The leaves had turned their brilliant fall colors but the temperatures had not stayed cool especially this night, for the heat of the southern sun had returned the last few days and now even the nights stayed warm again. It was even hotter at the Community Center in the county, where the students of Architecture and Art came annually to have their Beaux Arts Ball. Out in the countryside, just beyond the city limits of the small college town, the event was in full swing, the students dancing, gathered in groups around the perimeter of the old facility used by the rural community, but on this night, to get out of the prying eyes of those who didn't like this liberal affair, an event that celebrated diversity, the arts, and partying at a level a little too hard for those back on campus or in town.


He had been dancing with Eileen off and on all night. He liked Eileen, liked her a lot, for he considered her one of his best friends. But he knew she wanted more. She wanted him to change, to suddenly find her attractive in a sexual way, a way she knew he just did not, could not, consider. Caleb was in his third year and most of his other friends and casual acquaintances just assumed Eileen was his girlfriend. Caleb had spent many a time at one social event or another pretending he was dating Eileen, for he was afraid to admit to everyone he was gay. In Forestry you had an attitude, an old prejudiced attitude that sometimes made Caleb uneasy, so he lied to his friends within his curriculum, pretending to be dating Eileen.

He had begged Eileen to come to the Beaux Arts Ball knowing none of his friends would dare show their faces at his event, it so liberal and some of the people so different. She hadn't wanted to come, continuing to hope he was come around to finding her all he needed but in the end she realized the situation, realized Caleb wasn't going to, or couldn't change and she relented. They were at the bar getting another drink when Caleb let his eyes roam the room, searching the crowd, for who he wasn't sure, but he was sure he'd recognize them when he saw them.


Eli was leaving the DJ station having had his time at the controls, playing the music he found so much fun, even if a little raucous, having left an old Nine Inch Nails playing thinking the next guy could figure out how to segue into something else. He headed to the bar for a much needed drink. He scanned the crowd as he moved through them, easily seeing over the heads of most of the others. He knew he stood out, his dyed purple hair cut close on the sides and left long on top, gelled up in a spiky randomness and he wore a tank top, thin strapped and low cut, revealing his tall lean upper torso and the tattoo that snaked over his shoulder. He watched the eyes of the guys he walked by, seeing which ones gave him the look, let their eyes following him as he passed by and each time he caught a guy looking at him he smiled, knowing the way he appeared to them. Dangerous, intriguing, exotic, and he smiled at those he found attractive, noticing how a few smiled back. Tonight was going to be a good night; definitely a good night he thought as he approached the bar.


Standing along the wall in the dark shadows he watched the people, watched what they were doing, the flirting around, the hook ups. Why had he come to this he asked himself over and over, as his eyes scanned the crowd? He watched some of the women dancing in groups, laughing and joking around and he wondered if he should go and join them, move in amongst them, and see if one was interested. He wanted to find a girl and leave early so everyone could see him leave with her. He had an image to uphold, and image that now made him stand out, uncomfortably so, in his khaki pants and striped blue and white shirt and navy jacket.

His eyes moved with the rotating lights over the dance floor, moved from one illuminated spot to the next, searching, studying the way some were dressed. He wished he could be this irresponsible, this carefree, but when you come from old money, old Southern Money, you had an image to uphold. Unlike so many of the other guys here, so deviate, some opening gay, dancing with other guys, flirting around in full view of everyone Brandon was strict with himself, for to be otherwise would just open the door for so much grief from home. He knew he should leave, but he just couldn't make himself do it. He also couldn't believe what he saw and he wondered what it was like to be that different, to be anything but normal, whatever the fuck that meant.


