Have you ever heard of the saying "be careful what you wish, for it may come true"?

Well for me the saying proved all too true, as my following tale will demonstrate beyond a doubt. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't change my life now for anything but on one fateful day this summer my life went from being safe and predictable (some might say boring) to exciting and at times scary.

But I'm jumping ahead of myself, let me start at the beginning and introduce myself to you. My name is Danny Challetts, aged twenty four, medium height and slim with close cropped auburn hair. My best feature I would say are my eyes for they are a tawny colour and in bright sunlight look golden. My worst feature has to be my skin for it is white at the best of times except for when it is a painful red when I have been out in the sun too long. As a kid at school I my class mates called me a vampire because my skin was so pale and I didn't like the hot summer sun. However when I complained about the teasing my mother just used to scold me and say that I should be proud of my Irish ancestry and stand up to the bullies.

Once I left school the teasing stopped and the colour of my skin was no longer an issue when it came to getting men into my bed. Oh yes, by the way I am gay and proud of it. I have my own apartment in Glens Falls, New York State, which I rent cheaply because it's on top of the grocery shop where I work as the assistant manager. The job title sounds grand doesn't it? But in reality there's only the manager, myself and a young girl who works weekends.

My life at the moment is not quite in a rut but it is definitely following a regular routine. I work five days per week on a changing shift pattern, when not at work I'm generally hanging out with my two best mates Perry Seaham and Lewis Devling. We've known each other since school and came out of the closet within weeks of each other. I like to think of myself as being the butchest of the three but I'm sure if you asked them they would argue otherwise! For ages I have been moaning that there's no fresh talent on the local scene and I'm getting so desperate that I might have to go cruising the straight joints! At night I would lay in bed idling wishing for something, anything to happen which might spice things up a little for me, after all I'm in my twenties and not getting any younger.

The powers that be must have been listening to my prayers for one Saturday morning as I was doing some household chores my mobile phone rang. Glad for a break I flipped the screen up to find that Perry was calling, strange I thought for at weekends he's not usually out of bed before mid-day.

"Hi ya. What's up?" I asked as I continued dusting the window sills in the lounge.

"Are you busy?" Perry asked outright.

"Not really. Only doing chores" I replied.

"How do you fancy going to the Honaw Motorcycle Rally up at Lake George today?"

"Oh, I dunno. You know I don't like being around all those Hells Angel type guys, they scare me a little!" I replied sounding a bit girly even to my own ears.

"Look" he continued, not put off in the slightest "what else are you going to do? Think of all those macho men showing off on their motorbikes, all that grease and testosterone."

"Well, as you put it like that, I could be persuaded but only on the condition that Lewis comes along to protect me" I replied knowing full well that Lewis would not want to be left out.

"Yes! You're the greatest mate in the whole wide world!" Perry cried down the phone, clearly pleased with my decision.

"I know and I'm the only one with a car. What time do you want me to pick you guys up?" I replied a little smugly.

"How about half an hour from now at my house, Lewis is just getting changed.........." he trailed off.

"You little beggars! I'll see you two in half an hour then" I said as I burst out laughing realising that I had been manipulated into this by Perry.

Hanging up on Perry I quickly put the cleaning stuff away and dashed into the bedroom to choose my outfit for the rally. Well, you never who you might bump into at a rally, it could even be the man of your dreams. Hmmph, fat chance! I thought as I rummaged through my wardrobe searching for clothes suitable for hot weather but also offering protection from the sun. In the end I chose a cream linen shirt and bleached jeans with matching trainers, finished with a white baseball cap to keep the sun out of my eyes. Inspecting myself from all angles in my full length mirror, I was satisfied with the casual effect of the ensemble and that I still looked young and attractive (modesty is not a trait I possess).

Fifteen minutes I pulled up outside Perry's house, actually his parents for he's not left home yet, and tooted my horn to announce my arrival. I nearly died with embarrassment when I saw Perry and Lewis appear from the front door. Perry was wearing a black muscle vest, black boots, pinky purple camouflage combats and matching baseball cap. Lewis was dressed similarly in a turquoise muscle vest, black boots and pale blue camouflage combats. His head was uncovered because he's so proud of his blonde hair and hates to flatten it with hats. My expression must have been comical for they both laughed and waved exaggeratedly which only increased the embarrassment factor still further! I just shook my head in resignation, there simply was no point complaining as it would only make them worse.

