I knew as a young lad at the age of 15 I was into guys, I was gay.

I had started doing the jerk-off thing with a few buddies of mine from school, but I wanted more. Then it happened, at 16 I met Rodger, a young man of about 24 that lived up the back ally from our house.

Rodger was so good looking and sexy, and I had this crush on him, I would do anything to go up and just watch him work on his car or what ever he was doing in his garage. I guess what I loved most was when he would wear his gym shorts and I would see the outline of this thick cock of his.

Well truth was I wanted to see it and if I could even touch it, but I figured Rodger wasn't into that.

Then there was this one day we were there in the Garage and he wanted to piss, it was pouring down rain outside and he just opened the back door and pisses out, no one was around anyway and I loved it.

I looked over and saw Rodger's cock, it was humongous, or at least to me it seemed that way.

Rodger noticed me staring at it and just smiled and left it hang out for a while and just stroked it back and fort until it was hard, he had his foreskin and it was awesome looking.

Rodger noticed me just ogling it and looked over and smiled at me, 'come over here,' he said.

'Wanna touch it,' he aid.

'Yeah, I do,' said.

I reached over and Rodger closed the door, and slid his gym shorts down and I saw the biggest cock and set of nuts on a man that I had ever seen, they were even bigger than my Dad's.

I squeezed it's thickness and I felt it swell out in my hand, I slid the foreskin back and saw the head, purplish red and shiny, I began to stroke his cock and he just leaned back against the car there int he garage and let me have it.

I was in heaven with this huge cock in my hand, damn, it was awesome.

It was the first time I have ever made another guy shoot his load, but Rodger shot cum all the way across the garage like a cannon going off.

'Wow, Kid, that was fucking fantastic.' he said.

'Did you like doing that?' he said.

'Yeah I did,' I said.

'Think maybe you might like to suck it next time?' he said.

'I just smiled, Yeah,' was all I could say, and from that time on I either Jacked Rodger off and he returned the favor to me by jacking my cock for me, even tho I wasn't as big as Rodger, or he would suck my cock and swallow my cum, just like he taught me to do to him. We did that untill I went away to college, and will probably do it again when I get back home.

But the day came when I finally got to college.

I guess you might say that as a College student I was not overly picky as to what type of roommate I had in the men's dorm, but I was at least wanting someone that I had something in common with.

And I was sorta hoping that I might get another friend like Rodger.

The beginning of my first year almost left me in tears, it was a fucking disaster, I was paired with a self-centered s-o-b that thought his way was the only way and that he should be crowned king of everything.

He was a good looking Jock, athlete, and had females all around him all the time, he was really one hell of a good looking man, but the problem was he knew it, but he was also a homophobe, he thought you should take all faggots out to the dessert and drop an atomic bomb in the middle of them., thereby riding the world of that problem.

But I got him one night, He had been out partying that night, it was a Friday night after he homecoming game, he came back to the room and he was lit up,I don't know if it was drugs or liquor, but he was in another world.

He came into the room, stumbled and fell and I helped to get him up and ready for bed.

He smiled at me as I undressed and stripped him down to his briefs, which he always slept in, God he was gorgeous, built like a freight-train, muscular, the object of many jerk-offs as I lay there next to him in my bed during the year.

He looked up at me and smiled and began to speak to me in his drunken slurred voice, out of his head drunk, 'Hey Man, your really cute, you know that?' he said.

'Yeah, Yeah, right and your drunk, now get into bed.'

He reached up and pulled my face to his and kissed me on the lips, 'you want that don't you, I know you do, hey, how would you like to suck me off, I know your gay and your the only guy I would let suck my cock. Would you like to, I'm so fucking horny.' he said in his drunken stupor.

'Here' he said, as he reached down and slid his briefs off.

I was astonished at his thick swollen cock, and all I could think was I won't get this opportunity to suck him when he's sober so why not.

I leaned over and took his thick swollen cock to the balls in my mouth, 'OH Shit, dat feels so friggen good,' he said.

I was working his cock over like a master, god knows how many times I had seen his bulging white briefs and wanted to tear into Ted.

Now even tho he was drunk, I was getting to fulfill my desire. I took his almost hard cock into my mouth and began to do my best.