They had arrived a few minutes after the opening of the doors and had to wait nearly an hour for the crowd to arrive and the Ball to get into full swing. Sean had wanted to come so bad he had pushed past his usual shyness and asked several of his studio classmates in Architecture if they wanted to come. He was surprised that three agreed right away saying how they wanted to come too but had been hesitate to plan on it. It seemed like the older students, those who were juniors and seniors were the main ones talking about the Ball but together the four of them planned on attending even if there were only a few other freshmen at the Ball. Sean stood to the side of the others, never comfortable in the middle, never being sure what to talk about in a situation like this. Kathy, Ryan and Adam stood in a tight circle talking about the way some people were dressed, how some were dancing, laughing and joking about how their parents would not like this if they were here. Sean didn't find the way some of the guys were dressed funny. He found it exciting, daring, and those that were openly dancing with other guys made him feel like he was missing out, that it should be him out there and for a moment his mind wandered into the fantasy he was out on the dance floor, dancing with a guy. He thought about roaming away from the others, moving around the perimeter and seeing who was here, see if there was a guy who would come up to him, make a pass at him, for he felt he couldn't do it, not yet.

Kathy waved her hand in his face.

"Hey Sean, what are daydreaming about?" and the three of them laughed. "Come on, we're going to dance."

"No, I'm going to walk around first and go get something to drink."

"Well, we're dancing, so we'll catch up with you later."

"Okay" he replied but he wasn't sure they heard him for they were already heading out into the crowd on the dance floor. He realized this was his chance and he began to move through those standing on the perimeter, little groups of four or five he had to circle around and those in standing in a loose line at the perceived edge of the dance floor he eased along slowly behind them looking at each guy, wondering if he was the one, the one who would drag him past his shyness, his fear.


Drink in hand he made his way around the dance floor, keeping his eyes open for the one who would be going home with him tonight, the guy who would give him pleasure, suck his dick and then let him push it up their ass and fuck them. He was half hard with the idea as he eased through the crowd. Several guys gave him the look, even some who appeared to be here with dates, but it was the look he got from the guy he passed heading toward the bar, the way he looked at him, Eli not sure if it was disgust or jealously or maybe, just maybe it was curiosity. The guy was dressed too conservatively for this crowd and appeared uncomfortable. He also seemed like a challenge, someone who might be willing but needed a little push.

He stopped and moved to the wall, leaning back against it and looked back at the guy, they way he moved through the crowd. He looked younger than most of the other guys and Eli wondered if he was a freshman. It would explain his demeanor, the way he seemed anxious or timid.


He knew he wasn't dressed right, the dress shirt was out of place even with black jeans for most were pushing the boundaries in fashion, with articles of clothing that referenced old styles or current fashions with see through fabrics, bold colors and unusual detailing, and most were cut tight. He felt so out of place, felt so young, but he knew this was his chance and he continued toward the bar. He shifted around a group of guys while looking at a couple of the dance floor when he ran into a guy coming from the opposite direction.

"Hey, watch where you're going" the guy barked and Sean apologized as he moved over to let the guy pass. Sean looked at the khaki pants, the dress shirt and the navy coat and knew this guy was more inappropriately dressed than he was and it made him feel a little better. Also, even though the guy barked at him, he was cute with his blonde hair and baby face. Sean imaged him being a freshman too, someone who was uncomfortable with the Ball and wanted to leave, may be with someone like him. He watched the guy walk away and let the fantasy die knowing he was probably just being silly.


Coming from the Men's Room he saw a guy talking to Eileen. He recognized the guy but didn't know his name and the way he leaned in close to Eileen, his body language as he talked, Caleb knew he was hitting on her, or at least he hoped that was what he was doing. Caleb wanted to break away on his own, but didn't want Eileen left by alone. He ambled up to the two of them and overheard Eileen say something about not wanting to leave Caleb alone.

"Leave me alone? Don't be silly Eileen, I'm fine if you want to dance with your friend" Caleb interjected, turning to the guy holding out his hand: "I'm Caleb."


"Go on Eileen, it's what we came for remember? To have some fun."

Eileen hesitated until Caleb looked at Matthew and nodded causing him to take Eileen's hand and pull her to the dance floor. Caleb watched them for a moment, making sure Eileen was alright. He saw her smile, then laugh as the two of them danced. Caleb turned and made his way through the crowd heading to the bar for something to drink, something to fortify him as he set out on his quest.


The punk made him spill his drink down the front of shirt getting his tie and shirt wet. Goddamn asshole he thought as he made his way over to an area of tables and chairs. Brandon pulled his coat off and draped it over a chair, then worked his tie loose and off. He looked at the wet spot on his dress shirt.

