There in waist deep water, we stood just inches apart. We looked into each others eyes and when we did, our eyes locked together. We each knew what they were saying. Then it happened.

Slowly, we drew closer and our heads tilted a second befre our lips met softly and lingered together. We slowly pulled back, the forward again, this time parting our lips and offering our tongues. As wekissed passionately, our arms encircled each other and we held each other tight.

After a few moments, Buck picked me up in his massive arms easily and carried me to the beach, laying me gently on the sand as Burt Lancaster had done Deborah Kerr in 'From Here To Eternity.'

We kissed again, and began exploring each others bodies with our hands. Soon, we were slowly stroking each other as we kissed.

I broke the kiss and said, 'Let's go to the house.'

Silently, wejoggedtothe house and into the bathroom where we washed off the sand. Seconds later we were in bed kissing a moment before flipping into a sixty-nine.

We sucked each others hard cocks hungrily, each swallowing every inch the other had to offer. Before long, Buck climaxed, moaning loudly, even though my cock as buried in his throat. I eagerly swallowed every drop of his sweet man juice, making sure I got every drop.

As I slowly pulled off, myown climaxed approached and as my cock exploded, I screamed out 'Fuck Yea! Take it!'

And take it he did. Buck hungrily swallowed my entire load, milking my cock dry before pulling off.

We flipped and again lay cuddled together kissing annd after he kiss, Buck said, 'Damn, I wanted to do that the minute you opened the door.'

'Same here,' I replied.

'I thought you might. That's why I started dropping little clues like me and my buds coming here and jerking and going nude.'

'I picked up on it and gave my on hints,' I replied, then asked 'Did you and your buds really come out here and jerk together and go nude?'

'Nope, but it sounded good. But I did come out alone and swim nude and jerk off out on the beach.'

'Well, you don't have to do it alone any longer.'

'Thanks. I'll take you up on that offer.'

We talked and Buck said he had been gay since he was fourteen although he didn't suck his first cock until he was in the Navy at age eighteen. I asked how it came about.

'A bud I met in basic and I were both sent to AC training. While we drove to the training center, we stopped overnight at a small motel. The room just had one bed. During the night I woke up to find him slowly stroking me. I told him he could do whatever he wanted to it. He asked if I'd ever been sucked and I said no and asked if he had ever sucked a guy. He said yes so I tole him I had been wanting to get sucked and to try sucking. We ended up in a sixty-nine and I loved it. We did each other three to four times a week, and more on weekends when we got leave. How about you?'

'I was fourteen and my best bud and I were in his room jerking each other off. His sixteen year old brother came in and caught us. He sripped and joined and sucked us both off. He asked if either of us wanted to try it and suck him. I said I would. I sucked him off and was hooked. Within six months, we were doing anal and fucking each other.'

'Did your bud ever join in?'

'Oh, yea. about two weeks later he was into it all like we were.'

We cuddled and made out some more before Buck got between my legs. After licking my cock and balls, he raised my legs and ate my ass, tongue fucking me deeply, before coming back up and sucking a second load out of me. Whenhe was done, I did the same to him.

Then after a few minutes of cuddling and kissing, he got up and started to dress.

'What are you doing?' I asked.

'Getting dressed to go home. I have to work tomorrow.'

'Well, since you'll be working here and working nude and won't need any clothes, why don't you just stay here?'

'If I do, I might not get any sleep.'

'I'll make sure you do,' I replied.

He quickly removed what clothes he had put on and jumped back into bed. We cuddled ogether and were soon asleep in each others arms.

The next morning we awoke to a gentle rain with thunder off in the disance.

'Well, so much for working ouside today,' he said.

'What are you going to do?'

'After having sex with you, I'll start pulling the ducts out of the attic and get that ready for the new ducts.'

'You better get to work then,' I said smiling.

We kissed and moments later he said, 'Mark, fuck me.'

'Gladly, if you'll fuck me when I get through.'


Seconds later my cock was up his ass and I was pistoning in and out of his hot tight hole.