Ted raised up on his elbows, 'Holy Shit man, you suck better than my girlfriend.' he said.

I looked up at him with my mouth full of cock, and mumbled, 'Thanks, that makes me feel really good.'

It took Ted a while, being as drunk as he was but his body began to do funny things. 'OH Fuck man, and he grabbed my head and shoved his cock down my throat and began unloading his nut sauce into my mouth. I will say it felt so good to finally be getting to suck Ted off, despite his way of acting toward gays.

I knew he wouldn't remember, or at least ever own up to it after that night in the room, or so I thought.

It was about three weeks later, on a midweek night, I was in just my boxers, setting on my bed reading something I don't remember what it was, I was sitting there thinking about that night, wishing that it wasn't just a happen-stance thing, thinking about that awesome cock, how thick it was, that dark shaft skin, the veins bulging out on it, that circumcision scar going around that thick shaft, that lovely pink skin going from that scar to the awesome thick bulbous head and rim, one thing was for sure, I loved the looks and feel of a nice cock, and my cock was like a rock in my own boxers lifting them up and out.

I was reading this magazine gently rubbing my cock still in the confines of my boxers when the door to our room opened and in walked Ted, looking a little disheveled and almost depressed.

He lay all his belongings down on his bed, turned around and sat down on the edge of my bed.

I looked up at Ted and said. 'You look like hell, what's wrong?' I asked.

'I fucking hate you, you know that, you've fucked me up.' he said.

'What the hell are you talking about Ted, how did I fuck you up?' I asked in amazement.

'Well I went out with Denise this afternoon, and we went to her place off campus, and I got the opportunity to get a blow-job from her.' he paused.

'Yeah, So what does that have to do with me.' I asked.

'Well you remember the other night me being drunk and you sucking my cock for me, I tried not to believe it really happened and tried to sluff it off but I can't.

Denise started sucking and playing around with my cock, and for some reason it didn't feel right, all I could think of was that blow-job you gave me, and how fucking awesome it felt,and now I'm all fucked up, I couldn't keep it hard while she was messing with it, she didn't do it right and I was really wanting to get sucked off. My nuts are just about aching and I'm packing a load that would fill a quart jar.' he said.

I almost felt sorry for Ted, as I sat there I looked into his eyes as he sat beside me on the edge of the bed

I smiled and said, 'I would like to say I'm sorry, but I'm not, I enjoyed sucking your cock Ted, and I would do it again for you if you needed it.' I said. 'Would you, PLEASE? I fucking need to get off so bad.' he ask.

I reached over and began to slide my hand up inside his jogging shorts, I felt his legs spread and give me more freedom, I watched his face as his teeth went over his lower lips and his eyes closed in anticipation, Ted leaned back on the bed with his arms leaning back and I Felt that awesome thick cock bulge tightening and swelling out under my fingers, and I began to rub.

I Heard his moaning, only this time he wasn't high or drunk, he was just being himself.

'Oh fuck man, I need to get off, and all I could think about was you sucking my cock.' he said.

I raised up and got off the bed as Ted watched me, 'Damn man, you really do get into this shit don't you?' Ted said as he reached out and touched the hard-on now pushing the material of my sleeping shorts out.

I must say, that feeling his muscular hand rub the length of my cock was a dream come true, I moaned as he rubbed my cock thru my shorts.

I leaned down and began to slip Teds shorts down and I saw the thickness of his cock bulging out the white cotton fabric of his white briefs.

'Ted flopped back on my bed and let me slip his briefs off, and I began to lick and gently make love to his privates.

Ted's nuts were thick and oval, looked like lemons in a bag. I sucked each one in my mouth at a time to his moans, and I loved the aroms of his privates, it was like an aphrodisiac to me, 'Fuck I love that,' he said.

I wanted to make this awesome for Ted.

And as I began to suck Ted's gorgeous cock, I pulled my shorts down to get at my own cock and begin stroking it.

'Holy Shit man, I hadn't realized your cock was that big,' Ted said.

'How big is it?' he asked 'mine is just a little over eight inches long and almost six inches around.' he said.

I stopped sucking his cock for a minute, 'Mine is a shade over seven and a half, long and 5.75 inches around.' I said.

