As a young, gay military officer in the pre- Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell world of gay witch-hunts, I was pretty careful about how I got my rocks off. I made DAMN sure it was certain, quick and PRIVATE, and that was usually an in-person meet after a quick and cruise. But that hadn't gone so well for me this liberty trip so far, and my big, bloated, low-hanging nuts were about to burst and go from blue to whatever unfortunate shade was next on the beyond-frustration scale.

I went to an internet café and logged into a bulletin board for gay men looking for sex. I think its telephone 900 number counterpart was 1-900-DIAL-DICK, which gave me a laugh. But I'd learned the hard way - my hard, unsatisfied cock, that is - that the 900 line was mostly guys wanting to pant and groan and get off that way, which frankly I could do better on my own with my left hand and a magazine or two! It was costlier, too, when the 900 charges to my calling card were all added up, despite having to dispose of the porn mag before I returned to base, thus wasting that expenditure. I was a young marine, and despite being a first lieutenant, I didn't earn enough to have money to waste.

But here I was, racking up the internet café charge, trolling the site for a willing bitch. And I might have just found one.

My own profile:
DISCRETION A MUST! 6'4" 24yo 195lbs of pure muscle 9+ cut - YOU BE muscular, clean, disease-free and ready to take a hard 9+ rough and long
A pic of my abs, raging boner, low-hangers was included in my profile.

This usually got me some attention, though it was not always what I wanted. But today just might be my lucky day. His profile:
all man all bottom all muscle / lkg for a hard hung man who needs his cock serviced / u choose the hole / 6ft1 185# hairy wkout 6x/wk / no bs just bjs or fucking preferred!
And his pic was of a hairy ass that could rival any gay sculptor's creation of the perfect male ass!

I had a motel room but preferred to travel because the motel manager knew I was USMC - my mistake on picking the place. I usually picked somewhere more anonymous, but he was USMC retired, and pegged me instantly. Even tried to fix me up with some local girls, with a lewd wink, knowing some who "LOVES marine dick!" I winked and told him I'd been hitting it pretty hard on base and really just wanted some relaxation. "No better way to relax than a sweet little bitch taking care of your manly needs, is there?" and another wink or two. I tried to just smile and end the conversation by asking where I could get a good meal in town, but my helpful retired marine motel manager made a joke about a good meal of "sweet young wet pussy" and I almost lost it then and there. I can't remember exactly how I didn't, actually.

The online guy sent me his address - pleasantries over! - and a face and full-body pic, telling me I didn't have to send back if I didn't want to reciprocate, but he wanted me to know what I was getting "INTO". I liked the pun. And it was a helluva pic. Tough-looking, all-muscle, as advertised, well-furred lean musclebear with enough musclebeef to be certain you were fucking a MAN . . . and thoroughly fuckable from the looks of the pic! Oh, and a nice cock on him - uncut, thick and definitely respectable size, hanging long over a big set of hairy balls. I told him I was at a rented computer and didn't have a pic to send, and that if he opened his door to me and didn't like what he saw, he could send me away and I'd go without argument. His reply: if that's your cock in the pic, then you're not getting sent away until you've fucked me until I can't take any more, which I should tell you might be in a couple of days! <efg>

My cock thickened in my walking shorts, and I knew I might just have a problem walking out of the internet café. My eyes glanced to the time-counter in the lower part of the screen I was hunched over to keep anyone walking by from discovering my depravity, and saw -:44 and wanted to eliminated another minute's dollar-fifteen charge. I quickly told him I had 7 secs to log off - giving myself a tiny cushion - and where I was and asked if I could walk there. He typed back lightning fast that it was three blocks, the turns and said CYA SOON! and closed the chat window, which allowed me to log off with five seconds to spare.

I was right about the difficulty when I went to get up. I was full-on boned in anticipation. Assessing my options, given that it was about a hundred and fifteen in the shade there and therefore had no jacket or anything to cover myself, I pulled off my t-shirt and tucked it into my shorts waist, to the side, but also the hem partially around my front, so someone might think I'd just neglected to pull it completely out and hadn't noticed.

