I was about twentytwo when It finally came to me that I must have had a curse put on me, Something supernatural or something and it was really getting to bother me. I would lay asleep at night and think of different things that did or did not happen the way my plans were set to become or not become. This seems like a paradox or something Hell I don't know.

I remember back to when I was a boy I would hear other guys my age about thirteen or fourteen talking about being glad when they would be able to shoot a wad of cum or sperm, Hell I had been doing that for about four years or so. I saw a couple of my young friend at about twelve and their little dicks were just starting to grow, fuck man mine was a good six inches and pretty thick and I wasn't done growing, was I cursed? I already had a furry thick bush and hair all over my legs I looked like a freak, or at least I thought was, was I cursed? I was sorta taken back with the boys locker room talk about learning to stroke their cocks and making manmilk, I started laughing because I had been doing that for quite a while before this, I thought I was cursed with a curse of being more mature than they were too early in life. I wasn't shure what things were suppose to be for me.

I heard young guys talking about girls and how they would get a hardon when they would get around certain ones and I hadn't thought those kind of thoughts about girls, but I was cursed to be one of those kind of boys that would be in a locker room full of naked or half naked boys and see a good looking muscular or athletic body and my good eight inch, rather thick cock now would come alive and I would start thinking thoughts and my cock would stand straight up like it was looking around the locker room for something to eat, was I cursed.

I remember all the girls swooning and making like they would fall over themselves when they would be around me, Was I cursed? if so what kind of curse, cause I didn't have feelings for girls.

Well, I was on my way to talk to my father and I found out something that kinda explained it all to me.

It was a Friday night about eleven o'clock when I got home from the football game at high school.

I guess Dad thought I would be gone a lot longer and I came in thru the garage and noticed a strange car in the driveway, I took my sneakers and thought maybe Dad had a girlfriend upstairs in his bedroom, But that would be very different because I don't recall Dad ever having a woman in the house with him.

Dad and Mom had divorced when I was ten years old and Mom wanted Dad to raise me, and left with some young stud about twenty three years old, and Dad took on that responsibility, and that too was something I thought about, Mom didn't want me, because maybe of the curse.

Well this evening whether by inheritance or passing in the genepool or something, I got sorta some of my questions answered, I walked into the living room, and then lightly crept up the stairs not wanting to disturb Dad, in case he was sleeping or perhaps something else, I got to his bedroom and the door was open just a crack and his bedroom night light was on and I heard a grunting and moaning but it didn't sound like my Dad, I snuck up quietly to the door and sorta peeked in I could see quite clearly and Mother Fucker, there was this good looking guy about thirty years old, laying on his back on Dad's bed and my Dad was laying on his stomach between his legs and giveing this guy one hell of a blowjob, Fuck I didn't know what to think, Fuck Me! Man, I just gasp a little at the sight and started to watch, and as I watched Dad Deep throat this guys cock, which looked to be a good seven or eight inches long, the more I saw Dad suck his cock the more I realized I was getting turned on by this sight, I undid my cargo shorts I was wearing and slid them off and I reached down thru the slit in front of my briefs and took out my throbbing cock into my hands and God man My cock was hot and throbbing and feeling just fucking great in my hands, and I started slowly stroking to the rythm of my Dad's sucking, I noticed my Dad start to slowly kinda lean over to the side and reached down and I noticed my Dad's Hard cock and he reached down and I guess it's call pre-cum but he slathered this sort of wet stuff leaking from his cock around and up and down his cock and started stroking it to the time of his sucking and I was slowly loosing the battle of not shooting a load, this was the Hottest most exciting thing I had ever witnessed, I hear this young guy Dad was blowing start to grunting, His face was getting red and he was sorta snorting and gasping for air and making strange noises and pushing up with his hips as he grabbed my Dads head and said Oh Fuck Dave, Muther Fucker, Suck it man, Suck it, Oh Fuck, and he shoved his hips way up in the air and Dad took his cock to he balls and I saw Dad sorta gag and then just groan himself and he looked like he was a hungry wolf just kept swallowing and sucking and swallowing and grunting and then He turned loose of the dick from his mouth and grunted and I saw his cock start erupting a long thick stream of hot looking semen from it slit, and shot it clean out on the carpet, and he got it all over him, this scene was so fucking hot I felt it in my groin and I started blowing a wad and gasping and grunting myself, fuck it was intense, I was a mess, cum on my hand and all over the carpet, Fuck, and I need to scram Dad will be coming out anytime I hurried into my bedroom, cleaned up an went downstairs, and got a coke from the frig.

