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Spanking Straight Boys promises real amateur guys, and site owner Tom has a whole tool chest of implements to use on these straight-boy asses. Sounds like he's got a great job, doesn't it? The site opened in September 2014, so it's coming up on its fourth anniversary, and just over 75 guys have gone over Tom's knee, but he spanks them in lots of different ways. We last reviewed the site just about two years ago, so it's time to take another look.

Each guy gives an interview, talking about himself and his sexual experiences, and throughout the interview they remove their clothes while Tom continues talking to them and snapping photos. (These interviews are now rolled into the guy's first spanking video; they used to appear separately.) There are 76 guys on the site ranging from 18 to 24 years of age. There are four black guys and the rest are white, all of them sporting athletic bodies, but a couple are a little beefier than the others. They're mostly smooth and one was quite heavily inked, while another guy had a couple of tattoos, and a third was the only one with facial hair. I found the guys to be pretty good looking - I wouldn't mind taking most of them over my knee.

Patrick is a sexy blond guy, he's a 22-year-old college student. He's never been spanked in his whole life, but he's gotten two spankings since June of this year, and his last session lasted so long that it had to be split into two parts. Patrick admitted during his first spanking that he had fucked a friend's mother, so Tom invited him back for a second punishment session. In the first part, Patrick gets swatted with Tom's hand, a leather strap, a yardstick and a wooden spoon. He starts off in his clothes, but is quickly ordered to shed them and get back on the table. "How many swats do you think you deserve with belt for fucking your friend's mother?" Tom asks. Patrick says he isn't sure and Tom says that sounds a lot like 20. "I think that's a lot, Sir," Patrick offers. So Tom asks him again to pick a number and Patrick chooses ten, but they settle on 15 and Patrick has to count them out. After 25 minutes of ass slapping, Tom finally tells Patrick he can get off the table and get dressed.

Wes Smith is a hot-looking, muscle stud who has returned to Spanking Straight Boys six times now. He went over Tom's knee in the first one; next he received his punishment while standing hunched over; the third time he was restrained naked on a sort of massage table with a pad placed under his hips to raise his ass in the air. Wes has also been suspended in the air, hung from his ankles by leather restraints; the fifth time was also a suspension spanking, but this time Wes was hung by his ankles and wrists; and for his most recent punishment, Wes took it straddling a motorcycle naked.

Not all of the guys return for multiple sessions, but many do. One thing I like about the action is that the screen is often split in two giving us a view of the spanking and the guy's face. We get to watch them simultaneously wince and grimace while we can see the actual spanking as their butts get more red and sore. In fact, Tom instructs the guys to look at the camera and keep their gaze fixed there throughout the session. And not only are there countdowns, but the guys often comment on how much it hurts, ask for breaks, and one guy looks right into the camera at us and says "I sure hope you're enjoying this because I'm not." That guy was Tyler, and by the end of his spanking he told Tom that he couldn't take another whack regardless of the pay, so the session ended. But to Tyler's credit, he endured a long spanking before getting to that point - I'm sure he had trouble sitting down for days after.

Spanking Straight Boys has grown to 218 videos, adding just over 100 since our review almost a two years ago. Videos can be downloaded in MP4 format in five sizes ranging from 256x144 to 1280x720; the smaller sizes are good for older mobiles. The vids are good amateur productions with sound so you can hear the whacks and the protests. The newest videos have had a much larger size added, and these play at 1920x1080. Many of these sessions are full scenes, but the site also splits longer ones into two updates. For a while this only happened with older scenes, but I've noticed occasionally a new scene is also split into two parts. The vids can also be streamed sized at 980x550; they play well, but you'll have to wait until the video loads before you can fast-forward. These are also offered in four smaller sizes and full-screen mode is available.

Each episode now has a gallery of between 80 and 100 pictures. These are decent quality screencaps sized at 1280x720, and you can watch them in a hands-free slideshow or view them one at a time. Like the newer videos, the newest pictures display at a larger size, which is 1920x1080. There's no downloadable zip files, but you can save pictures individually.

The sessions have good write-ups telling us about the scene and juicy tidbits about the guy - like Jason who borrowed money from Tom, but didn't show up for his spanking. When he finally surfaced weeks later, Tom bends him over a wooden stool and canes his perfect little ass. Jason bellows "Fuck!" and "Oh God" and has to be told repeatedly to resume the position.

Now let's talk about updates. The site opened in September 2014 and has been updating weekly. New episodes are now added every week on Mondays; they used to be added on Thursdays, but in any event, the important thing is that the site continues its weekly updates.

Are there any issues? Hardly any. The site is easy to navigate and the videos are great spanking sessions with a lot of variety in types of punishment and implements used. I did find the videos were a bit sluggish to stream at first until enough of them had downloaded into the buffer. It's also worth mentioning that Tom the spanker wears a mask; it wasn't an issue for me because I couldn't take my eyes off those cute butts getting redder by the minute. Also, this is a spanking site, so while you'll see bare butts and the occasional flash of cock, there's no sex or cumshots, and usually not any hard-ons.

One thing we complained about on our last visit was that every fourth or fifth update was an interview introducing us to a new guy, but Tom has dispensed with this practice. The guys are still interviewed but this happens inside their first spanking video, the last interview-only update happened in Feburary 2017, so quite a while ago.

Spanking Straight Boys is a labor of love; site owner Tom loves spanking asses and prefers straight ones. I guess there's that extra bit of a thrill that he's the first man to touch these butts. I found the sessions realistic with the guys smiling or giggling at the ridiculousness of being over a man's knee, then their expressions change as they realize this spanker means business. I did enjoy watching the spankings and got charged up seeing how far Tom pushes these straight lads. The site has grown consistently, it's made a number of positive changes, and is now updating weekly. The 218 videos are well done with good interaction between the spanker and the guys he's got over his knee, and I'd say that Spanking Straight Boys is definitely worth checking out.

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