The air conditioner was running hard but the room had yet to be cool and the two of them were already naked, sprawled out on one of the beds. Sean was on his back, legs spread with Cody lying between them. He held up Sean's cock, it so hard it pulled against his hand to fall back in its hovering position over Sean's stomach. The head was flared out wide and it was glistening in the dim light from where it had been in Cody's mouth. He ran his hand down to the base and began to milk the shaft, bringing his hand upward, slowly, watching how it flexed in his hand and when he was near the head he watched a bead of pre-cum form at the slit, a round clear drop that rolled over the head and began to run downward. Cody leaned forward, tongue out, and captured it, ran his tongue upward licking it up, and he ran his tongue over the head, polishing it clean, sucking up all the pre-cum from the slit.

Sean moaned and put one hand on Cody's head, running his fingers through his light brown hair that hung long and unruly, as he felt Cody move up and down on his cock, work his mouth over it, letting it slide through his lips over and over. Cody felt the fingers run through his hair as he sucked Sean's cock, and he shifted up on his elbows and knees to get in a better position enabling him to pump his mouth harder, full even moves up and down. He couldn't believe he was having sex with this guy, someone he just met and knew nothing about except he said his name was Sean, and Cody had doubts about even that as he felt Sean rotate around underneath him, move till his head was shifted between his own legs and his cock was engulfed into Sean's warm wet mouth.

He'd been on his way home from a job site stuck in rush hour traffic about ten miles north of the city and he kept shifting his Jeep from second to third and back again as he eased along with the slow moving traffic. He had the top down, doors off and the hot sun beat down on him. He had already been sweaty while walking the job site of a new residential community in the outskirts of town where he was one of the contractors in charge and now he was sweating profusely again, felt it run down his sides from under his arms, down his chest and from his hair. He unbuttoned his shirt and tugged it off leaving him in a tank top and he pulled his cap down lower protecting his eyes from the hot sun. Even as slow as he moving he realized his lane still moved faster than the other two and he passed one vehicle after the next looking down on the other drivers, a view his lifted Jeep afforded, noticing how so many had that exhausted dazed look of someone ready to lose it.

The traffic had been slogging along for a couple of miles when Cody came upon the convertible, a little Miata, its top down, and he saw the guy driving was leaned back, resigned to the situation as he listened to his music. Cody came up beside him where he could look down into the car and saw the guy was dressed as if he was going to or coming from a gym, wearing gym shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt. His black hair stuck out around his ball cap and shades hid his eyes from view. They passed each several times since the traffic had ground down to an even slower pace. Cody couldn't help it, the guy had a nice body and he kept staring at him every time one passed the other. Several times the guy angled his head toward Cody as if he was looking back at him, but it was hard to tell with the shades. Then the guy had done it, reached down and tugged on his crotch, adjusted his cock and he had done it when Cody had his best view coming up from behind to pass him again. When the Miata came up once again Cody had run his hand down his chest and over his crotch, casual, slow, not caring who else saw him doing it.

The guy obviously was looking now for he smiled as they passed. When Cody pulled up next to him again, this time having to stop right next to him the guy brazenly looked over to Cody, reached down and tugged on his shorts, pulling the leg upward letting his cock slide out into the open, its flared head rubbing along his thigh. This was too much for Cody for he'd seen enough and he motioned to the exit up ahead, one that catered to passing motorists with its cheap hotels, gas stations and fast food places situated on each side of the overpass. The guy nodded and slowed slightly letting Cody in front of him and the two of them worked their way off the interstate and up the exit.

Now he held Sean's cock up as he sucked the head, probed the slit with his tongue as he ran one hand down to Sean's balls, circling behind them with his forefinger and thumb and tugging them tight in their sac. Sean pushed upward, shoving his cock into Cody's mouth as he sucked on Cody's cock harder, pushed his mouth upward taking as much of the shaft as he could till Cody's sac rested on his face. Cody wondered if this guy was a top or a bottom, wondered how far he could go with him, as he moved his fingers down along the crevice between his cheeks, probed along the crack, rubbed them over the opening to his hole and Sean raised his knees bringing his feet up to his ass and let his legs splay open giving Cody room to probe his hole, the access he needed to easily work his finger into him, then another and another till he had three fingers buried up in his hole, twisting them around, fucking them back and forth as he stretched the hole open. He now knew Sean was a bottom, someone he could sink his cock into and fuck, someone he could take out his pent up energy, someone who liked an anonymous fuck before disappearing down the highway.

