Chapter 1 – The return to Colonie

The alarm clock rang loudly in my ears jolting me awake with a groan. My hands clawed blindly at the bedside cabinet desperately seeking the source of that torturous noise. Triumph at last! A finger had found the snooze button bringing immediate silence to the room. Leisurely I stretched my body out beneath the duvet and with a foot I stroked the leg of my still sleeping lover, Kurt. He simply grumbled under his breath and pulled the duvet higher over his head.

I sighed to myself knowing that we couldn't afford to idly lie around, for there was work to be done and Gettysburg to be reached this morning. If not, we would be working late into the night to set the rally up in preparation for tomorrow. I rolled out of bed and stood up gingerly feeling my bum which, not surprisingly, was aching from all the attention it had received yesterday. I dressed quickly and headed for the kitchen to start cooking our breakfast. The smell of frying bacon did the job, within ten minutes I was joined by both Kurt and Logan who sat around the kitchen table waiting impatiently for their food.

As we ploughed through the bacon sandwiches there was a knock on the trailer door and in walked Owen not waiting for a reply. He greeted us in his customary cheerful manner and once again congratulated me on joining the clan with such enthusiasm. This naturally led onto his real purpose for the visit which was to ask me (okay, tell me but in a nice way) to drive back up to Colonie taking Marvin, Zac and Nathan (the other three cubs) with me. He had arranged with Levi for us to stay over with him while he does our tattoos. Crikey I thought to myself, he doesn't hang around! But as I glanced around the room I appeared to be the only one surprised by this development, so I smiled and nodded my agreement with his 'request' before preparing myself for the coming journey.

An hour later we were speeding along the Interstate 78 in my little old car loaded down with three passengers and a boot full of our belongings. Initially there was silence in the car as I concentrated on the road and traffic around me while the others appeared lost in their own thoughts as they gazed out at the passing scenery. For my part I reflected on my recent parting from Kurt. As I had packed my travel bag in preparation for the impending journey Kurt had grabbed me by the waist and spun me round in his arms before giving me a rib-cracking bear hug. Releasing me momentarily I gasped for air only for it to be sucked back out of my lungs as he kissed me passionately on the lips and enveloped me in his arms once more. I could not help but become aroused and desperately wanted to push Kurt onto the bed for a quick fuck but there was no time and I had to make do with a fondle of Kurt's packet straining behind his jeans. Laughing he slapped me on my behind and promised to see to my needs on my return. With that he stepped back, told me to drive carefully and then disappeared to start preparing the trailer for its own journey.

All this reminiscing had stirred my loins and I tried to discreetly adjust my position but could not stop myself from smiling at the thought of keeping Kurt to his promise. I just didn't know how I was going to cope with being celibate for a whole week! Zac, who was sitting in the front passenger seat glanced over at me and broke the silence by asking me what I had been thinking about.

I returned his glance and for the first time I noticed how attractive Zac was. His skin was like milk chocolate complimented by his dark brown eyes and black hair in ringlets which sat on top of his head like an unruly mop. This combined with his easy smile and animated manner created a "wild child" impression. I had seen very little of him around the camp and the only time we had really interacted had been at the initiation ceremony, which hadn't been to make small talk. I blushed red from the memory of how much I had enjoyed fucking Zac doggy style in front of all the bikers and clan members after winning our wrestling match.

"Uh...." I started off trying to think of the right words to say "oh, I was just thinking about Kurt and then I remembered about our wrestling match........" I trailed off feeling my cheeks go even redder from embarrassment.

Zac burst out laughing and replied "Heck that was one hell of a day! Great fun but my arse sure ached afterwards. My hole was so stretched I thought it would never close up again!"

Two voices piped up from the back seats as their owners, Marvin and Nathan, leant forward and joined in with the conversation. The topic of which turned to our respective partners and it quickly became apparent to me that all four of us were what you'd call the "bottoms" in our relationships. Not that any of us were complaining as we freely admitted to each other. There's nothing better than having something inserted up your rectum and preferably bigger the better! The only thing which I kept to myself was the fact that I appeared to be the only one who had ever "topped" his bear.

This conversation went backwards and forwards for what seemed like forever but at least it served to pass the time as we continued on with the monotonous journey along the motorway. We made only the occasional convenience break to stretch our limbs and empty our bladders before heading off again. About halfway through our journey we stopped at a roadside diner and enjoyed a huge burger meal washed down with loads of cola and chips on the side, just in case we didn't eat again until much later. Well that was the excuse we told ourselves. Finally we arrived in Colonie and pulled up at Levi's tattoo parlour just as the sun was setting, I had been driving nearly all day and I was exhausted!

