It was odd, this notion that things happened in threes. A good thing was followed by two more good things. A bad one was followed by two more bad ones. Random groupings fell into some natural tri-formation. It was one of those old wives' tales, myth, legend or whatever you wanted to call it, but goddamn if it didn't seem to happen that way.

It was near the end of Fall Semester and Brody knew all about the rule of three.


Brody had arrived on campus looking forward to the liberation of the college atmosphere, this academic environment where he could push the boundaries and begin to live a life with an eye toward the future. He came from a small southern town, friendly on the surface, but full of the usual prejudices, the gossip of those who made mistakes or fell on hard luck and the judgmental attitudes. For Brody, it was hell, for he had lived a lie for five years to avoid the humiliation of being ostracized or bullied. Brody was gay, knew it without doubt, therefore he had kept to himself, stole fleeting glances at the other boys, and holed up in his room each night surfing the internet, seeing how it was for others as he planned and schemed for the day he escaped.

For the first two months Brody spent most of his time getting into the rhythm of college life, the going to classes, pushing himself to get his course work done and adjusting to living with a roommate in a dorm. The room with two beds, two desks and only one window seemed a fraction of the size of his bedroom back home. He kept being gay to himself for so many of the guys on his floor seemed like the kind of jocks who would torment him if they knew, but he had researched the campus support groups, found the local bars and clubs that catered to gays and even found a coffee shop on the other side of town that was a popular hangout.

Robert H. Dawson was his roommate but everyone called him Rob and what the H stood for he refused to say, but he was one of those guys who got along with everyone, played ball down in the Quad with some of the other guys and joined in their pranks on each other but never seemed to be the one initiating it. Just someone who agreeably went along with the others in whatever they wanted to do. Brody found Rob attractive, his dark brown hair kept a little long, always falling down in his face hiding his green eyes. In their dorm room Rob was usually wearing just his boxers and a t-shirt or tank top and his light golden brown skin with the freckles over his shoulders, a few over his cheeks and nose made him boyishly handsome. Brody had tried not to stare at him too much, feeling it inappropriate in some prudish way, but he found himself looking at Rob a lot, glancing over to watch him adjust his cock in his boxers, the way his lean body would make his clothes just seem to hang on his frame when he stretched, and then late at night when Rob thought he was asleep, the sound of him masturbating in his bunk below.

Then there was the other guys on his floor, the jocks, all muscular builds wearing baggy gym shorts with their cocks flopping back and forth as they walked down the corridor, the guys who had average builds with smooth chests or a little hair, or a full mat down their chest and stomachs, the guys who were quiet, studious, some even wearing the kind of glasses that reinforced their image. And then there was Jacob, tall, lean but a muscular build, who ran on the track team and played baseball. He had that All-American olive skin and blonde hair that made the other guys make fun of him, call him 'pretty boy' and for Brody, he was. Jacob made it worse by running around in nothing but his tight briefs...or nothing at all.

Brody couldn't help but notice how Jacob's cock hung long over his nuts, and how he seemed to be constantly tugging on it, standing with one or both hands on his hips, framing it so Brody couldn't miss it. Rob and Jacob were friends, much to Brody's dismay, and Jacob was all the time standing in their doorway or sitting in Rob's chair talking to Rob as he lay on his bunk. It was maddening, this closeness, sometimes so close he could smell his soap cleaned body. One day Brody came in and found Jacob leaned back in Rob's chair and feet propped up on his desk. He had moved up to Jacob, looked down his bare torso down to his white briefs, at the bulge in them, his cock lying to the side and his balls pushing down in the pouch and struggled to find his voice to ask Jacob to put his feet down so he could lay his backpack down. Brody knew Rob was about his height of five foot eight and Jacob was six or seven inches taller, easily six foot one or two and his body was on display far too often. What made it so frustrating was the way Jacob and Rob were always talking about girls. Those they met on campus, picked up in one of the bars or ran into somewhere in town. It was constant, this banter about hooking up, fucking pussy, and even getting some to let them fuck them from behind; let them fuck them in their tight little asses, and this conversation would rattle Brody so badly he sometimes made some excuse to leave the room. It was a situation where he felt completely out of place.

It was October before Brody began to go out, to meet other guys, and he found losing his virginity, sucking his first cock, having his sucked and then the fucking, all of it was amazing and at the same time no big deal. He wondered why he waited till now to let himself find someone, to have the physical contact, this intimacy between two guys. There was one guy who had wanted to get serious, wanted Brody to be his boyfriend, but it was too much too fast and he had distanced himself from the guy as nicely as he knew how. When November rolled around, with Fall turning into Winter, Brody had begun to venture out to social events on campus, go to plays, musical performances, going with some of the guys he meet. During this time Rob and he saw very little of each other, and more importantly for Brody, he wasn't confronted with Jacob and the other guys on his floor.

It was a rainy cool Friday night when Brody went with two other guys to an art exhibit on campus. The gallery was in the Art Department and there was enough of a crowd to make the place seem full, but not so crowded as to prevent Brody from being able to break off from his friends and stroll through the gallery looking at the art on display. It was painting near the back of the room that captured his eye. Primitive in its feel, the use of color strong but there was something about it that captured Brody attention. It was three hands in a wild growth of vines and weeds, and they didn't seem right, the way the thumbs were all on the left; no two a pair.

"What do you think?" a voice asked from behind as he stood a few feet away trying to figure out what it was about it that caught his eye. Startled, Brody turned to see two guys standing there, one slightly behind the other. It took only a moment for Brody to capture their images in his mind. The front one tall, lean to the point of being skinny, his clothes dark and loose, his black hair cut short on the sides and left long on top, it hanging down over his face concealing one eye. The guy behind him was Brody's height, his hair dyed an unnatural red and it was cut short, the top standing up randomly, little spikes of red sticking out in all manner of angles and he had a piercing through his eyebrow, both ears had long dangling earrings, and he wore a tight black t-shirt that revealed a body that Brody was shocked to see was muscular, broad shouldered. And he had tattoos on his upper arms.

"I...don't know" as he turned back to the painting. "There is something about it...I'm just not sure...why I'm captivated by it."

" honest answer" the taller guy said and Brody turned and saw him look back at his friend. "I'm sick of all those who go 'it's nice' or come up with some bullshit reply" The guy turned back to Brody and stepped up closer to him.

