I bought the older Victorian home on a large lot on the beach. The house had been well maintained and completely updated yet kept it's Victorian charm.

I had purchased the home in the very early spring and quickly settled in and things were going great. Then the weather began getting warmer. Soon, summer was upon us with the temperatures nearing 100 degrees. That's when it happened.

The air conditioner quit completely. I checked with some of my neighbors and they all recommended BUCK'S AC & HEATING. He was a local guy and everyone said his work was excellent and he was honest. I gave him a call.

When he answered, I told him my problem. He said he would be out within the hour. From his voice, I placed his age at probably in his fifties. He was polite and seemed knowledgeable.

Forty minutes later there was a knock on my door. I was dressed only in shorts due to the heat and when I opened the door, I nearly gasped.

Regaining my composure, I asked, 'May I help you?'

'Are you Mark Rivers?'

'Yes, I am,' I replied.

'Well, I'm Buck Taylor with Buck's AC and Heating. I understand you have a problem.'

'Oh, yes. I'm sorry for the way I acted. From your voice, I was expecting someone older.'

Laughing, he said, 'I'm used to that. Now, let's see what's wrong.'

I let him in and took him to the inside unit then told him where the compressor outside was. He quickly began work as I stood back and took in his handsome looks and muscular body.

Buck looked to be in his early to mid thirties, was just over six foot tall, and had the body of a Greek statue as well as the square cut features of a statues face.

Through the thin white tee shirt, I could tell that he was hairy chested, and had perfect pecs and abs. Unable to control my lustful desires, my cock began to stiffen, and I was glad that I had on my jock strap under my shorts.

Buck checked out the inside unit and afterward turned to me and said, 'Now for the compressor outside.'

His thin tee shirt was wet with perspiration and stuck to his muscular chest, revealing an even better view of his build.

He went outside and after a while came in.

'Well,' I began, 'whats the verdict?'

'Mr. Rivers, I hate to say it but the entire unit outside is shot. I'll give you my estimate, and if you want you can call around and get other prices. I don't mind at all.'

He began figuring and as we both drank a glass of ice water, I waited. Sitting at the dining table he turned the estimate to me.

He explained everything to me. First, was the price of the compressor unit. Second, he suggested that the attic duct work be replaced and he would let me have it at ten percent over cost. Then third was his labor charge.

'It will probably be less because the amount of duct is just an estimate. You probably won't need that much.'

'Does it really need to be replaced?'

'If it's as old as the unit outside, some of it has probably collapsed or isn't secured to the vents properly.'

'If I go with you how long will it take?'

'If I have the right size unit in stock, one day to install it and two to three days to install the new duct work. If I have to order it, it might take a week to get it here.'

'Fuck! a week in this heat?'

'Not in two rooms,' he said. 'I have some loaner window units I can put in no charge. One in your bedroom of course, and the other in which ever room you want.'

'Great. You got the job. Everyone I've talked to said you were honest and fair. Put the second in the den where the TV is.'

'I'll be back in about an hour with the units,' he said.

When he returned, he had three window units instead of two. As he unloaded them, he told me that with the three of them the house should be comfortable but not cold. 'The reason I brought three is that I didn't have your unit in stock. It has to be ordered.'

'Of course, if you close your bedroom door at night, that room will get like a freezer.'

'I like it cool but not that cold.'

As he installed the temporary units, he said that when he was checking outside he noticed that my fences went all the way to the water line. 'The houses on this road own the beach also don't they?'

'Yes,' I replied. 'That's why I bought it. I'm the last house. Past me is the federal game preserve and on the other side my neighbor is a mile away, and they are not permanent residents. I have complete privacy.'

'Man, do I ever envy you. When I was in my late teens, my buds and I would take a boat out from town and come down here and find a house that was vacant and use the beach.'

'To party?' I asked.

'Oh yea! Did we ever. After a few beers that we stole from our dads, we'd end up skinny dipping in the surf.'

'You ever get caught?'

'Nah. One of the guys dad was the realtor that took care of the rentals when the houses weren't being used. He always knew when someone would be here. We'd spend a couple of days or so out here.'

'Nude the whole time?'

'I shouldn't answer that,' he said with a smile, 'but yea most of the time. We were young and wild and it felt so free.'