I knocked loudly on the front door for it wasn't obvious if anybody was actually, the place was in darkness from what we could see. I was just about to know again when Levi opened the door and greeted us with a big grin on his face.

"Fetch your bags and come on in lads, I've been looking forward to having you stay with me ever since I heard the news that you'd passed your tests" he said enthusiastically.

We did as requested and as the last one, Marvin, carried his travel bag in through the front door Levi locked it securely behind him. Levi led us through to the back of the shop and into his lounge which I recognised from the last visit I had made with Kurt. Not stopping he bid us follow him up the stairs onto the landing and past the "massage parlour" where I had suffered the extremely painful body waxing. At the end of the corridor we entered a large room which ran the width of the building but only had one window facing the rear of the property. Initially it appeared to be empty with bare wooden floorboards, except for curtains and a large chest of drawers next to the window.

However behind us, stood leant against the wall were four single mattresses and a pile of sheets, blankets and pillows. Seeing our surprised expressions Levi chuckled and explained that he hadn't set the beds up because he didn't know what our preferred sleeping arrangements would be. We were free to have four single beds; two doubles or one huge bed depending on how the fancy took us he finished with a wink. He then told us to leave our bags in the room; we would have time to unpack later, and led us back down to the living area. As we made ourselves comfortable Levi asked if we liked Pizza, I nodded vigorously as I was by now starving and out of the corner of my eye I could see the others doing the same. That settled the matter, Levi made a quick telephone call and twenty minutes later we were tucking into deep crust pizzas with extra topping!

It didn't take long for us to clear our plates, no sooner had we put our knives and forks down than the lounge door opened and to my surprise a man walked in carrying an empty tray ready to take our dirty plates away. I guess he was probably about twenty years younger than Levi and of Thai or Chinese descent. Either way he was very petit and pretty, if you like the feminine type. He greeted us warmly and Levi introduced him as Sanun, his partner for the last ten years and who shared all of his interests. He would be helping out during our stay. Having cleared the table he brought forth another tray laden with homemade cakes and a large pot of coffee to which we helped ourselves while Levi disappeared upstairs to retrieve the finished artwork on our tattoos.

Once we had had our fill and the table cleared once more Levi spread out the drawings he had done. The work was stunning and both Levi and Sanun were clearly proud of it, I just wish I could be half the artist that he was! Naturally I studied mine first and I verbalised my admiration of the artwork, there had been some changes made which Levi explained had been done for both practical and artistic reasons. Medusa's black bat-like wings had been replaced with white feathered wings (to decrease the amount of heavy inking required) and the sword had gone altogether. She was still holding the decapitated head of Perseus aloft with one hand but now she was supporting her weight with a bloodied hand on the headless body (it made the scene more gruesome because the viewer would know that he had been beheaded by her own hands). From the neck of the corpse blood flowed in rivulets down what would be my spine and disappearing between my bum cheeks. A hand still reached out towards the viewer and the shield still bore the message "History is littered with fallen heroes". I studied the picture intently but could see no flaw so I confirmed with Levi that I definitely wanted to go ahead with the tattoo in the morning.

Only then did I turn my attention to the other tattoo designs on the table and was surprised to see that I was not the only guy with a mythological theme. Zac's design was of a naked Minotaur roaring at the viewer, it stood with legs outstretched, arms raised and fists clenched. It sported a gargantuan erection and low slung balls. Nathan's design was more classical showing two entwined naked warriors wrestling, one black one white and Marvin's was a lone wolf sitting on a rocky outcrop howling at a full moon high above it.

The six of us spent a lot of time discussing the tattoos and how they would be inked onto our backs and biceps, it sounded very daunting to me and for a couple of minutes I had real doubts about my courage to see the process through. I guess Sanun must have seen the doubt in my face for he gave me an affectionate hug and reassured me (and the others at the same time) that they were very experienced and had good stuff to take the pain away. I nodded my understanding and gave him a weary smile before doing an enormous yawn and nearly hitting Marvin in the mouth as I stretched.

"Right guys" Levi announced "it's getting late and you've had a tiring day so let's call it a day. Sanun has kindly set up the bathroom with plenty of towels for tonight and tomorrow morning. Oh, before I forget, tomorrow morning before you come down for breakfast please ensure that you're FULLY cleaned out. The reason will become apparent all too soon. Good night gentleman, if you need anything just ask, we'll be in the room next to you."