The apartment building was neither seedy nor nice - probably average for the less affluent area of town where I'd found my motel and the internet café downtown. Maybe by that scale it was nicer than I'd initially assessed. I bounded up the stairs - painfully, given the constriction in my shorts due to my raging bone, which seemed to be more insistent the closer I got - and hit his third floor door harder than I'd intended to knock. He didn't seem to mind.

He opened the door wide, despite being dressed in only a pair of tight white pinstriped boxer shorts which had a slight sweat mark around his waist. The sweat was also apparent in a sheen all over his lightly-furred - dark and straight, not kinky/curly - bod, glistening in the rips between well-defined pecs and abs and over wide, well-developed shoulders. If anything he was about twice as built as his pic he'd sent showed. "NICE!" I blurted out after a full head-to-toe scan of him and a swipe of my tongue across my lips.

I was standing there, and he liked what he saw, too, apparently, because he reached out and caught me on the shoulder and pulled me inside. "Get the fuck in here and FUCK ME!" he growled, low and commandingly, slamming the door behind me.

As he was pulling open my shorts and unzipping them, I kicked off my thrashed sneaks and noticed, when I looked downward, that his boxers were even tighter, a big, thick, hardening cock now in evidence. I didn't waste any time, grabbing him by his big nuts through the fabric, enjoying the way his thick cock pressed against my hand, stepping in close and breathing in his face as I said, "OH, you're definitely going to be WELL-FUCKED!" and slapping my other hand on his well-formed hairy buttcheek. I took a good grip of it and pulled him tight against me.

"Yeah, fucker?" he growled looking slightly up at me, grinding into me as best as we both could with hands on each other's crotches. He had his now in my shorts and had taken hold of my pulsing cock with a firm grip. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, YEAH!" he said, giving it an even harder squeeze. Then he cocked his head and bit my neck and growled as he got hold of my nuts and gave them a healthy tug.

"OH, FUCK YEAH!" I growled back. The feel of his hot, sweat-slick musculature against my chest and abs as the best I'd felt in a long time. And, honestly, the luxury of a private place, not furtively glancing around the corner of an alley or out of a dark place in the back room of a bar or men's room was stoking my anticipation.

My finger found his hole and pressed, and he growled as I teased his pucker and pushed inside just a bit. His ass pushed back hard against my finger, but I denied him anything more than my first knuckle, with an evil laugh. "Wouldn't want to rush anything here - this is too good to rush!"

With that he shoved my unzipped shorts and precum-spotted tighty-whiteys down over my ass and before they'd hit the ground he was on his knees swallowing half my big, needy hardon. "GGGGMMMMMMMMMRRRRRRRRMMMMMM," he growled gratefully around my cock, slurping the head with his tongue and still gripping my nuts tight, just like I like it.

I staggered at the sudden onslaught of sensation, the only thing keeping me standing was his grip on my nuts and a hand he clamped across my ass to steady me. "Unless you want to finish me off right the HELL now, I suggest you go easy down there!" I cautioned him. "I'm COCKED and LOADED!" I added, unnecessarily.

He pulled off suddenly, much to my surprise and regret despite my warning, and looked up to me. "A big, strong jarhead like you - can't imagine you're a one-shot wonder," he leered. And then he dove back onto me, sucking my bone with a vengeance, taking more and more into his capacious mouth.

OK . . . funerals of friends . . . focus on lost brothers and sadness and OH MY FUCKING GOD! The thought ripped through my head when my other head - the one down there! - popped into his throat and suddenly I was balls-deep in him, down his throat. And the fucker was humming the Marine Corps Hymn!

"OH JESUS CHRIST!" I shouted, clamping my hands on his muscular shoulders, enjoying the rippling mounds of sinew and bulk on them as he worked my cock like a pro.

And the fucker didn't just hum the opening bars; no, he had the whole thing going, and believe me my cock was at full attention and saluting the entire time. The amazing feel of his wide-bore throat and that vibration . . . oh my FUCKING GOD did it feel awesome.