"I'm Devan and this is Tyler."


It was later, after they had made introductions, talked about the painting, Devan eventually admitted to it being his work, after they had strolled through the gallery, talking about art, life on campus, that they found themselves at the coffee shop on the other side of town. It was one in the morning when Brody realized how even with their differences in appearances, their difference in clothing, they still had so much in common.

Brody found himself looking at the two of them in sexual ways, wondering what it would be like, to crawl into bed with these two student artist, both so flamboyant as compared to himself, and fuck. He wondered if it would seem as different as Devan and Tyler were from the guys he had hooked up with before; would it be interesting he wondered. He was looking at Tyler's body, the way the t-shirt clung to his form and the way his old frayed jeans bulged at the crotch and his knees were exposed through the blown out knees, the light brown hair lightly dusting each leg and the skin the same fair tone. How long he had been lost in his imagining of Tyler and then Devan's bodies he wasn't sure but Devan suddenly called out directly to him breaking him out of his daydreaming.

"Hey, Brody...where were you?" Devan asked, laughing, the three of them in that late night zone of being silly and sarcastic.

"I...was just thinking..."and Brody hesitated, wondered if he should admit what he was thinking, then he realized they were art students. They were supposed to be open minded, accepting of things different, and he leaned forward, conspiringly.

"Honestly Devan, and Tyler, I was checking the two of you out" and he leaned back and let that sink in for a brief moment. "I know that probably makes you uncomfortable but...well...that is the truth."

For a moment, just the briefest of moments, no one said anything, but Tyler began to snicker, holding it in, then he laughed, out loud, carelessly, and Devan joined him as he leaned forward, putting his hand on Brody's knee.

"Well, I guess its mutual then" Devan said.

It was Tyler who got up and said it was time to go, holding his hand out to Brody, smiling mischievously. Devan and Tyler shared an old house near campus, one that afforded them a bedroom for each of them and a third for a studio. The house was clean but there was a certain chaotic nature to it, art work started and stopped, some in progress, and finished pieces hanging on walls, sitting on the floor leaned against the wall or with some of the sculptural pieces Tyler had created, hanging from the ceiling.

Brody didn't get a chance to scope it all out for he was lead to the back bedroom, the one that was Devan's, but one Tyler and he shared. They moved to the middle of the room, stood close together, Brody in the middle, hands touching, lips caressing over lips, over cheeks, down jaw lines and around necks. Brody ran his hand down Devan's body, felt the tall lean frame beneath his clothes, the hardness of it. He turned and ran his hand over Tyler's body, felt the muscular form, the way each muscle seemed to be pushing up against his tight skin, hard to the touch. Brody felt Devan and Tyler's hands roaming over his own body, up and down his back and chest, over his ass and squeezing his crotch, making his growing erection harden up further.

Brody had no sense of time. He wasn't even aware of his surrounding, the color of the walls or what kind of furnishings were in the room. They had left the light off, only the hall light dimly illuminating the room and standing between Devan and Tyler, Brody was lost to the sensations they were giving him, his only senses were those transmitted by touch, his touch of their bodies and their touching of his. Tyler pulled back and undid the buttons on Brody's shirt, one at time, he slipped the button through its hole, his pace deliberate as Devan held him from behind, their bodies pulled together. With the shirt undone Tyler reached for Brody's jeans and worked the belt loose, unfastened the button and pulled the zipper down as Devan slipped the shirt off, tossing it on the floor so he could run his hands over Brody's body, feel the tight skin over his lean frame. Devan leaned over and kissed Brody on the back of the neck, ran his lips along one shoulder, lightly touching lips to skin. Brody reached back and held Devan's hips holding his body steady and he lifted one foot then the next allowing Tyler to slip his shoes and socks off. Brody stood still as Tyler slipped his jeans and boxers down, stripping him naked, his half hard cock bobbing up and down in front of him. Again he lifted one foot then the other and he was naked, the air cool to his skin until Devan and Tyler pressed their bodies against him, the roughness of their clothed bodies making him more aware of his nakedness, his sense of giving himself to them and he moaned loudly as Tyler pumped his crotch against his hard cock, pinning it between them.

"I want to fuck you" Devan whispered in Brody's ear as Tyler ran his tongue along its edge just before kissing Devan while the two of them held tightly to him. Brody felt their undulations, the pressing against his body, the hands, lips, even their tongues touching his skin. He had been hugging Tyler around the neck but he moved one hand down and worked his jeans open, the old worn denim easily falling open when unzipped. Tyler's cock popped out hard and Brody grasped it, stroked his hand along its length. Tyler pushed down on his shoulders and Brody understood what was expected and he knew he wanted it. Devan had moved back and Brody eased down on his knees and took Tyler's cock, held it up and licked the head, ran his tongue over and around it, then he let the flared head slide between his lips and he moved forward taking as much of the shaft as he could. He felt Tyler's hands holding his head and soon Tyler was pumping his cock slowly back and forth, the hard shaft sliding through his lips.

Tyler let his head go and Brody felt something rubbing his neck and upward over his cheek and he pulled back and looked around to see Devan's cock, the head wet and the shaft so hard the veins bulged under the surface of the skin. Brody looked up Devan's torso seeing he was now naked, his tall lean body exposed, his skin fair and smooth, both nipples pierced with rings.

"Suck our cocks" Devan whispered, his voice sounding urgent, needful.

Brody shifted around and took Devan letting his cock sink into his mouth. He worked his mouth back and forth as he held onto Devan's thighs and let his own hard cock slid along one of his calves. When Tyler moved back up next to Devan holding his cock down for Brody to suck it too he had stripped off his clothes. His muscular body, with its tattoos, both nipples pierced made him look menacing, threatening, but his hand moved gently over Brody's head, massaged his scalp, caressed his cheek and when Brody looked up he saw Tyler was kissing Devan, passionately as he held Devan's chin with his other hand. He took Devan's cock and let it sink into his mouth, working back and forth until it was wet and slick, then he took Tyler's cock and slid it through his lips and pumped his mouth back and forth on it making it as wet and slick as Devan's. Over and over and over, eyes closed, till he didn't know which cock he was sucking and which he was stroking with his hand. The cocks were different. Different thickness, different length, and different in the way one was smooth along the shaft and the other was lined with veins, but Brody didn't care, wasn't thinking of those differences as he sucked one then the other. He let the sensation of each cock filling his mouth become his focus and the only sound he heard was the sound of cock sliding through his wet lips and the moans and kissing of Devan and Tyler.

