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You may be familiar with TLAGay - well, they've opened a huge member site called TLAGay Unlimited, and so far I really like what I see. Every kind of man is represented here. There are mature, masculine men including Adam Russo, Trenton Ducati, Rocco Steel, Alex Mecum and Paddy O'Brian. You'll find smooth guys, men with hairy chests and asses, some with facial hair and others who are clean-shaven, performers with tattoos, cute twink boys 18 to 23, Asian guys, big daddy bears, Latinos, bodybuilders, straight guys, black studs, regular average Joes, college jocks, and the list goes on and on. Looking for big dicks? There are plenty of performers with jumbo-sized cocks, and if you're looking for uncut meat, there are 423 DVD titles listed under "Uncut". Whether you're looking for hairy men, Europeans, bald guys or British men, you'll find them all here.

The action is even more varied than the performers. There's guys sucking cock and fucking, solo stroking and sex toy play, men in uniform, barebacking, piss action, facial cumshots, bondage and dungeon kink, foot fetish sessions, rough sex, guys sucking their own cocks, assholes getting rimmed and fingered, public sex and nudity, tickling. And there's some straight sex for gay men to watch from Straight Guys For Gay Eyes. Whether you want to watch guys getting it on in beds or on couches, barebacking outdoors, getting kinky in dungeons or alleys, or fucking or jerking off in bathrooms, kitchens or just about anywhere you can think of, this site's probably got what you're looking for.

Unlike a lot of similar membership sites, TLAGay Unlimited offers plenty of newly released DVDs including interracial older/younger 2018 release from Bareback Me Daddy "Black Coffee Morning" and 2017's twink DVD "Bareback Teenage Wasteland" from Boys Halfway House. There's also some kinky stuff including 2018's "Gay African Piss Fest" from 80 Gays and Boynapped's 2018 title, "Kamyk Walker: Sub for Service". But it's not all new productions, either - you'll find gay porn from every era. There are even 265 titles listed in the "Classic" category including Bijou Classics' A Ghost of a Chance from 1973, Grease Monkeys from 1978 and Bears Night Out from 1988. There's plenty of porn from every decade from the 1970s through today.

TLAGay Unlimited currently offers 25,343 DRM-free scenes from 7,728 DVD titles, and the site adds another scene every day. You could get lost in this huge collection for months without watching the same video twice. Due to the variety of studios (there are videos from 288 of them) and that there are more than 40 years of porn available, quality varies a lot. The newer productions look good, however, and there are 6,499 HD scenes while the rest are standard def with quality ranging from vintage for the titles originally shot on film to newer vids that look good.

The videos are offered in MP4 format, and they're available to stream, the newer in a player sized at 1000x564 in your choice of five qualities where the player size remains the same but the image looks better as you improve the quality. You can enlarge the videos to full screen if you wish, with some videos faring better than others. No downloads are offered, but the videos are compatible with most mobiles, and if you have an older phone that doesn't support HD, chances are you can still enjoy the vids by lowering the quality. Btw, I found the streaming to be smooth and easy to fast forward.

TLAGay Unlimited has all the normal features - you can like, rate and favorite any DVD or title, and you can like or favorite any porn star. You can search for anything you like using the search box. You can sort scenes and DVDs by most popular, new additions, new releases, and you can also search by tag or category. The tag list is long and in alphabetical order, but it's not complete; I found more Bijou videos than they listed under classic, and they aren't the only vintage studio listed. Also while I found the categories useful, if you accidentally turn on the "HD Only" feature or don't return to Movies or Scenes and start a new search each time, the original category will be added to your new one, so you may get less results - sometimes a lot less.

There are a few more things that could use work, but I definitely don't consider them dealbreakers. Although the site says it updates every day, and I found that it does add a scene every day, there's no dates showing when each scene or DVD was added to the site. The category list in the Movies dropdown isn't in alphabetical order, and there are a lot of categories. "Average Build" is two thirds of the way down the category list while "Sex Toy Play" is listed third. Go figure! But even though things aren't perfect, I think this site delivers. The DVDs are listed showing big and clear box covers, the site is streamlined and easy to use, and there are lots and lots of porn stars and studios.

I really like TLAGay Unlimited. The site offers a wide variety of performers of all sorts; ages range from 18 to 50, maybe a little older. You'll find twinks, bodybuilders, guys of all races, men with tats, beards or clean-shaven, cocks both cut and uncut as well as lots of actual porn stars who you'll probably recognize. And there's plenty of blowjobs and fucking (including lots of barebacking), bondage, threesomes, solo masturbation, piss action, movies with plots, and the list goes on and on. And with over 25,000 scenes from 7,728 DVDs, there's tons to stream on your desktop and mobile plus the site updates daily. TLAGay Unlimited is a great site that gives members access to a huge, always-growing collection of gay porn videos that's well worth a visit - I definitely recommend this one.

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