Apparently my nuts through so, too, because my being exploded in a kaleidoscope of sparks and sensations of my entire body going taut as it ignited in flames and, finally, exploded outward in a memorable climax that had my body convulsing so hard it took him holding me in a tight ball-grip and his big hand pressing against the small of my back as I clutched at his traps in a vain attempt to hold on as my hips bucked HARD into his mouth. "OHMYFUCKINGGODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!" I was crying out LOUD and ongoing.

For his part, my cocksucker was hungrily and aggressively swallowing, gulping, gurgling and all the while growling a loud, long groan of apparent ecstasy as he took every fucking drop of my three-day load. As he pulled back, and I was wracked by an electrified spasm as my widely-flared head POPPED HARD out of his throat, and his tongue assaulted it with a manic swirl, I felt another BIG blast fly through my cock and into his mouth, eliciting a surprised, loud, "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!" from him, replacing his continuing cockflute rendition of the Marine Corps Hymn.

I was so out of control, still feeling like I could crumple to the ground at any point if he let go of my aching, yanked, pulled, squeezed nuts or my sweaty lower back or I lost my grip, now around his neck because I'd had to get better purchase. So I JERKED my hips back while holding his head and forcibly extracted my over-sensitized fucktool from his maw.

"Holy fucking HELL, DUDE!" I almost shrieked.

For his part, he had his mouth open, showing me a rather impressive amount of my cum held in that vast - now decidedly emptier - expanse. With difficulty, not allowing any to escape, he grinned up at me and said, "Kiiifffff neeehhh yur haaaah!" which oddly I understood and put my hand out. He cupped it and spit in it, almost filling my big, cupped palm with my own juice. Then, like some acrobat on speed, he was up, flipped around, bent over and had yanked his boxers down and got them off one leg and foot altogether, so he could have his feet wide apart in stance and his hands flat against the wall. "Lube my cunt!" he ordered.

OH FUCKING YES! I thought and reached into the hairy valley between his impressive asscheeks, found his hole, smeared it with my cum and his saliva and then pressed a finger in to slick his chute. "Yeaaaahhhhhhhhhh!" he growled. "Get a few more in there so I can take that monster and not wake the dead with my screaming!"

I did as he suggested, and I had three of my big fingers stretching him as he moaned and growled and jumped when I teased his prostate the first time. "OHFUCK!" he huffed and pushed back HARD on my fingers.

He was TIGHT, but he was opening, obviously had been to this rodeo more than a few times to take big fingers like mine. "GODDAMN I'm still hard as nails here, despite that amazing suckjob you just pulled off," I told him, again knocking his p-spot.

"OHFUCKOHFUCK!" he cried at the prostate tweak. And then he huffed out, "Yeah, figured . . . you'd . . . take a lot . . . much . . . fucking LONGER . . . if I took the edge off . . . jarhead." I laughed heartily at that and jabbed him again. "OHJESUSOHFUCK!" he cried out, his body jerking at the stimulation.

"God I love a responsive bitch!" I told him and stepped up and pressed my raging cock against his loosened pucker.

"Fucking GIVE IT TO ME!" he shouted.

I pushed - HARD - and met resistance despite the prep. But he wanted it BAD and PUSHED back onto me and with a loud, long, "OOOOOOOOOOOHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he impaled himself on my cock and kept going until I was buried inside him balls-deep.

"FUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!" I gasped, the tightness and heat pulling me back up that incline toward my next nutload expulsion.

"FUCK YEAH, FUCKER!" he panted. "Gimme a minute here. You're fucking HUGE!" he huffed, all the while very gently gyrating his ass in a way that had my cock screaming to POUND that hole.

I stayed still, waiting for him, giving him the minute he asked for, waiting for the feeling of the brutal clench to relax enough to begin slow-pumping and to build up to what we both wanted. But I was surprised when, after only a few seconds, he pulled forward, the feeling on my cock as if it was being pulled through a ringer, my flared, throbbing head reaming his TIGHT fuckchute. "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I cried in almost paralytic enjoyment of the sensation. And then, suddenly, he SHOVED back again HARD and ground his ass into my pubes.

