Well to be truthful I had not thought about what being gay was, or meant, not what incest was, truthfully what anything was, I was a young lad of fourteen and I knew certain things were attractive to me, and certain things I loved, such as playing with my dick, looking at other good looking guys, Looking at naked pictures of men,and since I was somewhat of a chunker at that time, I had not as yet had anyone swooning over me.

My initiation to sex happened when I was almost 15, we had gone to Grandma's house to spend some of our vacation that summer, I hadn't seen my father in some time, years actually, and my mother had divorced him after he had been caught cheating on her with at least four other women, but being the character he was I didn't miss him either.

We had gotten to Grandma's farm in Southern Arkansas, and I was standing out by the lake at the back side of the farm, I noticed so many things back then and how I loved this beautiful place. wild roses blooming, listening to the quiet, is has a sound of its own.

I felt that stirring in my lower parts and I just thought I would take advantage of being alone here in this beautiful setting, I sat down by a tree, looked around to see If I was still alone and then slid my shorts off and set there in the grass, butt naked, feeling the summer breeze blowing on my cock and balls.

I only had about 5-6 inches of dick at that time but I was fairly thick for my age.

I looked down and felt my balls resting on the grass, feeling the grass tickling my scrotum as the wind blew, and I watched as the cool breeze blew against my cock.

I watched as it rose to full hardness one heartbeat at a time, it bounced upward with each heartbeat, and the tingling in the shiny swollen head was more than I could take and I reached down took my cock into my hand,and began to gently and slowly stroke it, damn that felt so good there in the open, natural seeting.

For some reason it was more exciting out here in the open, maybe with the chance to get caught, maybe that was the reason, I wasn't sure.

I was leaning back against the tree as I stroked my steel hard young meat, god it was feeling so awesome, I knew it would be blowing a load of young cum soon from the awesome feeling.

I Jumped, Startled as I heard Uncle Vance's voice, 'Damn Dude, we having a good time there are we?' he asked, I was totally embarrassed and I know my face was beet red.

There I was with my hard cock in my hand beating away, my pants were in a position where I could not get them back on, and I was just open.

My Mothers younger brother Vance still lived with his Parents and worked in town at the local grainery, but also helped work the farm, at that time he was eighteen, built like a brick shithouse, and just about the most handsome guy I knew.

How many times had I lusted over Uncle Vance.

Uncle Vance came over and sat down beside me and smiled, 'Hey man, don't be embarrassed, I do it all the time, actually I have sat right here beside this same tree many times and jerked off a load.'

'You Jerk off too?' I said.

'Hey man don't let any guy tell you they don't, all guys like to jerk off as often as possible.'

'Hey Ken, mind if I join you, its fun doing it with other dudes sometime, I have, with several of my buddies.'

I was a little taken back by his offer but I just thought o.k. 'Hey man, sounds like fun.' I said.

Uncle Vance pulled off his shirt and his chest was covered with dark hair from his upper chest down to his jeans, and then he slid his levi's off and he as gorgeous, I felt like I'd cum right there and then.

Uncle Vance then slid off his tidy white briefs and out flopped the biggest cock I had ever seen.

I couldn't take my eyes off his cock.

'Like that?' he said. 'Ughn Hungh,' I responded.

'would you like to rub it for me?' he said.

'Wow yeah, can I?'

I couldn't wait, damn, I reached over and he sat beside me and there it was, standing thick and tall, like a flag pole.

I couldn't get my hand all the way around his cock, and I began to jerk and slide his skin back and forth, and I notice his skin all the way up and covered the head of his cock.

I began sliding it up and down and Uncle Vance lay his head back against the tree and just sligltly smiled, 'That fucking feels awesome man, Just squeeze it a little tighter, yeah thats it.' he said.

After about five minutes we were both into it heavy, then he stopped me and said, 'Hey man, let me show you something you might like better, and Uncle Vance leaned over and took my aching cock into his mouth and I thought I would faint, I let out a big gasp as Uncle Vance took my cock to the balls in his mouth, and the sensations were phenomenal feeling, My nuts felt like they had crawled up deep inside my body, and Uncle Vance slid a finger he had wetted with saliva between my ass cheeks as he sucked my cock and slipped it up into my asshole about half way, I felt my cock jump and start shooting my cum into his mouth, It was the most intense feeling of my life.

I watched to see Uncle Vances reaction to me cumming in his mouth, all he did was swallow it and smile up at me, 'Feel good,' he said.

'Oh yeah, it was awesome Uncle Vance.

It was the best feeling I ever had.' I said.

'I thought you would like it,' he said.

'you wanna try it on me?' he ask.

'Yeah!' I said.

He lay back against the tree as I leaned over and took about half his cock into my mouth, it tasted a little salty, and I could taste this clear sticky liquid oozing from the tip as I sucked his cock, he said it was 'Pre-cum,' It was fantastic tasting.

I had felt his hand against my head as I felt his hips pumping upward shoving his thick cock into my mouth and almost gagging me sliding it a little at a time down my throat.

I had sucked him a minute and he got more into it and I felt his body tighting up and his hand held my head down on his cock and It began a stronge jerking in my mouth and my mouth flooded with this musty, sweet, bleachy tasting thick liquid, I realized he had just cum in my mouth and like him I was determined to get it all, I swallowed every drop and he was so proud of me.