Concentrating on driving enabled me to forget about their outfits and the conversation quickly turned to discussing the types of guys we might see at the rally along with the things Perry wanted to do. Driving northbound on Interstate 87 towards Lake George I noticed that traffic was heavier than normal going our way and I wondered if they were heading for the same destination as us. From the rear of the car Perry was bouncing around in excitement every time a motorbike overtook us, for all his campness he just loved those two wheeled machines and of course their male riders. It seemed the whole world was converging on Lake George that day and it took us nearly half an hour of queuing to find a parking spot near to the rally site and then had to queue to pay the entrance fee. But it was worth the wait, the site was much bigger than I was expecting with a large trade stand area and huge main arena. Dotted all over the place were food and drink facilities as well as non-biker themed amusement areas for families with children. The place was already crowded with people and it seemed to me that the every section of society was represented not just the hardened bikers.

As we meandered amongst the trade stands I relaxed and even enjoyed myself as Lewis and Perry inspected the different makes and models of motorbikes on display. I chuckled to myself seeing the look of condescension on the seller's faces slip as they realised that the two obviously gay guys knew their bikes and became almost buddies as they discussed the mechanical and technical aspects of the bikes in question. I had to walk away though when they started flirting with the sellers, I didn't want to be present when the macho guys realised that they were being hit on nor give the game away by laughing out loud. Each time they'd catch me up grinning like idiots and more often than not they'd be holding business cards as trophies. A couple of hours passed very quickly and before I knew it my stomach was rumbling from hunger, I was not the only one for as mine rumbled again Perry announced that he fancied a hot dog as he was starving and headed straight for the nearest hot dog stand.

Lewis and I ran to catch up with him, standing there in the queue we started looking around to see if we could spot any eye candy. Perry is a natural man hunter and within seconds was poking us both in the ribs and pointing with his head in the direction of a nearby stall where a guy stood with his back to us talking to a female stall holder. The guy is question seemed to sense our attention and looked over in our direction. Perry nearly came in his pants there and then! I must admit he was a very handsome man if a little older than the guys I normally hooked up with. I'd put him in his late thirties to early forties, a great bear of a man standing at over six and a half feet tall wearing black leather trousers and matching waistcoat over a tight white muscle vest. From his posture and demeanour he was clearly used to being in charge. His head was shaved except for an inch long strip of black hair running from his forehead to the nape of his neck gelled in a Mohican style. Facially he was clean shaven except for a pointed goatee beard grown to about two inches long again it was black. His large dark brown eyes had a dangerous glint to them and a shiver ran down my spine as his eyes met mine. He held my gaze for what seemed an eternity before with a slight smile he turned away to resume his conversation with the stall holder.

Perry was visibly deflated; for once he had failed to gain a guy's attention even though he had been trying his best to do so. He was too wrapped up in his own misery to realise that it was me who had received the eye contact and being the friend I am I decided not to tell him of this fact. As we made our way to the main arena with hot dogs and drinks in hand we gently teased Perry about him losing his touch. Watching the motor racing in the arena Lewis announced that he didn't know what the fuss was all about, the bloke looked like a whole lot of trouble and best off avoided. Neither Perry nor myself made a comment.

Later that afternoon, having grown bored of watching the displays and just a little irritated by the crowds, we wandered down to the shoreline dock where a river steamer was docked and taking on passengers. Curious to find out what was going on we picked up our pace and joined the back of the queue while we read the notice board.