A few minutes later Dad came down in just his walking shorts and a tee shirt and his friend came a couple minutes later Dad looked a little embarassed and said that he and Len was going over some Ideas for the job they were working on. He said Lenny, this is my son Scott, Scott this is Lenny from work.

He and Lenny got themselves a beer and I just smiled and Thought no wonder I'm cursed, it fucking runs in the family.

Time was elapsing and I finally started to understand that the curse wasn't so bad I was longing to find out what it was Dad had liked so much, I knew it was hot looking and he looked like he enjoyed himself so much, and then I started looking for some of that myself.

About three months later Nature finally took its course and I was at a shopping center to pick up somthing from a music store in Mall, I had to take a leak and finally I found a restroom down at the end of the food court area I went to the open urinals and wipped out my cock and I have to say it was a pretty impressive looking piece of equiptment, and started pissing when in walked this kid looked to be about nineteen or twenty, and walked over to the urinal besides me, He wipped out a very impressive cock and sorta looked over at me and smiled and said Hey dude, Whats Up Man, I had these funny feelings down in my stomach and I said oh just hanging out here at the mall, He said yea Man I noticed, and he looked down at my cock, and I started to get a boner and even though I was done pissing I just stood there with my cock in my hand and it was getting harder by the second, and I said whats up with you, Now this kid looked like the skateboarder type and was as cute a little blond as you could ask for, I looked down at his hardening cock and he said well my cock is right now, and he started a pronounced undeniable stroking of his dick, and I started getting that I want that thing in my mouth feeling.

He started staring at my hard cock, and said Dude that looks awesome and It looks like it could use some attention, I said so does your man, Would you like to come home with me I live with my Dad and He's gone untill tomorrow, He said fucking sounds awesome dude, I said I'm Scott by the way, and he said My name is Benji, I said I'm glad to meet you Benji. He grabbed his little back pack and followed me to my car, got in on the passenger side and said Hey man, Nice rod, I said yea a gift from my Dad, He said you talk like you and your Dad are really close, he said I never knew my Dad, he left when I was four, I said, Sorry man, My Dad is so fucking cool about everthing If he knew we were having sex in my bedroom he wouldn't say a word, He said Fucking no way Man! I said yea man for real, he's that cool.

Well we got to the house and I said make yourself comfortable, he said this is radical man, I haven't been in a real home in forever, I said surely not. He said I don't know where my Mom is and I have been on my own since I was sixteen, I said, I'm sorry man, that sucks, he said yea, but I make it now, It was rough at first, I said Man want to spend the night, He said really? I said sure man we don't have to hit the sack right now we can wait till later, and he said that sounds fine.

I had found not just a guy to have sex with but a friend too. We went to the local pool and swam for a while and went and got burgers and fries for supper and then headed back to the house a watched some videos and T.V. for a while and finally decided to take a shower together and get to bed for some action.

Benji got into the Shower first and I followed and by the time the water was turned on we both had swinging hardons and were kissing like a fucking maniac.

We couldn't keep our hands still we were rubbing all ove each others bodies and grabbing and stroking each others cocks and just going wild.

We finally got to the Bed and calmed down and Benji Looked into my eyes and Fuck dude, do you know just how beautiful you are, and I said I have never thot of my self as beautiful, Benji, leaned over and kissed me on the mouth and started making out with me and I had new feeling going thru my body, feelings like I have never felt, and I was hoping Benji was feeling that way took, I noticed He was breathing and talking softer more gently now and saying Scott I have never felt this was about anyone before and he started licking down my body, he started sucking my nipples and licking my stomach all the while stroking my cock and rubbing my nutsack, which had from the excitement was drawing up against my body, Fuck I was falling in love with this guy, I had just met him, He was panting and trying to talk saying Scott I want to crawl up inside there and just stay man, I feel like I have never felt toward anyone, and I said Me to man, Then I thought It that curse again, and I finally said fuck the curse and I started really enjoying myself.

