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TLA Video has been around since 1981 and they launched their online presence in 1996. TLA Gay is a one-stop shopping site that includes gay-themed cinema, adult videos, sex toys, and books. We've never reviewed the site before and I'm going to be focusing on their video-on-demand section where you can watch over 9,200 gay porn videos.

There are 245 studios in the TLA Gay video-on-demand area and they represent both well known studios like Lucas Entertainment, Cocky Boys, and Titan Men to popular website brands like Staxus, Bear Films, and Mormon Boyz, to little-known producers like The Great Canadian Male, Hellsground, and Freakdorm. And with 245 producers, you'll find everything from 18+ Teens to Wrestling & Fighting. Some categories have a meager representation, like sounding with its two videos, but others, like barebacking feature over 1,200 videos, and of course you'll find lots of dick sucking, rimming and anal sex in duos, threeways, fourgies, and small and large groups. And for the kink minded, you're not left out, there are plenty of places for you to poke around like toy play, sensory deprivation, BDSM, bondage, fetish, fisting, and watersports.

You'll find virtually every type of guy here: athletes, bald guys, bears, blue-collar guys, daddies, hairy men, jocks, life guards, muscle men, straight guys, twinks, and so many more. And the men come from all over the world, so you'll find black guys, Latin men, Europeans, and Asians from all over the globe, as well as heaps of Americans.

There are three ways to enjoy content in the video-on-demand section: you can buy packages of time then a per-minute charge is deducted as you watch a movie, so eight cents per minute, for example. You can download the movies for around $24.99; there are other prices, too - I saw an older movie at $17.99 - or you can rent the movie for two days for $3.99 to $5.99; and of course, TLA Video is a DVD distributor, so some of the movies are available to purchase and ship to you.

Some movies are labeled as Premium Pay Per Minute and these carry an extra charge of two seconds for every second watched, so if you watch a minute of video you'll be charged an extra two minutes. But these are clearly marked.

There are 9,204 titles in the video-on-demand section and the newer vids play in a streaming player at 1140x640, and I also checked one of the oldest videos and it streamed at 820x645. With this many movies there may be other sizes, too. I wanted to check out the difference in video sizes and quality between well-known producers and ones I had never heard of, so I chose "Jacen Has A Big Fat Dick" from Cocky Boys and "Glory Hole Hook Ups Bareback" from BluWillow Media. Both played well with good picture quality. Each newer movie has five different speeds which will clean up the picture quality as you advance to the highest speed, but I noticed that the oldest videos only had three speeds. There is a full-screen option and those two videos I tested both fared quite well, the oldest video was still watchable but there was quite a bit of quality loss, but then it wasn't great to begin with.

One thing that I did like about the video pages is that there's a visual time line under the player, so it makes jumping ahead to key points in the movie very easy. And where applicable, the time line is split between the number of scenes in the video, so there's six thumbnails for each scene.

TLA Gay adds new videos frequently; and it seems like they're adding four videos a day; once logged in, I had to click into each movie to see a release date. You can see the release dates without clicking into each movie on the tour, however.

There are lots of different ways to find the kinds of videos that turn you on. You can search by category, studio, and performer and these options flank the videos pages on the sidebar. Once your on a particular movie's page, you'll find that the producer and performer names are clickable; as well each movie has a number of category tags that are also clickable. There are, however, no performer profiles, but clicking their name will show you all of their movies. The movies themselves generally have a description along with other information like director, length and when the movie was produced.

There aren't really any extras, but TLA Gay is just one part of the larger TLA site. There's a Gay Cinema section where you can buy mainstream gay movies from classics like "Maurice" to brand new flicks like "King Cobra." These can't be viewed online, they're DVD purchases only. There's a Gay Adult DVD section that lists all of the DVDs you can buy and have shipped to your home, these also appear in the video-on-demand section. There's a selection of sex toys and a bookstore, as well, and there's a straight section where you'll have all of the same options to watch or buy the videos.

Are there any problems here? Yes, a couple things worth mentioning. When signing up there is a prechecked offer that will sign you up to receive promotional emails from TLA Gay, but it's easy enough to opt out if you don't want them. The biggest problem I had is that pausing movies didn't always work: I often paused a movie to make some notes in my review, then when I returned I couldn't get the movie to play again, I had to reload the page and start over. I'm running a fast computer using Windows 10 on a cable Internet connection, so I'm not sure what the problem could be.

TLA Gay is a good video hub with a huge selection of movies from a wide range of producers including both studios and porn sites. They have over 9,200 gay adult films, but also a massive collection of gay cinema if you're interested. The site has different options for you to enjoy the movies, so you can watch them and pay per minute, or you can rent them for two days, or you can even buy them and have the DVDs shipped wherever you'd like. There's a lot to see here so the best thing is do is go have a look and see what catches your eye.

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