After a quick discussion we decided to buy tickets for the two hour boat cruise on the lake, it was something none of us had done before and sounded like fun. As I reached into my pocket to retrieve my cash I felt someone standing close behind me. Turning round, with my hand still in my pocket, I was met by the sight of a muscular hairy chest inches from my face. Tilting my head back I looked up at the heavily tanned face looking down at me and straight into the eyes of the guy I had seen while queuing up for my hot dog. With anyone else I would have come out with a flippant remark about standing so close to me. But there was something mesmerising about him and I just stood there rooted to the spot taking in the face before me and the feint smell of sandalwood. Reflexively I smiled up at him and my heart skipped a beat when he smiled back, my smile faltered a little however when I felt him put his arm around my waist and pull me closer to him. Then before I could react I felt the fingers of his other hand push their way inside the waistband of my jeans before pulling back just as quickly. Still smiling the guy released his hold on my waist and sauntered off back in the direction of the rally grounds without once looking back.

Still stunned and unable to believe what had just occurred I failed to notice that the queue had moved on until Perry called out to me. Shaking my head to get my brain working again I ran to catch up with my two friends as they were about to board the steamer. The boat was already packed by the time we climbed on but fortune was smiling on us as we managed to find three seats not taken at the front of the boat. As I sat down I felt something dig into my thigh, looking around to make sure that no one was watching I discretely slipped my hand down my trousers and found what had been digging into my leg. I was surprised to find a business card in my hand, so that must have been what that guy had been doing. I always knew that I should have been a detective!

With Lewis and Perry preoccupied watching the passing seafront scenery and mountain backdrop I was able to examine business card. On the front it read "Kurt Honaw, Events Coordinator" above a motorcycle in profile and American Indian style motifs all around the border. Turning the card over there was a simple hand-written message on the reverse "Call me" along with his mobile number. Raising my eyebrows I smiled to myself before tucking the card into my back pocket for safekeeping. I then turned my attention to enjoying the boat trip and spending the time joking and messing around with my two best mates, for some reason the day seemed to have got a whole lot better.


That evening, having dropped Perry and Lewis back off at their homes, I drove home with my head in turmoil about the card in my pocket. What should I do with it? The sensible half of me was saying to tear the card up and throw it away for he might be trouble as Lewis had stated. Whereas the adventurous half was saying give him a call, let your hair down and see what happens. I swung between those two points of views like a pendulum. It wasn't until I recalled how much I'd been wishing for something exciting to happen that I finally made my mind up. I decided to seize the opportunity and invite some adventure into my life.

Feeling nervous but also a little excited I dialled the number on the back of the card but it just rang and rang. I was about to give up, thinking it was an omen, when I heard a gruff 'hello'. Again a shiver ran down my spine at the sound of his voice. What was it about this man? I wondered to myself before with a slight shakiness to my voice I said hello back and told him who I was. That was the beginning of an hour long call during which I seemed to reveal so much about myself, my dreams and aspirations but now I think about it I can't remember Kurt disclosing much about himself at all. Even so, I felt I was a good judge of character and he seemed genuine enough for me to agree to meet up with him later. He told me that he would pick me up on his motorbike in an hour's time and that we'd be going out for a couple of drinks and see how we get on.

With that agreed I quickly showered to wash the day's sweat off and shaved to make myself smart again. Then came the ordeal of knowing quite what it wear, I wanted something manly to match the character of the guy I was going for a drink with. Well I didn't possess anything made of leather (other than my shoes and Doc Martin boots) so black denim jeans would have to do with a rather cliché tartan lumberjack shirt and my black DM boots. Standing before the full length mirror, just like I had this morning, I carefully inspected my appearance to make sure everything was in order. Satisfied I walked through to the lounge and looked out of the window onto the main road waiting for Kurt to arrive.

I heard him coming before I could see him for the roar of his bike was a giveaway, he rode slowly obviously looking for the door numbers until he spotted mine. I was impressed for I had been expecting him to look like a hell's angel, but no, he was dressed from head to toe in expensive professional black leathers and matching helmet with darkened face guard. Coming to a halt he sat astride his bike, took off his helmet before taking his mobile out of his pocket and dialled, obviously my number as my phone started ringing.

Smiling I picked my phone up and answered "Hi ya!"

"Come on down. I want to take you for a ride" was all Kurt said before hanging up.

There was something in the way he emphasised the word 'take' which caught my attention and made my loins stir. I didn't need a second telling for I was already out of my front door and racing down the communal stairs which led onto the main street. By the time I got to the bike Kurt had removed a spare helmet from one of the panniers and was held it out to me while giving me a very obvious once over. He must have liked what he saw because he nodded with a smile and turned the bike's engine on as I pulled the helmet on over my head. I just had time to climb on behind him and put my arms around his waist before he revved the engine and we were off!