"NOW!" he yelled, pulling forward on me again.

I pulled back as he pulled forward, and when my head was caught by his visegrip of an assring, he pushed back into me, and I shoved forward. When our bodies met, my nuts swung out forward and must have hit his because the collision, accompanying a loud SMACK and grunts from both of us at that moment of impact, was jarring. Felt like my nuts had hit the fucking hard wall well in front of him.

We were GOING AT IT though by then, him fucking back into my thrusts every bit as hard as my thrusts into him, each collision of our bodies a loud SMACK and grunts amidst our moans of pleasure.

"Yeah, FUCK ME with that huge cock! Feels like a fucking baseball bat in my cunt, you fucker!" he said at one point, turning up the heat in my balls with his dirty talk . . . and compliment.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! CHRIST you're fucking TIGHT!" I shouted at one point, after he'd clenched on my cock tight enough to make me moan.

"You fucking love it, don't you, jarhead. C'mon FUCK this dawg's cunt like I know you need to."

He was right - it was not as if I'd cum a few minutes before. Or even days before. The NEED in my entire body - emanating from my nuts and cock - to fuck him full of me and my seed was so over-powering I'd have raped his mancunt fuckhole if he hadn't offered it - of that I was certain as I DRILLED his ass.

For his part, my host slash bitch was giving as good as he got, meeting me thrust for thrust and working my cock with his tight, hot fuckchannel like he was milking me. He definitely had the right idea draining a nutload before I fucked him, otherwise I'd be blasting him full of bull's milk already!

I felt - quite by accident - when my cockhead roughly grazed his prostate on an instroke. He YELLED "OH FUCKING YEAHRIGHTFUCKINGTHERRRRRRRRRRRRRE!" and clenched on my cock so hard as he spasmed in pleasure that I thought he might rip my rod right off me!

Nothing like getting a helpful cue. I moved myself just enough to replicate that thrust-angle again, and NAILED IT! "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" he cried out, clenching again just as hard.

A responsive bitch is like Spanish Fly or some other aphrodisiac. You think you're at your limit of fuck-exertion, pounding for dear life, and a bitch shows some extraordinary pleasure from your thrust, and suddenly you're down-shifting and there's torque you never knew you had in your cock to give. I started BANGING him HARD and FASTER, slam-fucking that tight, hot mancunt of his, nailing his p-spot with every single thrust, faster and faster until his cries were continuous howls of abandon.

For as violently as his body would jerk every time I'd make a direct hit, it was astounding that, as my fucking went into hyper-drive, so did his. He was milking me with his cunt like it was made especially to work my wildly thrusting fuckrod in the ways that were perfectly attuned to my sensitivities. He especially had some talent with his cuntring near his fuckhole that he could squeeze and somehow give the sensation of twisting that had me soaring high and hard.

"OH JESUS FUCK I'M GONNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA," he trailed off into a loud then staccato "OHHHHHFFFF AAAAAHHHHHH AAAAYYYYYYYY" noises as I felt his body's wracking jerks take a pattern and could feel his innerds pumping and over his yells heard his seed SPLATing against the wall. I saw around his convulsing body - as I was still slam-fucking him with every ounce of strength and need in me - his cum splattering, as if he'd shot with ballistic force. FUCK! That was HOT!

"That's it, fucker," I told him, feeling my own nuts close to boiling over, as he milked and worked my cock with his exploding, spasming innerds. "OH FUCK YES, THAT'S ITTTTTTTTTTTT!" I shouted and shoved myself violently into him, shoving us both against the wall as I began to unload my nuts again into him.

"AAAWWWWWWW FUUCCCCKKKKKK!" he shouted. "I can fucking FEEL your seed like fucking bullets in my cunt!" he shouted.

If I'd had any control whatsoever I might have fucked harder . . . or something . . . but I was completely powerless to do anything but keep my cock PLANTED in his fuckchute, GRINDING into him in my body's attempt to completely fill him with my essence.

