My story is based on a real happening and I want everyone that reads it to understand that I am very mentally well adjusted and quite happy in this present life.

I never knew my father, my mother raised me singel-handedly and personally, I was proud of her, my father disappeared from her life after he found out that he had gotten her pregnant with me, and in that period of time abortion was not an option, thank god.

Mother went to night school and got a degree in business administration, landed a really good job with a large corporation, and made a very good living for us. I really wanted for nothing,

I was very happy living with mom, being in our own world, doing our own thing, untill that one day, the day that changed my life, and her's too I'm sure.

I was sixteen when she began dating Stan, Stan Devore, a guy from where she worked, and I was really happy for Mom to be having some happiness for herself, she seemed so different and bubbly, genuinely happy now that she had a man again in her life.

My first impression was that he was a very handsome, well built, athletic looking guy of about her own age, and one night they had gone on this date. Now you must realize that my bedroom was adjacent to my mothers bedroom, and I could hear them, It woke me up, I was already in bed asleep, when I heard the headboard of her bed bumping the wall and I could hear them both moaning and grunting and carrying on like dying animals. I had to put my pillow over my head, I didn't begrudge her a nice sex life, I just didn't want to be within earshot of it.

Well things quieted down and a few minutes later I had to take a leak, so I walked to the bathroom down the hall, the door was open and the night light was on and I walked in and there standing in front of me was Stan, still naked as the day he was born, taking a piss and wiping off his still half hard cock, 'Holy Jesus man,' I noticed he had one big thick, cock, still with foreskin and all, something I had only seen a couple times on guys in the locker room at school, Fuck me, his cock was huge looking, it looked like it was as thick as my wrist,veiny,wow.

Stan didn't seem to be embarassed or anything, he just finished up wiping his cock off with tissue, and smiled and said, 'Well son I can only say you have one hell of a wonderful Mom.'

I was bewildered at what I was looking at, and I responded by saying,'Yeah I feel that way too, but for different reasons,' to which we both laughed, Stan brushed by me with his naked body and his almost soft cock brushed against my bare leg, I felt this funny feeling as it rubbed against my leg, as he passed and patted me on the shoulder.

I didn't feel bad about what Mom and Stan had done, actually I was happy for them, I just didn't want Stan to hurt her by taking advantage of her and then dropping her for someone else.

Well a week later Mom came home from her job and told me she had a date with Stan that night and she gave me money to go get something to have for my supper and then she got ready and before they left later that evening on their date, I heard her squeel out and she sounded so happy, I ran to see what was up, Stan had proposed marriage and given her a beautiful diamond ring. I was flooded with emotions, happiness, saddness, almost jealousy, anger, I didn't really know what to think, but I wanted my Mom to be happy and she did look very happy.

I did finally tell my Mom, I would like to have the family room in the basement made into a bedroom for me, and then I explained about the night I layed there in bed and had to cover my head with a pillow so I wouldn't hear Her and Stan having sex, she looked a little embarassed but then she said, 'I'll call Your Uncle Frank (Her Brother) in the morning.

Uncle Frank owned a remodeling company and did that sort of thing, so he came over and we went over what I would like to have done to the room, I had him put sound insulation in the ceilings and walls when he remodeled it.

When He finished it, it was so sound proof he said, I could fuck my girlfriend and she could scream so loud the walls would crack and no one could hear it, but he didn't know I wouldn't be girls that I might be fucking, I wasn't into girls, actually I would have dropped to my knees and sucked Stan's cock that night in the bathroom, If he would have asked me. I couldn't get that cock out of my mind,I had even jerked off a couple times thinking about it. My Mom was one lucky Lady, to get to enjoy that one, shit man, was I getting jealous..hum!! maybe?

Well the wedding day approached and Mom and Stan sat down with me at the table, and told me they had some good news for me, Stan had a son just about my age and he would be coming home from college to attend the wedding and they wanted us both to be Groomsmen in the wedding, Stans partner at work was going to be the best man.