I don't know what was more thrilling, holding him close to me in a very intimate way or watching the scenery flash by as we sped up the interstate back to Lake George. Either way I enjoyed the ride and was just a little disappointed when we pulled up in front of a lake front bar. Dismounting we made our way over to the bar and removed our helmets just in time for the bar man to greet Kurt by name before he nodded to me with a smile. Kurt ordered a beer for me and a soda water for himself before leading us to a nearby bench. Sitting side by side we people watched while we sipped our drinks and talked. Once again I found myself divulging more personal stuff while Kurt only told me scant information about himself. He was so charming and persuasive that at the time I didn't notice the imbalance in the information flow. After I'd had a couple of beers I was definitely getting tipsy and any barriers that I might have had up were definitely down. So when Kurt invited me to back to his place for a coffee I was more than happy to accept.

Downing the last of our drinks we bid goodnight to the bar man and climbed back on to Kurt's bike for the short couple of miles ride to the camp site where he was staying. We pulled up in front of a surprisingly large trailer, I had been expecting it to be of the static variety but Kurt assured me that it was fully mobile and after the rally here in Lake George it would be towed to the next rally venue. Stowing both our helmets into the panniers Kurt led me up the steps and unlocking the front door, into the main living/dining area of the trailer. I was impressed not only by the size and contents of the room but also by the fact that it was clean and tidy. It was clearly a man's place, with no feminine touches anywhere, the two brown leather sofas were slightly worn but very sturdy which were separated by an equally sturdy wooden coffee table. Facing the sofas on a solid wall was a large flat screen TV surrounded by framed photos of motorbikes and their riders, both static and in action. Each of the windows had vertical blinds which Kurt closed to allow us privacy from our neighbours. Then he gave me a whistle stop tour of the rest of the trailer, there were four doors off a small internal hall, to the left was the shower room and next to that the toilet. Immediately in front was Kurt's bedroom which ran the width of the trailer, it was the bigger of the two bedrooms. Inside it contained a double bed with overhead storage units and bedside cabinets along with a wardrobe and full length mirror hung on the back of the door. Snug but manageable Kurt assured me. The fourth door, which remained firmly shut, led into the second bedroom and was occupied by Logan Babet, an employee of the company and personal friend of Kurt's.

Tour over we returned to the lounge and I relaxed on a sofa watching Kurt as he expertly prepared two large and strong espresso coffees for us. Sitting opposite me as we sipped our coffees Kurt pointed to each of the photos and told me a little bit of history to each one, before quite casually slipping in a question which nearly made me spray coffee all over him!

"So Danny" Kurt asked taking another sip from his cup "have you ever gone skinny dipping by moonlight?"

Catching me totally off guard I spluttered into my coffee cup and blushed bright red before shaking my head in place of an answer.

"In that case you don't know what you've been missing! It's a lovely warm evening, the lake will be beautiful and as it's late no one will be around. How do you fancy it?" he asked but was already rising from his seat.

"Sure, why not? I'll try anything once" I replied trying to sound more confident than I actually felt.

Locking the door behind us we walked through the camp site downhill to the shore of the lake. As Kurt had correctly assumed there was nobody around at this time of night, presumably they were asleep in bed as very few trailers had any lights on. Having found a suitable spot on the shore and without looking around Kurt casually removed his clothes. First to come off was his tight T-shirt allowing me to see his tanned, hairy muscular torso and as he turned slightly I saw for the first time the tattoos that covered his back and the tops of his biceps. Unfortunately in the dim light I was unable to make out the intricate designs. Then with practised ease he removed his biker's boots and stuffed his socks into them, next his leather trousers were smoothly undone and pushed down to his ankles before he stepped out of them. Without a trace of hesitation he slipped his fingers into the waistband of his boxer shorts and pulled them down. This was the first time that I had ever seen such a masculine guy totally naked before me. His legs were just as tanned as his face and torso but the tan line stopped just beneath his buttocks and started again above his waist, his cheeks and crotch looked white in comparison. Unconsciously with one hand he adjusted his cock and balls allowing them to swing freely before he turned and waded into the inky black water until he was in up to his waist. I was frozen to the spot unable to take my eyes off his beautiful body which moved with all the strength and confidence of a mountain lion.