"Fuck it" he said out loud and began to unbutton his shirt. He'd just go around in his under shirt. Looking around he knew he'd stand out less if he did ditch the coat and tie. He wore a v-neck t-shirt that fit snug to his lean body and he promptly pulled the tail of it free from his khaki pants, letting it hang loose around his waist. He moved over to the edge of the dance floor to watch. He scanned the crowd around him, looking at each face, looking at the one's alone wondering if they were looking to leave with someone. Brandon swallowed the last of his drink, turned and headed to the bar.


He felt like he was on some sort of safari, on a hunt, looking for the right species: the gay male. There were so many guys that seemed like they could be and so many that seemed like the type to punch him in the face if he was wrong. He moved along the back of the crowd standing along the edge of the dance floor and when he came to the men's room he realized he really did need to use it. He headed to the door and as he reached it another guy came up and he pulled the door back and allowed the guy to enter first. He followed him in, looking at the way his ass moved in his jeans and he felt a moment of desire. The guy ducked into a stall and Sean eased in to the urinal next to it. He listened to the guy piss, the sound of the steady stream hitting the water in the bowl wondering what his dick looked like, the curve of it, if it was cut or uncut, and whether or not he'd let a guy touch it, let him touch it. As the guy finished up so did Sean and they ended up at the lavatories together.

"Crazy out there isn't it?" the guy said to Sean.

"Yeah, it is. I wish we had parties like this all the time."

"But who would get any studying done if we did?" The guy replied laughing.

As they dried their hands and headed out Sean built up his courage, afraid to let another chance slip by him and as he held the door open he found himself looking at the guy, just staring him in the eye. The guy smiled at him as he moved by and when Sean let the door loose to close he turned to the guy standing there as if he was waiting on Sean.

"You wanna dance?" Sean asked, his voice betraying his anxiousness.

There was just a moment of silence as the guy smiled back at Sean. "Sure" he finally replied and motioned for Sean to lead the way.


Eli just couldn't help it, he flirted with one guy after the next, some he knew didn't appreciate it, were probably disgusted by it, but he just didn't give a fuck. He was here to have fun and if he played his cards right he was going to have even more fun later. He had been on the dance floor just dancing with one guy after another. He even danced for a few minutes with a woman, but she knew the score, had even pulled up close and spoke into his ear so he could hear what she was saying, telling him he had more to choose from than she did tonight. He had laughed out loud and told her he hoped so.

Eli had gotten so hot sweat was running out of his hair and he was thirsty, so he ambled off the dance floor and made his way to the bar. As he wove his way through the crowd he saw one of the guys from earlier. He almost didn't recognize him at first. He couldn't remember if he had been with someone else, or was he dressed differently. Didn't matter, he was alone and looking like a stud who was ready to be ridden hard.



Fuck, he could barely open his eyes, the morning light painful the way it hit him in the face. His head was throbbing, and he tried to roll over and realized someone was holding him, spooned up to his back, their arms draped over him and he suddenly had a flashback, a moment of horrific clarity. He also realized he was naked and as he ran a hand down his chest he felt something dried on his skin flake off.

'What the fuck' he thought and he lay there, completely still, barely breathing as he tried to sort out what he had done last night. Then some of it came back to him, the leaving the Ball with some guy, riding in his Jeep with the top down, taking off his t-shirt on the way letting the guy rub his chest, downward over his stomach, and he remembered the guy rubbing his crotch, squeezing it, making his cock get hard. He remembered the way they guy had fondled him while he drove getting him fully erect. His memory was flashes of images, of being in a studio or was it a living room with an easel set up? He remembered dropping is khakis, then his boxers. He had the image of the guy's dick and nuts hovering over his face, of the dick coming toward him and he remembered feeling a stabbing pain, of being on his stomach, his face pushed down into the mattress.