Devan grabbed Brody by the hair, pulled his head back and off the cock he was sucking. Brody opened his eyes, looked up at Devan who moved down to him, and kissed him on the mouth. Tyler eased down behind him, pulled his hips back getting him to lean forward till he had to hold on to Devan's thighs. Devan stood up and pushed his cock to Brody's lips, rubbed his cock, slick pre-cum, over them and then he pushed it into Brody's mouth making him take it, all of it, as he held his head between his hands.

"Fuck, suck my cock" Devan whispered as Brody felt Tyler rubbing his wet slick cock along his ass, push it into the crevice between his cheeks, probing him until found his opening and he pressed against it. Tyler bore down on him, pushed harder against his tightness as he nipped at his ear and along the skin on his neck and shoulder.

"Let me in..." Tyler moaned into Brody's ear as he pushed again, harder, holding Brody's hips tightly, forcing his cock into him, breaching his opening and penetrating him, slowly, gently, easing inch after inch into his hole. Brody cried out around the cock buried in his mouth, while his body quivered with the penetration. He took Tyler's cock in his ass and sucked Devan's in his mouth letting them use him. Tyler kept easing into him, slowly, until his cock was buried all the way, hips pressed against ass, chest against back. Devan held Brody's head in position as he fucked his cock slowly back and forth through his lips and Tyler began to work his cock in Brody's hole, pulling back and easing back in, full long strokes, the stretched opening loosening, accepting Tyler's fuck.

Tyler fucked in long slow strokes, strokes he could do all night, pumping his cock through the tight ring of Brody's hole and sinking into his soft hot tunnel. Brody sucked Devan's cock, holding tight to his thighs for balance as Tyler pushed into his hole over and over and over. Tyler felt Brody's hole loosen, his ability to slide into him grow easier and he began to fuck harder, to swing his hips faster and Brody took it moaning and grunting with every deep thrust up into him. Devan would pull his cock out of Brody's mouth, slap his face with it, then rub it over his face leaving a trail of slick pre-cum in its wake. Brody held his mouth open, waiting, ready for Devan to put his cock back on his tongue and push inward filling his mouth.

"Fuck...I'm close" Tyler said and he pulled out of Brody, his wet slick cock bobbing up and down. "Devan" he said in a pleading voice as he looked up at Devan.

"Get on the bed" Devan replied and Tyler moved to the bed where he laid on his stomach. Brody stood up and watched as Devan moved between Tyler's legs and was soon pushing his cock into him slow and steady till it was buried all the way inside his hole.

"Oh fuck" Tyler cried out just before he buried his face into a pillow and grabbed a handful of the bedspread in his fists, pushing his ass up to take all of Devan's cock. When Tyler looked up he turned toward Brody, his eyes unfocused, his breathing ragged.

"Come here" he whispered and Brody moved to the side of the bed near Tyler's head. Tyler shifted over, took his cock, held it to his mouth and he took it as far as he could, letting Brody feel his cock sink into his warm wet mouth. Brody stood by the bed, eyes closed, his only awareness was his cock in Tyler's mouth, the warmth of it, the slickness, and he felt Tyler's lips move up and down his shaft and he heard Devan grunting as his hips slapped down on Tyler's ass. Soon the sound of their fucking filled the room, the rocking squeaking bed, Devan's grunting with his thrusts and Tyler's moans and cries, begging Devan to fuck him harder.

Then things stopped, only their ragged breathing could be heard and Brody opened his eyes to the sight of Devan hugging Tyler tightly as he kissed the back of his neck. Devan rolled his head over and looked up at Brody, his body still undulating as he pumped his cock into Tyler's hole.

"Come on Brody, get on the bed and put that cock in my hole...come on...fuck me" Devan begged, his voice hoarse and his tone pleading. Brody climbed on the bed behind Devan and pushed his legs further apart. He saw Devan's cock buried in Tyler, whose hole was stretched tight around the shaft. Brody moved up close, pushed his painfully hard cock down, rubbing the head over Devan ass smearing its slickness along Devan's skin and over his hole.

"Come on...shove it in...punch that cock into my ass" Devan begged and Brody shoved forward and his cock breached Devan and sank into his hot insides. He sank all the way and watched as Devan's body quivered and shook at his penetration. Devan rose up and cried out and pushed down into Tyler as Brody sank into him. Then Devan took over, eased up on his hands and worked his ass back and forth, taking Brody's cock and shoving his own into Tyler, over and over and over till he built up a furious pace, his body slamming back and forth between Brody and Tyler.

"Oh fuck I'm going to cum" Brody cried out and he felt Devan slam back against his hips, hard, rocking the bed violently.

"Come on, pump that shit in me" Devan begged as he worked his ass back and forth, shoving back on Brody, then swinging his hips forward and sinking his cock all the way into Tyler. Brody suddenly felt Devan's hole milk his cock, spasm around it as he worked his ass back and forth and it was too much for Brody and he came and he began to pump his cock hard into Devan pushing him down on Tyler.

"Fuck...take it...take it" Brody cried out, his voice trailing off as he filled Devan with his load.

A few moments later Brody sat against the headboard and watched Devan suck Tyler, take his cock all the way into his mouth until Tyler was pushing upward, grunting with every thrust and Brody knew Tyler was feeding Devan his load. Then the three of them collapsed on the bed and snuggled up in a tangle of arms and legs where they drifted off to sleep.


Brody got back to his dorm room around mid-morning on Saturday after waking with a slight hangover tangled up with Devan and Tyler. He found Rob at his desk working on some paper he had due the next Monday. Rob gave him a funny look, one that was questioning, and Brody sensed Rob wanted to ask him about his night but something held him back.

"I'm going to grab a shower and then take a nap; I'm beat" Brody said as he grab up his toiletry case and towel. For the first time he didn't take a change of clothes with him. He took a long hot shower, felt the ache of his muscles seep away and the dried cum wash away leaving him feeling clean and refreshed. He brushed his teeth and went back to his dorm room, towel around his waist.

Rob was still at his desk and Brody realized how he had never let Rob see him naked, always changing in the bathroom or at least putting on underwear before coming back to their room. This time he came in with the towel hanging low on his waist and Rob gave him a quick second glance when he came into their room.