'Oh yea! Fuck me, Mark.'

I soon filled his ass with my hot cream and after pulling out, he began his entry into me. His cock fe awesome up my ass and I worked my ass muscles to make him enjoy i even more. Soon, I felt his hot load explode up into my guts and it was unbelieveable. 'Oh, fuck yea!' I exclaimed.

After breakfast, he began work in the attic, stripping out the old duct work.

During the day, Buck was dedicated to his work, but after hours he was all sex. I convinced him to spend his nights with me, which wasn't hard.

All the old duct work was removed and the new in place and the new compressor unit had arrived. He came to me and said, 'Tonight I need to stay in town. Tomorrow, I'll have Josh, one of my employees, with me to set the unit so be dressed.'

'Is he hot?'

'Yep. He's twenty-two and a great service tech, but I can't get a feel about his sexuality. Some times I thing he might be gay or bi, then at other times he comes across as totally straight.'

'Well, why don't I stay out of sight and just observe and see what kind of signal I get? Where something tight and sexy.'

'Sure,' he said.

The next morning, they arrived in seperate trucks and I spied out the windows. I watched as they set the old unit to one side and placed the new one in position.

Buck had on tight Levi cut offs that showed his nice bulge and his ass crack when he bent over. It was plain to see that he was commando.

I watched Josh closely. I'd follow his line of sight and could tell he was looking at Buck's bulge. Then when buck would bend over, Josh would position himself so as to see down the back of Buck's shorts.

Once the unit was in place and partially connected, Buck told Josh to go take care of his scheduled service calls.

When Josh had left, I went out to talk with Buck. I filled him in on what I'd observed.

'Hum. Sounds like he's gay to me,' Buck said.

'Does it matter?' I asked.

'Hell, no, but I'dlike to know in case I get any calls from customers complaining.'

'I can understand that,' I replied.

Buck finished hooking up my unit and soon had it running. We turned off the loaner units to check the new unit and soon it was colder than mecessary. Buck turned he thermostat up some to a more comfortable temperature.

'See you tonight?' I asked.

'Oh, yea. I'll be here,' he replied before kissing me.

'Bring my bill and I'll pay you.'

'Uh, okay,' he replied.

That afternoon, Buck showed up in jeans, sport shirt and boots. Damn, he looked hotter than ever.

'Why are you so dressed up?' I asked.

'Well, first, I'm taking you to dinner. Then after dinner we're going to play private detective, but we need to use your car.'

'Will you explain that?'

'Earlier, I got a call for service on a unit. I gave it to Josh. He was upset, saying he had plans for this evening. As he was checking his truck, making sure he had everything he might need, I heard him on the phone saying something about being late but he'd meet them at the 'Lighthouse'.'

'The Lighthouse?'

'Yea, that's a bar over in Corona Beach. I've heard it's mainly a straight bar but frequented by gays.'

'Interesting,' I said.

'After dinner, we're going to swing by his place. If he's still there, we'll wait and follow him. If not, we'll go to the bar. You will be the detective since he doesn't know what you look like. Just observe and see what he's up to.'

'This sounds like it might be fun,' I said.

We had dinner then drove to Josh's apartment, finding his car still there. We waited then followed. Parking a half block from the bar, I got out and followed him in.

The crowd was distinct. The straights, singles and couples sat on the left side and the gay crowd sat on the right. I strolled around and found Josh at a table on the gay side with three other men. He was sitting close to one, with his arm around the back of his chair.

I had a beer and observed him getting cozy with the other guy. After seeing his hand slide down onto the other guys thigh, i left and went back to the car and filled Buck in.

'Interesting,' he said.

'Buck, if you want me to, I can find out for sure.'


'He didn't see me. You can disconnect a wire on my unit or show me which one to loosen or disconnect. I'll call in and you can send him to check it out and I'll make advances on him and see what happens. Maybe answer he door nude.'

'Let's do it,' he said.

We went back to my place and as we undressed, I asked about my bill. He presented it to me. I as shocked.