As I struggled for breath, still pinning him against the wall, he laughed and said, "HOLY FUCK YEAH!" and slapped the wall and also gave my cock a squeeze with his cuntmuscles that made me jump in surprise. "Now THAT, my good men, is what a MARINE calls a FUCK!" he chuckled.

I had my head down in his sweat-soaked buzzed scalp as he'd said it, and I couldn't help but to chuckle along with him. That was all I could do, though - I was so drained of every drop of energy and still so out of touch with any method to control any one of my muscles to move any part of me that I was just draped on him, enjoying the feel of our slicked, hot bodies heaving against each other.

He finally reached back and gently rubbed my butt and down the outside of his thighs with both hands. It was a strange, intimate really, touch . . . unexpected but surprisingly welcome. I wasn't used to being touched. "VERY nice!" he appraised, his face still shoved against the wall. Then he reached back and grabbed my nuts, and my body reacted as if to brace for his grip or yank. But he did neither - just hefted them appreciatively and rubbed them in an exceptionally pleasing way and reiterated, "YES, VERY nice indeed!"

I figured before it got too weird - after all, we're two leathernecks, goddammit! - I'd better dismount. So I pulled back and felt my half-hard cock traveling the long length out of him, each sensation still so very tantalizing, until my big head was just inside his ring. I thought about warning him or asking him if he was ready, but instead I just jerked my hips back and yanked it out through his amazingly tight ring. He moaned as I came out of him, as our joining was severed. But as my cock flopped free, a PLOP of seed that had rushed out of him hit the floor between our feet and looked like a small glass of milk had been spilt.

We both looked down - I felt him move back from the wall against me so he could cock his head down. "What a waste of seed," he said, almost mournfully.

I was looking at his fuckhole, still distended, swollen, gaping, some of my seed dripping out and over and down his sac. "Fffffffuuuuuuuucccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk," I half-growled, half-moaned, HOT from the sight of his freshly fucked mancunt and my own seed in him and running out of him.

Again, with lightning speed like before, he was whirled around and facing me with only inches between us. He had his hand around my slackening cock and was grinning into my face. "If that's an offer, then my answer is FUCK YES!"

I laughed and grinned back at him, buying time while I thought for a second about staying around long enough to recharge enough to fuck him again. But he wasn't wasting any time, and he was on his knees with my slimy cock again in his voracious maw, sucking it and tongue-massaging it.

"HOLY GOD!" I exclaimed, falling forward to hold myself up by the wall behind him. "You don't give a guy a minute to recharge, do you?"

He slurped loud as he let my fat cockhead slip out of his mouth and then smacked his lips. "Fucking YUM! I don't leave a man who's fucked me hanging out there without cleaning him up," he explained. "GodDAMN my ass - oh and your cock," he threw in with a smirk, "Taste fucking AWESOME!"

I laughed and pulled him up by his armpits and pushed him against the wall. Then I leaned forward and took a long swipe with my tongue from below his left pec, up and across that nipple and across over his right pec and up his sweaty neck. It was slow, but not too slow, and when I got to just behind his ear, I said quietly, in my low voice, "You taste fucking awesome, too!"

The shiver that went through him was easy to feel, and his low moan was, too. His head bowed until his lips were against my collar bone, and I heard him inhale and felt the air he sucked in. "Damn hot! All fucking MAN!"

I raised my left arm and pushed to the right so it was closer to his face. Without further need for prompting he got his face in my sweaty pit and inhaled long and deep and then swiped his tongue over my hairy underarm, moaning as he did both. "Oh god!" he said, as he went in for another.

"Like that?"

"GOD YEAH!" he said, moving his face to my other armpit, me lifting it for him to savor as well. As he licked and inhaled that one he said, "GODDAMN!"

I felt down and rubbed up his impressive abs, enjoying the terrain and the fur as both tantalized my fingers and palm. He moaned again as I did it, and I took my other hand and reached down his back and felt his lower back, where his fur started again, above his ass. A louder moan, even more appreciative.

A man who had fur on his lower back just above his butt was a man indeed. Not that every single other aspect of this man wasn't ALL HOT MAN, but that just sends me. My cock jumped, and my only thought was fucking him doggie style and feeling that fur against my groin.

