a normal thing.' I had never dodged the truth about anything to my boys and wanted them to feel free to ask me about anything.

I looked at Robbie, and just said, 'Yes son, its natures way of teaching you that your penis is for more things than peeing with.' He smiled and said, 'Dad that means you jerk off too then don't you?' 'Well to be honest, Yes,' he smiled and said, 'Dad, thanks you and me are just alike, cause I do it to.' Robbie gave me a big hug and thanked me, told me that he really loved me, that I was an awesome Dad, I smiled and just went back to the kitchen.

I then had to try to explain what we were talking about to Nicky, Robbie just smiled and said, 'Don't worry about telling Nicky Dad, He already does it too. I have watched him and caught him doing it.' I almost pissed myself. Well boys will be boys, I just started laughing.

My son Nicky just looked up and said, with pride, 'yeah dad! and I can shoot thst white stuff out just like Robbie does too.'

Well I guess about a couple years or so later, it was a Saturday morning and I had done several loads of Laundry, and I was carrying an armload of freshly cleaned clothes up to the boys rooms, it was about eight in the morning and they weren't up yet. I opened their bedroom door, expecting to see them sleeping yet and there on the bed was my eighteen year old son, Nicky, naked as a newborn with a good eight inch cock, his hand wrapped around it, he had was just finishing up a jerk off session, I walked in just as his cock shot off a big load of cum clean up onto his face and all over his chest, he grabbed a tissue and started wiping himself clean, just smiled, and said, Morning Dad, I had no reaction to the situation and I walked over and grabbed his big cock and squeezed it and said, 'Mother fucker boy, you must have inherited this from your mammas side of the family, dayum Boy you got a honker on you. He just smiled and said, 'Thanks Dad, I've seen yours and you ain't no little guy yourself, you know.'

I finished up putting his clothes on the dresser and left, He came down later and told me he thought that was exciting haveing his dad watch him shoot his load. I just smiled and said, 'I'll not try to make a habit of it, That is your own private, personal time with yourself.

He smiled and gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek, But I will say My son Nicky is one really hot, good looking kid, built like an olympic athlete, and hung like a porn star.

Well several months had gone by and I had to take a trip to Denver for my job, I had to attend some company meetings.

I had left on a Tuesday morning and the boys were able to fend for themselves. I told them no wild parties at the house while I was gone.

We finished up in Denver a day ahead of time actually my part was two days ahead of time, I decided to go home and surprise the boys. I took a taxie from the Airport, it was Friday evening. I had taken an evening flight and I got home about midnight, I wanted to surprise the boys and I took my shoes off and quietly entered thru the garage, I had taken off my shirt and trousers and the house was dark, I just thought I wouldn't bother them and go on to bed and then be there when they got up in the morning.

I snuck up the stairs in my sock feet, I was being just as quiet as I could be. I was just in my boxers and tank top undershirt.

Nicky's door was closed and I opened it and he was snoring in the dark and I just closed his door and walked down to Robbies room.

At first now I thought he had his T.V. on in his room, I could hear something I couldn't make out what it was.

I noticed his bedroom door was cracked open just a little with a night light on, and I got up to the door planning to surprise Robbie and let him know I was home.

I heard something that sounded like someone having sex,light moaning and grunting, I thought I was hearing Robbie Jerking off, I just smiled and looked into the crack of his door, I noticed two pair of feet up in the air. My first thought was, He's got a girl in the bed with him getting him a peice of ass, Yeah son thats my boy. I pushed the door open just a little more, not wanting to disturb them just have a look,and I noticed a beautiful mans ass between these two legs. At first I thought it was Robbies naked ass I was looking at and then I heard this rasping, heavy breathing guy saying 'Oh Yeah man, fuck that ass, bury that cock man,' the more I watched the more I realized it was Robbie getting fucked in the ass by Travis Berryman, a buddy of Robbies, They were both football players in High School, and Travis was an awesome looking Kid, but I had no Idea he was gay, nor did I realize that Robbie liked gay sex either, but the more I watched the more I realized that I was getting turned on, My cock was sticking out of the piss slit in the front of my boxers, like a fucking log. I reached down and as I watched I started getting more turned on by the minute, I had slipped my boxers down a little below my nutsack and was stroking my cock like a madman, I was nearing a ball shattering climax and knew it would be a duzey, I felt it comming on.

I watched as Travis was hammering Robbie's ass like a breeding horse, and I heard him start to moan, and say 'God Damn, man, and his ass cheeks tightened up and he shoved his cock to the hilt in Robbie's ass as he grunted and jerked and unloaded his sex pistol of its ammo into Robbies turd tunnel. At about that same moment I started feeling the climax and I grunted really loudly and blasted a huge seven day without sex load, all over the carpet in the hallway, I quickly grabbed my undershorts took them off and wiped up the mess, and before they could realize I was there I quickly ran to the bedroom and started to clean up myself and got into bed.

