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OTB Boyz is filmed in South America, and the site is packed with slender and smooth Latino guys in solo, duo, and some threeway action. It belongs to the CJXXX network, and like most of the other sites, this one features twinks. There are now 32 sites in this network and they have just upgraded some features in a recent redesign, so let's have a look and see what's going on.

As mentioned, OTB Boyz films in South America, mostly in Colombia and Mexico, so you can expect a variety of Latin guys sporting uncut cocks. The performers are largely smooth, slim twinks and amateurs ranging from 18 to around 22, however there are a decent number of slightly more mature performers up to their late twenties, some with more muscular bodies. The guys are usually cute, devoid of tattoos and are mostly light-skinned. And foreskin hounds will love this site.

There's a mix of hardcore and solo action here. There are about 36 solos with the guys jacking their uncircumcised cocks, and most finger fucking their ass holes - some also play with dildos. A good number of these solo sessions have the guys shooting two cumshots. After blowing their first wad, they writhe around dry humping the bed and get themselves horned up, they play with their butt holes in prolonged sessions, then blast a second load of jizz across their smooth bellies. Most of the videos are filmed indoors, but there are a couple number of outdoor sessions, too.

There are a handful of threeways and the rest of the hardcore action videos are duos. These horny twinks suck and fuck bareback, and there's a fair bit of cum eating. There are no story lines, just guys enjoying each other's bodies and getting off together. Tomas and Uber are having a picnic and Uber skewers his hot dog with his fork, then twirls and licks it, all the while staring at his buddy. "Would you like to try my sausage?" he finally asks. Tomas leans in and the two lick and lip their end of the hot dog, then fall on the blanket in a necking session. The two swap head and Tomas fucks Uber with his raw, spit-lubed cock, which is quite big. Uber comes all over his smooth belly and Tomas follows, then the guys lap up cum with their tongues and exchange jizz-soaked kisses.

There are 247 DRM-free videos inside OTB Boyz, which is 175 more than there was during our last review nearly two years ago. You can download the vids in two sizes of MP4: 720x480 and 640x360, both of which should be compatible with most mobiles. If you prefer to stream the videos, you can watch them in a player in MP4 format at 620x454. I found they played well and jumping ahead in the scene was pretty quick, although there is a bit of quality loss if you enlarge them to full screen. For that reason I suggest downloading the larger versions, which are clear and devoid of quality issues. Finally, CJXXX has licensed the OTB Boyz content from the original Dutch company who produced it, so the content is not exclusive to this site.

During the redesign, the site added picture galleries. There are now 264 photosets, which is curiously more than the number of scenes. There are about 40 screencaps per set that display at 720x480. You can view them in galleries that feature a forward and back control, but there's no slideshow feature. Also, you can download a zip file, but you'll be unable to save the pictures individually.

The episodes are dated and the site seems to be adding a new video every three to four days, so you can expect about eight or nine new videos every month. And your membership gives you access to the whole CJXXX Network of 32 sites. And if you like Latino guys, there's good news, as four more of the sites feature Latin guys.There's also a healthy collection of 62 third-party video plugins offering a wide variety of content from jocks to bears and everything in between. And last there's a bonus theater with another 1,000 or so videos in a variety of niches.

The upgrading of the network also fixed a number of our previous complaints like the lack of a home button, which made navigation challenging. Along with adding a home button, the site fixed other pesky problems. When you join the site, there's no pricing in the dropdown menu, but if you scroll to the bottom, most of the pricing options are listed, as they are when you complete the join page and proceed to the billing page. Also, the non-recurring one-month membership is $20 more than the monthly recurring option.

OTB Boyz has grown impressively, featuring plenty of slim, smooth Latin lads in mostly suck and fuck action, and there are some solos, too. The guys have bareback sex both outdoors and inside in bedrooms and more home settings. There are now 247 videos to download, stream, and watch on your mobile, and the site updates every three to four days. But where OTB Boyz really shines is with the bonus access to the CJXXX network and its 31 other sites, most of them featuring twinks and guys in their twenties, and most offering bareback action as well. I'm happy with the improvements, and all the extras make OTB Boyz a good value, too.

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