Maxine and I have been best friends since we were 12. We've been through everything together, from our first loves to me coming out. She's been my rock and I hers. So when her 18th rolled around the corner, I tried to think of a special gift I could give her.

I bought her many materialistic gifts including some shirts, bottles of her favourite wine and a vibrator among other things, but I didn't believe that cut the cake. So, in my delightful wisdom, I decided to give her a gift I haven't given anyone else before in my life. A lap dance.

I had picked a swanky blues-esque song to dance to and due to my early dance training, my hips moved easily as if they were on a swivel so I knew I could easily pull off this sexy gift.

Her 18th party came and being her best friend, I arrived early to help her set up. Along with us setting up was her single mother Karen, Karen's sister Ivy and Ivy's husband Ray and her older brother Jacob. This was the first time I had met her aunty and uncle and from first glance, I could see that her Uncle was strikingly handsome. He had an amazing muscular build that was thick but not disgustingly so; he had sleek brown hair, a nice natural tan and a chest and biceps to die for - which was everything I ever wanted in a man.

I was very friendly with Maxine's family and called them my own so I knew with a sexy gift like a lap dance would be totally okay with them but I checked with her Aunty Ivy and Uncle Raymond just to make sure.

'Lap dance?' Raymond asked me with a glimmer in his eyes.

'I have many talents,' I replied humorously.

'Sure,' laughed Ivy, 'go for it. I can't wait to see.'

The guests finally arrived and the drinks began to circle around. I made sure I had enough to be tipsy enough to give her a lap dance in front of 50+ guests but not too much that I'd fall over doing it. The time for gift giving had arrived and she opened up all of her presents; Maxine was the type of person who would find pleasure in receiving any type of gift, even if it was a box of Band-Aids.

'Now,' I announced after all the presents had gone, 'I have one final gift for you.' I pulled out a pair of fluffy handcuffs from my bag and made her sit down on a chair; I cuffed her hands behind her and set up my music.

The music started playing and I turned my sex factor up by 200% - I swayed my hips like latin dancer and shook my ass so violently that one could assume I had natural rectal hydraulics. I tore my shirt off and wrapped it around her neck as I continued to shake my ass right in front of her face to the sultry beat of the music.

I slipped out of my pants and was down to a pair of hot pink booty shorts. I tossed them over to the corner and straddled her, teasing her ever so sensually before kissing her on the cheek and wishing her a happy birthday. The guests erupted in cheers and I uncuffed her before going to put my clothes back on.

'That was amazing,' Maxine told me, 'you should totally become a stripper on the side.'

I winked at her and patted her on the back before changing the music back to the normal party music. I was bent over as I tried to change the music which was underneath the snack table when I felt a hand come down across my ass and spank me.

'Wow,' Ivy said with a giggle and a half empty glass of wine in her hand, 'you've got some junk in your trunk.'

Normally other people would find that weird and even insulting, but I liked it when people paid attention to my ass because I put a lot of effort into it so I smiled and thanked her for the compliment.

'I hope you don't mind me,' she said.

'Oh no, don't worry, I like it when people spank me.'

I continued to fumble around with the music until Ray came to kneel down with me to see if I needed help.

'I think that's it. Yeah. I'm fine, thank you anyway,' I said with a smile.

'Ivy's right,' he said suddenly, 'you do have a huge ass.'

'Thank you,' I said with a grin, 'I'm very proud of it. You can spank it if you want.'

I bent over playfully and looked at Ray who was grinning and after looking around, spanked me quite firmly. I giggled and went to walk away but Ray stopped me by grabbing my wrist and turning me around to face him.

'Nice,' he whispered.

'Thank you,' I replied.

He spanked me once again and I would've sworn he had licked his lips. I eyed him curiously and held my breath as he led me to the kitchen where nobody else was.

'What are you doing?' I mumbled.

'What I've been wanting to do all night.'

With my wrist still in his grip, he leaned down and kissed me so sweetly. He offered his tongue after a while and I accepted it, eagerly massaging his with mine. His other hand moved down to my ass and he roughly squeezed it while I reached up and placed my hand on his firm pec.

'This is so wrong,' I breathed.

'Yet so right.'

Ray pulled me into the powder room off the kitchen and shut the door behind us. His hands couldn't get enough of my ass as he squeezed and squeezed like there was no tomorrow. I stripped him of his shirt and my mouth immediately went down to suck on his firm nipple.

'Fuck, your ass is so sexy,' he groaned.

I undid his belt and pulled his pants down and noticed he was rockhard already. I wanted to skip the teasing as I knew we didn't have enough time so when his briefs were down, I immediately went down on his cock. He closed his eyes and sighed, pulling his muscular arms up in the air and placing his hands behind his head.

I sucked him like a Hoover and played with his heavy balls with one hand while I jacked him with the other. My tongue swirled around his cock head hungrily and I soon felt his balls tighten in my hand. He let out a suppressed yet loud moan as he ejaculated his warm and delicious man juice into my mouth. I eagerly swallowed every drop from this hunk of a man and looked up at him to see the obvious pleasure he had just received.

Knowing that we had spent enough time away from the party, Ray pulled his briefs and his pants back up and hooked his belt through again.

'That was fucking great,' he mumbled.

'You're very welcome,' I said with a wink.

I went to leave the bathroom but his firm hand spanked me once again.

'Next time, I want that fine ass,' he ordered me.



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