Having wished them both good night we made our way up to our room and set about making our beds. At this stage we felt it more appropriate to have single beds, for apart from the initiation ceremony we hardly knew each other and to share beds when we had partners back home didn't feel quite right somehow. Mind you, none of us were shy when it came to taking our clothes off, how could we when we had already seen each other naked and much more! So minutes later the four of us, giggling and totally starkers ran to the bathroom where we spent the next half an hour taking turns to shower, brush our teeth and have a shave. Admittedly it was a little crowded having four bodies in a room designed for no more than two but it did give an excuse for us to "accidently" bump into each other and get reacquainted with each other's buns and packets.

Later having made myself comfortable in my makeshift bed I thought about Kurt and wondered what he was doing and if he was thinking of me at all. I tossed and turned for what seemed like hours, but can really have only been half an hour or so because the last thing I heard before drifting off was the gentle snoring of Nathan in the next bed to me.

I woke the following morning to the sounds of movement in the room and quiet talking, opening my eyes a fraction I was in time to see Nathan, still naked with his back to me talking to Marvin who by now had a pair of pants on and was folding his blankets up. As I watched them Nathan bent down to pick his shorts up and in doing so allowed me full view of his balls swinging freely between his legs and I could just see them tip of his cock behind them. All too soon he pulled the shorts up and that was that, sighing I knew it was time for me to get up too. I sat up in bed trying to remember what I had done with my boxers last night. Damn! I'd been lazy and left them in the bathroom, so there was no option other than to remain naked until I got there. Okay, I could have gone to my bag and retrieved a clean pair but that seemed a waste as I had a feeling they would not be remaining on for long bearing in mind the events of my previous visit here and Levi's comments last night.

So wasting no time and ignoring the other's raised eyebrows I made my bed and sauntered off to the bathroom for the requested shower and deep clean out. I was soon joined by the other three and the banter between us resumed along much the same lines as the previous evening. As I was already naked and the first to finish with the shower it seemed logical that I would be the first to get cleaned out, however having looked around the bathroom I couldn't see a suitable douching appliance. With towel wrapped around my waist I left the others and went in search of our hosts. From the noises I could hear coming from downstairs I guessed breakfast was being prepared so I headed off in that direction.

"Morning Levi. Morning Sanun. Sorry to bother you just when you're both busy in the kitchen but...." I trailed off as they both turned around at the sound of my voice.

"Good morning Danny!" Levi responded with a smile "what can we do for you on this bright and sunny morning?"

"Well, last night you said about having a deep clean out before coming down for breakfast but I can't find the douching equipment anywhere. Am I missing something?" I asked.

"Sorry, that was my fault" Sanun said apologetically "I forgot to set it up before I went to bed!"

"Never mind, there'll be plenty of time after breakfast as we're nearly ready for it anyway. Would you mind calling the other's down please and tell them just to wear their towels as you are now" Levi instructed as he turned the bacon over under the grill.

"Sure thing" I replied and ran back up the stairs to tell the others to follow my lead.

Chapter 2 – Getting down to business

Half an hour later all six of us were sitting round the breakfast table, two fully dressed the rest naked except for towels around our waists, tucking into a large fried breakfast. We were told to eat as much as we wanted so we did and cleared everything on the table! Sanun asked if we wanted anymore but we were completely full by then and raised our hands in surrender. We sat for a few minutes longer finishing off our fresh orange juices before Levi informed us it was time for us to be cleaned out. To save on time he had decided to do a group clean out in the back yard using the garden hose! I wondered what the neighbours might think but I needn't have worried for as we filed out into the back yard the building enclosed it on two sides with a thick hedge on third and the neighbour's garage wall enclosed the final side. There was no way anyone was going to look in on us unless they could climb buildings!

Levi told us to remove our towels and use them as kneeling pads as we got down on all fours, in a row, with our bums raised in the air. I was at one end of the row and as I looked over at the other three I gave them a wry smile as if to say we've been here before. Marvin, the nearest to me took the words right out of my mouth and then voiced the question as to why we needed to be cleaned out.

"All will be revealed in good time" Levi informed us "for now just enjoy yourselves and go with the flow. Think of it as a little holiday, for soon enough you will be going back to work and this will be a distant memory."

