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Young Latino Studz focuses on horny Latin amateurs stroking their cocks or sucking dick and fucking. The guys are mostly in their early to mid-twenties with a few maybe a little older, and they're sporting average to slightly muscled builds, some with uncut cocks, and a few could be considered twinks. The performers have dark hair and eyes, a number with hairy legs and asses, although some have smooth holes. While a few have tattoos or facial hair and a scruffy look, most of the models here could pass for anyone's Latin next door neighbor. And did I mention that some of the guys here are extremely well hung?

The action here is a mix of solos including ass fingering and jerking on camera, guy-on-guy mutual masturbation sessions, and hardcore suck and fuck scenes. Like many amateurs, some of the performers here aren't all that comfortable on camera, so they take a while to get into what they're doing. Once they're horny enough, though, they stop worrying about the camera and focus on getting off. Most of the scenes are shot indoors with the action happening in a bed or occasionally a bathroom, and there are a few outdoor sessions as well.

Young Latino Studz offers 78 DRM-free videos in MP4 format. The downloadable versions are available in two sizes at 720x480 and 540x360 and quality ranges from average to good amateur. These downloads are mobile compatible and should play fine on most newer handhelds. And for those who don't want to save the videos, each is available to stream from 608x454 to 820x454, depending on the age of the video. These videos do okay at their original size, but when enlarged to full screen there's a loss of sharpness.

The site also offers 143 picture sets. These seem to be a mix of fairly good amateur quality digital stills and some screencaps, the digital stills are sized up to 1500x2000 and the screencaps at 853x480. But this site doesn't excel in the continuity department, so expect various other sizes. There's no hands-free slideshows but there are forward and back controls on the viewer. You can save the pictures in a downloadable zip file, which I recommend because save them individually is a pain in the ass, but more about that in a minute. There are anywhere from a couple to 48 pictures per set and they're pretty good quality.

Young Latino Studz members get access to some nice extras. There are 31 bonus sites including four other Latin sites - Bareback Latinoz, OTB Boyz, Iomacho and Brazilian Studz - as well as several Asian sites, some barebacking sites, amateur straight guys, a few Euro boys and more. There's also a huge video archive of gay porn videos from DVDs from around 1998 to 2007 plus 62 third-party video feeds in a wide variety of niches.

Now let's talk about issues. First, this site no longer updates, but they do recycle updates, which means they take some of the existing updates, move to the front of the queue and re-date them so it appears that new videos are being added. But don't let this deter you because many of the bonus sites do update, including three of the other Latino sites. Next, downloadable videos labeled as HD aren't HD at all. Third, saving pictures individually requires you right-click on the thumbnail and select "save link as," but the resulting filename (phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg) omits the file-type extension, so you have to add .jpg otherwise you won't be able to view the picture. And if you want to save more than one, you'll have to rename each pic or you'll be overwriting the previous one since the pics all have the same name.

The site did take care of a number of our past complaints having to do with usability. They have added a home button and a dropdown menu to jump to the various bonus sites, both of these things make is easier to get around the site. As well, the site tour has cleaned up a number of misleading promises. On the other hand, they removed the any clickable tags, and there are no categories - just a few recommended similar scenes. Also the initial join page is confusing because it doesn't show the pricing for each option; they are listed at the bottom of the page under a series of asterisks. However, prices do show on the following billing page and you can change options if you want. Finally, a one-month membership costs $20 more than the recurring monthly option, so save yourself some bucks and get the recurring option, you can cancel it anytime.

Young Latino Studz delivers plenty of Latin guys, mostly amateur studs and average guys with some twinks and hunks in the mix. There are 78 downloadable videos including mobile and streaming versions. I was disappointed to note that the site no longer adds new content, but members get access to 31 bonus sites (four of them are Latin sites), a collection of feeds, and a good-sized gay video collection, which does add a lot more bang for your buck.

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