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Red Hot Straight Boys offers a collection of horny straight guys from the USA who have agreed to strip and jerk off for the camera. All amateurs, these guys are a good mix of types; you'll find athletic and toned guys, both ebony and white men, handsome jocks who played football in high school and kept their physiques; there are also some military types, skater boys and a few shy men who soon come to grips with the whole thing. One guy here is a massive 6'7" tall and well hung while others are shorter; there is a chubby guy. The performers are aged between 18 to 23, and most have never had another guy touch them before. Porn virgins and gay virgins alike, it's a hot line-up.

Often with sites that claim to have "genuine straight guys" as models you're never 100% certain that they really are all that straight. How do you tell without actually meeting them? Well, the good thing here is that you can decide for yourselves as the site includes interviews. While there are hot guys stripping and jerking off, Red Hot Straight Boys pushes them to go further in additional sessions. Some of the guys let the site owner, Tom, give them a massage and handjob, some get blowjobs, and there's a series of videos called "Defiling [model name]" where the guys get there holes fucked with a small vibrator while they're jerked off at the same time. Some guys use sex toys to jack off; one guy had a milking machine attached to his cock. Tom, our host, slowly persuades and seduces these straight guys into giving in to their curiosity. It's not a new theme, but it works well here, and some of these horny amateurs come back for more.

Red Hot Straight Boys offers 88 exclusive videos. Each video offers either an interview or an activity like a massage (not necessarily with a cumshot), a jerkoff session, a handjob, a blowjob or ass play with a vibrator. The site usually adds around three videos each month, but in December 2016 they added four, and sometimes an update is only an interview. There was an interview and two action scenes added in both of March and February of 2017 this is April), but there were four action videos and no interview in January; videos are usually added between eight and thirteen days apart. Videos have good descriptions to introduce them and these are worth reading as they give you some history to the shoots and some background of the models.

The downloadable videos here are available in MP4 format and play at 1280x720 plus four smaller sizes from 854x480 to 256x144, so there are several sizes compatible with most mobiles. The videos are also available to stream in a player sized at 976x550, and these are offered in five speeds to suit your internet connection. The highest speeds are the best quality and also fare best in full-screen mode. Movies run for various lengths of time so file sizes vary. Some interviews are 15 minutes, some are 45, a blowjob movie might be 30 minutes in length and a jerk off shoot only 10 minutes. All movies are DRM-free and good amateur quality with decent sound, and there is music sometimes playing in the backgrounds.

Something that stands out about the videos here is that many are shot with more than one camera, and then multiple camera angles are assembled into split-screen videos. These allow you to see the model's face during sex toy penetration or even some where you'll see the guy's body as he has a toy slid up his ass for the first time, then a closeup of the penetration and a small insert of the straight guy's face. The producer always instructs the guys to look in a particular camera so we can see their reactions and expressions throughout the session.

Since our last review the site has added pictures. The pics are good amateur quality screencaps that display at 1280x720, the older ones sized at 1920x1080. Each episode comes with a picture set, and the images can be viewed in thumbnail galleries with a hands-free slideshow feature. You can save the pictures individually, but there's no downloadable zip files. Curiously there is a Photos section on the navbar, but it only has one picture; you'll find the screencap galleries under each guy's episode under the Caps section.

Each model on the site also has a profile page with his age and a couple of paragraphs about him. And there's a "fun fact" for each performer which are indeed fun like "Aaron got hard as soon as he took his clothes off in the interview" or "Anthony can't keep his eyes off himself." Below the profile you'll find a listing of all of each guy's videos on the site.

When we first reviewed the site a couple of years ago, we complained that the monthly membership was on the steep side for a site with 30 videos, but they have dropped the price by $10 and the site has added 58 more videos, so that's definitely a better deal. My main complaint about the site is that I'd prefer to see more frequent updates; a new scenes would be ideal, but the site does continue to update. I'd also prefer it if the updates were more regular; right now, they're anywhere from eight to 13 days apart, so why not just update every 10 days. There is a Blog link on the navbar, but it never got off the ground and only has one entry, and there's also a FAQ section with no questions or answers.

I enjoyed Red Hot Straight Boys and was happy to see it's grown. I had a good time watching these amateur straight guys, and I saw some horny first-time gay experiences. There are 88 exclusive videos to download, stream or watch on your mobiles, and the site owner puts effort into the scene descriptions, which I really appreciated, and I was happy for the models info as I got to know the guys a little better. I found the video quality pretty good, and I loved the split-screen videos and the easy site navigation. And while updates are irregular, the site does currently update with at least three new videos per month. It's good to see enthusiastic amateurs making in movies as they jerk their cocks and explore their sexuality, and that's what I found at Red Hot Straight Boys.

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