As he said this Sanun joined us carrying a small can of Crisco and proceeded to apply the grease to each of our holes in turn. I could tell from the way he applied the grease that he was experienced with this activity and wondered if he would slip me a finger or two when he got to me. I was sadly disappointed when he did for all I got was a small wad of grease pushed up inside me and grease smeared all around the rim before he stood up, job finished. Next came the garden hose, which was a bit of an exaggeration for all though that is what it had originally been it had since been adapted for its intended use as a douching tube. At one end was the familiar small metal butt plug with its many holes and the other was being carried into the kitchen to be attached to the mixer tap. After the temperature of the water had been adjusted to Levi's satisfaction Sanun then inserted the plug into my anus allowing my ring to grip tightly onto the plug's neck. Immediately I could feel the water flowing into me slowly filling my rectum with the tepid fluid. It wasn't long before I began to feel uncomfortable but before I could protest Levi reached underneath me and palpated my stomach enabling the water to flow further up in to me. When my stomach was fully distended the plug was pulled out and Sanun moved on to repeat the procedure with Marvin.

As for me, I made a dash to the open drain and quickly squatted over the hole just as the water and faeces mixture cascaded from my backside. I remained like that until I was sure that there was nothing more to come out. Standing to one side I watched with interest Marvin, Zac and Nathan undergo the same routine until we had all emptied the first load out. We then got back down on all fours and were filled up with water for a second time, and then a third. It was only on the fourth douching that Levi was satisfied that the exiting water was completely clean.

Halfway through I noticed that Sanun had disappeared indoors and hadn't returned which led me to wonder what he was up to but had no time to think much of it as I was still being cleaned out by Levi. However it became apparent as to what he had been doing when we returned from the yard carrying our towels over our shoulders. The living area had changed slightly, the table was still in the middle of the room but the dining chairs had been replaced by what looked like ergonomically designed stools with foot rests and the seat sloped slightly forwards. I noticed that each one had a screw thread hole in the centre. Mmmm I thought to myself as I studied them suspiciously. Just at that point Sanun entered the room carrying a large cardboard box and placed it down with a thump on the table. He beckoned us over and doing so we peered into the box. Inside were four large elongated butt plugs with metal screw threads sunk into the neck of each plug. There was also a large can of Crisco and rolls of tissue paper to wipe the grease off again afterwards.

Taking the lead I picked one of the butt plugs up, didn't matter which for they were all of the same size, about a foot long, as wide as my wrist at the tip and about as wide as my elbow at the flared base before narrowing to wrist size again for the neck.

"I take it these are meant for us?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"Got it in one!" Levi said with a grin on his face "I'm not sure if you've been told about this, not only am I to tattoo each of you guys. I have also been tasked by the clan to not only maintain your anal capability but to increase it further until you are able to easily swallow an object the width of two fists and up to eighteen inches in length."

"But why that big? Surely a fist is more than enough! It was for the assessments" Nathan exclaimed.

"I have no idea why, I'm just doing as I'm instructed. The clan pays me handsomely and expects their requests to be carried out to the letter. You ought to bear that in mind young man" Levi said in a serious tone.

Needing no further encouragement I did what was obviously required which was to screw the butt plug onto to the stool. Once it was firmly in place I liberally greased it up using the Crisco from the can that Sanun had kindly opened for me. I went to take another load of the grease to apply to my backside when I heard a voice behind me say

"No allow me please. I need to gauge your capabilities before we go much further."

I turned around in time to see Levi scoop a large wad of the Crisco out of the can and play with it in his hands to warm it up.

"How would you like me?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh, if you'd like to bend over the table with your chest resting on its surface. Then spread your legs and pull your cheeks apart that would be perfect" he said with a faint smile.

I just nodded and did as requested, as I reached behind me and pulled my cheeks apart I heard the quiet footfalls of the others walking round behind me and joining Levi to get a good view of the action. For the first time that I could remember I felt no embarrassment for being in such a compromising position, perhaps it was because of the company or the surroundings or both. Either way I just closed my eyes and focused on the attention my bum was receiving. First I felt Levi's fingers grease up my crack and then my anal ring before pushing inside the ball of softened grease. Taking slow breaths I relaxed and swallowed with ease the grease and the two fingers that were pushing it in. The fingers smeared the grease all around inside my rectum before withdrawing to be replaced by three fingers. I could tell from his deft and confident actions that he was a master at arse play which helped me to relax further and when he put four fingers I simply sighed in pleasure. He took his time and spent what felt like ages corkscrewing and pushing the fingers in and out of my willing hole. I felt so relaxed that I barely noticed when he withdrew, tucked his thumb behind his fingers forming a cone and slowly pushed them past my ring. As his hand got to the widest part I took another deep breath and pushed back on it driving the hand up into my rectum. I moaned quietly at the familiar and wonderfully full feeling that a fist always provided. Behind me I heard Levi and Sanun offer words of encouragement to me while I swear I heard Zac remark about how much he would like to bury his fist up my hole too.

