I arrived at a University in a large Midwestern town, It was a State University and there were houses to pledge into and regular dorms to enroll for and classes to set up, the ususal boring stuff for the first couple weeks. I am an 18 year old first year student and I'm gay, I have gone overboard to be a hunk, but to my thinking Im just a hunk of mud. I haven't attained to the status of Hunkliness, because I haven't been able to put the hours into it, I was trying to earn money to come to school. I am anice looking guy and rather handsome, fairly well built, but I didn't make the most gorgeous guy of the month club yet and probably won't either.

I have however attained a very high grade point average, of that I'm very proud and I'm looking forward to going to graduate school to work for the goverment in the field of Physics, possibly nuclear if possible.

Oh! yes there's something else I'm constantly looking for cocks to suck and someone to plow my ass and an ass to plow, which sometimes, in a strange place like a new school is rather hard to find.

AND! I have a nine inch dick and it's very large around, I'm very proud of that too.

WEll to the story, I ended up in a dormitory with an assigned room, and a new roommate named Russel Togins, a rather dumbieso and muscle bound jerk of the highest order, He thinks so friggen highly of himself that he thinks that his shit should be bottled and sold for perfume.

The problem with Russel is this, He's fucking gorgeous and I get a boner, which is very hard to hide because I wear only a sized thirty waist pants and most of my pants show my cock off pretty well soft not to mention what they look like hard. And this happenes every time I get close to Russel his aftershave, the smell of his pillow in the dorm room, his clothes laying in the bathroom I want Russel bad, and I've used his picture to jerk off too countless times.

Well this one day we were in the showers after basketball practice and Russell tried out for the team also and of cours he got in, he was stripping down sorta over from me in the locker room and that is when I saw his rear end in his jock strap, Hairy assed as he bent over to take his socks off I sorta just breathed a sigh at the sight of his ass and being naked I sprung a boner that would have leveled the lockers if I had swung it around, His ass looked like a dessert plate full of goodies, I saw that pink little button of an eye sorta winking at me saying Kiss me, his leg muscles just bugleing and I thought I would die.

Well Russel looked over at me and said ,Hey Ben, What the fuck had flipped your switch, and made that telephone pole between your legs stand up like that, I replied just thought about a girl I knew back home, and Russel said well Keep that battering ram away from me O.k. I said like you think I am interested in you, altho that's exactly what I was interested in.

We showered and went back to the dorm rooms, and Russel said he had to go to a tutor and study with him, he was really hurting in the area of Math. I said o.k. and he left, it was about 6:30 p.m. and after he left I dug thru his dirty clothes basket and found a pair of his used dirty briefs and I was feeling and rubbing them on my face and my cock was getting harder than a fencepost, I slipped off my trousers and crawled upon the bottom of the bunk, where I slept, slipped off my undershorts and grabbed my cock and started making love to my hardon like a friggen mad man while I lifted those dirty underwear up to my mouth and nose, Damn I could smell his intoxicating aroma, and I even saw a small dryed glob of cum on the inside and I licked it, God I was going wild I put his shorts into my mouth and started sucking in the air thru the material, and I just about lost it, I could feel the cum boiling up from way back in my loins I could feel the prostate gland as it let loose it's fluids and the cowpers gland fluid as it mixed and then that feeling of that driving cum as it quickly started flowing up the tube in my cock and the head as it flared out hard and shiny and belched forth a stream of white milky looking sperm and it was so intense, I got some on my forehead and on my face, that smell of his crotch in those underwear was fucking awesome, and the Door Opened and there stood Russel, Looking shocked and stunned and saying what the fuck are you doing you fucking pervert are those my underwear, you faggot, I nodded, kinda ashamed, and Russel, said you like this shit do you, Then he grabbed his briefs from my hand and he slammed into the bathroom, He said I'll be right back.

In a few seconds Russel came back into the bedroom and said get the fuck out of your clothes, you little queer, and I got naked and he said I'm gonna give you what you want and he grabbed me by the arms and turned me over on my back and he got up straddle of me with just his briefs on and he took and pulled them down a little and stuck his hot sweaty balls under my nose and said, here faggot have a taste of the real things. then he pinned my arms down with his lower legs and raised his gorgeous ass up onto my mouth and said have a taste of this 'queenie' and how little did he know I was loving this, the stupid bastard didn't even know this is what I had been wanting to do, And I loved licking his nuts and licking that gorgeous ass I had been jerking off to the thoughts of it for a couple months now, then he said, now Ben Your gonna suck my cock untill I cum in your mouth and your gonna swallow it, and if you don't I'm gonna tell the other guys on the team what I caught you doing when I walked In. Then I went back to licking his hot ass and his nutsack I noticed he was quite well hung, not like me but about 7-7.5 inches and pretty thick and then he sorta tried to make it like he was forcing me and all, but He was kinda liking what I was doing because he was closing his eyes and kinda moaning a little and he reached around and grabbed my cock, Lets see how you like this you, ass licker, The more he did the better I liked it. Shit I could hardly wait untill the fool stuck his hot hard throbbing cock into my mouth, Thats when he did just that, and not a moment to soon, I had only had his cock rammed to the back of my throat about 5 times when he started saying, Oh Shit, Oh shit, Muther fucker, and started painting my throat with his hot tasty cum, and I just kept up the sucking and When I had drained all he had to give, I said Let me up, Kinda playing like the martyr in the game he was playing, when In fact I was enjoying the fuck out of it.

