My name is Avery Dalton, and As I set here thinking about that night I was taken back to my youth.

It was in the third year in high school that I remember having sex for the first time, I was at that age, when I would have fucked a snake if it had held still for me.

My best buddy was named Less Carter and we did every thing together, but that one night, that 'ONE' special night, things really came together for us both.

We had gone to a sock hop, that's what they called a gymnasium dance when we were in school. It was called that because of the Gymnasium floor, we had to take our shoes off at the door and walk and dance around in our sock feet to protect the gym floor.

All our classmates were there and we had a live band playing the music of our generation, I had gone stag and so did my friend Less, who was a good looking, hunky sort of guy, I was not as yet aware of my feelings and really didn't know what I was feeling.

I knew I felt full all the time and needed sexual release, which I brought to myself with extreme frequency.

Sexually I was my own best friend.

Then one summer night my best friend Less and I went on a campout down by lake Cameroon, a medium sized lake not far from our town, it was awesome, fishing, swimming, boating and camping the lake was there was there for the use.

to cut to the chase in this story, Less and I ended up jerking each other off and having a blast sexually that night, I even tried sucking his cock and it was awesome, even tho it was considered a gay thing, I loved it, feeling Less's cock hard in my mouth sliding in and out, Listening to his sounds as I sucked him off. feeling that cock as it exploded in my mouth to his vocal sounds, what can I say it was the most phenomenal day of my life.

I guess what I loved the most was the fact that I found out that I had a huge cock in comparison to Less, but later in Gym classes in High School I found out I was much bigger than most guys. I had ten and a half inches of throbbing hard uncut cock,only about four of us in that class had our foreskins.

I wasn't aware that all guys weren't like that, but Less was circumcised, until I messed around with Less, Less's cock was just seven inches plus and it was just a cock to me, I loved its thickness, its taste and its hardness against my tongue.

Anyway, that happened when I was a teenager, I'm now thirty eight and have a son of my own, whom I love very much, his mother died when he was nine and I raised Chad alone, it has been just Chad and me since he was nine, and I'm so proud of my son.

Well this one night I was at home alone, I knew Chad was not going to be home until after he got off from his night job at eleven o'clock.

I looked at the T.V. and noticed it was just six thirty in the evening, and I was making myself a T.V dinner in the Microwave when the doorbell rang.

I went to the door and opened the door and there stood Chad's best friend Marley Judson.

Marley was the same age as Chad, both eighteen, and was an extremely good looking young man, dark hair, beautiful light blue eyes, nicely built, they both played sports together in school. Truthfully Marley was a doll.

Marley asked if Chad was home and if he could come in and wait.

I told him Chad had to work until eleven but he could come in and have a bite to eat and stay since Chad had asked him to spend the night that night. it was fine with me.

We were sitting on the couch eating a T.V. dinner and drinking a cock when Marley just looked over at me and smiled, 'You know what Mr. Dalton, I have always thought that Chad had a handsome father, I have always thought you were really a good looking man.

I looked over to Marley, 'Why thank you Marley, you have developed into such a fine looking young man yourself,' I said.

'I was wondering' he said.

I noticed that Marley was staring down at he big bulge that was always rather noticeable in my trousers it what Chad told me was true?' he said as he looked up at me.

I was a little puzzled at Marley's statement.

'What did Chad tell you Marley, I'm sorta stumped here.' I said.

'About this' Marley said, as he reached over and placed his hand on my cock bulge, I jumped a little mostly from shock I think, Marley was rubbing my cock thru my pants.

Chad told me that you had a huge cock, is that true?' he said.

I was a little taken back by his boldness and shocking question, but a little filled with pride too. I guess I could say I was proud of the size of my manhood.

'Well yest son It is a little above normal, I guess.' I said.

'Chad said it was really thick and long, I would love to see it, to touch it, and feel it,'

'Chad told you all that?' 'Well Marley why don't you see for yourself, it loves attention,' I said.

I began to feel the warmth of Marley's hand through the material of my trousers, and my cock was reacting with a positive response.

I could feel it thickening up and growing longer and getting hard, I knew if he kept it up my cock would get to full size in no time.

It was really feeling fantastic too.

It had been a really long time since someone else had touched my cock, just the thought of someone taking the time to actually enjoy doing something like this was phenomenal.

I was laying back just letting Marley do his thing, he was looking at my face as he undid my belt buckle and began to unzip my trousers.

I was totally enjoying the feeling of Marley's hand as he undid my trousers and fished out my throbbing cock, by this time it was leaking pre-cum and was wet tipped.

'Wow, Holy Fuck Mr. Dalton, Chad was not stretching the truth to me. it is huge. holy fuck. Just how big is it anyway?' Marley asked.

'The last time it was measured it was ten and a half inches long and a hair over six inches around.' I responded.

'Can I suck it?' Marley asked ask he looked up at me.

I smiled, 'Help yourself,' I said.

Marley began by licking on the tip and then took the head into his mouth, I just lay back and totally enjoyed Marley's suck job it was awesome feeling, and I didn't want him to stop.

Marley's mouth was so hot and wet and I hadn't felt anything like it in a long long time.

Marley was surprising me with his ability to take my cock to the balls in his throat, I knew Marley had been practicing on someone, because he had the ability to deep throat my thick, long cock.

It was feeling so fantastic that I didn't know if I would last very long. Then I had this idea.

I stopped Marley and began to undress his good looking young manly body, he was built really well, I loved his thick chest muscles and washboard abs, but I was shocked at the size of Marley's cock it was a good thick eight inches, but his ass was a work of art, Marley's ass was lightly bronzed, beautifully rounded and when I spread his cheeks to his pleasure I saw his beautiful ass cheeks covered with hair, and his little kissable starfish asshole, was just wanting my tongue.

I leaned over toward his ass and began to rim his sweet little asshole and tongue his manhole and I was in heaven with his aroma and taste.

He was truly enjoying me eating his ass out when he turned around to me and said, Mr. Dalton, put you cock in me please, I need you to fuck me.'

I was all to ready to oblige him of his wish.

I got some some oil from the night stand.

I lubed up his asshole and then my cock, I asked if he wanted me to wear a condom. He didn't and I said o.k. with me.

I leaned over toward and began to slide ten inches of thick cock into this kid's asshole, I was totally shocked to see Marley into this act big time.

'OH yeah fuck me, stick me with that big cock Mr. Dalton. Oh yeah that's it.'

I was slamming the ham to the balls into Marley's intestines.

I had Marley grunting and groaning as well as my self, it was the most awesome feeling I had felt in one hell of a long time.

I had forgotten how a good fuck felt, and this was one special fuck, Marley and I both were enjoying the feeling my ten inch cock was giving us both.

I had fucked Marley about twenty minutes as he rammed his ass back against my body with one hell of a powerful fuck.

I could not hold out any longer when I almost yelled out and felt my cock start belching a load of man cream deep inside Marley's intestines.

I could feel Marley's asshole muscles as they milked the cum from my body, it was fantastic.

Marley had not cum yet but I had finished, he was stroking his cock when I took over for him and began to suck his cock to the balls, it was a wonderful feeling bringing back some awesome memories as I tasted Marley's cum flooding my mouth as he jerked and grunted to a fulfilling cum.

All I knew was that It was the most wonderful feeling I had had in a long time.

and That taste, that wonderful taste, the sweet taste of youth.



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