The sun was coming into the room and he was fucking, slamming his cock into the upturned ass underneath him. He loved the fact the guy had acted so scared when he asked him to dance, and how he was so timid at first, but by night's end Sean had gotten aggressive. Caleb had brought him back to his small apartment across from campus and hadn't gotten the door shut when he found Sean taking off his clothes. Caleb knew he had to be a freshman, the way he acted and when he had gotten naked Caleb was surprised by how nice a body he had underneath his clothes. Lean, muscular in a very minimal way or what you'd call a swimmer's build. Caleb had told him to come over and take his clothes off and he had done it, roughly, stripping him of each garment mechanically, till Caleb was naked and he pushed Sean down on his knees, rubbed his cock in his face watching how Sean snaked out his tongue trying to lick it, to get a taste. He didn't make Sean wait long. Soon the boy was gagging on his cock, taking a mouth fuck as he thrust it through those pretty boy lips. That is how Sean got Caleb's first load, each thick wad pumped straight down his throat till all he was able to get a taste of was the last dribble he had to squeeze out of the shaft and suck off the head.


He felt the horny bastard stir and he held him tight in his arms not wanting him to get up, not just yet. Eli wasn't sure how this frat boy was going to react this morning, for he had been pretty drunk last night, but he had also been extremely aggressive, the way he pulled his shirt off in the Jeep and then took Eli's hand and rubbed his chest with it working downward till he was rubbing his crotch with it asking Eli if he could feel the hard cock in his pants. Once they got to his house the guy just stripped in the living room, blinds wide open, lights on, and him standing in the middle of the room naked, stroking his cock telling Eli he wanted to suck his dick, wanted him to come over and fuck his mouth and then he wanted him to fuck his ass, whereupon he turned around and bent over showing Eli his round smooth ass. Eli had remembered how his first impression of the guy being a freshman was wrong, he was older than that, but he was baby faced, with a smooth body that looked young. There wasn't even hair in between his ass cheeks. Eli had rubbed his finger over the guy's hole and he had asked Eli if he wanted to bust his nut in his pussy. Crude, aggressive and fucking horny was the only way to describe the bastard. Eli didn't make him wait and soon had him on his knees pumping his cock into his mouth. He had thought at the time it was the best way to shut the bastard up.


Sean watched Caleb, watched the way he moved, pumping cock into his hole, fucking him right on the floor. He watched the way Caleb's mouth hung open, his eyes closed as he pushed his body to pump another load into Sean's ass. Sean ran his hand up the smooth skinny torso, felt the way his body was so tense, his stomach crunching up with each shove into his ass, thrusting cock all the way into his hole. They had been fucking around one way or another since they got back to the apartment and Sean realized the room was getting brighter, that sunlight was filtering through the cheap blinds over the window. Sean took Caleb by the neck and pulled him down, brining their lips together, kissing him passionately; their tongues dueling. Sean pulled back and tongued and nipped at Caleb ear, then whispered "fuck me...fuck me harder."

Caleb smiled at him as he grabbed Sean by the wrist, held him down and began to fuck, fuck hard, full powerful swings of his hips. Each downward thrust shoved Sean against the floor hard, rocked him upward little by little. He held Caleb by the hips, feeling the motion of them, the slick wet warmth, his body hot with its exertions. Caleb suddenly shifted into short stabbing thrust and Sean knew he was close and soon Caleb cried out and slammed his hips against Sean's ass dumping another load into his wet slick hole.


His memory of the events of last night were so jumbled up he wasn't sure what he was remembering, wasn't sure if it was real. He couldn't have done too much he told himself over and over, beginning to realize he had done it everything. He struggled to admit he had done it again. This wasn't the first time he woke up in another guy's bed, hung over as hell, with vague images of sex flashing through his mind. Each time before he had been able to wake up and slip out, to pretend it hadn't happened, to sneak off without the guy even knowing his name.

Now he was spooned up to someone's chest he couldn't put a face to, someone he had fucked around with, but he kept pushing the idea out of his mind, avoided thinking about what he could have done. He eased his hand down and felt his cock. It was sticky with drying lube and his sparse crotch hair was stuck together with cum dried in it. He wanted to feel around to his ass, to touch himself to see, to find out if he had let the guy touch him there, to see if he did things to him. But he couldn't get his hand to his ass for the guy had his crotch pushed up against it with his cock nestled in the cleft of his ass. So he laid there, eyes now open, looking over the undulating terrain of the sheet waded up over the mattress, over to the wall covered in photographs, sketches and small paintings. The images of each jumped out at him, but soon his eyes settled on one black and white image. It was the image of a man, naked, lying on a bed, this bed in this room. His eye locked on the image till he imaged it was him who was in the photograph. Naked, lying exposed, ready for some sex, sex with a man, a man who would fuck him, cum in his pussy, make him their bitch. He fantasized about being forced to submit, not able to say no, so he could tell his father he wasn't gay. That he had been forced to suck that dick and take it up the ass. The fantasy came alive and he felt his dick harden and he reached down to tug on it. Maybe this time would be different. Maybe this time he wouldn't slink away. Maybe this time he would submit for more, submit while he was sober where he could remember every detail, feel each penetration, experience every taste and every sensation.