He finally came down off his excitment high for the climax and said you little faggot, let that be a lesson to you, and from now on When ever I want this you must comply with it or everyone will know your a queer, got it? I said yes and then he got up, dressed and left, I just layed there naked, with the taste of his cum still in my mouth and its smell in my nostrils, and If I had had a cigarette I would have looked like Betty Davis in one of her movies, Just awesome Dawling. God was I a Happy camper.

About a week later Russell came into the dorm room one evening and said, Ben I need some serviceing and I am gonna fuck you this time, get yourself ready, and When he came out of the bathroom he was totally naked, I let him take control and He said here boy, suck my cock and I started an awesome blowjob on Russel and then he said Damn that feels good, keep it up, I said don't you want to fuck me. He said Oh yea! and then proceded to bend me over, I had him in the palm of my hand, A pawn in my game of chess, we were just getting into it when I said I have some lube in the dresser drawer, He said you really want this don't you, and I looked him straight in the eye and said, almost as much as you do. He looked at me and said 'What the fuck you mean by that,? I said Russel your not as tough as you might want me to think you are, eyes and your body give it away, your fucking enjoying this and don't try to kid a kidder, I am enjoying it tremendouly and the truth is you are too. or you wouldn't be coming back for seconds, But that's alright because this is what I like. So fuck me but do it because your enjoying it not because your raping someone.

Russel looked like I had dumped cold water on his head, and I looked up and kissed him on the lips, he jumped back and said what's that for, I said sex is supposed to be part of love making, Make it so. Fuck man I've wanted you since the firt time I saw you and damn man, I'd do whatever you wanted just to have you. So man lets make this about desire for each and Loving and whatever else you want. I want to make love to you, Do you get it, And then I leaned over and started sucking Russel's cock and saw his cock start to really stiffen up hard as a bone then I layed him back on his back and lifted myself up over him and just sorta set down on his cock and let it slowly slide into my anal opening and god It felt absolutely awesome, my cock stiffened up and I started riding Russel. I had beaten the Bully, and the Bully was loving it. I was riding up and down on Russels hard, hot cock and I could feel each jerk, each throb, each thrust into my intestines, and I was getting close to the climax myself and the I heard his breathing, labored, frantic, and climactic, His eyes were closed and he was biting his lip and he started jerking and saying I love it, oh fuck I love it. Damn man I love it.

I let him calm down and then he said Ben, you didn't get off and he reached up and started rubbing my cock, Man that is a monster fucking cock dude, he said, I said It's been a good friend to me dude! I saw Russel smile for the first time, then he set up and took my cock into his mouth, Unable to take much of it he started doing the head and it was so hot I told him to take it easy with the teeth, then he ask me if I thought he could take it in the ass. I said we can try but remember it will hurt at first and you have to give it time to let the pain subside and let the pleasre take over then it's all down hill from there. He said o.k. lets give it a try.

Russel layed back on his back and I started chewing on his ass and he started getting a hardon and wimpering a little, then he said what about lube I said I have some and then I wet my finger and began to punch it into his hot, very hot feeling rectum, I knew if he could take my cock it would be awesome It was so hot.

I lubed up my cock and knelt up, raised Russels legs up and then began a slow deliberate pushing of the head against his back door and I said push out like you trying to shit and I will go easier, He did and it did, My head popped into the opening and he said, Oh Fuck, your gonna split me apart and my ass is on fire, I said take it easy, You'll enjoy it, fuck I wanted to rip his asshole apart because of what the little shit had tryed to do to me, but I didn't have the heart, and anyway I had calmed him down, and made a possible lover for the school years ahead.

finally after about ten minutes Russel started saying man that don't feel bad, I said I'm gonna give you some more, a little at a time I shoved that nine and a half inche rod of mine into his anal cavity and I was loving it, it was hot and I was finally into the beautiful ass I had admired for so long in the showerroom. Well we both got to moving and he started moving with the groove and started liking it real well, Fuck this is awesome Ben, Fuck I have never felt so full and your hitting something up there that feels like a bit of heaven, and he started fucking back up at me. I started pouring it on and I felt that stiring in my groin and I knew It wouldnt be very long and It wasn't, I started spasming and speaking that unspoken language of the climax and I started shooting a load of my spooge up into his intestines and He said awesome dude, It feels like a hot water hose turned on inside me and he started acting like he was gonna cum, I reached up and started stroking his hot cock and he sarted shooting his load all over the place. Oh jesus Fucking Chrummmmmm, and he was all but having an epilectic seizure on me, but I think he sorta Liked it. LOL. Totally awesome dude, he said, Fucking Awesome.

The next Day Russel wasn't the little turd Bully he had been, He found out that the truth was stranger than fiction and the truth was he really wanted the man to man sex as much as I did, He just didn't want anyone to know he enjoyed it .

Russel and I stayed best buds and roommates all the was thru college and still get together for a romp once in a while. I think the greatest lesson I learned in this is that 'Things and People aren't always what they seem.'



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