Ted stopped me and said, 'I have a question for you. What does a guy get out of sucking another guy off besides the obvious load of cum,' he asked.

'Well like a guy with a gal, he gets the self satisfaction of making his man enjoy sex, knowing that he is bringing someone he cares about the pleasure he wants to give, and of course the very fact of getting to taste his seed, his awesome love nectar, and the only way you could know that is to try it yourself.' I said.

'Me, try it, are you kidding, It would make me gag.' he said.

'Only if you let it. you'll only know if you try.' I said.

'Well, can I try it?' he said. 'but no-one can ever know I did this and you're the only guy I will do it with. O.K.?'

'Sure what ever you say Ted, your the boss,' I said.

Ted rearranged himself up on the bed to get into a sixty nine position.

I must say for a beginner he was not all that bad, I took his cock to the balls into my mouth and I felt Ted diddling around with my cock which by now was like concrete, then I felt his warm breath against the sensitive head, then I felt his teeth scrape the head not bad, but enough to feel, 'Hey man, Watch the teeth they don't make for a good blow-job.' I said.

'Sorry, just bear with me, I'm learning.' he said. and then I felt his hot tongue began to lick the head and I felt like I would explode as Ted began to work on the head of my hard cock. it was awesome feeling.

Knowing that it was his first solo flight into the greater world of man sex was making this experience so outstanding.

We sucked and licked and messed around like crazy that afternoon.

'Finally I could take it no more,, 'I'm about to cum Ted, you better get back cause I cum a lot.' I said.

Ted just kept it up and before long I just let him have it, it's best that way anyhow.

I began to jerk and moan, and grunt like a wild man, and My cock began to pump cum into Ted's mouth like a firehose.

I heard Ted began to gagging as he tried to swallow the whole enchilada, I was proud of his willingness to take it all, and eventually he did get it all down. but it went down with him gagging as I unloaded my awesome load deep into Teds mouth.

Ted sat up and looked into my eyes, smiled and said. 'Holy shit man, I never dreamed that I would be takeing some dudes cum in my mouth and swallowing it,' he said.

'Fuck yeah man, great isn't it.' I said with a giggle.'

I lay back and tried to get my composure, and looked over at Ted wiping his mouth and smiling.

I realized that Ted's cock was still like a brick, he hadn't shot his load yet.

I reached over and began to stroke it for him, then I decided I would give him something different.

I reached over into the night stand drawer and got some anal ease lube. and started getting my asshole prepared, then Ted's cock.

'What the hell you doing?' Ted Said.

'Well giving you something you never had before.' I said.

I got up on top of Ted's body and took his thick cock, put it against my asshole and the lube along with the pre-cum made it slicker than greased lightening.

I began to set down on the cock and feel it breaking thru my anal oriface.

Ted man out this groan as My asshole, hot and needed slid the full length of his cock.

Looking up at me from beneath my body Ted smiled and slowly began to pump my asshole full of his cock.

I Leaned my head back and began to feel that awesome feeling of being filled with man meat.

I opened my eyes and saw Ted's face flushed and an expression of total bliss and satisfaction.

I began to massage his cock with my rectal muscles and I knew if I kept that up I would be unloading my load again.

I told Ted to roll with me and in a couple seconds we were in the missionary position and I was loving being dominated by this awesome hunk of a man, god he was awesome, I can't tell you that feeling of a hot, hard cock sliding in and out of my asshole to the max, it was fantastic.

Ted, even tho he had never fucked a guy before was one fantastic fuck, he brought me to a ball shattering nut as he began to ram his cock balls deep into my asshole and I felt his cock flexing out each shot of cum he filled into my intestines.

'Oh Shit man, that was fantastic,' Ted Said as he breathlessly fell over to the side after assulting and filling my asshole with his cum.

I was in outer space with what had just happened and Ted was totally satisfied too.

It only goes to show you that just because your different, things do sometime comes around to your liking, at least in this situation I did for me.

Ted and I became not exactly lovers, he still saw his female friends but after that night when he wanted something different, and definatly a blow-job he came back to the dorm room to me.

Ted and I had a great three years at college together.



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