He rolled off Sean, his cock spent, flaccid, and he saw Sean's hole slowly close as a trickle of cum leaked out and down his ass. 'Damn that is hot' he thought. He looked at Sean's cock, hard again, ready for more and he rolled to his stomach and looked over to Sean. Sean had taking his cock in the mouth and in the ass, but so far all Sean had wanted of him was for him to suck his cock.



"Fuck me" he whispered. Sean looked over at him with a surprised expression on his face.

"Really? You want me to fuck you?"

Caleb laughed, realizing Sean had some notion that he was strictly a top, something some guys claimed to be, but not him. He liked to receive as well as give. Sean moved between his legs, pushing them further apart and as he leaned over moving into position Caleb pushed his ass up meeting the head of the hard cock looking for entrance. Sean rubbed his cock over Caleb's hole, smeared the pre-cum leaking out up and down his ass, over his hole till it was slick and Caleb was pushing back, an urgency rising up in him, wanting to be penetrated, needing it.

"Damn Sean, do it, come on do it, put it in me" Caleb begged and Sean bore down on him, pressed his cock through the tight ring of his opening and sank his cock slowly down into his depths. The sensation of having his cock in Caleb's tight ass, the fact he was actually fucking him, was too much and as he hammered his cock into Caleb, slammed his hips down hard enough to make their bodies smack together he quickly felt the urge to come, and he fucked Caleb as hard as he could, working his cock through the tight ring of his opening, shoving in deep till he felt his cock flare up harder, felt his body tense up, and he shoot, pumping thick wads of cum into Caleb's hole. He kept fucking, shoving his exploding cock through each wad he shot till he had Caleb's tunnel coated in his cum, his cock hot, wet and slick with it, and he collapsed down on Caleb's back.

When Sean rolled off Caleb onto his back Caleb moved on top of him, his body feeling the heat of Sean's body, and he leaned down and kissed him.

"You have any plans for the rest of the day?" he asked Sean.


He could sense the guy was awake and when he ran his hand downward he soon found his hard cock and he stroked it, made it harden all the way. The guy tensed up for a moment and then relaxed, and soon Eli felt the guy push his ass back, pressing it against his hardening cock. He twisted his upper body around and looked at Eli, a mixture of confusion, anxiety and desire all mixed together.

"You want me to stop?" Eli asked.

The guy just shook his head no.

"You want me to fuck you again?"

The guy just shook his head yes.

Eli smiled at him, sensed there was some homophobia shit at work here, something that made the guy afraid. Probably his parents he thought.

"I'm Eli. It would be good to know your name. We have just spent a rather intimate night together" Eli told him, and he waited as he saw the guy thinking about it and Eli wondered what there was to think about and how this was getting ridiculous. The guy turned and looked at the wall of photographs and art, staring at it for a moment; then he turned back to Eli.

" name is Brandon."

"Well, Brandon, it is nice to get a name with the face."

Eli leaned down and kissed Brandon on the lips and for a moment Brandon laid there, lips locked tight together but suddenly he just relaxed and let Eli's tongue slip into his mouth. Eli worked Brandon onto his back, shifted down between his legs, pulling them up and locking them together, holding them to one side of his body as he moved down placing his hard cock up to Brandon's hole. He saw the dried cum from a previous load stuck to one side and he rubbed his cock over it, flaking it off and then he rubbed his cock over Brandon's hole, pressed against it. Eli let his body's weight push his cock through the tight ring of Brandon's opening and Brandon cried out as Eli sank his cock all the way inside his hole.



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