"Still at it?" Brody commented as he came in and pulled out a pair of boxers.

"Yeah, but I'm almost done, then I'm going to grab lunch with Jacob and Mitch"

"Mitch? That's Jacob's roommate?"

"Yeah, wears the black framed glasses and has black hair that I don't think he ever combs."

Brody pulled the towel free from his waist and tossed it over his chair and he picked up his boxers to put them on and he saw Rob look in the mirror on the wall by his desk at his naked body. He made no acknowledgment of Rob's stare and pulled the boxers up and climbed up on his bunk.

"Lock the door when you leave, okay?" Brody said as he rolled to face the wall and quickly drifted off to sleep.


Brody woke refreshed and alert, realizing quickly he was alone, and he jumped down to the floor and pulled on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt for he was famished and needed to eat something, and soon. He made his way to the cafeteria and grabbed a sandwich since it was an odd time of day, then he walked into town and strolled along the main business district that catered to the students. By the time he headed back to the dorm the sun was setting in the west and darkness was creeping across the sky quickly. Several guys were roaming up and down the corridor on his floor and several doors were open as the guys went room to room goofing off and making plans for the evening. Rob was standing at Jacob and Mitch's door and when he saw Brody coming down the hall he motioned his acknowledgment. Brody went into their room and brought up his computer and loaded up some of his favorite music and was just climbing up on his bunk when Rob came in.

"Hey, what are you doing this evening?" Rob asked as he came in sitting on his desk looking up at Brody.

"No plans for tonight. Why?"

"Several of the guys are going to this new sports bar in town. You want to go?"

"That place on Twenty-third? It's open already?"

"Yeah, opened this want to go?"

Something about Rob's tone told Brody this was different and he leaned over looking down at him, his hair hanging over his face partially blocking one eye and he looked somewhat sad, or was it lonely, Brody couldn't tell.

"Yeah, I'll go. What time are you guys leaving?"

"About nine."


There was fourteen of them from the dorm all heading to the sports bar and Rob and Brody followed Jacob and Mitch, the four of them bringing up the rear of the group as they joked around and rough housed with each other as they made their way along the sidewalks. They arrived to find the bar already busy and they crowded in around the bar with all the other patrons.

The night passed quickly as they drank beer and huddled in one group or another. Rob kept Brody close, getting him to follow him around the bar as they hung out with several different groups, flirting with some of the girls, joking with the guys and keeping check on the football games on the televisions lining the upper walls. It was nearly one in the morning when the bar began to thin out and Brody told Rob he was going to head back to the dorm for he was tired. Rob surprised him by saying he would come too for he was ready to leave. Their walk back was quieter, with very few people still out and Brody knew most of the other guys had gone on to some club in town. They walked in silence for most the way until Rob finally broke their silence.

"What did you do last night? I thought you were going to some gallery opening but...being out all night I assume you had some other fun time?"

Rob asked with an attempt to make his tone light and uncaring but Brody sensed something was different about Rob.

"I did go to a gallery opening but I ran into a couple of guys and went back to their place. They were both art majors and I saw their studio and hung out till it got so late I just crashed there."


"What did you do last night?"

"Just went with some of the guys to hear that band everyone is raving about."

"Any good?"

"Yeah, they're pretty good."

They entered the dorm and found it settling down for the night, their floor quiet and all the doors closed. Rob crashed on his lower bunk as Brody sat in his chair turning on some music on his computer.

"I feel sweaty and in need of a shower" Rob said.

"Yeah, me too. I hate to go to bed feeling grubby."

They each got up and grab up their toiletries case and a towel and headed to the showers. They found two other guys using the showers and they showered quietly and quickly, dried off, wrapped their towels around their waist, brushed their teeth and headed back to their room. Brody had glanced out of the corner of his eyes to watch Rob dry off. He looked at the how Rob's cock seemed inflated a little, half hard and he noticed how Rob seemed to be looking back at him.

Back in their room neither seemed in a hurry to put on their boxer shorts instead Rob laid on his bed with the towel draped over his crotch and Brody sat in his desk chair aware that Rob had a clear view between his legs at his cock which he was trying hard to keep from growing into a full erection. They talked about the bar and some of the things that was said or done but through it all Brody could sense it was bullshit, this banter back and forth, but there was something between them, something holding them apart. Maybe their familiarity with each other, their preconceptions of each other, or maybe both were just chicken shit to try something. While they talked they heard other guys pass their door going to their rooms or to the bathroom.

There was a loud rap at their door and then someone trying to open it.

"You pussies in bed already? Come on, open up."

It was Jacob and Brody went to the door and opened it letting him come in. Jacob's hair was wet and a few droplets of water still clung to his body as he held his towel around his neck, his nakedness crowding into the room.

"You guys didn't go to the club?" Jacob asked as he came in, pushing the door closed behind him. Brody sat back in his chair and Jacob came over and leaned against Rob's desk. Brody tried hard not to stare, tried to keep his eyes on Jacob's face, but tonight it was impossible, his desires getting the better of him and he kept looking at Jacob's cock hanging long over his balls and how he had a sparse fan of pubic hair over it and his ball sac was smooth along with his upper legs. Brody looked up after staring one time too long and saw Jacob smiling at him and when he looked around he saw Rob was staring up his towel at his own hardening cock.

"Man it sucks none of us could find some pussy tonight. Something to sink our cocks into...hell I'd take a blow job I'm so horny" Jacob said as he tugged on his cock. "You know what I mean" he added, looking over at Brody.

"Yeah" Brody whispered in reply as he watched Jacob tug on his cock. Jacob shamelessly tugged on it till it rose up hard, the head flared out.

"Looks like I'm not the only one who's a horny bastard tonight" Jacob said in an accusing tone as he looked at Rob on his lower bunk, his towel tented up obscenely with his erection.

"You guys ever help each other out?" Jacob asked in a whisper and Brody knew immediately what he was suggesting, the queerness of it, and he looked up, shocked, at Jacob's smiling face.

"No" Brody whispered as he turned to Rob who had his hand under the towel playing with his cock till the towel pulled over to the side baring one thigh and nearly revealing what his hand was doing to his cock.