I leaned over and started making love, really just loveing Benji all over his beautiful body, noticing his sorta blondish lightly hairy body, his beautiful nuts and that cock, oh that cock It wasn't as thick as mine but it was just as long and hard as a fucking diamond and just standing upright as a bridge pillar, Fuck I was in heaven his body had that odor of lust and pure man, and I was intoxicated and I started licking his nuts and sucking each one into my mouth and when Benji said Scott I love you that did it and I took his cock into his mouth like my Dad did Lennys and started pushing my lips down to the pubes and slowly sucking and rubbing up and down with my right hand at the same time and Benji said Oh Fuck man that feels awesome, and I just kept it up and He was gently writhing and squirming and moving his hips upward and downward lightly fucking my mouth and I felt it as his cock got tighter and he started moaning and grunting and saying It's near man, its gonna blow, aw fuck man, and I felt it, that wonderful feeling as his cock started that jerking on my tongue and I tasted his love cream jetting and blowing out the end of his beautiful cock, I felt that rim on he head of his cock as it flared out with each volly of cum and I felt just wonderful and totally satisfied as I I completely drained him of his mancream and his energy, I just layed back almost as exhausted as he was. He layed there for almost five minutes gasping for air and saying fuck man that was the most intense cum I ever had dude.

Then Benji rolled over and looked into my eyes and said Scott I know I haven't known you very long but I'm serious man 'I love you and want you in my life' I said I know Benji I love you too and I have never felt that way about anyone, your fucking awesome and beautiful.

Scott leaned over and said I want to do something different I'm not gonna suck your cock, I was a little dissapointed and then he said I want you to fuck me, He reached in his back pack and pulled a tube of lube and started lubing up his asshole and I said Benji I haven't fucked anyone before, male or female and he smiled and said awesome dude I got a virgin on my wedding night, fucking awesome.

Scott layed back and pulled his legs completely up under his shoulders like he was gonna give himself a suckoff and said here baby, make love to me and fuck my ears off, and I said alright man, teach me. He said slather some lube on your cock and I did, then he said your pretty thick so be gentle at first until I get used to it and then let loose and fuck me like I'm your wife, and I pressed my cockhead up against his rectum and pushed and it Popped in and he grunted and said be easy man your really thick and I gently shoved a little more and he said so far so good and then I gave him about half of my cock and he said now fuck me man, make me come again with your cock in me. and I started fucking for the first time in my life and I was in Heaven, His rectum and intestines were very hot, my cock was alive with the nerve ending enhanced with the heat of his intestines and he was grunting like he was going to get off too from this, and he started saying oh yea baby fuck me, fuck me hard and I was ramming my cock to the hilt and the feeling was getting more intense and I could feel that tingling in my nuts and they were clean up against the base of my cock and I noticed Benji's cock was hard as rock too, then He started almost yelling Oh Fuck Scott, Awe Fuck Scott, and I felt his ass muscles as they tightened around my cock and started like convulsing and He started shooting a load of cum up on his chest and I lost it, I started shooting off into his intestines and grunting and he was saying oh yea baby, give me your cream man, give me your love. I finally finished unloading my semen into Benji's ass and just collapsed over on Benji's body and by cock was still in his rectum and sorta jerking with that after nerve response to a full complete climax, and Benji was about to bathe me with his tongue in the afterglow of our love, and then I finally got my breath and said Benji, Your fucking amazing and I love you, I truly doo. He said I know man so are you.

I had a talk a couple days later with my Dad when he came home and Since he understood, and He said then you won't mind If I have Lenny move in with me too. I said Hey Dad Be Happy man you need someone for yourself too.

Lenny Moved in with Dad, and Benji Moved in with me. And the four of us are quite happy with our lovers and I guess My Curse wasn't a bad thing after all, cause if that's what it is, Im the most happy fucking Cursed guy you'll ever know.



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