My reverie was broken when Kurt turned round and expressed surprise that I was still standing there fully clothed. I felt more than a little embarrassed at having been caught out staring at him so I grinned and started to strip. Being naturally shy about my body I could not help but look around to make sure no one was watching before removing my pants, the last article of clothing to come off. In the bright moonlight my naked body glowed an almost luminous white which only made me feel more self-conscious as I felt I was like a shining beacon in the darkness. At least it spurred me on to join Kurt in the cold water of the lake, who, having watched me undress with just as much interest as I had watched him was now swimming out into the lake. I have to admit that there was something sensual about feeling the water flow all around my intimate parts as I swam to catch up with Kurt.

Finally he stopped and I caught up with him, treading water we turned slowly taking in the view of the wooded shorelines, the starry sky above us and the distant town of Lake George off to the left, still well lit at this time of night. Like two teenage boys we floated around for a while just savouring the experience and pretending that we were the only people in the world. Then treading water again Kurt took me in one arm and started to kiss me amorously, his beard prickled me initially but I quickly got accustomed to it. Mainly because I got distracted by his tongue which forcefully invaded my mouth, rising to the challenge I kissed him back just as passionately. But try as I might I was just not strong enough to get my tongue into his mouth. Breaking away momentarily he chuckled darkly before he ravaged my mouth with his tongue once more. At the same time I felt a hand slide down between us and started to caress my balls before it stroked my cock to full erection.

I was getting close to the point of no return, when perhaps sensing this Kurt broke away from me and swam off in the direction of the shore. Frustrated beyond belief I swam after him trying to think of a way to ask why had he stopped and left me ready to burst. Naturally he got to shore first and by the time I swam ashore he was already lying face up with his hands beneath his head on the grassy shoreline allowing the night breeze dry him off. His cock was rock hard and the sight of this drove all rational thoughts out of my head. He gestured for me to join him on the ground, which I did although I was shivering slightly from the cold. Then not caring who may have been around Kurt gave me a lingering kiss before slowly and teasingly he kissed me all the way down my body until he reached my throbbing erection. His blow job was out of this world, not once did his teeth scrape me and he seemed to intuitively know all of my sensitive spots. My body was jerking and my head rolling from side to side in ecstasy by the time I lost control sending jet after jet of pent up jism shooting down his willing throat. He continued sucking until I could shoot no more and my cock had shrunk back to normal size. With a contented grin he kissed me on my lips (which left me with trace of my own taste in my mouth) before rising to his feet and gathered up his clothes.

Following his lead I gathered up my clothes expecting to get dressed again but Kurt apparently had other plans as he told me not to worry as no one's around and that I'd only have to take them off again. Now I liked the sound of that! So off we walked as casual as you like, still starkers carrying our clothes rolled up in a bundle beneath our arms, in the direction of our trailer. We talked in hushed tones about the trailers we were passing and who the occupied them when from round a corner two extremely drunk teenage girls appeared without warning. They immediately giggled and whistled at the sight of our naked bodies before making it clear what they would like to do with us, yuk!

Kurt simply shook his head, said "not tonight girls" and carried on walking making no attempt to cover himself up. I was really embarrassed, I covered my tackle with my clothes and smiled sheepishly, I walked a little faster to put distance between me and the girls. I could hear their laughter all the way back to Kurt's trailer and was only too glad to run up the couple of steps to the front door and disappear within.

However my relief was short lived for as I closed the door behind me and looked round I realised that we weren't alone in the trailer. Sitting on each sofa were two guys who had been watching the baseball game on the TV but on our entrance they both looked in our direction, one with raised eyebrows, the other with a welcoming smile to me and a nod to Kurt. I could feel myself blushing all over again at yet another embarrassing situation, well for me at least for Kurt didn't seem phased in the slightest. Putting an arm around my shoulder he pulled me to his side before he introduced me to Logan whose smile grew even bigger as he stood up and shook my hand before asking me if I'd like a beer in a strong French Canadian accent. As I nodded my head in acceptance of the offer Kurt announced that he'd like one too and high fived Logan as he walked past. Kurt then introduced me to the other guy who was still sitting on the sofa with a slightly amused look on his face.