Jacob seemed to know how to move things along, to keep the mood up without a lot of talk and he slowly stroked his cock with his left hand so Brody could clearly see his hand move along his shaft. Brody felt his cock painfully confined in his towel that was tightly wrapped around his waist.

"Why don't you pull off the towel Brody? Looks painful the way your cock is trapped beneath it" Jacob asked and he glanced over at Rob who was watching Brody's ever move. Brody just shook his head and eased his ass up off the chair and slipped the towel off, tossing it on Rob's chair. His cock bobbed up hard, the head beginning to drool pre-cum, it pooling quickly at the slit. Brody swore he heard Rob gasp when his cock stood up free and he glanced over and saw Rob pull the towel off his body and let it drop on the bed beside him, his hand on his own hard cock.

The three of them were slowly stroking their cocks, base to heads, and soon Brody and Jacob were smearing their pre-cum over the head and down the shaft of their cocks.

"You want me to lock the door?" Jacob asked in a low barely audible tone.

"Yes" Rob replied as he moved to the edge of his bed and let his feet slip to the floor.

"Turn on the desk lamp" Jacob said to Brody as he locked the door. Brody turned on the small desk lamp and Jacob immediately cut the overhead light throwing the room into a low warm light.

Brody wondered what they would do, these two guys he considered straight, and he wondered if he would be the one who submitted to them, did the things they wanted and he was prepared to go to his knees when Jacob walked up to him, prepared to take that hard cock, and in front of Rob suck it. But Jacob came up to him and pulled him up out of the chair and rubbed his hand over Brody's chest with one hand and took Brody's neck with the other turning his head up as he leaned down and kissed him. Brody felt Jacob's hand slid down his back and over his ass, squeezing each cheek and then pulling their bodies together for a moment making their cocks slid against each other. Jacob pulled back and stood slightly turned so the head of his cock kept touching Brody's cock.

"Rob?" Jacob asked and Rob slide off his bed and down on his knees and up to Jacob and Brody, who was watching wide eyed, unbelieving it would be Rob sucking cock first. Rob reached up tentatively, his hand shaking slightly, and he took each of their cocks and held them together. He leaned forward and began to run his tongue over them, snaking it between them and along each shaft. He sucked on the heads making Jacob and then Brody gasp at the sensation then Rob pulled back and held Brody's cock, his eyes focused only on it and Jacob rubbed Brody's back and leaned over and kissed his neck and nibbled his ear.

"I think Rob wants you the most" Jacob whispered in his ear as he watched Rob take his cock and suck it into his mouth. Brody put his hand lightly on Rob's head and ran his fingers through his hair as he felt his head move back and forth on his cock. Jacob moved down on his knees and got right up next to Rob, watching how he worked his mouth along the hard shaft, worked his lips and tongue over the head and then plunged back down the shaft burying his nose in Brody's pubic hair, inhaling hard each time through his nose.

"Fuck, that is hot, Rob...suck his cock...come on...let me see you take it" Jacob urged him on. Brody was watching them, Rob sucking his cock and Jacob right next to him watching Rob's every move. Brody knew what Jacob wanted and he began to pump his hips, shoving his cock into Rob's mouth gagging him on occasion, making him choke and his eyes tear up, but he took each thrust forward, each push of cock into his mouth.

"Wow, look at your cock disappear into his mouth" Jacob looked up and whispered to Brody as they watched his hard shaft, wet and glistening in the dim light slide into Rob's mouth. Brody was so turned on, by the way Rob's mouth felt on his cock, it already stroked up hard, by the way Jacob was watching and he reached down and took Rob by the hair, pulling his head back letting his cock spring free. He took it in hand and using Rob's spit for lube stroked it quickly holding Rob's head only inches away.

"Come on...shoot...shoot" Jacob urged Brody and Brody felt it, his need to cum and he began to involuntarily pump his hips, thrusting his cock through his fist and he held Rob's head tighter, pulling a little roughly on his hair as he forced him closer to his cock.

"Open your mouth" Brody grunted and Rob opened his mouth and waited as Brody stood up on his toes, his body tensed up tight and he shot, cum roping out of his cock thick and white, the first wad hitting Rob over the cheeks and nose, the second and third wads landing in Rob's open mouth over his tongue he was holding out.

"Goddamn....fuck that's hot" Jacob said as he watched Rob take Brody's cock knocking Brody's hand away and he sucked the still squirting cock into his mouth.

Spent, Brody was still hard, his desires for Rob and Jacob fueling his sexual urges. Jacob still controlled what was happening, getting Brody and Rob to do what he asked and when Rob pulled off Brody's cock Jacob turned Brody around and made him bend over. Brody knew what Jacob wanted and he reached back taking each of his ass cheeks in hand and spread them for him, opened himself up, ready, willing, and Rob stood up and watched Jacob run his cock up and down Brody's ass, rub the head over Brody's hole, his pre-cum lubing it, making it slick and wet and Brody looked around at Jacob, his eyes pleading.

"Come on Jacob...don't make me wait; stick me" he urged and Jacob pushed forward till his cock breached Brody's hole, penetrated him, stretched him open and Brody cried out, stifling it as best he could. Jacob eased his cock into Brody, inch by inch, pushing it through the tight ring of Brody's hole sinking into his depths. Rob watched while stroking his own hard cock, as Jacob sank his cock all the way into Brody, until his hips pressed against Brody's ass. Brody reached over and put his hand on Rob's thigh and led Rob around till he was standing at his head and Brody took Rob's cock and sucked it into his mouth.

"Fuck" Rob cried out.

"Yeah, suck his cock while I fuck your ass" Jacob grunted as he began to fuck, to move his hips back and forth. Jacob picked up his pace, fucked faster rocking Brody on Rob's cock till drool ran down his chin and dripped to the floor. Rob ran his hands through Brody's hair and held his head while he began to pump his hips, to work his cock back and forth feeling the heat of Brody's mouth, the slick wetness and the suction.

Brody took their cocks, Jacob in his ass fucking faster and faster and Rob pumping his mouth. He held on to Rob's thighs to keep from falling as he rocked back and forth between them. Jacob leaned over and ran his hands around Brody's torso, rubbed them down his chest and over his stomach till one took his hard cock and began to stroke it in rhythm to his fuck. Jacob looked up at Rob whose eyes were closed and his mouth open letting his moans and grunts escape as he pumped his hips. Jacob leaned down and ran his tongue over Brody's neck and around one ear; then he nipped at it, pulling the lobe with his teeth.