My mind went haywire with the news of having a new brother living in the same house, I had never shared my room with anyone.

Their plans were to turn my old bedroom into a business office for Mom and Stan and I would share my big bedroom with Cody, Stan's son. Well my basement bedroom was big enough for the both of us but, I wasn't happy with the prospect of sharing my bedroom, no sir, not one bit.

The day of his arrival, a week before the wedding was at hand, I was present at the airport when he arrived, 'Holy Fuck, I couldn't believe my eyes, damn was he ever gorgeous, built like a brick shithouse, that curly black hair, gorgeous deep blue eyes, perfect bright white teeth, and a smile that could melt the hardest heart and harden the softest cock, He looked like a magazine model from Abercrombie.

He was outstandingly beautiful. I felt jealousy and almost hatred, but I was going to be the martyr here, and be kind and cordial to Cody.

Cody smiled and held his hand out to me and I shook it, he looked into my eyes and I went gaga.

My knees felt week, and I realized he would be sleeping with me in not only my bedroom but my bed, I had a queen sized bed and he would have to share untill we got a new one for him.

We got home and I showed him where to put his things. I was in a quandry though, I had no idea if he was an open minded guy or not, was he homophobic? maybe he had this thing against 'Gays' or 'Fags.' I was just sure he had a string of females falling all over themselves to get to him.

I realized he was a couple years older than me, and he was one of those matter of fact, self assured guys that was totally into themselves and very self confident about themselves and esspecially their sexuality.

Well Mom, Stan, Cody and I went out to dinner at a nice get aquainted dinner that night, and really enjoyed it, and Cody was constantly rubbing my neck and gently tapping me on the shoulder in affectionate jabs, and I began to warm up to Cody. Cody was saying that we were going to get along just fine, altho I wasn't as sure as he was.

We went back to the house and Stan told us that he had put his house up for sale, since it wouldn't be large enough for all of us and they decided to put the cash from it's sale into Mom's house and remodel it somewhat.

Cody and I went on down to my bedroom and just started getting our better clothes off, and thats when I saw what I had been dreaming of, Cody had pulled out some sweat pants to lounge around in and stripped off to the white briefs, which I have always thought were hot, and so very sexy on a well built guy.

Cody turned around and I realized he had inherited the cock problem from his father, he looked like he had a radiator hose laying to the side in his tight white briefs.

I just stood there and ogled and stared, when I heard Cody say, 'WHAT?' is something wrong? I came out of my dream like state to the sound of his voice, 'Oh No, Not at all, it's just, your, Your so Fucking well built, and that?' that's when I caught myself getting ready to say 'COCK', I stopped myself from saying it.

I think Cody realized what I was about to say, and he smiled, 'So you think I'm hot looking?'

'Hey man, I didn't say HOT,' I said.

Cody walked over to me, 'Hey Ken, I'm not stupid, I'm in college, and I have been around the block a few times myself in life. Truth is, I think your pretty hot and sexy too.'

His face was glowing as he stared at me, 'Lets go to bed O.k.'

I hope you don't mind, but I sleep in my briefs or nothing at all,' he said.

'I don't mind, I do the same.' I said.

I was thinking about asking him if he wanted a coke of pepsi or something before bed.

'Hey Cody, What can I get for you, anything?'

'Cody was already under the sheets in bed when he leaned up on his elbows, I could see that beautiful lightly hairy chest bulging out, and he Smiled a great big white teeth smile, 'Yeah you can,' he said. 'I would love a good Blow-job,'

I went numb, 'A what?' I said. I wasn't sure I had heard Cody right. 'I said, I could sure use a good Blow-job right now?' he said.

I swallowed hard and said with a smile, sorta nervously, 'Well, I might be able to accomodate you one on that one Cody,'

Cody reached down under the covers and slid off his briefs and raised them up on the tip of his finger, smiled and twirled them around and tossed them over to the side of the bed and said,' Lock the door, I'm ready,' and fuck was he ever, I slipped my boxers off and smapped off the light except for the night light and crawled into bed, threw the covers and there before me was an almost exact replica of the cock I had seen on his dad in the bathroom, 'Holy Fuck Cody, God its so big,'I said,

'Thats what I have been told,' he said with a big grin.