"Danny, I'd like you to meet my friend Wayne, we've known each for many years" Kurt said matching Wayne's smile.

I shook Wayne's offered hand and said "Pleased to meet you, sorry about our state of undress, I hope we haven't offended you."

Chuckling Wayne replied "Not in the slightest, Kurt always did have good taste. To be honest nothing Kurt does surprises me any longer."

"Hey! Less of that sort of talk please" Kurt said with a hurt expression on his face "my young cub here will get the wrong impression of me."

"Cub?" Wayne and I said in unison.

As we glanced at each other in surprise Kurt shrugged his shoulders and replied "that's what I said" before he took the two bottles of beer Logan held out towards him. Then as if to draw a line under the subject he steered me into the hall and then to his room before calling over his shoulder "See you later guys!"

As the door shut behind me I asked "so what does cub mean?"

"It's a term of endearment that's all" Kurt murmured reassuringly as he dropped his clothing on the floor in a pile, then took mine and did the same.

I stood there for a minute just taking in the sight of his gorgeous body, it was everything mine wasn't. He was muscular where I was slim (okay skinny), he was hairy where I had little, he was tanned where I was white, he was well hung while I was average in comparison. The appraisal mentally made me doubt why such a handsome man would hit on someone ordinary like me, but my body was not concerned about such matters. Within a few seconds I was standing to attention and my feet moved of their own accord until I was standing in front of him looking up at his smiling face.

In a move which caught me by surprise Kurt abruptly bent down, slung me over his shoulder in a fireman's lift and carried me over to his bed. Laying me down on my back, he quickly crawled on top pinning me down with the weight of his body. Slowly he wriggled himself along until our erect cocks lay side by side, then lowering his head he kissed me all over my face, neck and shoulders with the occasional nibble. At the same time he gently thrust his pelvis into mine making our cocks to rub against one another. I made little whimpering noises in response to the pleasurable sensations he was causing and I found my legs wrapping themselves around his waist to pull him even closer to me.

Then he turned his attention to my mouth and with his tongue made love to it, sometimes gently sometimes roughly. I thought I was going to explode there and then! Perhaps sensing this Kurt pulled away from me, leant across the bed to his bedside cabinet and opened a drawer. Fumbling around he finally found what he was seeking and almost triumphantly held up a large tube of KY.

"I'm going to fuck you now" he said in an authoritive voice as he extricated himself from my legs.

Any thoughts of arguing his announcement simply didn't enter into my head.

"How do you want me?" slipped huskily from my lips.

"Roll over on to your front. I want to see those gorgeous white cheeks and that tight little hole of yours before I stretch it wide open."

Eagerly I complied with his instructions, laying face down I spread my legs wide and at the same time reached behind me pulling my cheeks apart. I felt cool air waft along my now exposed crack and anus.

"Okay?" I asked as I looked at Kurt from over my shoulder.

"Perfect, just perfect" he murmured as he knelt down between my outstretched legs.

I felt with a jolt the cold KY land on my hole, which puckered and quivered in response, as he gave the tube a big squeeze. With one finger he smeared it around my crack before pushing some of it inside my anus. I'm far from a virgin so I was able to easily accommodate his finger and wiggled my bum to indicate my enjoyment of the intrusion.

"Oh you want more eh?" Kurt asked with an amused tone to his voice.

"Yeah" I replied with my eyes closed.

With that a second finger joined the first and for several minutes those fingers slowly fucked me, alternating between corkscrewing and simple in and out motions. This continued until it was clear that I was totally relaxed, they then withdrew and the bed moved under Kurt's weight as he adjusted his position. Looking over at him I watched him as he liberally applied the KY to his hefty looking cock. From this angle it looked even bigger than when I was standing in front of him.