"You nasty fuck; you really like it, don't you?" Jacob whispered and Brody moaned loudly around Rob cock. Jacob slammed his hips forward in short thrusts as he grunted and cried out.

"Take it...take it" his voice trailed off as he slammed into Brody and held his cock deep inside him as his cock pumped out his load. He moved his hips slowly, pulled back a couple of inches and pushed back in, sliding his cock through the slick load he had just deposited. "Yeah...that feels good" he whispered in Brody's ear.

Rob was beginning to grunt and shove into Brody so hard he was choking him, making him gag and Jacob put his hand on Rob's stomach causing him to open his eyes and look down at the two of them.

"Shoot it in his face...I wanna watch you cum in his face" Jacob said as Rob stood with his cock in Brody's mouth. Rob just shook his head and pulled his cock out, the hard shaft flexing up and down, wet and slick and he began to jack it, to stroke it blindingly fast, his breathing ragged as he pumped his hips in short thrusts. Jacob took Brody by the hair and pulled his head up and Brody watched Rob stroke his cock, watched as he tensed up, his stomach tighten up and Brody opened his mouth, waiting, and Jacob had his face right by him watching as Rob's cock flared up larger.

"Shoot...come on...shoot" Jacob commanded as he held Brody's head back and Rob cried out, his body shook and he came, thick ropey wads of cum flew out of his cock, the first one spattering across Brody and Jacob's cheeks and upper lips, the second going straight into Brody's mouth, the third across Brody's chin and the remainder dribbled out and fell to the floor. Rob, spent and exhausted, stepped back as he ran his hand down his cock squeezing out the last of his load letting it drip from his wet slimy cock. Jacob looked at Brody' face, saw the cum dripping off his upper lip and teeth and down on his tongue, saw the cum drip off his chin and he realized it was on his own face and he stuck out his tongue and tentatively licked his upper lip tasting the bitter salty flavor of Rob's cum.

Jacob eased up off Brody letting him stand up and they looked at each other for a moment with a sudden sheepishness about what they had done. Suddenly Rob spoke up breaking the tension.

"Fuck...that was wicked hot" as he fell on his bed on his back.

Jacob laughed, then Brody and the tension eased and Brody fell down on Rob's bed and lay next to him as Jacob dropped down in a chair. They didn't talk much, didn't try to figure out why they did it, why it was Jacob who seemed to drive them onward and no one made reference to any notion of sexuality, the idea of being straight, or gay, or bisexual; they just accept what they had done, admitted they enjoyed it and after a few minutes Jacob finally let himself out.

Brody began to get up saying he should climb up in his own bunk but Rob put a hand on his shoulder stopping him.

"Stay down here...just this once...okay?" Rob asked in a nervous quiet voice. Brody just nodded yes and lay back down next to Rob.


When Brody woke sometime the middle of the morning he was confused at first seeing the bottom of a bunk bed over him, then he remembered being in Rob's bed. Rob was turned toward the wall sound asleep still and Brody eased out of the bed and put on shorts to go to the bathroom. As he used the toilet, showered and cleaned up he thought of last night, the sex with Jacob and Rob and he remembered how Rob wanted him to sleep with him, and he wondered if Rob would go further, this connection with another guy...this connection with him?

Brody thought about how he had began to find his way the last month or so, how he had met several guys and this weekend, Friday night with Devan and Tyler and last night...last night with Rob and Jacob and he thought of how it would sound, telling of these exploits, two three-ways in two days. He stood up in front of the mirror, looking at his reflection, looked into his own blue eyes, his brown hair that needed cutting and he thought of how Jacob had pulled it, made him look up and watch Rob jack his cock and cum in his face and it made his cock flex to think about it. He ran his hand around his chin and felt the sparse beard trying to come in and knew he needed to shave but decided he'd do it later. Rob came into the bathroom as he was putting his toiletries into his case.

"Hey" Rob said a little sheepishly.

Brody looked over at him and smiled. "Good morning." Brody looked around the room to make sure no one else was close enough to hear him and he turned back to Rob. "You okay?"

Rob smiled and shook his head yes and then smiled bigger. "Oh hell...yeah, I'm fine...just fine" and he looked around the room and seeing no one was watching leaned toward Brody and gave him a quick kiss and then he headed to the showers. As he approached the doorway he called back to Brody.

"Wait on me and we can go get brunch somewhere. My treat."

They went to a small restaurant in town that served Sunday brunch and then they strolled several of the blocks in town, stepping into a few shops just killing time until they finally made their way back to the campus. It was the middle of the afternoon and the sky was a clear vivid blue, the fall air dry and crisp and they strolled through campus seeing what appeared to be the whole student population outside enjoying the day. They made their way to the dorm and up to their floor and saw it was empty, all the doors closed. Rob was unlocking their door when they heard the bathroom door open at the end of the corridor and saw it was Jacob, naked with his towel hanging around his neck.

"I think he wants to fuck you again" Rob whispered, trying not to laugh.

Jacob came down the corridor and it was obvious his cock was half hard and he looked back over his shoulder as he came up to Rob and Brody then turned to them.

"Hey, you guys want to come down to my room for awhile? Mitch is gone to play some football...or something, and I had fun last night" and he looked up and down the corridor making sure no one was coming, "and if you guys are know, maybe we could do it again."

Rob looked at Brody and shook his head and Brody turned to Jacob, a mischievous smile spread across his face. "Sure Jacob, we'd love to come down to your room for a while. Just let us clean up some and we'll be down in a minute."

Brody and Rob cleaned up and stripped down, Brody putting on a pair of old cotton gym shorts and Rob a pair of thin nylon running shorts and they headed to Jacob's apartment, each of them already feeling their cocks thicken, rise up a little at the thought of sex with Jacob, and each other. Brody didn't bother to knock and went in followed by Rob where they found Jacob lying on his lower bunk stroking a very hard wet cock.

"Damn, starting without us?" Brody asked as he moved into the room.

"Yeah, just getting primed up...ya know" Jacob said and he removed his hand from his cock and it flopped back against his stomach and then rose up slightly, a long drool of precum trailing down to his stomach. He looked up at Rob and Brody, his eyes pleading.