Cody pulled up off of Sean and slipped off the bed. He grabbed Sean by the legs, pulled him over to the edge of the bed lifting his legs up, locked together, as he held them tight to his chest with his feet over one shoulder and he moved down to his ass, pushed his cock down, the wet slick head soon pressed to Sean's hole.

"Yeah, fuck me, man, fuck my ass" Sean said in a low husky voice, his breathing ragged and hard.

Cody pushed with his hips and sank the head of his cock into the tight hole and Sean cried out, his hands braced on Cody's thighs as he threw his head back, his body quivering with his hole clamped down tight on Cody's cock. Cody held still for a moment, felt Sean's hole loosen up and he felt Sean pushed down with his hips taking more of his cock and he obliged him as he leaned over slightly and bore down sinking his cock slowly into him, inch by inch, till it was completely in his tight stretched open hole.

Cody didn't know the guy, he wasn't his boyfriend or lover, just some fuck he picked up on the way home and he drilled his cock into Sean's hole, quickly working up to his favorite pace, hard and fast, slamming his hips down against Sean's ass. He stood up as straight as he could and watched his thick cock slide in and out of Sean, his ass lips pushing in and tugging out as he thrust his cock into him, over and over, and Sean cried out, begged him to fuck harder, to bust his ass open and he felt Sean's hands touch his thighs, feeling him swing them back and forth as he plunged his cock into Sean's wet quivering hole.

Cody jerked his cock out of Sean, grabbed him by the hand and pulled him up, spun him around and shoved him over the small round table by the window, the pamphlets and brochures on top sliding off into the floor as Sean was pressed down on it and Cody's cock soon back in his hole, fucking him, hard and fast, the pedestal table rocking recklessly underneath. Cody hadn't noticed at first but soon saw how Sean's arms, stretched out over his head, had pushed the curtain open and some guy was watching them, watching Sean take his fuck, rocking back and forth on the table as he cried out and begged for Cody to fuck him. Cody flinched at first, being spied on, but then he bore down on Sean hard, put his hand on the back of his neck and held him down as he fucked him so hard his hips slapped against Sean's ass. Sean laid there, head up, mouth open, grunted and moaning, uttering his pleadings, unaware of the man watching him through the window. Cody looked up into the man's face, challenging him, testing his resolve to stand there and watch and he saw the man look both ways down the balcony then move up close to the window as he took his own cock out. It was hard, the head already wet with pre-cum and the man stroked it, fast, his rhythm in pace with Cody's fuck, and together they worked their cocks, Cody in Sean's ass and this stranger with his own hand.

Cody felt Sean pull his legs together some and he kicked them apart taking away what little balance Sean had and he pressed down his back, held him down as he fucked his cock in Sean's hole, long full strokes, the head almost coming out and he shifted up, let the man outside see his entire torso with his flat stomach and large pecs and the way his skin shone in the dim light, wet with sweat, and he let the man see him pull his cock completely out of Sean's hole, hold still a brief moment, it flexing up and down, wet and slick, then he slammed it back in, all the way as Sean cried out.

"Oh fuck...fuck" Sean's voice momentarily drowned out the sound of their fuck, the sound of the rocking table, the sound of Cody slapping his ass before he slammed back into his hole again. Cody let the man see him pull out several times, each time slamming back into Sean hard and fast. The man was fisting his cock faster, his hand a blur as he watched and no doubt could hear Sean's guttural sounds, his cries for Cody's fuck. Cody buried his cock into Sean since he felt it flare up larger, his need more urgent and he held Sean's hips as he jammed his cock into him, hard thrusts, punching his cock all the way into his hole. He looked up in time to see the man shake, his eyes close and suddenly thick white cum spattering the window. Several wads hit the glass and as they ran down Cody wished he could make Sean licked it off as he fucked him and the sight of the man coming was enough, this demonstration of masculine sexuality, this primitive urge to cum and he slammed his cock into Sean and pumped his load into him, short jabs with his hips, pushing his cock into him all the way as he pumped each wad into his hole.

Spent, he pulled Sean up, pulled him to the bed and shoved him impatiently down on his back. Cody moved down to his head, rubbed his slimy cock over Sean's face smearing his cum and Sean's own juice over it.

"Clean me off" Cody demanded and Sean opened his mouth taking his cock, sucking it all the way into his mouth.

Sean lay there slowly stroking his leaking cock, his face smeared with trials of cum as Cody pulled on his clothes. Neither said anything, there was nothing to say, as Sean watched Cody dress, come over to him, grab him by the hair and roughly kiss him on the mouth.

"Thanks" and Cody went out the door leaving it open where the man on the balcony stood waiting.



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