Well that visit to Grandma's house was one I will never forget, I must have sucked Uncle Vance's cock every day.

I learned to take his thick cock up my asshole that vacation, and I learned to feel his asshole wrapped tightly around my hard cock, it was awesome.

That was almost five years ago, when I was nineteen, My mother finally found this great guy and got married, I was so happy for her, but as time went along I found out it was great for me too.

It was almost a year ago when they got married, I loved having a masculine man in the house,and Chet was one handsome, good looking guy, and I was almost in love with him as much as Mom.

We moved into a much nicer home since Chet had money, I had everything that I had never had as a child of a single parent, and Chet couldn't have been a greater dad, he was affectionate, something I had never had, and so loving, he was a hugger and seemed like everytime Chet hugged Me I got a hardon.

I really hadn't expected anything to happen it just did, but I always loved the feeling of getting a hardon anyway.

Mom had gotten her Beauty liscence some time back and now was working for a very up beat, nice Beauty Salon downtown, four days a week.

It was Saturday morning and Mom had already left for the shop I woke up about ten after being out with some pals of mine (No Sex involved) but I got up to go take a leak, sporting morning wood like crazy, by the way, my cock had grown to almost eight inches by the time I turned nineteen, and was nice and thick, I was very proud of it.

Well it was standing out bouncing like mad as I walked, sticking straight out of my boxers, looking like a diving board which it did a lot these days, nice thick bluish pink head, circumcision scar visible, it is a nice looking cock, if I do say so myself.

I got to the bathroom and and there standing in all his glory was Chet, just having stepped out of the shower, naked, Chet had one fucking gorgeous body too.

The first thing I noticed was his manhood which was almost fully hard, Fuck me man, his cock looked like it was nine inches and very thick, he could have easily been a porn star.

Chet just smiled at me and said, 'Hey there Ken, don't mind me,come on in, it's o.k.'

I walked in staring at his cock, standing almost straight upward, and I wanted bow on my knees and began worshipping his beautiful swollen member.

I slid my boxers down to set on the commode and then shower myself and Chet just stood there naked finishing off drying.

I couldn't help myself, I had to say something, 'Mother Fucker Chet no wonder Mom likes you so much, what I would give to have a taste of that'(I had opened up to Chet and he already knew I was gay) he didn't seem to have a problem with it.

Chet smiled,raised his eyebrows and said, 'well Ken, I'm not gay but I Do love a good blowjob, and as long as you promise to not ever say anything to your mom, Help yourself,' and he came and stood right in front of me.

I reached out and took his hard thick cock in my hands and began stroking it back and forth, slipping his foreskin back and forth uncoverying the reddened head, Chet moaned and leaned his head back then I leaned over and took almost all of his big cock into my mouth feeling it touch the back of my throat, damn it was thick and long.

'OH Fuck yeah man, I haven't had a good head job in ages. Awe Fuck.'he said.

I could taste that old familiar taste of pre-cum, and I knew from that moment on I was in love with Chet, I knew that soon he would be rewarding me with his load of man sauce, and I was hoping it would be a big load.

I found it getting easier and easier taking his cock all the way to the balls, letting it slide down my throat and I wanted to feel it shoot its nectar.

I reached around and began pulling his ass toward me, his ass muscles were hard like the rest of his body, I slipped a finger in between his cheeks and to my surprise I felt him squat a little to make it easier and I slid about a full length of a finger into his asshole, 'Holy shit,' was what I heard, and I felt his body start shaking as took him over the edge and he began to grind his asshole against my finger and flood my mouth with his cum.

I sucked and slurped his cum like drinking a strawberry malt and didn't miss a drop and he didn't disappoint me, his load was a cup filler.

Chet held onto my head for a while and let his cock stop jerking inside my mouth, 'Holy Shit kid, that was a heart stopper,' he said.

The he did something that I wouldn't have thought he would do, he just said, 'Trade places with me.'

I did and Chet sat down on the commode and motioned over to me, 'I haven't done this for a long time Ken, but here goes, and Chet took my cock and sucked it into his mouth and took it all the way, I knew by the way he was working it over he had done this before, and by the time we had been at it about ten minutes, he was taking my cock to the balls and massaging me like he had been doing this all his life.

I felt that old familiar feeling boiling in my nuts, I said, 'Man, Im going to blow my load, you better back off, and he just stayed the course like a pro, and I filled his mouth with the biggest load I had shot in a long time, it was fucking fantastic, and knowing it was Chet made it all the better.

When we finished we both showered together and Chet bathed me and I bathed him, 'I guess you know we will have to do this again,as often as possible.' Chet said. ' But this is just between me and you alright?'

Chet Then said, 'You need to know I love and desire your mother too, but theres nothing wrong with a little mutual agreed upon family love.'

Well Chet and I have been sucking each other for almost three years, and I have even had his cock up my ass a few times, as well as fucking Chet, which he really seems to like, but he and my mother are very close and he loves here very much, but he loves me too, or so it seems.

Sorry gotta go, Chets waiting in my bedroom.



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