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For five years, My Straight Buddy brought us amateur American Marines and other straight military guys horsing around and playing naked beer pong, horny games of truth or dare, and they experiment with each other, too. Then on Christmas day 2013, the site posted its last video, apparently the result of a scandal that exposed these enlisted Marines and their naked shenanigans to their superiors. The site's producer said that he needed to lay low and let things cool off. Looks like things are starting to heat up again, as he's posted two new videos in 2016 and five in 2017 and promises more coming, he hopes to continue updating the site monthly.

The guys here are in their twenties, and many have muscular bodies including some who are a bit more beefy. They are typical masculine straight guys, a little rough around the edges with lots of tattoos, and while they might not be the smoothest or prettiest boys, they really are straight, hot and horny. They aren't shy about showing off their bodies, asses and cocks either.

You might wonder how far these straight guys will go. It varies quite a bit; some just get naked and play beer pong or they jerk off while sitting next to each other. Some guys stroke each others' dicks or play with Fleshjacks, some suck each other off, and a couple of them even fuck. While the action is important, the thought of straight guys doing things which are beyond their normal limits is an even bigger turn on. Some of the videos are solos, but most show two or more guys. Also, you can expect a lot of sex dolls and masturbation toys, some wrestling, parties with guys standing around naked and drinking beer, and very occasionally there are some women who join in the fun. But most of all, the guys have fun with their cocks and each other.

The latest video, called "Coproral Tom's Blowjay", features a horny Marine who wanted to appear in one these videos, but he was nervous about blowing his identity. The video's producer, Joe, had the perfect solution: full uniform, kevlar vest, sunglasses and helmet with his face hidden as much as possible. Tom agreed and not only jerked his cock and fucked a Fleshjack and a rubber pussy, but he let Joe suck his dick and finally jack him off. A month earlier, Sergeant Bo, a tatted Marine with big balls, got his dick serviced by Joe.

"Naked Marines Hotel Party" is a two-part video from the site's heyday that features four Marines on a three-day pass. They want to kick back and have some fun, so they rent a hotel room and spend the night drinking beer and smoking cigarettes. They get naked and horny, and they all try to hook up with chicks on their cell phones, but in the end they just lie back on the two beds and take care of business. "Marine Buddies Naked Wrestling" sees four buddies get together who end up wrestling naked. After cleaning up in the showers, one of the guys fucks a fake pussy, another plays with a Fleshjack, and two of them end up jacking off together on the couch.

There are 174 DRM-free videos inside the My Straight Buddy member area in MP4 format, are compatible with most mobile devices. Almost all of the vids are available for download in three sizes, the largest playing at 1280x720. If you prefer, you can stream the videos in MP4 format, and again there are three sizes, and the largest one playing at 1280x720. Most of the videos are good amateur quality with clear sound and lots of close-ups. Some of the oldest videos are not available to stream and can only be downloaded in one size. These videos come in QuickTime format and play at a size of 400x300.

Every scene comes with model links, which take you to all the scenes in which each model appears. Also each scene has six good-sized thumbnails that preview the guys and action, and these can be individually downloaded. Unfortunately for those of you who like pictures, there are no separate galleries of full sized pics.

Joining My Straight Buddy is a little different. When you click a join link, You're taken off to another military site called Straight Off Base and you'll be joining it instead, but it includes My Straight Buddy as a bonus. It's a bit odd, but since My Straight Buddy wasn't adding new content, this set-up encouraged new members with a fresh supply of horny scenes. Straight Off Base has 119 videos that feature more military studs in mostly jack-off sessions, although there are a handful of hardcore guy-on-guy scenes, and the site updates weekly with a new scene. As well, My Straight Buddy offers 21 behind-the-scenes videos which are quite entertaining to watch.

Now let's talk about issues. The biggest issue is the updates, which are still sporadic, although the last two have been added a month apart. Next, the non-recurring month membership costs $15 more than the recurring. I found that the streaming videos couldn't be fast-forwarded until they were fully loaded; if you try, the video jumps back to the beginning. A word of warning for those who are easily offended: The videos are uncensored, and some of the guys use a lot of offensive talk including calling each other "fag" or "gay". There are no galleries, and you will find some banner advertisements for other sites inside the members area.

My Straight Buddy offers horny straight guys, including many military men, in their natural habitat. The hot thing here is that the guys explore their limits and even go beyond them. There are solos, duos, threesomes and even groups, and the action goes from buddies jerking off together to guys fucking other guys for their very first times. I have no doubt that the guys here are really straight, and most have rough looks, muscular bodies and lots of tattoos. The 174 videos have a voyeuristic feel and definitely deliver the goods. Add in the bonus site that offers more straight military men, weekly updates and behind-the-scenes videos, and My Straight Buddy will keep you horned up and entertained.

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