He still had hold of me, and he squeezed and moaned louder as he continued to lick and suck my pits. "Tell me this isn't a dream, and I'm going to wake up with my own dick in my hand," he murmured.

I chuckled. "Not that you're not hung VERY nicely, but if you do, and that's your dick, then you've grown since I met you! Not a bad dream effect, if it did have to be a dream."

He laughed and slowly straightened, his back against the wall, his chest brushing mine as he stood, because I hadn't moved back at all to give him room. He was smiling, and I could smell my sweat on his face, and it made my nuts send signals to my cock as if we were only now getting started. "We reek," I told him.

His eyes narrowed, still boring into mine. "We smell fucking AMAZING," he retorted. "YOU smell amazing," he added quickly, "And your scent on me makes me smell amazing."

To that I just growled, low and long, and held his eyes.

We stood that way, his hand around my re-hardening cock, chests together, eyes locked. I was hyper-aware of my hardon, again urging me to satisfy it, despite a slight soreness from the extreme friction inside that hot stud's tight cunt. I was also battling with the drive to bolt. I'd fucked, I'd been blown. I'd blasted like a madman. I needed to get the fuck out and move on, not linger like some bitch in heat.

"If you want to take off, it's totally up to you," he said, his breath as he spoke hitting my chin, and adding his other hand around my nuts, gently hefting and rubbing like before as his other very slightly squeezed and rubbed my fuckpole. He'd read my mind . . . and strangely that invited me rather than spurring me to get my ass out of there. "But if you want to stick around awhile, I guarantee you will enjoy it," he added. And then, with a widening of the smirk he'd had, "ALMOST as much as I will," he said, throwing me a wink.

I couldn't help it and grinned back at him. "Oh, you think you're going to enjoy the next round more than I do, more than the last round?"

Without missing a beat he moved his head the tiny bit of space closer until I could feel the air move as his lips moved just in front of mine and had difficulty focusing on his eyes. "Believe me, however much you enjoyed the last round - and GOD I hope it's not THE last round - I enjoyed it MORE!"

"Is that a challenge, Marine?"

"No, Marine," he fired back. "I'm a SURE FUCKING THING!" And then he laughed.

Marines don't kiss, but his laugh right there so very, VERY close to me had his lips tickling mine, had me WANTING to kiss him . . . which marines DON'T DO! "DO IT!" he whispered. "You fucking KNOW you want to, and I'm your bitch here. Do what you want with me!"

Again he'd read my mind. But this was too over the top, and I stood, paralyzed. I wanted to - I really WANTED to kiss that studmusclebear of a hunk . . . but marines DO NOT KISS!

"May I then?" he whispered, this time deliberately brushing his lips against mine.

HOLY FUCKING CHRIST I FUCKING WANT HIM! I thought, quickly followed by GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE - NOW! I could see enough to see he was amused, reading my conflict, and he brushed his lips against mine again, taunting me, pushing me, testing me.

I was so rigid standing there that if I was any more tense and taut, I could have pulled a muscle or snapped a bone. He was still so very gently massaging my nuts and rubbing my cock, and it felt like fucking heaven. And his breath was warm and surprisingly minty, his lips not soft but not cracked and chapped, just firm and warm like the rest of him.

Suddenly he moved back the inch or so he had before his head hit the wall. "I'll back off. I'm a jarhead, too, remember? I'm pushing the envelope here. It's just . . . you're so . . . WE'RE so . . . FUCK!" he finally spat in frustration. But he held my gaze.

"Kiss me," I uttered softly, a part of me shocked that I'd said it, that I'd invited it. "As much, as long as you want . . . because when you're done," and my voice went even lower, rumbling out the rest, "I'm going to fuck your fucking brains out, STUD!"

His eyes went to slits then, and I saw his eyeballs roll back a little as he moaned, "OH FUCK YESSSS!"

I could definitely hang around a while longer. And if a kiss was the price of admission to marine cunt round two, then ONWARD!



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