My expression must have revealed my thoughts because with a wink Kurt said

"Yes, you're right. I'm a big boy but I know that you can take this right up to the hilt. All you have to do is take deep breaths and relax."

Easier said than done I thought as his large cockhead pressed against my anal ring with a gentle but constant pressure. Slowly but surely, as I took deep breaths, I felt it stretch my ring ever wider for it had to be bigger than any dildo I had at home. Then with a tangible plop his head slipped past my ring which promptly clamped around his shaft.

"Easy tiger, relax that ring and let me in" Kurt whispered into my ear before playfully biting my shoulder.

As a distraction it worked, for while I yelped at his bites my ring relaxed its grip, allowing his cock to slide fully up inside my rectum until his balls were resting on mine.

"Aaargh!" I cried out in reaction to being impaled on his cock.

"Shush" Kurt murmured from behind me "the discomfort will go in a minute, just relax and trust me, I know what I'm doing."

I didn't have much option considering that I was pinned to the bed by his body and that my ring and rectum were being fully stretched by his huge cock, so I just grunted and buried my face in duvet beneath me. He remained motionless for a couple of minutes to allow me to get accustomed to the intrusion before slowly sliding his cock in and out of my backside. He never fully withdrew, leaving just his cockhead inside me before driving his cock back up my rectum until he could go no further. Slowly, almost imperceptibly the pace of the fucking increased until he was banging away like there was no tomorrow. Each thrust pushed me forward so I had to brace myself with my hands and very quickly my grunts of pleasure matched his in timing and volume. Finally with a cry Kurt climaxed sending jism shooting up inside me, I could have sworn that I felt each and every jet of jism he ejected but perhaps that was just my imagination.

Spent and exhausted he collapsed on top of me driving the air out of my lungs with a groan. Apologetic Kurt rolled over to one side dragging me with him until we were lying spooned together with his cock still buried in me. We laid like that for a while content to cuddle and enjoy the moment, I for one was certainly enjoying having my hole stuffed so continuously. Before long Kurt was ready to go again, remaining in this position we had a slower more sedate fuck but one that I was able to enjoy as I was free to back onto his cock as the mood took me. I thought that being his second go his climax would be less vigorous and noisy, but I was mistaken for I still got a punishing banging just prior to him sending yet more jism up me.

I made to move away but quickly found this impossible as his arm was firmly wrapped around my stomach refusing to let me go.

"Not so fast Danny boy, I haven't catered to your needs yet, I'll let you know when you can get up" he said making it clear that he was in control of the situation.

I didn't try very hard to resist, although my anal ring was beginning to get sore from all the polishing it was getting, it had been such a long time since I'd had such an energetic time in bed that I was content to lay where I was. Ten minutes later Kurt's cock was erect once more and making its presence felt inside me, however this time he had other plans for us.

He rolled onto his back and still impaled by his cock I was manoeuvred into a position where I was straddling his waist, facing him. While I rode up and down on his pole like a cowboy on a bucking bronco he took hold of my own cock and stroked it to erection. Having been pent up for so long it didn't take me long to cum sending my own jism flying across his stomach and onto his chest with an audible splat. My orgasm was made all the more intense by the cock inside me hitting my prostate every time I slid up and down it. My anal ring clenched spasmodically around his shaft which in turn sent Kurt over the edge as he too shot his third and final load up inside me within a minute of my orgasm.

Finally spent I was allowed to climb off him and with a loud wet slurp his cock slipped out of my stretched and very tired anus. Both exhausted we staggered into the shower room where we cleaned ourselves off all the while acting like teenagers on our first date (which I guess it was). By the end of my own shower I had to make an emergency visit to the toilet as a large quantity of jism was now ready to leave me, well what goes up must come down as they say.

Crossing the hallway back to Kurt's bedroom I could hear that the TV was still on with Logan and Wayne's voices talking over it. I just hoped that they hadn't heard too much of the our lovemaking noises. I guessed I would find out in the morning if they had! Sleep came to me quickly and my last conscious thought was of how much I liked the way Kurt smelt when he was fresh out of the shower and how he held me in his arms beneath the duvet.

Please note that this is a short extract to give you a flavour of the story. If you would like to read the complete story please visit my website.



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