I leaned down and pulled back his foreskin and looked at that beautiful purpleish blue swollen head, it was almost so big I couldn't get my fingers all the way around it.

I heard Cody let out a gasping moan as I slid my lips over the shiny head and began my journey down the shaft to the pubic hair, I got to the hair and realized I had a few inches of his cock down into my throat, he was really big, and I was about to start gagging on this huge cock, I felt his hand begin to pushing my head down as I began to bob up and down on his manhood. Massaging the most awesome balls I had ever felt too.

I heard Cody's voice tell me to take it easy and slow it down, he was gonna cum to fast if I didn't, I slowed down and began to put myself into his cock like crazy, I could feel his intensity as he slowly fucked my mouth, as he pulled my head down against his body.

He stopped and told me to flip around so my cock would be in a face position with his mouth, and I got to feel what he was feeling for the first time in my life, it was awesome.

I had sucked a couple guys off before, and jerked a couple off, but no one had ever sucked on me.

Cody knew what he was doing, I could feel his mouth, so hot, so wet, so magnificant feeling slowly sucking, licking, swirling the tip of his tongue around my cocks head, making the sensations go wild in my body, having my nuts sucked on and that most awesome feeling of having my asshole played with and fingered, god that was fantastic, I had never been anally stimulated or penetrated before.

I could feel the cum shot building up and I knew it was going to be fantastic when it happened.

I felt Cody's hand grab my asscheeks and pull me deep into his throat and I began to shoot my hot sticky load deep into his mouth as he fingered my asshole with his finger and I almost couldn't breath from his cock going deep into my throat as I finished unloading my cum into Cody's mouth.

When he had squeezed the last little droplet out I felt him change positions, and he raised me up and had me hold my legs up against my chest as he face dove into my love hole, my asshole was on fire, and I wanted him to do whatever, for some reason I didn't need to recharge, I still had a huge hardon and was wanting more, even after haveing unloaded into Cody's mouth.

'Awh, yeah man, yeah man, OH holy Shit, Aw fuck,' I could shut my mouth it was feeling so awesome.

It was like my insides were spasming, and I was having one continuous climax. I felt like a nymphomaniac, I couldn't get enough.

Thats when I felt his body change positions and Cody got up between my legs and I felt the moist wet tip of his cock against my asshole, he was holding my legs by the ankles and I knew what was coming and I wanted all he had to offer, I wanted Cody's cock in my asshole, altho I had never felt what that feels like.

With one hard, continous thrust, I felt the pain of first entry, and I also felt Cody's huge balls slapping on my ass cheeks, His cock was so long and thick that It felt like his cock would come up thru my throat and come out into my mouth, shit he was big.

I began to hump with him, it hurt for a while but the knowledge and knowing I was pleasing Cody was all I needed, we fucked like rabbits for almost 3/4 of an hour and I felt that feeling of cumming again, I could feel his cock sliding across my prostate, a feeling of total pleasure that comes with it, then when the rim of his cock head would bump against it and I would feel it make that feeling, god I was in heaven.

I felt his intensity as he got closer to cuming and as he built up to a very powerful thrusting climax, I wrapped my legs around his body and pulled him deep into me as his cock started flexing and I felt that warmth of his seed filling me, He was moaning and grunting, and making so many sounds it was unbelieveable and I loved it. And thats when I realized he was making not only sex but love, he was slathering me with kisses and tongue kissing me and Holy shit was it fantastic.

Yeah I would say meeting or should I say 'MEATING'

my new step-brother was the most wonderful thing that I have ever had happen to me.

Hey man, I personally think all Brothers should have a realationship like ours, Real or Step brothers.

I wouldn't have it any other way myself. but then to each his own.

Cody and I have been intimate for several years and Mom and Stan are very happily married too,

They think it's great for us to be getting along and being so close to each other, Wow how little do they know.




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