The following Monday, I was at work and there is one of my co-workers that Im pretty open with, and we sat down in the coffee-break room, and said, 'Allen I want to ask you something, Now Allen and I started the same day several years back and we just started to hitting it off really well, we'd go out for beers and eat our lunch together and such, just really enjoyed each others company.

I said, 'Allen I want to ask you something what makes a guy want to have sex with another guy?'

He said, 'why, what have you heard?' I was puzzeled at that statement, I said, 'you know some guys like to get it on, sexually I mean,you know with other dudes. Is there that much enjoyment in it for a guy? Allen just smiled and said, 'Why are you asking this?'

'Just wondering what it is that makes a guy want to take another guys cock in the ass or get his cock sucked by a guy thats all.'

Allen smiled and said,'Well It's the pleasure they feel from the contact with another guy, a man is said to be able to give a better blowjob than a woman, and the reciever enjoys it more because the guy giving it is wanting to make him enjoy it and pleasure him.' A woman just does it because she knows the guy wants it.'

'Wow, do they really give better blowjobs than a gal?'

'Oh hell yeah!' 'I mean, I have heard that they do.'

I said, 'Well I caught my son haveing sex with a friend of his, and I was wondering what it is that he is feeling,'

'Allen just came over to me and said,'Ken, I would love to show you sometime if your willing.'

I was a little shocked at his statement, I just smiled,and said, 'No shit man, you would do that?'

Allen smiled and came over and reached down and rested his warm yet firm hand snuggly against my crotch and gave it a soft gentle squeeze, and a nice rub, I felt it stir a little, I swallowed hard and said, 'O.K, when?'

'After work today I'm free and I will be at my apartment all evening,'

I said, 'I'll be there, I need to know for myself.'

That afternoon, after work Allen and I left in a hurry, we went straight to his house, it was a true bachlor pad, a real mess.

Allen told me he had been having feelings for me since we started working together.

I was a little taken back by that but I wanted to know.'

Allen went to his bedroom and said, 'Hey gorgeous, come here.' I walked over to his bed and In a flash he started undressing me, It took him about five minutes to have me down to my boxers, which were starting to fill out rather nicely. Allen said, 'Damn man, I knew it, I just knew it.'

'Knew what? I was puzzeled, 'I just knew you had a very nice sized cock in those trousers, I have wanted to get a glimpse of that thing since I first met you.'

I smiled and just slid my briefs down to my ankles and kicked them aside, and before I could say 'what now' Allen was on his knees and had my hardon in his mouth to the hair, god it felt so damned good, I was really enjoying this, I hadn't had someone else on my cock in years. since the boys were young.

Allen was very, very good at giving a blowjob, and I was very good at enjoying it. It wouldn't be long before I was going to let loose a load of my nut nectar if Allen kept that up.

I was almost to the point of no return, I felt that churning in my nuts and my cock was tightening up, my nuts was climbing up my legs tight against my body when Allen stopped, climed up on the bed, and took off his boxers.

I looked at his cute round bubble ass and I wanted it. He reached over and grabbled some lube, and said, here slick up for me. I took it and slathereed some lube on my cock and stuck a few fingers in Allens turd hole, he was wimpering and saying things I had never heard before, 'Oh yeah baby, give it to me, make my asshole sing,'

I got up behind him and just sank my cock to the bush in his asshole and Allen started singing out his pleasure, God he loved getting a cock up his ass. I didn't dream a guy could get this much pleasure from having sex with another dude. I just never gave it any thought, but here I was like a teenager getting his first peice of ass. And loving it.

I started fucking like there was no tomorrow.

I had Allen grunting an moaning saying 'I'm gonna shoot it, Oh fuck yeah, thats it.'

I was there too, at the point, and I felt my cock getting that feeling, no turning back now, Well the dam busted, and the flood started, and I was grunting like a rutting Boar as I unloaded my cum into Allens intestines, Allen started moaning and saying 'Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Fuck thats fantastic,' as he unloaded his cum load all over his bed.

We fell over and started to get our breath, we were both exhausted. Allen just smiled and said,'Well now you know, it was better than you thought Hey?' I said, 'Oh Fuck yeah man, I could get use to doing this, and often.'

Allen said, 'Man, anytime you need some just say so. I loved it.'

I have had a world of revelations hit me in the last few weeks and months, first the revelation of my son. And now the revelation of why my son likes it, how it felt to do it, and I Loved both. My sons and I are closer than ever. I don't get involved sexually with my sons, but I do completely understand and totally enjoy the same thing. I'm not sure about Nicky yet, but I will accept his choices with a fathers love.



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