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Major Wood says that he's been filming the hottest military boys for over three decades. He's been involved with other sites before, but he opened Straight Off Base back in 2016, which he says is his "own personal collection of my best military porn videos and photos from my years of taping". He features guys who he says are in active military duty and many appear in uniform. Wood says that his site includes army, navy and air force studs, as well as several marines. He's secretive about how he finds these guys, but Woods swears they're the real deal. We haven't been back to the site since it opened, so let's take a look and see what's been happening.

The guys are pretty hot. They're in their early to mid-twenties with athletic bodies, although some are more muscular than others - some are quite built. Quite a few of the studs wear short military hair cuts or shaved heads, so they look the part, but others are sporting hair styles the military just wouldn't allow. Many of the guys have tattoos, and some are quite heavily inked, but there are also guys with no tats at all. Most of the guys are smooth, both faces and bodies, but there a couple of furry chests or bellies, and lots of treasure trails. As far as pubes go, there's a mix of shaved, trimmed and completely natural. Some of the guys wear military uniforms, others wear the standard army green t-shirt, and there are lots of dog tags; other guys start off their scenes in regular street clothes.

Let's look at the latest five releases for some clues about the kind of action you can expect here. James is a good-looking, ripped stud who starts off in army cammies; he strokes his cock and I loved watching his egg-sized nuts bounce. Kodie and Landon jerk off side by side. They stroke each other, then swap head, and Kodie fucks Landon in his first-ever anal with a guy. Kodie is back in another video playing with a Fleshjack. Sledge is a sexy guy with a smooth body who can lick his own cock, which is big with a plump, ridged head, and after he shows off, Major Wood strokes his dick and gets him squirting a vigorous load of jizz. Jax is another Marine and he's sporting bushy pubes and plays with a Fleshlight. The next five videos include three helping-hand sessions, there's another suck and fuck, and one last Marine strokes his cock then showers.

Most of the action is solo jack-off or sessions with guys getting a helping hand from Major Wood, who sometimes blows the guys, too. Some of the men play with Fleshjacks, and some use dildos on their tight puckers. And about one in every five videos features duo action. It's not always sucking and fucking, but it often is. Jax and Enzo fuck an inflatable doll then they jack off together; another video features three guys stroking their cocks in a hot tub and they play with Fleshjacks; and in a third, Charlie and Logan start off jerking their cocks, but they end up blowing each other, and Charlie busts his juicy load across Logan's face.

Straight Off Base has grown from 49 to 119 videos since we reviewed it in August 2016. The episodes are dated and a new scene is added weekly. The videos are available to download in MP4 format in three sizes: 1280x720, 640x360 and 320x180. I didn't find the videos were as crisp as I like, but these aren't brand new productions and were filmed with equipment that isn't at today's standards. Still, they're quite enjoyable. You can stream the videos on the site in the same three sizes as the downloads; there's a full-screen mode, but expect a bit of quality loss here unless you're on a smaller screen like a tablet or phone. Which reminds me, the smaller vids should be perfect for most mobile devices.

There are also 424 picture sets. There are 305 photo galleries that feature mostly digital stills, but there are some screencaps, too, and these display at 780x1170, and overall the quality is pretty good. When you first open a gallery you'll end up in a viewer displaying the first picture and you can click the next picture, which is slightly greyed out, or you can start the hands-free slideshow. In the top right corner of the gallery is a Thumbnails option that takes you to pages of thumbnail galleries where you can select the picture you'd like to see in the viewer or you can also download a zip file of the entire photo set. Each episode has a series of screencaps running down the page under the video player, and these are decent quality at 1280x720. All pics can be individually downloaded.

There's a section called Intel that features all the guys who appear on the site. There's no real information about the guys, however - no stats or descriptions - just a listing of each guy's scenes. And not every guy appears in a video, some only have pictures galleries, but this may change as the site grows. Finally, on the tour some of the guys appear with "Classified" stamped across their faces who are supposedly guys who are still in active duty; as such, only members can see their actual faces.

Members get full access to a bonus site called My Straight Buddy that offers more military guys. And Straight Off Base members get a loyalty discount, so for each month you remain with the site your membership drops by 50 cents. The site used to offer 32 DVDs that were included with your membership, but these have been replaced with a link to a video-on-demand theater that cost money to watch the vids.

Are there any drawbacks or problems? A few. First off, the non-recurring month membership costs $15 more than the recurring month, and since cancellation is easy, I can't see a reason to spend the extra money. The site's tour says, "The hottest Marines, sailors and Army boys in the great U.S. of A., all together in one place for the first time ever", but this isn't really true. This isn't Major Wood's first porn site, so I've seen many of these movies on another of his sites, which he may no longer own. Out of four videos that I spot-checked, three appear on another site, the fourth didn't.

There are couple of features on the navigation bar - Live Cams and VOD Theater - that aren't included in your membership, but give adequate previews for you to check out. Last, as mentioned, the videos could be sharper and clearer, but they still make hot watching.

The guys on Major Wood's Straight Off Base are sexy and the action is fun, and many of them are probably real military amateurs. Still, the site gets a mixed review as it's not exactly new and exclusive content as I have seen many of the guys I have seen on another site. On the plus side, the 119 downloadable videos have been re-encoded to include a larger size as well as two smaller ones that you can play on your mobiles, and you can stream the videos on the site, too. The site updates weekly, and while these are mostly solos, there are some duos and trios, too. Plus there's the bonus site, which is a very nice addition. If you're into military guys, why not check out Straight Off Base? If you haven't seen the videos before, they deliver horny soldiers, airmen, sailors and Marines unloading their nuts.

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