"All in good time young man" Levi chuckled "business first, there will be plenty of time for fun later I promise."

With that he returned his attention to the task at hand, so to speak. Having left his hand motionless for a minute or two he slowly but surely pushed his fist further up my rectum until I felt his finger tips brushing my inner ring. He then repeated the same process with the inner ring as he had with the outer ring. Within a few minutes he had breached that barrier too and slid his fist deep into my bowels before sliding out of me with one smooth movement.

For a moment I stayed where I was and felt empty missing the intrusion, but was brought back to my senses when Levi slapped me on the arse and told me to stand up and allow Nathan to be assessed. As I did so Sanun beckoned me to join him round the other side of the dining table and pointed to the stool to which I had already attached the butt plug. I moved the stool nearer to the table and climbed on to it, standing on the foot bars I positioned myself until the point of the butt plug was just touching my hole. As both my stretched out hole and the plug were liberally greased up I had no difficulty at all fully impaling myself. My ring gently closed around the neck and as it did so I looked across the table in time to see Levi's fist slowly disappear between Nathan's tanned cheeks and up into his rectum. Nathan met my gaze and although his hazel eyes were slightly glazed and beads of sweat appeared across his brow he still smiled broadly. I asked him if he was okay and he nodded in response before looking over his shoulder to watch Levi slide further inside him.

Within a few minutes Nathan had been assessed and was sitting on the stool next to me, impaled by the butt plug of course. Like me his cock was semi-erect from being constantly aroused by the intruder. Zac was next and I began to suspect that he was a bit of a show off, for having seen how Nathan and I had acted, he appeared determined to go one better. As he assumed the position bent over the table and spread his cheeks wide he grinned at us and threw a wink before actively backing onto Levi's fist. Then having swallowed the fist in record time he looked over his shoulder and said that he could easily take another.

"I'm sure you could Zac" Levi replied drily "but as I've already explained to you, this session is purely business not for personal gratification. Now turn round and let me carry on with my assessment."

Crestfallen Zac did as he was told, much to our amusement, and let Levi do as he wished inside him. I felt a little uneasy sitting here watching Zac with his ringlets covering his face, for I felt some attraction to him beyond his handsomeness. Deliberately I looked away from him and over at Marvin who was waiting nervously for his turn at the table.

Fifteen minutes later all four of us were now sitting impaled on our stools around the dining table awaiting guidance on what was to follow next. We didn't have long to wait, maybe ten minutes or so, Levi re-entered the living room dressed in what to me looked like a surgical gown, cap and mask. Sanun followed close behind him wearing regular jeans and a T-shirt carrying a hold all bag. He placed it on the table and retrieved what can only be described as an adult's activity set. There were packs of playing cards, laptop computers, DVDs, video game discs, the latest issues of men's (gay and straight) magazines all of which we were free to use as we please Sanun informed us.

Chapter 3 – Tattoo time

Before that though we had to decide who was having the first session of the tattoo inking done, so we drew straws with the shortest going first and the longest last. Marvin drew the shortest so he was led off through the front of the shop into the small tattoo studio. I felt a little sorry him as he had looked so nervous, not knowing what to expect, but with words of encouragement from Sanun he had painted a brave smile on his face as he followed Levi out of the room. I had drawn the second shortest straw, so I would be next followed by Nathan and then finally Zac.

As for the rest of us it was simply a case of being patient and waiting for our turn, all the time sitting impaled on the elongated butt plug. The only time we were allowed off the stool was to relieve ourselves using the downstairs toilet, food and drink was brought to us at the table, we just had to ask for it. Sanun really was a sweet guy, nothing was too much trouble and he always showed us a friendly smile. At first we played several games of poker using match sticks for money but that soon lost its novelty as we realised to our cost that Nathan was an excellent poker player. The laptops became the next favourite time killer, as for me I surfed the internet and caught up on emails that I had received over the last couple of weeks and never got the chance to pick up.