Brody eased down on his knees by the bed and reached out took Jacob in his hand, felt the heat of it, his thick shaft and as he moved his hand up and down a couple of times he felt the slickness and he leaned over and licked the head, swirled his tongue around it tasting the sweet flavor of Jacob and then he pushed his mouth down the shaft. Rob watched for a minute as Brody moved his mouth up and down Jacob's cock, took it as far into his mouth as he could, as he absentmindedly groped himself, tugged on his hardening cock, it obscenely tenting out his shorts.

"Fuck" Jacob uttered and he looked up at Rob, locking eyes with him, then he let his eyes roam down Rob's body, really looking at him, his lean toned body with it light brown skin tone, his small round nipples, and his long torso and he let his eyes roam on down and he looked at Rob's hand tugging on his cock within the confines of his shorts.

"Come closer" Jacob whispered to Rob and he moved up close to the bed. Jacob reached up and tugged his shorts down, pulled them out and over the hard cock trapped within them letting them fall to Rob's ankles so he could step out of them. He recklessly kicked them off into some corner of the room. Jacob reached up and took Rob's cock, ran his fingers down the shaft feeling how smooth the skin was even stretched tightly over the rock hard shaft, and he squeezed it watching a bubble form at the slit. Jacob leaned up as much as he could and pulled Rob down to him making him get on his knees on the bed and lean over him as he licked the head clean tasting the sweet flavor of Rob. Rob had seemed to be in a trance but when Jacob licked his cock he woke up, and reaching down, he took Jacob by the head and drove his cock into Jacob's mouth.

"Suck my cock...suck me" he whispered as he pumped his hips back and forth.

The sound of sucking filled the room, Brody on Jacob's cock and Jacob's taking Rob's cock. Rob had been so horny, and as he watched Brody he felt his need rise quickly and he pulled back and stood by the bed breathing hard. He watched Brody suck and saw how it affected Jacob, saw how he looked pleadingly down at Brody and he eased down behind Brody, pressed his body against him and ran his hand around his chest and rubbed up and down feeling Brody's erect hard nipples and how his body felt so hot and smooth and he moved his hand down over Brody's stomach and down into the loose gym shorts taking his hard cock, finding it wet and leaking. Brody moaned around Jacob's cock and pushed back against Rob. Rob pushed his shorts down letting them bunch up around his knees and he pressed his lips to Brody's neck kissing him lightly, then he ran his nose through Brody's hair smelling the masculine scent of him and he stroked Brody's cock as he moved to his ear and tongued it; rimmed it out.

"I wanna watch you fuck Jacob" Rob whispered in Brody's ear knowing it was what Jacob wanted whether he knew it or not. Brody eased up off Jacob's cock and turned his head and kissed Rob as Rob hugged him around the chest. Jacob watched them make out, knew it was more than just fucking around, that something else was happening with them and he looked at how hard Brody's cock was, it bobbing up and down in front of him, a long drool of pre-cum falling toward the floor and how Rob was pressed up to his back with his cock nestled in the crevice between the cheeks of Brody's ass and he wondered what it felt like, to have a man pressed against you like that, his cock sandwiched in between your cheeks...ready to fuck you.

Brody turned back to Jacob and took his legs and pulled him around enough to get them over the side of the bed and he worked them to either side of his body and Jacob helped him, shifted his body around and spread his legs.

"What are you going to do?" Jacob asked, his tone suddenly naïve, jokingly so, and Brody smiled down at him as he lifted them up from behind the knees.

"I'm going to fuck you" Brody replied in a casual calm voice and Jacob looked into his eyes and nodded his head as he raised his legs up and let them rest of Brody's shoulders. Rob reached around Brody, took his cock and pushed it down aiming it at Jacob's virgin hole and he pressed his body against Brody, pushing him forward and felt the resistance of Jacob, Brody's forward movement halted and he stroked his hand along Brody's cock and whispered in his ear.

"Push it in him."

Brody bore down on Jacob and his cock breached Jacob's tight hole and pushed in till the head had disappeared. Brody held still feeling the quivering and shaking in Jacob's legs and seeing him throw his head back, his mouth open with a silent cry. Rob ran his hands up and down Jacob's legs as Brody eased into his tight ass, inch by inch he sank his cock into Jacob.

"Oohh...fuck" Jacob cried out and he grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled them further apart, opening himself to Brody, taking his fuck. Brody kept easing inward till his cock was completely buried in Jacob, his warm soft tunnel enveloping Brody's cock. Brody moved up and over Jacob, folding him in half and began to fuck, to pull his cock back and sink it back in, over and over he worked his hips back and forth till he was in rhythm, his hips moving in a natural pace to let him fuck, to drive his cock into Jacob making him grunt and moan.

Rob moved up and put his hand on Brody's back and when Brody eased to a stop, holding his cock all the way inside Jacob, Rob rubbed his own up and down Brody's ass, felt the smooth skin against his cock, smearing his slick pre-cum over it and when he pushed against Brody's hole it was Jacob who told him to do it, to fuck that ass, to shove his cock into him and Rob bore down on Brody sinking his cock into him making him cry out and shove forward hard against Jacob's ass. Brody and Jacob cried out loudly, recklessly, as Rob sank all the way into Brody.

Rob pulled back and gave Brody room to move, let him work his hole back on his cock and then push forward sinking his own cock into Jacob. He moved with long swings of his hips sinking Rob's cock deep inside his tunnel and then shoving forward and each time he grunted and moaned, drove Jacob to do the same as he set the pace of their fucking.

Rob leaned back and watched his cock slide in and out of Brody, slick, wet and achingly hard and he held Brody by the hips, felt his body shudder and shake as his skin became slick and hot. He leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Brody's chest and felt the heat of his body. He looked over Brody's shoulder, past Jacob's leg and saw Jacob's body, spread out below with his arms thrown over his head holding the head of his bed pushing down with his hips taking Brody's fuck. He watched how Jacob gave himself to Brody and he wanted to put his cock in Jacob, to feel his tight hole wrapped around his own cock.

"Brody...pull out and let's get Jacob down on the floor" Rob whispered in Brody's ear.

Rob got Brody to lie on his back holding his hard wet cock up, ready to penetrate. Rob turned to Jacob and motioned toward Brody.

