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Today we're re-visiting a site called Straight Wankers. The guys are in their twenties; in the older videos, they're mostly twinks with smooth, slender bodies as well as some athletic jocks, some with hairy legs and asses and shaved pubes. There are lots of uncut cocks in the older vids. Some of these guys are Eastern Europeans, which explains all that foreskin. In the newer episodes, I found the performers had more cut cocks, a more mature look; they're often hunks, a bit beefier than the guys in the older episodes. A lot of these guys are from the U.S., and a number wear military uniforms and may actually be military men. Some of the performers were hotties, but I found some of them were what I'd consider "regular" guys with average looks, the kind you might see just about anywhere.

As you can see, this site has a split personality. In spite of the promise on the site's tour about seeing straight guys in first-time anal action, most of the videos inside are solo jack-off sessions, which makes more sense for a site called Straight Wankers, while 16 are hardcore sex scenes in keeping with the first-timer theme. So while a lot of the guys are getting naked and stroking their cocks for their (supposed) first times on camera, some are giving blowjobs and getting boned, also supposedly for their first times, although they seem to handle those sucking and fucking like pros. By the way, I noticed that the older videos of mostly twinks stroking their cocks are rated higher by members than the newer ones offering military hunks.

Straight Wankers lists 71 scenes, but 13 of these are picture sets with no associated videos. That means there are 58 videos, 16 more than there were about two years ago; more about that shortly. The videos are offered in MP4 format, the downloadable versions sized at 640x480 or 640x360 plus a smaller size; both should be compatible with most mobiles. You can also stream the videos in similar sizes. The vids are average to fairly good amateur quality at their original sizes, but when enlarged to full screen you can expect to see some quality loss, and some vids hold up better than others. Some of the videos are produced in eastern Europe, but these don't include subtitles.

There are 70 pictures sets, some offering screencaps and other digital stills. The screencaps display at around 768x576 and are mostly low-average to fairly good amateur quality. The digital stills, which are the standalone galleries, are good quality and sized at 1000x1500. You can save the pictures individually or download entire sets in zip files, and while there are no slideshows, you can navigate from pic to pic using the arrow keys on either side of each photo. There are from 80 to over 200 pictures per set.

Straight Wankers is part of the Britains Boys network, which means full members get access to content from 12 bonus sites and a video collection, a total of over 1,500 videos and four weekly updates. There are three twink sites - Beddable Boys, Lollipop Twinks and Teach Twinks - that are currently updating and offer full HD videos at higher quality than the Straight Wankers vids. There are also a couple Latino sites, two Euro twink sites, a twink vampire site and a couple British sites, as well as a couple less defined sites; there's no real focus on British guys. Overall the bonuses add good value, and members also get limited access to seven more gay porn networks.

Now let's talk about updates. On our last visit, we were under the impression that Straight Wankers had stopped updating. That's because the site has taken a few extended breaks from updating. There are 10 updates listed this year (it's August 31, 2016), and three were added this month, but there were no updates between March and August. There were six updates listed as being added in 2015, and before that there was a nine and a half month break between updates. The bottom line is that while this site may continue to update, there may be more extended breaks between updates, which makes the bonus sites important as it means that members will still get updates during these breaks.

Are there other issues? Well, there's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for a second recurring membership when you join this site; good news is that it's easy to uncheck. Trial members get limited access, so they can only view the latest network updates. There's a great big ad near the top of every page in the member area that not only rotates but includes trailers, and at the bottom of every page are two rows of animated thumbs that are actually an ad for a live cam site.

And then there are the site claims and theme. The tour also says "hundreds of straight boys submit their personal videos every week", but this site's videos are not user-submitted and there aren't hundreds of them; for that matter, none of the network sites offer user-submitted videos. There's also the tour claim about straight guys getting fucked for their first times when most of the videos are solos. And last is the site's change in performer type, as the older vids feature a lot of twinks and European guys while the newer are hunks and military men, many from the U.S.

Straight Wankers gets a mixed review. It started off with mostly horny Euro twinks and jocks jerking or sometimes sucking and fucking, but the newer vids are American hunks, sometimes military, stroking their cocks or sucking and fucking. The site has 58 videos to download, stream or watch on your mobile, but while there were three updates this month, there have been multiple several-month breaks between updates. On the plus side, the site acts as a doorway that leads full members to a good-sized network with multiple weekly updates. I wish this company would simply tell it like it is on their tours, because they have a lot of hot content that is worth watching. Instead they mislead you to get you to join which makes no sense since the network has a lot to offer.

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