After about an hour and a half Levi returned and told me to follow him. I got off the stool rather stiffly and the plug left my arse with a squelchy plop and I felt the melted Crisco and body juices trickle down my leg – Yuk! Quickly I snatched some of the tissue from off the table and wiped myself clean giving the others a rueful smile as I did so. As they say, what goes up must come down. I followed him into the shop, where to my surprise I spotted Marvin laying face down on a large blanket in the middle of the floor. His back and the tops of his arms were covered in cling film and on top of those a couple of hand towels. Other than that he was still completely naked.

I went over to greet him and ask how it went but before I got there Levi told me that I was wasting my breath for he was unconscious and it would be another hour or so before he woke up. It was at this point I began to feel panicky and not so sure I wanted to have the tattoos done having seen the state of Marvin! Too late, Levi took me by the elbow and steered me in the direction of the tattoo studio. Closing the door behind him he gestured me to climb into the chair, which looked like a cross between a massage couch and a dentist's chair. I climbed onto the arched padded surface face down and rested my forearms on the suspended arm rests beneath. Before I could react Levi had secured both my arms to the arm rests using the attached leather cuffs effectively pinning me down.

I looked at him in alarm but with a reassuring smile he said this was to simply prevent me from moving around when the needles started to ink me. He then cuffed my ankles too, again for the same reason apparently. Another surprise lay in wait for me, the chair's lower half swung open as Levi turned a wheel spreading my legs wide open. The explanation was that it gave him easier access to my lower back when he was inking the blood trickling down between my cheeks. I would have shrugged my shoulders if I could have so all I could do was lay there waiting for the ordeal to start.

Levi hung up my tattoo design on the wall in front of me and then offered me a cigarette. I shook my head saying that I didn't smoke, only to be told that it was one of his 'special' smokes like I had when I got waxed. Mmm that memory was still painful for me, but if Levi was offering it to me then I guessed that it was a good idea. So I nodded instead and agreed to smoke one before we began. He lit it before placing it between my lips and I inhaled the pungent smoke, at first I choked but as I grew accustomed to it I inhaled deeper and the effects increased dramatically. The room spun and my vision blurred into a kaleidoscope of distorted colours, I giggled despite myself and when Levi said he was going to start inking I just didn't care.

Oh shit! The pain! As the needles lanced my skin injecting their ink it felt like a red hot knife was being scraped across and through my skin. Still puffing on the cigarette I groaned despite myself and sucked even harder on it desperate to deaden the pain further. Slowly, ever so slowly the needles moved across my shoulders, time stood still for me as I tried to ignore the pain. Taking a break Levi offered me another cigarette which I gratefully accepted and smoked as he resumed inking my shoulders. By the time I had finished the second cigarette I was almost unconscious but I still could not ignore the pain coming from my lower back. As he outlined the blood trickling down my spine I could bear it no longer and asked for Levi to stop.

"I can't stop now" Levi replied "I still have your biceps to outline and the remainder of the blood flow."

"I'm sorry but I really can't cope with the pain any longer. Perhaps another cigarette might help?" I asked trying to keep the desperation out of my voice that I felt inside.

"No, you can't have more than two otherwise you will be sick. The only alternative I can offer is a morphine-based anaesthetic which will need to be anally administered for safest and quickest effect. Do I have your permission to administer it?"

"Yes! I need something, anything, to take the pain away."

"Okay, I will prepare the solution and administer it before continuing" he reassured me.

I heard him walk out of the room and within a couple of minutes he had returned, a little too quickly for him to have made anything up, he must have had it ready and waiting for me. Just as he had done with Marvin I suspected. I heard him step up behind me and almost immediately I felt the cold metallic nozzle of a syringe press against my anus and slide easily into my rectum. The fluid quickly flowed into me, it wasn't long before I felt woozy and then the lights went out in my brain.

Slowly, ever so slowly consciousness came back to me. First I felt coldness in my arms and feet, then a dull ache across my back and shoulders before a wave of nausea hit my stomach. Groaning in discomfort I opened my eyes and looked around me. The view looked wrong to me, everything seemed very tall and distorted and I could see two dark shapes nearby. Then I heard it, a dentist's drill. No scrub that as I remembered where I was, it was the tattooist's inking needles at work, presumably on Zac as I recognised his voice whimpering in pain.

"Danny, are you awake yet?"

"Uh I think so. Is that you Marvin?" I asked groggily.

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