"Jacob, sit on his cock" and Rob eased down on his knees and watched Jacob straddle Brody's waist and ease down till he felt Brody's cock touch his hole and he eased on down letting it slid into his hole till he was sitting on Brody's lap. Rob moved up between their legs and took Jacob by the chin and kissed him on the lips.

"Ride his cock. I want to see that ass move on it" Rob said to Jacob and he eased back and watched Jacob rise up and ease back down, over and over, each time a little faster, plunging Brody's cock into his hole. Rob watched how Jacob's body strained with the exertion, his stomach muscles tight, clearly defined, as he moved up and down, fucking his own ass on Brody's cock. Rob reached out and stroked Jacob cock a few times feeling how the shaft was so slick in his hand and when he saw Brody trying to push up, trying to get more of his cock into Jacob he knew they were ready and he put his hand on Jacob's shoulder getting him to ease to a stop.

"Lie back" Rob said and Jacob complied, eased back on top of Brody till Rob could clearly see between his legs, the hard cock buried in his ass and Rob moved between their legs and ran his fingers over what was exposed of Brody's cock and around the tight ring of Jacob's hole. He ran his hand over Jacob's ball sac, it drawn up tight, and moved upward and let his fingers trace lightly over the hard wet shaft flexing over Jacob's abdomen as it drooled its clear pre-cum down into his navel. Rob brought his fingers back to Jacob's hole and pressed one against it, pushed along the side of Brody's cock.

"Relax Jacob" Rob whispered and he saw Jacob lie back and his breathing go slow, as he took deep breaths, and his legs lost their tension and Rob knew he was relaxing, giving himself to him and he pushed harder until his finger penetrated, stretching Jacob open and Jacob began to breath harder. Rob eased the finger in slowly as he felt the tight hole slowly loosen. He was patient, took his time and eventually he had his finger all the way in Jacob's hole feeling the heat of it, the tightness loosen and Brody flex his cock. Rob knew what he wanted and he worked a second finger into Jacob, then a third and Jacob took it, each painful penetration.

"You going to let me put my cock in" Rob asked and Jacob leaned up and looked at Rob, his eyes glazed over and he nodded.

"Do it...put your cock in me" he said through gritted teeth.

Rob moved up closer and put his slick hard cock to Jacob's hole, pressed it along the side of Brody's cock and he bore down with his hips feeling his cock slowly breach the tight ring of Jacob's hole and slid into him. Rob worked his hips back and forth in short movements, working more and more of his cock into Jacob until he was nearly all the way in. Each thrust he felt Jacob's hole milk his cock, squeeze it tighter than any pussy he had ever fucked, almost painfully so, and it drove him on, pulling back and pushing back in and he saw how Jacob's body was covered in sweat, his skin shiver with every push into his hole and Jacob would throw his head back and moan and cry out for Rob to fuck his hole, to bust his ass open. Brody hugged Jacob's body tight to his own and pushed up with his hips as much as he could, sliding his cock deeper into Jacob as Rob pushed in too.

"'re so tight" Rob said as he kept working his hips.

They were too noisy, too lost to their primitive desires, this urge to fuck and be fucked to hear the door open, to know Mitch had come back early, all hot and sweaty in his gym shorts with his tank top hung around his neck. He had heard them from the corridor outside the door and had eased the door open and slipped in, shocked to see it was Jacob who was getting fucked, not by one cock but two and he was surprised at how they didn't even know he was in the room with them.

Mitch watched as Rob pumped his round ass back and forth, working his cock in Jacob's hole and he listened to how guttural they had become, grunting and moaning, Jacob the loudest by far, and he thought of Jacob taking it, submitting to Rob and Brody and he wondered what it would be like to make Jacob suck his cock or to let him fuck his ass and he groped himself, tugged on his hardening cock as he watched the three of them. After watching for several minutes he couldn't stand it and he let his gym shorts and boxers fall to his ankles and he stepped out of them as he moved around Rob.

Rob was startled at Mitch coming up beside him but he couldn't stop, couldn't bring himself to react to the intrusion as he kept fucking, and he knew this wasn't going to be a problem, Mitch naked stroking his hard cock, the arrow shaped head, angry red in color, starting to leak, to lube itself up, and Rob watched how, first Jacob, then Brody, realized Mitch was in the room with them and was naked ready to play.

Mitch eased down on his knees and pulled Jacob's head over toward him.

"I've wondered what it would be like to get a guy to suck my dick and the thought of it being you, you nasty motherfucking jock, is just too much" and he took Jacob's head and held it in position as he moved his cock to the mouth that was open, ready to suck.

Watching Jacob suck Mitch was too much and Rob and Brody began to fuck faster, especially Rob who had the ability to swing his hips in full arcs, driving his cock in and out of Jacob's hole. Brody cried out and began to jab his cock into Jacob and Rob felt his cock suddenly move easily, using Brody's cum for lube and he hammered into Jacob ready to cum himself as he shoved in hard, his hips slapping up against Jacob's ass. It took only a few hard strokes and he pumped his cum in Jacob mixing it with Brody's. Rob took Jacob's cock and stroked it feeling how it flexed in his hand, knowing he too was close and he watched how Jacob choked and gagged on Mitch's cock, took it till spit and snot ran from his mouth and nose and Mitch kept pumping his hips, driving his cock to cum unconcerned with making it last.

Jacob began to shiver, began to thrust his hips upward as best he could and Rob pulled his slimy cock from his hole and quickly leaned over just in time to capture the load of cum he began to pump out.

"Fuck...take his load. Damn you guys are nasty" Mitch said as he drove his own cock into Jacob's mouth Jacob brought his hands to Mitch's thighs and began to control his pace, the way he moved and soon Mitch began to moan, his body tighten up and he pushed forward hard.

"Shit...I'm cumming. Take it you nasty bastard" he grunted as he pumped his cum into Jacob's suctioning mouth.


That night, Brody lying in Rob's bed, the two of them too exhausted to do anything but snuggle up next to each other talked quietly about what had happened over the weekend. They had been whispering back and forth, as if someone could hear them, for over an hour when Brody sniggered suddenly and asked Rob if he had heard the old legend of things happening in threes.

"Yeah, and I think this weekend is an example of that" Rob replied laughing quietly.

"But not really...I mean it started out as three ways and it happened over the course of three days but today it wasn't a three way. There were four of us in the end."

"Well damn, another myth shot down."



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