'Well, to be honest with you, I love enjoying the beach nude and with no one around I do it daily.'

'Damn, you have it made,' he said.

I didn't take it further, at least not yet. He finished installing the loaner units and waited to make sure the house would cool down some.

'You got any more calls for today?' I asked.

'No. You're my last.'

'I guess the wife will have dinner waiting for you,' I said as my way of finding out if he was married.

'Nope. No wife at home. I'm single and free.'

'Well, if I'm your last call for today, how about a beer?'

'Bring it on,' he said.

As we drank our beer and waited to see if the house was going to cool down, we sat on the back deck in the shade, watching the surf.

I noticed that his tee shirt was still soaked and said, 'Buck, if you want to get out of that wet tee shirt, feel free. I don't mind at all.'

'Hey man, thanks. It is a little uncomfortable with it sticking to me.' with that, he sat down his beer and pealed off the shirt. MY heart raced at the sight of his beautiful muscular hairy chest.

We talked about things in general before he said he had to leave and go to the office and do some paper work.

I walked to his truck with him after we checked the house. It was becoming tolerable.

'Buck, look, when your working out here, feel free to dress any way you want. Nothing will offend me.'

'Thanks. I appreciate that.'

'And tomorrow,' I continued, 'when you get through you can have dinner with me and if you want we can hit the surf.'

'Sounds great,' he replied with a slight smile.

The next morning, he arrived at just after eight as I sat nude on the back deck drinking coffee. I wasn't expecting him to arrive that early, and didn't hear him pull in. The first I knew of him being there was when he came around the house and said, 'Good morning.'

I was startled and apologized saying that I'd be right back after getting something on.

When I returned, Buck had began disassembling the outside unit. When I approached with a cup of coffee, he said, 'Mark, you didn't need to put anything on. It's your house and property. You should be able to dress the way you want.'

'Thanks, but I just didn't' want you to be uncomfortable.'

'It wouldn't have bothered me in the least. You'd be surprised what I experience when I make some of these calls.'


'Oh, yea.'

'Sit down and drink your coffee and tell me about some.'

We sat down and he said, 'I've been on calls where I'd find couples fucking right in front of me, three ways with a man his wife and another guy or woman, and once a guy was watching porn and jerking off.'

'With you there?'

'Yep, right in the same room.'

'What did you do?'

Laughing, he said, 'He was in his mid to late fifties and divorced. I'd watch the porn out of the corner of my eye. Of course, it got me boned and turned on. After I left, I pulled to the side of the road and jerked off. And yes I still jerk off. Any guy that says he doesn't is a damn liar.'

'Very true,' I replied. 'I still do it myself whenever necessary.'

'Hey, man, we're only human,' he replied.

Today he was in shorts and tank top. His legs were hairy and muscular. I decided to take things to the next level.

'Buck, look, I have a feeling that we are both pretty open minded guys. At any time, please feel free to take off whatever you want if it makes you more comfortable and I'll do the same.'

'Yes, I am very open minded, and you got a deal,' he replied then asked, 'What if one of us gets boned?'

'Big fucking deal,' I replied. 'It's just part of life and I've seen guys with boners before and I'm sure you have also.'

'Oh yea, on the job and at the gym.'

'Okay then, enough said.'

I took our empty cups into the house as he returned to work. Later, I stepped out and told him that anytime he wanted something to drink to feel free to come on inside and help himself to the fridge.

Shortly before noon, I stepped out onto the deck, nude, making sure he could see me , and told him that I'd have the makings for sandwiches ready in a few minutes. He had removed his shirt but still had his shorts on. When I spoke, he looked up and smiled before saying, 'Call out when ready.'

Half hour later I stuck my head out the door and said 'Lunch is ready.'

He came up onto the deck then entered the den. I looked his way to find him nude also. I smiled and said, 'You decided to get comfortable also, I see.'

'Yea, it's cooler.'

'I agree, just don' get anything sunburned.'

'I won't,' he replied as he began fixing a sandwich.

We ate lunch and he went back to work. That afternoon after he stopped for the day, we had a beer, then I prepared dinner. after eating we walked down to he beach, both still nude.

We walked out into the surf and swam some then stood in waist deep water talking, just inches apart. Our eyes met and and locked. There was sudden silence. Then it happened.




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