'Buck, this can't possibly cover everything. All I see is an amount for the unit.'

'All I'm charging you is my cost for the unit. Everything else has been paid for already.'

'Paid for how?'

'With the greatest sex I've ever experienced.'

'I agree it was great, but I need to pay you for the ducting and labor.'

'No! You have my bill. That's all I will accept.'

'Buck, you're something else.'

'So are you,' he replied, stepping up to me, pulling me up against his hairy bear chest and hugging me before kissing me. 'Your special to me,' he said.

He spent Saturday night and all day Sunday with me, in bed and on the beach. Before leaving Sunday, he showed me which wire to disconnect.

I called in on Monday for a service call. Buck acted normal and said a service tech would be there within an hour. I went out and disconnected the wire.

Shortly later Josh arrived and knocked on the door. Acting as if it was normal, I answered the door nude. When he came in, I explained that the unit was new and it just quit cooling.

'Uh, yea,' he stammered, looking over my nude body. 'I helped the boss put in the compressor. I guess you were gone that day. I didn't have the pleasure of meeting you.'

My ock was semi erect by now and I noticed that his was beginning to bulge out also.

He went out to check he unit and moments later came in saying that a wire had come loose and he had it fixed.

'How much do I owe you?'

'There is no charge. It's all under warrenty.'

Stepping closer, I began rubbing his chest saying, 'Surely I can show my appreciation some how.'

'That's okay sir.'

'Nonsense,' I said as I reached down and rubbed his now rock hard cock. Before he could react, I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants, dropping them to the floor. He was commando and as I began stroking his hard cock, I leaned in and kissed him, offering my tongue. HE responded and ofered his.

As we kissed, I unbutoned his chirt and removed it. I could tell he was slipping off his shoes and stepping out of his pants.

Seconds later, we were on the floor in a sixty-nine. Before long, we both climaxed and swallowed. As he dressed, he said that that was the best payment he had ever received.

'May I see you again? Maybe after work sometime, when we will have longer?' I asked.

'Sure,' he replied, giving me his cell number.

He left and I immediately called Buck and filled him in.

'Nice,' he said. 'How was it?'

'He's got about six and a half inches but his load was fucking huge,' I said.

'You think you can get him back sometime after hours?'

'Oh, yea. I suggested it and he gave me his cell number.'

'Great. Call him to come over tomorrow night about seven.'

'What you got in mind?'

'I'll fill you in when I get there tomorrow.'

'You devil!' I said.

Buck arrived about six the next day and we hid his ruck in my garage. He came in and explained that he would hide in one of the rooms and after we were in a sixty-nine, he'd slip in and join in.

He wanted to see Josh's reacion.

Everything went as planned and when Buck came in and asked if could join in on fun, Josh jumped up, totally shocked.

Looking at Josh, Buck said, 'He's hot, isn't he?'

Josh was speechless. All he could do was stare at us. Buck took over and began sucking Josh's shrinking cock.

Looking at Josh, I said, 'I've had him. Why don't you two do each other?'

Still stunned, Josh began sucking Buck's rock hard cock. Soon they fed each other their loads and afterward, buck looked at Josh and asked, 'Shall we share his?'

Together, they sucked me off then kissed and shared my load.

Afterward, Buck talked to Josh telling him that he had suspicioned he was gay and wanted to find out. He told him everything we had done and

assured him that his secret was safe with us and that his ob as also secure. 'Just make sure the customer makes the first pass. If you want to act on it, go ahead.'

Before they left, we had all sucked and fucked each other.

Buck visited regularly, spending many weekends with me. Ocassionally we'd invite Josh to join us for a weekend of sex.

Buck and I dated for just over a year when I finally confessed my love for him and asked him to be my partner and move in with me. He agreed and declaired his love for me.

We've been together five years now and couldn't be happier. We still invite Josh over for weekends but he now brings his partner and we all have awesome sex swapping partners.

Needless to say, wih the privacy we have at my place on the beach, none of us have ANY tan lines. Our entire bodies are all the same color, a nice golden tan.




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